Types Of Cardigans That Go With Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are always beautiful even when they’re worn alone, but sometimes, you want to wear them on a chilly autumn morning. So the best option is to put something over like a cardigan, but what types of cardigans go with maxi dresses?

You can match your maxi dress with sheer cardigans, maxi cardigans, or even knitted cardigans. There’s really no end to it, and there are so many beautiful ways to do that.

Cardigans That Go With Maxi Dresses

Whether you’re tending towards cardigans because of changes in the weather, or simply because you want to try them out, you’ll be shocked to find the different types of cardigans that go with maxi dresses.

10 Types of Cardigans that Go with Maxi Dresses and Where to Wear Them:

Are you ready to turn your maxi dresses into something more beautiful and stylish? If yes, it’s time to pull out those cardigans and create a beautiful combination with your maxi dress for all occasions

Midi Cardigan over Maxi Dress 

A midi cardigan that stops halfway on your maxi dress is an excellent choice because it doesn’t cover too much of your dress’s beauty but is long enough to make a statement of its own.

An unbuttoned midi cardigan with a pocket is perfectly comfortable for you to place your hands in as you take strolls, especially when there’s a drop in temperature. However, that’s not all a midi cardigan is known for.

A nude wool midi cardigan over a flowery maxi dress creates a look that is both romantic and relaxed. You can wear it on a date or on an occasion that’s not formal. Throw in matching boots and your outfit is complete!

Oversize Cardigan over Maxi Dress

This looks spell casual and laidback but is as beautiful as cardigans and maxi dresses get. Get out your favorite oversized cardigan and throw it over your maxi dress. Just make sure the color matches and you’re good to go!

A round neck or turtle neck cardigan over your maxi dress creates doesn’t only give you a warmer upper layer when the weather is cold but also creates a long skirt-and-top look. 

A chunky oversize cardigan delivers both warmth and texture. Some people won’t be able to guess that you’re wearing a maxi dress and not a maxi skirt, especially if your dress has mini straps or is sleeveless.

Maxi Cardigan with Maxi Dress

Talk about beautiful and elegant office wear and you have a maxi cardigan and maxi dress. This combo is very poise and stylish, especially if you get the colors matched right.

If you’re going into the office or attending an official meeting, it’s a good idea to match a plain or simply-styled maxi dress with a plain cardigan.

However, the colors should be bright enough to stand out.

For instance, a white or vertically striped pink and white maxi dress paired with a pink crochet cardigan is the epitome of beauty. 

You can achieve the same with a light blue or even cream cardigan. Whatever color you choose, throw in beautiful matching heels.

Sheer Cardigan and Maxi Dress 

Sheer cardigans and maxi dresses are great for a formal or celebratory outfit. You can wear a plain sheer cardigan on a patterned dress, try a patterned cardigan on a plain dress, or a plain cardigan on a plain dress.

A hip-length nude sheer cardigan on a black maxi dress and nude heels gives you the perfect wedding attire. On the other hand, a long sheer cardigan with open-toe strap heels will look great for business meetings.

Sheer cardigans come in different lengths, colors, and styles, and I am yet to find one style that doesn’t go beautifully with a maxi dress. Sometimes, the accessories are what change your appearance to casual or formal.

Half-sleeve Cardigan Belted on Maxi Dress 

If you love to accessorize your clothes with belts, then you’ll love how this style turns out. You’ll need a melt alongside a half-sleeve cardigan to make this work.

Pairing a plain cardigan with your flowered or patterned gown is a great idea, but you could go the other way with a patterned cardigan. The belt holds the cardigan to the dress in a stylish manner.

Alternatively, you can place the belt on the maxi dress and just allow your cardigan to fall to the sides. Both ideas are beautiful and are perfect for Sunday brunch.

However, you can upgrade it to occasion style in a second with a bag, hat, heels, or boots. 

Cropped Cardigan and Maxi Dress 

Who said cropped cardigans only look good on jeans? They look nothing short of amazing on maxi dresses too!

A cropped cardigan sits pretty on the top of your maxi dress while the rest of your dress flows down beautifully. It is perfect for sleeveless or small-sleeved dresses provided the top of your dress doesn’t have many designs.

Cropped cardigans can be casual, formal, or even red-carpet standard depending on the dress you’re pairing them with. For instance, a nude cropped cardigan on a maxi ball gown will look right at home on the red carpet.

When aiming for something more casual, a flowery maxi dress, or short-sleeve cropped cardigan with a pair of sandals does it?

Beige Cardigan on Floral/Black Maxi Dress

Want to look chic and professional at the same time? Throwing a beige cardigan over a black or floral maxi dress can get you there easily. All you need is a flat shoe or sandal to complete the look.

Beige is a beautiful color that can easily transform all your maxi dresses into some sort of formal piece for work, especially if they are within the darker color range. However, bright colors can be beautiful too.

A short beige cardigan on a black, flowered dress with black or nude footwear is perfect to wear to the office. On the other hand, a long beige cardigan on a wine color dress is more party-themed.

Asymmetrical Cardigan on Maxi Dress

Switch things up with an asymmetrical cardigan that gives your maxi dress a unique touch and appearance. If you don’t have an asymmetrical cardigan, your wardrobe needs at least one.

From a dinner date to an evening indoor event, and even a formal event, an asymmetrical cardigan can make your maxi dress pop. 

A button or zip-down asymmetrical cardigan on a slim maxi dress when paired with the right maxi dress can look professional. On the other hand, an asymmetrical cardigan with a waterfall neck is perfect for occasions. 

For a street casual or a fun hangout, a knitted turtle-neck asymmetrical cardigan with a maxi dress works beautifully, especially when paired with sandals or boots.

Crochet Kimono Cardigan on Maxi Dress 

Kimono cardigans are beautiful, but crochet kimono takes the beauty some notches higher. 

White or nude crochet kimono cardigans are a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, and they look perfect with your spaghetti-strapped dresses.

A short or half-sleeved long-line lace kimono is perfect for a BBQ, a visit to the beach, or a casual hangout. However, regardless of the sleeve length, a kimono cardigan and maxi dress are casual but beautiful. 

When styling a crochet kimono cardigan, it is best to keep your maxi dress simply in color, pattern, and style to avoid clashes in design and color.

 A multi-colored crochet cardigan should go with a single-color dress, and a colorful dress should be matched with a single-color kimono.

Chunky Cardigan and Maxi Dress 

A chunky cardigan is great on almost everything; from jean trousers to miniskirts, and body con dresses. However, they are perfect for maxi dresses too.

Throw on a chunky cardigan on a voluminous maxi dress and you have a comfortable dress for your walkabout days or shopping adventures. You can also make casual visits to friends in this attire. 

However, with a layered maxi dress and a cropped chunky cardigan, you can create a perfect look for weddings, occasions, and even church.

While some people like oversized chunky cardigans, it might be best to buy the cardigan in your size and not a larger size because it might lose its shape or swallow up your dress.


There you have 10 beautiful types of cardigans that go with maxi dresses. You can pair a midi cardigan, a crochet cardigan, and even a maxi cardigan with your maxi dress.

The less common, but undoubtedly beautiful options are cropped cardigans, asymmetrical cardigans, and sheer cardigans.

Some of these cardigans might already be in your wardrobe, so all you need to do is get them out and start matching.

However, if you’ll need to shop for them, rest assured that they’re worth every penny, and they’ll serve many purposes beyond wearing them with your maxi dresses. 

Look for colors and styles that match your maxi dresses for a beautiful outcome. Don’t forget, shoes are a necessary part of the combo, so even if we didn’t talk about them, make sure to get heels, sandals, and boots that fit the cardigan and dress you’re wearing at all times.

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