How to Accessorize a Burgundy Dress

Knowing how to accessorize a burgundy dress may come in handy on multiple occasions, especially now that autumn has turned its face toward us. Burgundy is a strong color suitable for confident women.

However, we often wonder how to wear a burgundy dress so that it is not too extravagant. More specifically, burgundy dresses, as they are extremely trendy at the moment, and burgundy outfits look great on all women, all year round.

How to Accessorize a Burgundy Dress

When choosing the accessories to wear with a long red dress, opt for simple, delicate items that will add interest and contrast to your outfit, without attracting too much attention.

First of all, given the fact that it is a strong color, we try to use as few subtle accessories as possible.

No need for extravagant necklaces in lots of colors or too many bracelets.

Here are 10 accessories, including shoes, that will go perfectly with your burgundy dress:

  1. Hat
  2. Scarf
  3. Jewelry
  4. Blazer
  5. Belt
  6. Backpack
  7. Thigh-high socks
  8. Sneakers
  9. Boots
  10. Flats

10 Best Ways to Accessorize a Burgundy Dress for a Stunning Look


Hats are accessories that complete the outfit and can be worn throughout the year.

There are different types of hats suitable for cold and warm seasons.

Among the wide variety of hats, it is sometimes difficult to choose a single style.

So, if you have a weakness for hats, learn more about them and complete your wardrobe with different types of hats that will fit perfectly.

Use them for different outfits and create a beautiful and elegant look.

Short or wide hats are easy to wear all year round. There are dozens of wonderful styles with unique fabrics and decorations.

The Panama hat is a great choice and very popular. Another great option would be the floppy hat, which is more common during the colder seasons since it’s made from a thick material.


A tasteful scarf can add something special to any outfit.

Whether you wear yours with classic neutral colors such as black or brown, or bolder choices like red and blue, choosing a scarf that goes with an existing wardrobe helps make your outfits work together effortlessly.

Look for a lightweight knit scarf with a simple design. They’re perfect year-round, and especially useful if you live somewhere warm during the summer.

A great color that combines well with your burgundy dress would be yellow or white.

The brightness of these colors brings out the darker shades in the burgundy color, creating a balanced outfit.

Be sure to consider the scarf as an accessory, either during the warm or cold seasons.


If you love jewelry, then you will love accessorizing your burgundy dress with them.

Jewelry is unknown to be the go-to accessory for any woman because they go great with any color and they are timeless.

The jewelry you choose to wear can help you enhance your burgundy dress and complete your look.

The jewelry we choose for an outfit is not just an accessory, but an extension of it, complementing it and emphasizing its beauty and uniqueness, in the most elegant and delicate way possible.

A great choice for your dress would definitely be gold jewelry.

You can find tons of gold items online, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

You might not realize how much you own until you start digging around!


Blazers have always been and will always be associated with good taste and elegance.

They have an impeccable cut and manage to enhance any silhouette, being versatile pieces of clothing that can adapt to any style.

They can be worn with almost anything, especially your dress.

A blazer should not be missing from your wardrobe.

They are perfect to get a stylish outfit, which will make you stand out at meetings during the day.

They are perfect for the office, evening events, visits, and walks.

If you want to stand out, choose a blazer in black or white because this will create a nice contrast.

You also have many options when it comes to the type of blazers, such as pumps, oversized, fitted, cape, and so on.


Belts should be perceived as only practical items, but they can also be accessories. How you tie the belt to the dress depends on your appearance, image, and style.

A great belt can change an entire outfit, turning the most simple and boring clothes into an elegant and stylish outfits.

By combining color and shape, you can create fantastic images. If the dress and the belt contrast in color, then this adds a special accent and zest to the feminine look.

To focus attention on the beautiful parts of the body, it is important to properly tie the belt to the dress.

The easiest choice for your burgundy dress would be black, due to its neutrality, or gold.


The backpack is not something that is worn only by school girls or teenagers.

Women can also integrate them easily into their outfits.

I personally prefer choosing a backpack over a purse because they are convenient, plus they look very cute.

Recently, we have started to see elegant backpacks, made of leather or similar ecological materials, worn by more and more ladies who want to combine style with practicality.

The backpack very nicely combines elegance, style, and practicality.

This is the right choice for any woman who wants to carry all her necessary items more easily.

Go for a black, brown, or white backpack with your burgundy dress and you will have a great outfit.

Thigh-High Socks

Fortunately, thigh-high socks came back again in a fashion that today represents some accessories that will definitely elevate your look.

But the more comfortable and adorable they are, the more difficult they are to match.

They are perfect for autumn and early spring when it is warm enough to give up thick boots and jackets but cool enough to look stylish with several layers of clothes.

So how do you wear socks over your knees in the end? Well, you can wear them directly on bare feet or over a pair of transparent, black, or skin-colored stockings.

Many women usually match the color of the socks with the rest of the items, looking to create a monochromatic look.

Others would rather wear a different color, such as black, brown, gray, or any color in this area.


Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Of course, heels are absolutely amazing, but every now and then you can take a break from foot pain and opt for sports shoes.

But if you’re wearing sneakers, you don’t have to wear tracksuits or jeans, but you have an escape hatch because you can be feminine and comfortable at the same time.

In other words, you can wear dresses and sneakers without committing a fashion crime.

Consider choosing a pair of sneakers with your burgundy dress. You will still look fashionable, but you will also be comfortable and you will be able to do all your tasks.

Besides the classic black that you can choose, I would also recommend going with a simple, white pair of sneakers.


Most of the time, we give up wearing dresses with boots in the cold season for fear of the cold. Boots remain the solution to this inconvenience!

These accessories protect you from the cold and allow you to enjoy all the style and femininity that dresses give to your outfit.

At first glance, the dress and boots seem to make a natural ensemble, which does not involve too many challenges. It overflows with femininity and elegance.

Chosen in neutral colors, this type of boots can be worn very simply, in a multitude of combinations of textures and shades.

You can choose models with or without a heel, high just after the knee or high on the leg, made of suede or natural leather, with laces and other applications.


One of the most beloved spring-summer shoes in a lady’s or young lady’s wardrobe are ballet flats.

Even if it is said about us women that we love high heels, that does not mean that each of us does not have at least one pair of ballet flats.

They are the most comfortable women’s shoes, without forcing us to give up style for good.

Because if we were to say that women’s ballet flats are just comfortable and that’s it, we would be incredibly unfair.

They have great potential and can be extremely chic and versatile.

You can just as well enjoy the style and comfort of a pair of flats, both for shopping and for a cocktail.

Final Thoughts

No matter the occasion that you plan on attending, I am sure that this burgundy dress accessories list will come in handy.

Whether you decide to pair your burgundy dress with a scarf, blazer, hat, sneakers, boots, and so on, depends on your style and the occasion.

However, if you don’t choose one accessory from the list, I am sure that it will at least give you the inspiration to create an outfit that is chic, feminine, and fashionable.

We have chosen relatively simple accessories that are very common and accessible that stand out.

To look good, you need a touch of self-confidence and another of courage.

And if you have the confidence to wear a dress in this color, you’ll definitely look the way you feel in it: gorgeous.

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