Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

The answer is yes, you can wear pantyhose with sandals, so long as the sandals are slingback or flatform and are closed at the tip.

The first thing you have to decide is whether to wear flatform, flat or heeled sandals. While many women think that platform sandals are good with pantyhose, it’s not always true.

And about the question “can you wear pantyhose with sandals?” – some of them look very nice (flatform and slingback) but there are plenty of others which don’t fit well into an outfit with hosiery as they have too much decoration around the ankle area – buckles, straps and other details which tend to be very visible if worn together with stockings.

It is also important what kind of silhouette you have – if you’re tall and slim, it might look really nice but if you’re a petite girl with round shapes – not so hot.

You will also need to see the length of your type of sandal which is very important as it could show your toes in a very unflattering way or even create an illusion there are some deformations on them. Having long legs and wearing a pair of flat shoes looks great on almost anyone but for shorter women the choice of shoe is crucial.

can you wear pantyhose with sandals

Can you wear pantyhose with sandals?

Also, it depends on what kind of sandal you choose to wear. Some sandals have straps that tend to be too visible when paired with hose (and stockings look better here), others make feet look fat because they don’t have enough coverage. Here are some examples:

Strappy Sandals with Pantyhose – Best for Getting Noticed

If you want to turn heads (and who doesn’t?), a pair of patterned sandals are the way to go. Strappy heel sandals make your legs appear slimmer and longer, thanks to their higher coverage at the ankle. This means no visible pantyhose straps here – in fact, you may not even need hosiery to look good in these! A pair of strappy sandals are a fantastic way to show off your beautiful bare legs.

Classic Sandal with Pantyhose – Best for Casual Occasions

If you’re heading out on a casual summer date, or just grabbing drinks with friends after work, the classic flat sandal is the best choice. The simple design complements plainer pantyhose, and the neutral color makes it easy to match your sandals to your top.

Platform Sandal with Stockings – Best for Turning Heads

When you need to stand out in a crowd, platform sandals are the way to go! These come up high enough on the ankle that they hide stockings straps, but the platform makes them a little bit more interesting than your regular flat sandals. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect pair of platform sandals for your individual sense of style.

Flat Sandals + Pantyhose – Classic Combo

They’re a classic combo that’s hard to mess up, and flat sandals work with just about any type of pantyhose. These two go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. No matter what pair you’re wearing, the flat sandals’ simple design won’t clash with the patterns or detailing on your hose. Plus, these don’t have any straps that can make your legs appear wider than they really are (as opposed to strappy ones).

Flat Sandals with Stockings – Best for Work and Casual Outings

If you’re going to be working at a desk all day, or just hanging around the house, flat sandals are definitely your best bet. They look very prim and proper (especially with pantyhose), so they make it easy for you to slip into office attire without feeling over-dressed.

Flat Sandals with Tights – Best for Going Out

A flat sandal is great for work, but it’s too low-key for a night out. When you’re out with your friends or family, a classic pair of flats gets lost in the mix. If you want to stand out and look stylish without drawing too much attention to yourself, opt for a pair of kitten heel sandal instead.

Kitten heels have a smaller heel than their platform counterparts, but they still come up high enough to be considered flats. They’ll make your legs look longer and leaner, so nobody will notice if you’re wearing pantyhose– they’ll just think you’re dressed to kill!

There are brands like Nine West and Steve Madden also offer flat sandals. While these classic designs can be paired with pantyhose, their lower coverage makes it difficult to hide the pantyhose straps.

If you still want to wear these with stockings, consider wearing a pair of sheer thigh-highs. It’s important that you not choose pantyhose with patterns or details on them – your platform sandals will be much more eye-catching!

Another option is to find a pair of sandals and wear tall socks with them. You should have a lot more options in this case, but if you’re going to do it be sure to find knee-highs or thigh-highs that match your outfit!

Heeled Sandals with Pantyhose

One last thing – when wearing heeled sandals with pantyhose, it’s important to choose the right color. The best options are nude, black, and brown – these colors will match most of your wardrobe.

You’ll also want to be careful with patterned tights if you go this route; you don’t want a bold print (like paisley or leopard) on your legs when wearing eye-catching sandals!

Should you wear pantyhose with strappy sandals?

The question of whether you should wear pantyhose with strappy sandals is not one that can be answered easily. This is because it depends on how your outfit looks as a whole, rather than the pieces individually.

Today’s fashion dictates that you pair lightweight fabrics such as cotton and lace with darker colors and bold patterns. You need to focus on the overall look of your outfit when choosing what to wear with strappy sandals and pantyhose.

If you are wearing a dark skirt or dress, you can pair it with any color sandal that complements your focal point. For example, if you have chosen a blue dress, then choose an orange , yellow or pink sandal.

You can also wear prints and patterns with strappy sandals. However, they must be of a similar scale or the pattern could overwhelm your outfit. For example, you should not pair a large floral print dress with a big floral printed sandal.

Final Thoughts on Wearing Pantyhose with Sandals

You can definitely wear pantyhose with sandals as long as you can mix and match the type of sandals with the types of pantyhose you want to wear. As shown above there are many choices for different kinds of occasions.

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