How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

Do you also find yourself in the situation of having a gorgeous dress with animal print, but you don’t know how to accessorize it? I can help you!

The animal print is a ubiquitous pattern on the fashion scene. Calling it a trend would be a pejorative characterization, as it is much more than that.

Extreme sensuality has never been essential in the definition of elegance, but when it has substance and rich history – like animal motifs – it acquires archetypal value.

How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

However, many women avoid wearing dresses with animal prints because they do not know how to accessorize them. They are afraid they will not pair the accessories correctly and will ruin the whole outfit.

If you want to accessorize a leopard print dress here are the top 10 accessories to use:

  1. Belt
  2. Purse
  3. Scarf
  4. Hat
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Beret
  7. Earrings
  8. Necklaces
  9. Clutch
  10. Headband

Ways to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress


Can you easily change the character of an entire outfit? Of course yes! One of the “magic” accessories is the simple and often underestimated belt. Simply tie it around your waist to sculpt your figure and give a new breath to your look.

This accessory goes perfectly with dresses that are not fitted, such as maxi dresses. When choosing the belt perfect for your leopard print dress, make sure that it doesn’t have any embellishments because it will clash with your dress.

Opt for simple, classic colors, such as black, brown, and so on. The best and safest choice would be a simple, black belt, which doesn’t have a flashy buckle. Remember that the wider the strap, the better it will highlight your waist.


A purse is always a perfect accessory that goes with everything. An elegant purse can be matched with a semi-formal, office outfit without any worries.

You can find endless designs, sizes, colors, and styles. The purse combines elegance, style, and practicality very nicely.

If you want a purse that will never go out of style choose leather or suede as the materials from which they are made.

I recommend you choose a color as simple as black or brown. Never pair a leopard print dress with a purse with the same print because it will be too much and that can ruin your outfit.

You want to pair the purse with the dress, not the other way around.


The scarf is not only a protection against the cold but also often a neck ornament and an accessory for various outfits.

Take advantage of its potential to catch the eye of passers-by. Scarves are beautiful accessories that we can use to beautify our outfits.

The biggest advantage is their versatility so that from a simple piece of scarf we can reinvent different looks and outfits. In this article, we will find some interesting ways to work with scarves in our wardrobes.

Usually, scarves are very colorful and with different patterns on them. Try to find one that is as simple as possible and opt, as I have said before, for simple colors: black, white, brown, nude, and so on.


The hat is a classic accessory, but it brings that outfit difference, gives the clothing a personal touch, and goes beyond the barriers of fashion.

Since the last centuries, the hat has been considered a more than appropriate accessory, but especially very elegant, offering distinction to all those who wore it.

Although originally it was part of the men’s wardrobe, today it is a meeting more and more in the charming outfits of women. It’s modern, it’s classic, and it’s that “artifice” of clothing that has charm.

Choose the type of hat that you like the most and that matches your dress. Go with a black or brown color. As far as the style, you have many options, such as wide fedora brim, boater, Panama, and so on.


They protect from the sun and are an ultramodern accessory for any dress outfit. From season to season, designers propose original models, which, although at first seem too crazy, eventually win the hearts of those who set trends. You can find classic models, retro ones, modern ones, and so many others.

Whether you wear your leopard print dress in spring, summer, or autumn, this accessory is a must-have and a great way to add a little bit of elegance to the whole outfit.

One thing that is important to remember when choosing your sunglasses is to pay attention to the shape of your face. Not all sunglasses are suited for every type of face.

So, make sure to choose one that suits your face the best and that you like. Besides that, you can have fun choosing them.


Knitted, crocheted, felt, macrame or wool, the berets complemented our outfits with sophisticated accents ever since we were little kids.

Originally coming from France, berets have become an indispensable accessory in every woman’s wardrobe.

The most popular choice when it comes to the material from which the beret is made is wool or a similar substitute for it.

As far as colors go, you have many options available, but I recommend you choose a color that would go great with the leopard print dress, meaning white, nude, brown, and black.

Another option available is the berets made of leather or a substitute for it. You can also opt for this if you want to add shine to your outfit.


Earrings are the go-to accessories for every occasion. However, it may be difficult to choose the pair that goes well with the animal print.

I recommend you choose tanned or gold earrings. This will highlight the dress even more and will help you create an elegant outfit.

Another great combination of colors for earrings is black and silver. The simple black is a safe choice, while the silver will add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Remember not to add too many types of earrings because it may be too much and it may look kitsch. Over-accessorizing with jewelry will make them look cluttered. You shouldn’t wear all of the accessories at once just because you have them.


Necklaces have become a feminine item since the 18th century. However, for years, the necklace has been among the most important attractions in terms of jewelry for any woman.

It is always in trend, it is easy to wear and always attracts all eyes to you. Therefore, this jewel is loved and worn by all women. But how do you choose the most suitable one for your animal print dress?

One important thing that you must consider when choosing a necklace is the attention to the dress.

Depending on that, you have a lot of models available: chain necklaces, chokers, graduated necklaces, and so on. Always take into account the neckline and choose one as simple as possible, either gold or silver.


The clutch is definitely an accessory that should not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. For years, it has been the key element in the fashion shows of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

If you need an accessory that fits perfectly with your leopard print dress, then the clutch is what you need to consider.

Clutch bags are rigid, without any kind of handle or straps, and are some of the smallest but chic handbags in their range.

The elegance of a clutch is largely due to both its shape and the material used. It can be made of both textile and leather, but always has design elements, such as embroidery, pearls or applied pebbles, and so on.

I recommend you choose one simple, with no design or embroidery.


The hair band is currently one of the most important micro-trends. It is worn by influencers around the world – from French girls to Scandinavian minimalists.

There is no more modern and practical hair accessory than this. Wide headbands have conquered social media. This trend of the ’80s and ’90s quickly became a fashion hit.

As the name implies, it is an accessory for the head, meaning a band of fabric worn around the head as a decoration.

You will find it accessible in many colors, made from many materials, and with different embellishments. I would recommend choosing one that is simple and in a plain color.

With your leopard print dress, a black or brown headband would go perfectly.


If you had doubts and fears about what accessories go well with the leopard print dress, I hope the leopard print dress accessories list that I have provided you will help you create gorgeous and feminine outfits.

The leopard animal print dress is a type of dress that is perfect for many occasions, and for all ages, and it will help you create an outfit that screams elegance, chicness, and glamor.

People who love the bold, extravagant style will not be able to resist the temptation to add animal print textures to their wardrobes.

It is not at all difficult to integrate the animal print into the wardrobe, especially if you have the right accessories. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the animal prince does not combine with the animal prints.

It is a mistake to combine an animal print dress with a scarf, belt, or hat that contains an animal print. This mistake can cost you dearly, destroying your outfit. Other than that, have fun accessorizing your dress!

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