How to Accessorize a Black Jumpsuit for the Evening

A black jumpsuit is a great item of clothing that will not go out of style soon; however, knowing how to accessorize a black jumpsuit for the evening can really set you apart from the rest.

The jumpsuit is that elemental piece in every woman’s wardrobe that perfectly combines elegance and comfort. Such a piece of clothing made of quality materials and chosen correctly can successfully replace the famous black dress that almost all women turn to when it comes to a special event.

How to Accessorize a Black Jumpsuit for the Evening

Because many ladies either want to purchase such a piece of clothing but don’t know how to choose it or need tips to learn how to match it.

Keep reading to find out 10 accessories, including shoes, that will help create a sparkling black jumpsuit outfit for the evening:

  1. Beret
  2. Necklace
  3. Leather jacket
  4. Blazer
  5. Watch
  6. Belt
  7. Purse
  8. Oxford shoes
  9. Boots
  10. Sneakers

10 Ways to Accessories a Black Jumpsuit for the Evening


As an item that has been present in the fashion industry for more than a century, berets are stylish, elegant, and very simple accessories that go great with almost any look, including a black jumpsuit.

Whether you have a formal or an informal event that you are attending, choosing a beret would not disappoint you.

You can choose from a variety of colors because all of them would go great with your black jumpsuit: orange, yellow, nude, white, gray, red, blue, green, and the list goes on.

I can’t think of a simpler accessory that has such a powerful effect and that is able to turn a simple jumpsuit into a stunning outfit ready to take you anywhere.


In addition to the beret, we can also consider some jewelry.

If the jumpsuit has a generous neckline, a long chain, possibly with an interesting pendant, is the ideal choice.

For an elegant evening jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, you can opt for a massive necklace or a string of pearls, worn separately or in a set with a pair of earrings and a ring.

You can also choose a smaller necklace, with a little pendentive, which is refined and elegant and brings the right elegance to the outfit.

The necklace would add a little bit of sparkle to the neck area, making it look more revealing and sophisticated. Be sure to consider adding this accessory to your outfit.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket for women is a great way to bring the glamor of the velvet season into your look, especially when it is combined with a black jumpsuit.

A leather jacket for women is a very striking wardrobe item, primarily because of the look it gives and its aspect.

Although, the leather jacket and its variety in the style of rock and roll, distinguished by an abundance of buckles, decorative metal buttons, and spikes, as well as a pronounced belt, are considered the most common in the color under consideration.

Pairing a leather jacket with a black jumpsuit would be a great combination for either formal or informal events.

If you find a jacket that doesn’t have too many zippers and embellishments, it can even be worn to more formal events, with a pair of high heels.


Another great accessory that is suited for more than one occasion.

We know very well that when we go to a wedding, a christening, or any other festive event, a blazer is the piece of clothing that we will choose to give an elegant touch to the outfit.

In addition to the heels that are somehow part of an elegant outfit, the blazer also has a defining role.

Whatever occasion you choose or have to wear a jacket, it must, first of all, make you feel good in it, attractive and above all comfortable.

Pair the blazer with your black jumpsuit. You can go for a monochromatic combination or you can choose a blazer in a bold color. Choose the blazer you like.


An accessory that is suitable for many occasions, even for informal and formal events.

Your watch has been designed to be worn on the left hand.

However, watches have started to be seen as accessories meant to embellish your outfit, so that is why the place of the watch has changed, is now seen on the right hand, taking the same place as a bracelet.

It doesn’t matter what others think; you should wear your watch on the hand that is most comfortable for you.

No matter the way in which you agree to wear a watch, this item can bring a little sparkle to your outfit and can even turn it into a more formal look, even if it’s gold, silver, or any other color.

Consider wearing it with your black jumpsuit.


A favorite accessory of mine when it comes to jumpsuits is the belt. This small, little item can really make a difference and can change your entire outfit.

An accessory that must always be taken into account is the belt. To highlight the waist, the best option is a thin belt in a dark shade.

If the jumpsuit is black, then the belt should match the jewelry or shoes. If you go for silver jewelry, then the belt will also be silver.

For people who have a very defined waist, and the cut of the jumpsuit is a looser one, you can also opt for a chain worn at hip level. I am sure that this accessory will complete your outfit.


Purses are without a doubt every woman’s favorite fashion accessory. For most of us, they are more than accessories. In them, we find everything we need, from makeup and keys to the most intimate objects.

The diversity of colors and shapes of women’s purses, suitable for every outfit, can be a sometimes misleading criterion.

Not every bag is suited for every outfit and occasion. For your black jumpsuit, I would recommend either a small bag, on the shoulder, or a hobo bag, if you want to make a statement with this accessory.

You can go with a simple choice, black, or choose a more colorful purse.

These two types of purses are perfect for many occasions: for example, you can choose the hobo bag for an informal event and the shoulder bag for a formal one.

Oxford Shoes

With their interesting history and evolution, oxford shoes have managed to become one of the most popular types of footwear amongst women.

What is so loved about them is their simplicity, neutrality, and their ability to camouflage into every outfit, without becoming the central piece.

If you think that they are not suited for a black jumpsuit, think again. They have a simple, clean cut and the leather brings just the right shine to the entire look.

They also go very well on so many occasions, either in the evening or in the morning, with friends shopping or to a cocktail dinner.

I couldn’t think of any reason for you not to consider wearing them with your black jumpsuit.


Boots are among the most interesting accessories that you can integrate into outfits to achieve a sensual, feminine, or cool look.

Undoubtedly, this type of footwear is highly appreciated in the cold season, when the temperatures in the thermometers start to drop.

However, there are also models that you can wear in spring or even summer. The secret, however, lies in choosing the most suitable boots for your outfits.

Many boots would go great with your black jumpsuit, but what is important to remember is that the decision of what type of boots to choose is based on the type of event, the place, and the weather.

As far as color goes, I would recommend opting for a red pair of boots, for a stronger impact. They will definitely become the star of your outfit.


For an elegant jumpsuit, most of the time we choose either high-heeled stilettos or elegant sandals.

However, one choice that I’m sure many of you will enjoy is sneakers.

While many women consider that this option is completely inappropriate for a jumpsuit, I think they are a welcome variation for less formal events.

The color is chosen according to the color of the jumpsuit. If we talk about the elegant black jumpsuit, then the sneakers can be nude, black, red, silver, or gold.

Of course, other colors can also be added, but these are the choices you can go wrong with the least.

Put your feet first and choose to be comfortable, while still rocking a gorgeous black jumpsuit and looking amazing.

Final Thoughts

Every one of us needs some time for a little advice, inspiration, or an idea, so I hope that this black jumpsuit for the evening accessories list has been a great inspiration for you to go to your closet and turn that simple jumpsuit into an incredible outfit.

For more glam, you can add a belt around the waist. If you want some sparkle, you can choose a big statement or a watch in order to make a statement.

If you have to participate in various sophisticated events and you are bored of wearing dresses all the time, you can calmly choose a jumpsuit.

It is a particularly elegant piece and you will certainly succeed in making yourself stand out among the guests who will surely wear only dresses.

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