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If you’re looking for sexy eco-friendly outfits, here are the best brands like Reformation, the leading name in sustainable chic. You can be a fashionista all you want, but these days there’s no way you can ignore the damage fast fashion does to our planet.

Reformation: Sustainable Women's Clothing and Accessories

Tons and tons of so-called trendy clothes hit the stores every day. There’s always the new must-have and you feel compelled to buy it. Wear it a couple of times, perhaps, till it becomes so yesterday you send it on its way to the nearest landfill.

When Reformation was launched in 2009 it rapidly made a name for itself by promoting sustainable clothing. They set out to be a zero-carbon brand, then took it to the next level, becoming carbon positive.

When you buy something at Reformation you know that you’re no longer part of the pollution problem. You’re part of the solution. If you’re wondering whether there are other stores like Reformation, the answer is yes.

There are many Reformation alternatives, brands that have made sustainability a goal and they achieve their mission by offering cute and stylish outfits made with eco-friendly fabrics.

Here is a list of brands like Reformation to give you more choice and help you revamp your closet without breaking the bank. So, dive in and discover your new favorite brand!


AGOLDE is a premium denim label fashion eco brand

Denim is a staple in every modern woman’s closet.

Jeans have been tested times and again and they’re not going out of style anytime soon.

At Agolde, you’ll find whatever type of jeans you prefer, from skinny to flares.

What you won’t find are those low-waist jeans most women with normal curves hated with a passion.

They were just a fad, and Agolde is not the type of brand that plies itself to passing trends.

The brand is dedicated to timeless pieces that allow you to look stylish today as well as next year, or five years from now.

Most of their items are made with sustainable organic cotton, as well.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is sustainable fashion made in the USA

Their love and care for the environment are obvious from their name.

Amour Vert translates as Green Love, and this American brand is committed to sustainability, just like Reformation.

For every T-shirt you buy at Amour Vert they vow to plant a tree. And they’ve planted over 248,000 of them since launching their brand.

At Amour Vert, you can find basics such as loungewear, as well as denim and T-shirts.

If you’re going for a casual look, check out their jumpsuits made of a silky smooth fabric that feels wonderful against the skin.

If you’re going for an outstanding look try their silk dresses and you won’t regret it.


AMUR - Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion

AMUR sounds a bit like the French word for love, amour, but it stands for A Mindful Use of Resources, which is also about love.

Love for our planet. The driving concept behind AMUR is that you have every right to look beautiful, and you can do this without increasing your carbon footprint.

Just like Reformation, AMUR only uses sustainable fibers like organic cotton, linen, silk, and hemp, as well as recycled materials.

The brand offers both essentials, such as V-neck blouses and fitted pants, as well as trendy dresses in striking colors.

All responsibly made. AMUR is among the priciest brands on this list, but their pieces do stand out in terms of the original design.

C/Meo Collective

Australian Womens Fashion Label

Established in 2010, C/Meo Collective is an Australian brand that seems like a great alternative to Reformation, in both style and sustainability commitment.

C/Meo Collective didn’t start out to copy Reformation or any other brand for that matter.

They want to impose their own style, and they do that by coming up with bold designs and prints.

The brand’s target is the urban young woman with a hectic lifestyle, a woman that wants effortless chic clothes and very wearable ones.

At C/Meo Collective they’re not afraid of using bright colors like fuchsia or green.

And this only makes sense, as this is the kind of woman that doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn - Sustainable, Ethical & Timeless Dresses

If you’re looking for alternatives to Reformation, Christy Dawn is about the same thing – honoring mother Earth, as their slogan says.

The company started out by making clothes from scraps of materials, the so-called deadstock other fast fashion brands send to the landfill.

They’ve moved on in the meantime, going from sustainability to healing the planet one small step at a time.

Instead of just buying cotton, the company leased barren soil in India and healed it by responsible farming practices.

That accounts for half of their success. The other half lies in cool and stylish designs, not to mention the delicate colors and prints.

Ciao Lucia

Ciao Lucia is a women's clothing brand

Every woman deserves a bit of la dolce vita, the good permanent-vacation kind of life.

This American brand cannot offer you a permanent vacation, but its goal is to help you make the most of the free time you have.

Ciao Lucia has casual dresses, ruffled or body-hugging to fit your every mood.

If you’re looking forward to a relaxed afternoon, choose a breezy dress, but if you’re going on a date choose something more seductive like a slinky dress in a silky fabric.

And don’t worry, the company is dedicated to using sustainable fibers and reducing its carbon footprint.


Conscious Contemporary Lifestyle Brand – diarrablu

The brand was launched by a Senegalese designer, Diarra Bousso who wanted to honor her African heritage while creating sustainable clothes for 21st-century women.

The African heritage is most obvious in the bold prints Diarrablu uses.

You can find animal prints, and, no, not just your basic leopard prints.

How about a zebra-print dress? Also, the dress collection has some astonishing and supremely colorful prints in geometrical patterns. As for style, think feel-good style.

A Diarrablu outfit is designed to make you happy and perfectly comfortable.

Since we’re talking about Africa-inspired clothing don’t forget to check the accessories collection, featuring colorful headscarves in rich materials


DÔEN - Thoughtful and timeless collections

Launched in 2016, this LA brand has reached cult status and it’s all merit to its feminine designs, very flattering for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

DÔEN has become a big name in vintage-inspired Bohemian fashion.

You can choose between the many splendid dresses in floral prints or you can go for a casual airy dress in a single color.

Also, they have the sweetest kids line so you can coordinate your outfit with that of your little one.

All this comes at a price and not a cheap one.

On the other hand, some of their pieces are so gorgeous you won’t be able to resist buying them.

Faithfull the Brand


If you’re interested in a unique look, this Indonesia-based brand might be just the thing for you.

Faithfull the Brand is dedicated to the modern young woman who needs to wind down and let go.

Their collections are casual and colorful.

Nothing wrong with wearing a bit of yellow or green if you’re going to a party or to the beach.

Their outfits are made with mostly natural fibers and they don’t use sweatshops like so many fast fashion companies.

The clothes you can find at Faithfull the Brand are hand-crafted and hand-dyed by artisans in far-away Java.


exclusive capsules at GANNI

If you are a Reformation fan, Ganni is a good alternative.

It’s not just that they shun fashion trends and go for wearability, but they’re also very mindful of the need to reduce pollution and their carbon footprint.

The Copenhagen-based brand is one of the leading companies in the new sustainability-oriented fashion that is taking the world by storm.

Most of their pieces are made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, and an eco-friendly viscose of their own invention.

At Ganni, you can find essentials such as jeans and knitwear, as well as very colorful dresses in unique patterns.


lemlem is an artisan-driven sustainable fashion label for women, men and kids

The Lemlem brand is the brainchild of supermodel and activist Liya Kebede who was inspired by a trip to her native Ethiopia.

The brand is often described as artisan-driven, as most of the pieces are handcrafted by artisans in various African countries.

They have amazing skills but struggled to find a market for their goods until Liya Kebede came along.

This makes Lemlem a highly ethical brand, but they are also committed to sustainable fashion, with organic materials and recycled fabrics.

At Lemlem you can shop for essentials such as tank tops and jumpers, as well as caftans and original robes you won’t find anywhere else.


Love and Confuse - Sustainable Women's Linen Clothing

Clothing designed to keep the planet smiling – that’s how this American family-owned brand defines itself.

The company has its very original approach to sustainable fashion.

In an effort to combat the plague of mass-produced fast-fashion pieces, many responsible companies offer limited editions.

Love and Confuse goes beyond that and offers made-to-order clothing, and they’re mostly made of eco-friendly linen.

You browse their online store and order the dress or pants you want in the desired size and color.

True, you’ll have to wait around for weeks to get it, but you’re definitely going to stand out from the crowd.

And they’re more affordable than many other brands on this site.


LPA The Label - Women's Clothing

If you have a look at what LPA has to offer it will seem strangely familiar.

That’s because the brand was launched by designer Lara Pia Arrobio, who used to work for Reformation.

When she went her separate way, her goal was not to imitate Reformation but to come up with a line of more edgy clothing, which she hoped would attract the younger generation.

And she was not mistaken. One of the things that set LPA apart is the bold design.

If you want a backless top or a swimsuit with daring cutouts, LPA is the place you’ll find them.

Also, it’s a great place to look for sexy cocktail party dresses in recycled polyester and organic cotton.


MOTHER Denim - Premium denim for women crafted in the U.S.A.

Wonder how Mother Denim became so popular?

Just have a look at their denim collection.

Well, denim is what they’re all about.

What makes this LA-based brand so special is the quality of its fabric.

This is the kind of denim you can wear all day, and this refers to their skinny jeans collection.

Most of their pieces are high-waisted, as this is by far the most flattering type of waist, plus it makes your behind look very sexy.

In terms of length, you can find classic full-length jeans as well as ankle-high pants that go beautifully with a pair of high-heels.

Noble Label

Noble Label is an ever-evolving collection of womens clothing

Yet another Australian fashion brand.

Noble Label describes itself as slow-made and considerate.

This explains how they feel about fast fashion.

The brand favors classical designs that have passed the test of time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Their latest collection includes V-neck blouses and wrap tops or silky camis.

These are items you’ll keep in your closet until they’re truly worn out because you can pair them with anything from classy skirts to relaxed pants.

And they show their consideration for the planet by using mostly recycled materials and fibers that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Nobody’s Child

Nobody's Child is an eco-conscious fashion brand for women

If you want to dress well on a budget and do some good in this world, try Nobody’s Child.

This is a young London-based brand dedicated to sustainable fashion.

Their target is today’s young women who are looking for a way to blend their love for fashion with their love for Mother Earth.

At Nobody’s Child, you can find basics such as pants and tees, mini or maxi dresses, loungewear, or beachwear.

All at very affordable prices, not to mention that they offer huge discounts for students. Also, have a look at their accessories collection.


nu-in - Fashion. Sustainably driven.

Nu-In was launched in 2019 and it has managed to create quite a buzz, establishing itself as one of the leading brands in a sustainable fashion.

All fashion brands vye to offer must-haves for the It girl, but Nu-In bets on effortless comfort and timeless pieces.

They work only with eco-friendly organic or recycled fibers.

The brand has come up with an original line of lightweight knitwear, which includes everything from tank tops to vests, jumpers, and cardigans.

Check out their extended sizes collection featuring very flattering maxi dresses or high-rise skinny jeans.


POSSE. Vintage inspired for the modern-day girl

“Less is more” may mean a lot of things, but when it comes to Posse it certainly isn’t about showing more or less skin.

It’s about owning less, but more versatile clothes.

The Australian brand prides itself on being slow fashion.

Their philosophy is reinventing vintage and creating timeless pieces that you can wear for years without fear.

No one will judge you as behind the times for wearing a simple billowing white dress, for that’s the sort of item that defies time.

Or check out their Eden dress, as much a classic as the mythical LBD only in ivory.


RAFA is a women's luxury footwear collection

If you’re addicted to the Reformation platform shoes and sandals, you might want to take a look at RAFA, a brand offering luxury shoes for women.

All the shoes are made of top-quality materials and what’s even more interesting is the fact that each pair is hand-crafted by a group of LA-based artisans.

The company is dedicated to sustainable fashion and all shoes are made of eco-friendly materials.

If you need a new pair of square toe platform sandals, you can find one at RAFA.

The good part is that the sole is entirely man-made and the upper part is made of recycled textile material and vegan for that matter.

The bad part is that it still costs as much as real leather.

Réalisation Par

Réalisation Par - silk, printed dresses, skirts & tops

Who doesn’t like velvet? Or silk? Especially silk?

Most of the pieces created by the designers at Réalisation Par are nothing but layers and layers of comfortable smooth silk.

The Australian brand combines flattering designs with sensual material to dress you like a supermodel.

And we’re talking about true supermodels, like Claudia Schiffer, an icon of the 90s.

In fact, Réalisation Par has an exclusive Claudia Schiffer collection, and it’s not just for the skinny type of woman as they also offer plus-size items.

For those moments when you just want to relax you can choose a casual mini dress in a floral print or a cute tank top to go with your shorts.

And they’re in the affordable price range if you want to know.


Rouje is the breezy Parisian attitude, the feminine chic, the retro charm

How about adding some French chic to your closet?

That’s Rouje for you. The Paris-based brand deals in essentials for all occasions.

If you’re going on a trip, try their uncomplicated flare jeans that go splendidly with a striped top.

Or pick one of their fabulous breezy dresses in delicate, yet colorful floral prints.

In true French spirit, the dresses are designed to showcase your body in all its splendor.

You won’t find baggy or dreary pieces at Rouje.

What you will find are charming and subtly elegant timeless pieces.

Also, they have rather good prices.


Sézane - high quality, perfectly cut pieces at a fair & accessible price

Parisian style meets sustainable fashion at Sézane, a brand committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using sustainably obtained fibers and renewable energy sources for its factories.

Most of their clothes are made from organic materials, like cotton and silk.

If you want to look truly hot, check out their denim brut sexy pants and daring tops.

For cold days, you can also add a fuzzy cardigan made with mohair and Baby Alpaca wood.

And since we’re talking about French elegance, the jacket has the most delicate mother-of-pearl buttons.

Don’t miss the iconic bucket bag in real leather or the T.Bag in embossed leather, just perfect for the urban dweller on the go.

Shaina Mote

Shaina Mote - simple garments designed to live with us through every season.

Simple garments to see you through every season.

And not just for one year, but for many years.

Designer Shaina Mote was a big name in the fashion industry even before starting her own brand.

She used to work for the biggest names in the game and knew fast fashion inside out.

And she hated it, which is why she set out to create trend-resistant garments, which, with adequate care, can last for decades.

Shaina Mote creates luxury clothing using only ethically sourced eco-friendly fibers.

Polyester has no place in her collections, not even recycled polyester as she wants no part in the damage microplastic does to our planet.

As for the clothes themselves. They’re designed to be worn all day every day.

That’s how comfortable they are.


Separates, Intimates and Ready-to-wear – SIR the label

Launched in 2014, the Australian brand Sir made it its mission to liberate women from the constraints of ever-changing fashions.

Their clothes can best be defined as minimalist or simplistic.

Whether you’re looking for a cool dress or a pair of shorts, the items you’ll find at Sir are comfy, breathable, and above all classic.

They focus on essentials specially designed to enhance and flatter feminine silhouettes.

The brand uses fibers obtained from sustainable sources and privileges ethical labor.

Their pieces are produced in limited quantities to prevent waste.


 bohemian fashion at Spell. Dresses, swim, jewellery, bridal.

The moment you reach their landing page you understand what Spell is all about. Evergreen.

Their huge online store offers staples that will find a permanent place in your closet Yet another Australian up-and-coming brand.

But Spell understands what the modern woman needs – things she can pair up many ways to get a unique look every single time.

At Spell, you won’t find trendy ripped jeans, but classical wide-leg pants that you can match with a simple ribbed tank or a tunic in a pastel floral print.

Also, have a look at their knitwear collection which features cozy cardigans with matching beanies and scarves.


STAUD - latest apparel, handbags, shoes & accessories

Simple designs, suave colors, good old striped outfits, and the most exquisite leather bags and shoes you can imagine.

That’s what this American brand has to offer to the fashion and eco-conscious modern woman.

If you’re looking for sustainable Reformation alternatives, you need to check out Staud.

The brand is the opposite of fast fashion, they’re all for timeless fashion.

For a casual occasion, you can never go wrong with a full-length breezy Corsica dress or a tight blacktop, and the best part is they’re made with sustainable recycled nylon fashion.

You get to look fabulous and totally guilt-free.

Staud is among the pricier brands on this list, but you can always choose their four interest-free payments options.

Une Heures

UNE HEURES - sustainable fashion brand

Une Heures is the new kid on the block of sustainable fashion.

Launched in 2017, the brand is based in Los Angeles, but the silk that made its garments famous comes from a factory in Northern Italy.

Just have a look at their short or long-sleeve crewnecks in warm earthen colors.

Une Heures also has an impressive collection of casual dresses with a minimalist design, also made of Italian silk.

And who says men don’t deserve the luxury of a silk crew neck shirt?

The shirts have a ribbed vertical design, created especially for the active man who needs to move freely in a soft breathable shirt.


VETTA clothing in responsible factories, from sustainable fabrics

This family-run company is based in New York and they have their very original take on sustainable fashion.

At Vetta, you can shop by item, or by capsule.

A capsule contains five items that can be mixed and matched to create 30 outfits.

Enough for you to wear something different for a whole month.

All you have to do is take a short quiz to find out which capsule fits your style.

The Wander Capsule is for the adventurous type, while the Classic Capsule is for everyday wear.

Or maybe you prefer something more edgy? Or more glamorous?

And most items are made with sustainable fibers, like organic cotton or Tencel, which is a kind of cellulose made from wood pulp.

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