Top 30 Best Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret

Are you tired of sexy frilly underwear and looking for alternatives to Victoria’s Secret? You’ve come to the right place then, as we have an extensive list of lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret that will fit you much better. It’s not about finding a new brand to fit your curves, but your soul, brands fit for the modern, confident woman. And fit your budget better, too!

Victoria Secrets Alternatives

For many decades now, Victoria’s Secret has been one of the most coveted brands all over the world.

If you wanted to feel sexy on a first date, your intimates had to be Victoria’s Secret! A black lacy see-through bra with matching thongs?

Where else would you buy such a gorgeous set if not at Victoria’s Secret?

Women simply adored the brand, and gentlemen also seemed to find this daring lingerie so appealing.

What went wrong with a brand that was once so powerful?

Women started to get tired of being told they need to be sexy at all times, the brand was engulfed in many public disputes about inclusivity, and – how shall we put this? – the quality of their products started to go downhill.

Add to all that the eye-watering prices and it’s easy to understand why women started looking for alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

Fortunately, there’s plenty to choose from.

Have a look at these lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret but, in so many ways, better.

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie

 Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie - Sustainable Loungewear for Women

If you’ve spent many years hooked on Victoria’s Secret flashy undies, maybe it’s time to change your addiction.

Despite it’s French-sounding name, Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie is a California-based brand that offers sophisticated undergarments in many styles, from burlesque lacy intimates to striking pop-rock black bras and panties.

They’re every bit as sexy as the merch you got used at Victoria’s Secret, but more affordable.

If you’re looking for the wow factor in the bedroom, you can ditch the bra altogether and opt for a see-through mesh babydoll or bodysuit.

Also, if you need a little body-shaping help, you can choose from the high-waist panties’ collection, which offers undies in tasteful pastel colors.

Adore Me

Adore Me - The New Face of Lingerie

No matter what you’re looking for, at Adore Me they’ve probably got it.

The brand offers a wide range of bras for every taste and body needs.

If you’re tired of push-up bras, at Adoreme you can pick an unlined or just a lightly lined one.

Or maybe a sexy racerback bra, that gives you adequate support without compromising on the wow factor.

Also check out their essential line, dedicated to those moments when you just want to be you and nothing else.

You can find comfy bodysuits, bralettes, or cropped tanks, perfect for a gym session.


Aerie Bras, Undies, Leggings and More for Every Woman

There’s a reason Aerie is so high on our list, as this brand has been rising steadily to the top and it’s now a major rival to Victoria’s Secret.

Actually, many say Aerie left VS somewhere in the dust.

The brand will surely have something great and comfortable for you, no matter your body shape or skin tone.

They have a wide variety of no-wire bras that offer perfect support with not even the mildest annoyance.

And Aerie has something for every occasion.

If you need comfy underwear for the gym, they have it. If you need a discreet push-up strapless bra, they’ve got that, too.


Bluebella Luxury Lingerie Alternative

This is one of the newer brands that feels so much like Victoria’s Secret used to feel back in the day.

Bluebella has a wide range of the most delicious and sensual lace sets.

They’re all about lace at Bluebella, plus some outrageously daring designs.

Check out their bestsellers, like the fabulous Irene Bra or the Caramella bra that also comes with a sensational suspender belt.

Another thing you’ll like at Bluebella is the wide choice of color.

Aren’t you tired of white or black lingerie? How about a bold blue, or green or yellow? They’re more fun and they go better with various outfits!


Bamboo Clothing - Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Lingerie like Victoria's Secret.png

Soft, simple, and sustainable – that’s how Boody defines itself.

If you’re looking for the racy lingerie typical for Victoria’s Secret, you won’t find it at Boody.

The brand offers mostly basics, something VS used to have before it went fully into sexy and skimpy.

If you’ve never tried bamboo underwear before, now it’s the time.

And Boody promises it’s only sustainable bamboo they’re using so their soft lingerie also has a positive impact on the planet.

The brand prides itself on the patented seamless undergarments which won’t ever itch or chaff or make you uncomfortable in any way.

Make sure to check out the multipacks which offer great value for your money. And style!

Brook There

Brook There Organic Lingerie, Cut & Sewn in the USA

This new brand of lingerie grew out of one woman’s desire to find minimalist and ethically made undies.

When she couldn’t find them, Brook set out to make the lingerie of her dreams.

And they can become your dream, too.

Since it’s a minimalist collection, their bras and panties are meant to be comfortable above all.

Well, don’t expect just comfy hipsters and classical bikinis, for Brook There also has thongs and cute pixie bras.

Most of their items are made of organic cotton and recycled fibers.

The colors of Brook There’s lingerie collections are mostly inspired by nature, with stormy skies blue, flaming sunset reds, or rich earth browns.


 Chantelle French Lingerie - Women's Bras, Underwear

There’s nothing as exquisite as French lingerie, and Chantelle has been in this business for over 100 years.

One thing that truly sets this brand apart is the revolutionary SoftStretch material.

Can you even imagine one-size-fits-all lingerie?

SoftStrech can do that, so you don’t have to wonder whether you should order an S or an M.

This material stretches and adapts to your body shape and, no, it won’t lose this amazing elasticity after a few washes.

It’s also a very soft and breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric, just perfect for the summer.

Since you don’t have to bother with sizes, all you need to do is choose the right style for you from their impressive collection.

Clare Bare


Clare Bare - Eco Friendly Lingerie Handmade in Los Angeles. Bralettes, Sets, Accessories, Swim, Tops, Bodysuits, Garter Tanks, Robes, Panties, Garter Belts, Slips

The moment you discover the wonderful world of Clare Bare you’ll forget everything about Victoria’s Secret.

Say goodbye to mass-produced lingerie and welcome to handcrafted original bras and bodysuits with a decisive retro feel.

This LA-based lingerie brand has everything from frilly bloomers in colorful floral prints to more classical and totally adorable Adorella black panties.

Some of their items are made from upcycled polyester fibers, but you’ll also find at Clare Bare delicate satin briefs and bras.

When you want to dress to impress you can always choose an elaborate bodysuit or a lace-up garter belt, that will look amazing under a little black dress.


Cosabella: Lingerie, Bralettes, Thongs. Luxury Italian Lingerie

Cosabella is a Miami-based brand owned by an Italian family, so they bring all the elegance and craftsmanship of the old continent in their exclusive range of products.

At Cosabella Lingerie, you can shop for all the basic items you need, in every size from petite to curvy and ultra curvy.

For special occasions, you can choose between barely-there G-strings and Italian thongs or some very stylish lace briefs.

As for bras, Cosabella Lingerie has bandeaus and classical bras, as well as daring animal-print bralettes that offer optimal support for the plus-size woman.


Giapenta: Luxury Lingerie Designed With You In Mind

Giapenta is a Miami-based luxury lingerie brand that became hugely popular with their patented smart fabric TempPro, which not only lets your skin breathe but also helps regulate your body temperature.

Not to be confused with your regular moisture-absorbing cotton lingerie.

Another novelty offered by Giapenta is the innovative London X Back Bra, which guarantees that you won’t ever have to deal with slipping straps again.

Also, the straps are easily adaptable for the perfect fit.

All that is left is for you to choose from their wide collection of everyday or special occasion intimates.

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky: Thongs, Underwear, Lingerie & Sleepwear

If there’s one thing Hanky Panky stands for it’s color.

Colors speak louder than words in their view and their online shop is a riot of colors.

Many other brands have pink lingerie, but not that sort of bright pink that betrays the confident woman who is not afraid to showcase her body just as it is.

If you want to spice up your lingerie drawer you should get yourself a bikini multipack in vivid colors and have something to match your green, yellow or purple outfit.

Another thing that sets Hanky Panky apart is the quality of their materials. Just check out their superb lace bridal sets!

Harlow & Fox

Harlow & Fox - Luxury Lingerie for DD - G Cup Bra Sizes

Luxury lingerie for the gifted woman, gifted with DD+ cup size, that is.

Harlow & Fox is a niche boutique offering exquisite silk and lace intimates that have a certain retro feel.

They don’t cater to the no-nonsense woman looking for support and comfort in a bra.

Their lingerie promises luxurious support and an unabashed sense of decadence.

Every piece is beautifully crafted with lace trims, delicate floral patterns, gold rings, or ostrich feathers.

If you’re getting married soon, check out the bridal collection which has virtually everything you might need, from sexy thongs to the most unbelievable lace beaded bridal robe.

And a lot of sensual undies for the honeymoon!

iCollection Lingerie

iCollection Lingerie Like Victoria's Secret

Move over, Victoria and take your secrets with you.

iCollection Lingerie is the ultimate brand if you’re in the market for some truly scandalous undies.

The lingerie this new brand has to offer goes way beyond sexy.

It’s to die for or at least your lucky partner’s heart will skip a beat when you take the dress off.

One of their best-sellers is the three-piece sets with a lacy bra, stockings, thongs, and matching color.

And what a color – bright red, burgundy, pastel blues!

Talking about scandalous, just have a look at the open cup shelf bra! It doesn’t cover much, but at least it provides some support, which makes it just perfect for a plunging neckline.


Intimissimi online shop - Lingerie and Underwear

If you’re looking for trendy fashionable underwear, Intimissimi is one of the brands that are very similar to Victoria’s Secret, and you won’t break the bank when renewing your undies collection.

First of all, they have a wonderful collection of the most delicate lace bras and panties, for those intimate moments you want to look and feel your best.

On the other hand, Intimissimi also offers silk camisoles or shaping slips with lace inserts.

Most of their products come in tasteful pale colors, but you can also find sexy black or bright red intimates, to fit your every mood. And every occasion!

Le Mystere

Le Mystère for perfect fitting, quality women's lingerie

The lingerie collection offered by Le Mystere is so classy you’ll ask yourself what you have been doing all those years shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

There’s plenty to choose from in the nude collection, which offers mainly classical underwire bras that provide exceptional support and have a wonderfully silky feeling.

At the same time, if you’re looking for something more racy, try the black lace bodysuit that showcases your perfect waist or the see-through strapless one, if you dare!


Leonisa - Women's Lingerie, Shapewear, Intimates

Leonisa is a Colombian-based brand that became popular worldwide due to its innovative lingerie and its good prices.

At Leonisa you can find the kind of sexy lacy underwear typical for Victoria’s Secret, as well as original bra concepts.

One of their most interesting items is the so-called posture-corrector bra with a wide and supportive back.

You can pair that with an undetectable pantie shaper or if you prefer, some retro lace briefs.

All of them come in mute colors and are very thin and seamless so your secret is safe under that gorgeous pleated dress.


LIVELY - Fashion Bras And Undies

Who says sexy needs to be all about crotchless panties and see-through bras?

Lively challenges this outdated notion with an impressive collection of supremely sensual yet oh-so-comfortable lace bras in novel colors like terracotta or toasted almond.

Their lingerie is geared towards the modern woman with an active lifestyle.

Yes, you want to dress sexy, but also comfy.

A woman has the right to feel comfortable even when it’s a sweltering day and she’d much rather go braless, but if that’s not an option you can get yourself a wireless bra.

Even a strapless one so it won’t show under your top.


Mapale Lingerie, Swimwear & Sexy Apparel

If you’re tired of classical lingerie, you should definitely check out Mapale, a brand specializing in edgy underwear, with an original design and prized fabrics.

Mapale Lingerie has an impressive offer in basic and sporty lingerie, but if you’re looking for Victoria’s Secret alternatives you’ll want to browse the cute lacy stuff.

Try for instance they’re stupendous bra and garter belt sets.

They’re everything you’re looking for, quite revealing and beautifully decorated pieces of clothing.

Also, take a look at the babydoll collection with sheer pieces that are super-sensual with just a hint of modesty, to spice things up in the bedroom.

Montelle Intimates

Women's Montelle Intimates, Lingerie, Bras & Bralettes

Montelle Intimates is a Canadian up-and-coming lingerie brand that rivals Victoria’s Secret and has way more decent prices.

The brand offers a wide range of basics, such as high-waist full briefs good for everyday wear or nude thongs that won’t show under a tight dress.

You can also find hot lace panties with or without matching garter belts, for a most sensual look.

If you’re feeling naughty, go for a pair of cheeky lace panties which are all the rage this season.

Montelle Intimates also have a great selection of bridal lingerie, with all the lace and silk you could wish for.


Naja - Sustainable Bras + Underwear with a Social Impact

The term naja refers to a dangerous Indian cobra, and true to its name the brand offers some killer intimate sets.

Naja stands out for its collection of high-waisted knickers which are extremely flattering.

The brand also stands out for its originality for where else would you find down-to-earth grass and bees lingerie sets in a bright tonic green?

Naja also boasts a range of Asian-inspired intimates, with delicate prints and floral patterns.

The best part is that with every product you buy you help another woman as Naja is a sustainable company that employs single mothers and women in need.

Negative Underwear

Women's Negative Underwear Lingerie, Hosiery

Hard to find something negative to say about Negative Underwear one of the most interesting alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

Their items are all about wearability, as they’re extremely comfortable so you can wear them all day.

Negative Underwear lingerie is also very versatile, with simple yet stylish bras you can wear equally well at the gym or with a V-neck sweater.

These are products meant to offer support in such a discreet manner you will forget you’re even wearing a bra.

Oh, and they have a wonderful range of sleepwear with comfy shorts and silky no-wire bras.


Nubian Skin - Nude Hosiery & Lingerie for Women

The name is quite self-explanatory.

This brand came to fill a gap that’s been blatantly obvious in the lingerie world, the lack of nude colors suitable for the most diverse skin tones.

Up to quite recently, when it came to lingerie nude referred to beige, the kind of underwear that goes perfect with white skin.

NubianSkin offers a variety of brown and caramel shades and it’s impossible not to find one that fits your skin tone best.

As for design, you’ll find everything you need, from your basic no-frills comfy T-shirt bra to some very sexy lacy undies sets.


OnGossamer Lingerie - Pajamas, Bras, & Panties

There’s a time and place for everything and most days you don’t want your intimates to be showing under a revealing body-hugging outfit.

OnGossamer promises invisible lingerie that only shows when you want it to.

How about a Next To Nothing mesh bikini with a seamless design?

It’s perfect when you’re wearing a light-colored tight dress and being so discreet it might make people wonder whether you have anything under that or your going commando.

Let them guess! The same goes for the sheer bras, just as delicate as gossamer, yet wonderfully supportive.


Panache Lingerie - lingerie & swimwear company perfectly suited to the D+ Woman

If you’re looking for a lingerie brand like Victoria’s Secret, only more affordable, try Panache.

They have a wide range of sexy intimates and are a bit more stylish than VS.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for BoyShorts panties, cheeky briefs, or lacy tanga.

Their bra collection will also leave you speechless, as it has everything you could possibly want, including the most amazing plunge bras that go perfectly with a low-cut dress or top.

Also, you have plenty to choose from in the fuller bust collection, something you won’t find at Victoria’s Secret, ladies!

Parfait Lingerie

 Women's Parfait Lingerie, Hosiery & Shapewear

Victoria’s Secret may have drop-dead gorgeous models, but they’re mostly on the skinny size.

If you’re a plus-size, at least in terms of the top rack, Parfait Lingerie got you covered.

They’ve got you covered in the most sensual bras that go all the way to a G cup.

When you have that kind of enviable bust you need good support and Parfait Lingerie has reliable bralettes as well as plunge molded bras with colorful prints, to make you feel wonderful in your skin.

They also offer padded performance bras, which give you all the support that you need for a strenuous workout.

Savage X Fenty

SAVAGE X FENTY - Lingerie by Rihanna

Lingerie by Rihanna, need we say more?

When you have such a celebrity to back you up, it’s easy to see how Savage X Fenty is valued at a cool $1 billion.

The truth is Savage X Fenty speaks to a new generation and celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

This is a brand for everyone, from the skinny to the plus-size woman, as well as from white to black and every shade in between.

You can find see-through embroidered bras, crotchless bikinis, or demure bralettes, and that’s just for women.

Savage X Fenty also has a large collection of men’s undies, in very bold colors like green or bright orange.


Soma - Women's Lingerie, Bras, Panties, Sleepwear

Soma has a reputation as one of the best lingerie brands for the mature woman, the over 35 categories, that got bored with Victoria’s Secret.

Maybe you’ve come to a point when you’re perfectly confident with yourself and you’re no longer in the market for push-up bras and crotchless panties.

So, Soma is just what you need.

Don’t imagine that they only sell basic comfy cotton bras.

They do, but they also have a great collection of lace underwear, from classical underwire bras to trendy balconette bras, and bikinis to go with them.


ThirdLove - Bras and Underwear for Every Woman

“We make things comfortable”. That’s ThridLove’s motto and it shows.

Oddly enough, ThirdLove was founded by a former Victoria’s Secret exec, someone who obviously understood that women might want something other than parading their assets from their lingerie and that there are more body types than those advertised by VS.

Their bras come in more sizes, including half-cups, and they’re designed to feel like a second skin with memory foam cups and absolutely no uncomfortable wires that poke you in all the wrong places.

Don’t miss their kits, if you’re looking for a bargain.

Six colorful cotton thongs at $48? That’s a steal!

Timpa Lingerie

Timpa Lingerie - Intimate Apparel - Bra, brief, thong

If you’re a petite woman, Timpa Lingerie is the brand you’ve been looking for.

If you want a small advantage, they have great padded bras for you, but they also have a nice selection of non-padded bras in either sexy lace or basic cotton, with matching panties, obviously.

The best thing about Timpa Lingerie is that their pieces come in a multitude of vibrant playful colors.

Since they’re a very affordable brand, once you find a bra that you like you can buy the same item in five or six different colors, so you’ll never have to worry that your pink bra won’t go with the green dress.


True&Co. - Women's Lingerie, Bras & Underwear Inspired by Victoria's Secret

Good underwear should feel like a second skin, and True&Co promises just that.

This American startup prides itself with its buttery-soft fabrics that offer support right where you needed, without those annoying wires that make many bras simply insufferable.

One of their most interesting items is the wireless lift bra that pushes your breasts up one inch without causing any discomfort.

The secret is in the intelligent design and the stretchy fabrics.

Many of their items have adjustable straps which makes it so much easier to find true comfort.

And you’ll love the colors, with plenty of nude shades and the most adorable retro pink.