How to Accessorize a Gold Dress

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a gold dress, whether flowing or short, strapless or sleeved, it looks regal and attractive, and with the right accessories, you can make a resounding impression.

If you’re wondering how to accessorize a gold dress, search no further for your answer. You can accessorize it from head to toe beginning with earrings and matching necklaces, and bracelets. 

A purse is also a necessary part of the ensemble, and you can choose to match it with your shoes or get different styles of purses and shoes. 

How to Accessorize a Gold Dress


With the right tips and fashion tricks, you can step out in that golden dress more stylishly than ever. 

Let’s dive into the details and answer your most asked questions, including what jewelry and shoes to wear with a gold dress.

Here’s a list of 10 accessories and jewelry to wear with a gold dress, beginning from head to toe, and leaving nothing out.

  • Earrings 
  • Necklace
  • Bracelets 
  • Rings
  • Belt
  • Gloves
  • Purse
  • Brooches 
  • Stockings
  • Shoes 


What accessories should you wear with a gold dress? 


Depending on the style of your gold dress, you can accessorize with either hoop or drooping earrings, preferably of the same gold color.

There are many shapes and sizes of earrings to choose from, but the goal is to ensure that the earring flatters the dress and doesn’t contrast with your overall style.

Your choice of earrings should also match the necklace you will be wearing. Even if you don’t buy matching pairs, ensure that your earring isn’t too loud for your gown and also pairs up well with your necklace.

Some great earrings include diamond, gold, and black hoops, drooping, statement, or even barely-there earrings.


You may or may not need a necklace for your outfit, depending on the gown’s style, and the earring you opt for.

However, you can accessorize your gold dress with a slim chain and no pendant if you want to keep the neck area simple.

You can also go with a bold necklace, especially if you are wearing a strapless dress. A black rope necklace with gold, black, and diamond stones or designs is perfect for a V-neck dress.

A gold or diamond choker necklace is also a great accessory, especially a sleeveless one. Also, layered gold or diamond necklaces will also create a perfect look, especially for a dress with thin straps. 


Following the bracelets in trend at the moment, you can accessorize your gown with link bracelets, stacked bracelets, or beaded bracelets.

If you want to draw attention to your hands, then multiple gold bracelets are best for you. Depending on the occasion, you can also sport an Egyptian-themed wrist cuff that covers a good few inches of your arm.

You can explore more colors and shades of bracelets, such as a combination of gold and silver, black, and even yellow, depending on your gold dress shade.

It is also fashionable to skip bracelets and wear an armband instead, especially with a sleeveless gold gown. If you’ll be wearing a ring, consider that when choosing a bracelet.


If you keep things simple with your bracelets, then you can go all out with multiple rings to accessorize your gold dress. However, if you go bold with your bracelet, a single ring should do.

Rings are the perfect piece of jewelry to add color to your outfit and make it stand out.

Create a beautiful contrast with rings in blue, fuchsia, lilac, and even black, especially if you’re wearing a rose gold dress.

Maintain a royal tone with rings in silver, gold, and other metallic materials.

A statement ring on one or both hands is also a great accessory. Stones are also all-time favorite accessories no matter the color, especially on a gold band.


Accessorize your gold dress with a black or silver belt to clinch your waist area beautifully, introduce the flair in your dress, or add color and style to your ensemble.

Belts can add color and style to your outfit and although you can accessorize your gold dress with a gold belt, the belt needs to be a different color or tone to stand out. 

A black and gold belt is a perfect option, and a silver belt can also work, depending on what other accessories you choose.

If you want to go bold, you can use a red belt, but it’ll need to be merged with a red shoe or purse for uniformity.


Gloves are some less-frequently used accessories on gold dresses, but they can upgrade your outfit beautifully.

Black gloves are arguably the most worn color of gloves with golden dresses, especially at red-carpet events.

Gloves also match strapless or thin-strapped dresses. Although black and white are the go-to colors of gloves, transparent lace gloves also blend seamlessly with your dress.

Red, green, and peach-colored gloves are also worth considering, depending on the shade of the dress and your other accessories.

You might not need bracelets if you wear gloves, but you can always put on a ring over your gloves, especially if the color can stand out.


A gold purse is always the best match for a gold dress, but it isn’t the only option you can explore. You can also accessorize with a black purse or bag, especially if it has gold trims.

A black purse has a way of standing out while coordinating with your gown.

You can also choose a purse depending on the color of your jewelry.

So, it mustn’t be gold or black, but it should blend with your entire ensemble. If there are rubies or emeralds in your jewelry, you can carry a red or green purse.

If your green dress can do with some pop, you can carry a purse in color tones like burgundy, navy, or forest green. 


There are so many beautiful designs and styles of brooches that can accessorize your gold dress.

You can have a brooch on either side of your chest, the waist area, and on one side, depending on the style and where it will stand out most. 

The perfect brooch for your dress is one that’s combined with a different color or stone. For instance, a gold brooch with diamonds, rhinestones, or red crystal is a beautiful accessory because the stones stand out and draw attention.

Gold and emerald colors in one brooch also come out quite beautifully and will be perfect, especially if there are other accessories of the same color in the ensemble.


Feel free to accessorize your short dress with stockings to flatter your legs and beautify your outfit.

There is a wide range of stockings that blend beautifully with your outfit, including fishnet stockings, lace stockings, transparent stockings, printed stockings, and scrunched, and seamed stockings.

Black and sheer stockings are the most suitable, but a different shade of gold can also be a good match for your gold dress.

Your stockings can cover all the way up from your feet to where your gown ends or could start from your knee downwards.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a stocking with flowery designs and patterns, especially if your dress has a simple design.


Your shoes are most likely the first thing people will see when you step out, so your choice of shoe deserves much consideration.

Gold strapped heels are the go-to shoes for a gold dress, whether with open or covered toes. However, pumps and wedges are also an interesting pair to match your dress, especially if you’re dealing with a short gown. 

As far as colors are concerned, gold, black, red, and even pale pink will look good.  It is somewhat of an unspoken rule to match shoes and purses, so bear that in mind when accessorizing your outfit.

Of course, rules can be broken. However, ensure that your shoe compliments the entire ensemble.

Final Thoughts on How to Accessorize a Gold Dress

If you’re ready to turn your gold dress into a statement-making piece, you now have 10 accessories to help you do that. From getting the right shoes, which can be gold, black, or red, to matching them with a purse and belt, your gold gown will take shape beautifully.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, are some pieces of jewelry needed to complete an ensemble, and they should blend beautifully together for the best visual results. 

Stockings are other accessories that people often overlook, but they leave a great effect on a golden dress if chosen and worn properly. Gloves are also underrated, but turn out to be great accessories, especially when worn on the right occasions.

Now that you know the best colors, tones, and accessory designs to fit your gold dress, feel free to explore and discover what best suits your dress, taste, and appearance.

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