How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter?

If you want to spice up your winter outfits with a dress, but don’t know how to wear a maxi dress in winter, keep reading to find out more.

When you think of winter outfits, all you can come up with include a furry jacket, pants, and warm boots.

That is why, for many of us, winter is a boring season in terms of clothing. However, there are a lot of other options, including dresses.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter

Best 10 maxi dress outfits to wear in winter

Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter

Cardigan, Fleece-lined Boots, and Gloves

A cozy outfit that will still look great on you. The cardigan is the top that you need on those cold winter days.

I recommend you choose one made from wool so that it keeps you warm. As a choice for your footwear, you can go with a pair of fleece-lined boots.

These boots will keep your feet very warm because they have a heavily fleeced inner surface.

Now that your feet are warm, let’s also warm your hands by choosing a pair of gloves.

This is a must-have accessory in the winter. You will find very many designs and colors and also many materials.

I believe that the best option is wool once again because it will keep your hands warmer.

Fur Coat, Knee High Boots, and Tights

With this combination, you will be warm and stylish. For the fur coat, you can choose a faux fur coat or one made of natural fur.

In the case of a faux fur coat, you will have more options when it comes to colors and designs, so choose the one that you like the most.

The knee-high boots are very chic and feminine, but they will also be perfect for a colder day. You can opt for a pair made of leather, suede, or other materials, as you see fit.

As an accessory, you can opt for a pair of tights. There are many options available when it comes to color, material, design, and so on.

Trench Coat, Combat Boots, and Beanie

These three items will make a perfect outfit for warmer winter days. The trench coat is a loose belted, double-breasted raincoat in a military style.

The most common color that you will find is beige, but that is not the only option.

Since this coat has a military style, it would be a great idea to combine it with a pair of combat boots.

These boots are also known as military boots and are made of leather or a substitute for it and have laces on the front part.

For a more casual look, you can go with a beanie, which is a small close-fitting hat. You can match it with the coat or with the color of the maxi dress.

Overcoat, Ankle Boots, and Wool Scarf

The overcoat is a type of long coat intended to be worn in winter. It usually extends below the knee. You will find a lot of options in terms of color and design because this is the most common garment found in winter.

The ankle boots would go great with both the maxi dress and the overcoat. Even if these boots are more common in autumn, I am sure that you can find a pair of boots that have fur or wool inside.

Choose a pair that keeps you warm and that matches your coat. For an extra layer, you can add a wool scarf either over the coat or under it. It will keep you warm and it will also look very stylish.

Shawl Wrap Poncho, Sock Boots, and Wide Brim Fedora Hat

The shawl wrap poncho is an item of clothing that combines both a cardigan and a poncho, in the sense that it has the design of a poncho, but it is open in the front, just like a cardigan.

You can find it in either a plain color or with a square design. Choose the one that matches your dress.

The sock boots are made from a stretchy material, just like socks. They are tight, highlighting your leg. Their size differs, from short, ankle boots to mid-calf.

To complete the outfit, add a wide-brim fedora hat. What distinguishes this hat from a fedora is that it has a wider brim that goes all around. Opt for one that pairs with your whole outfit.

Jumper, Wellington Boots, and Earmuffs

The jumper is the most worn item in winter and a must-have. Whether it’s made from wool or a substitute for it, this item is the perfect layover for your maxi dress on a cold winter day.

A pair of wellington boots would be a perfect match for this outfit. This type of boot is also known as rain boots and are knee-length waterproof rubber boots.

Even though they are more popular in autumn, you can easily find a pair that is padded for a cold winter day.

You should always keep your ears warm, so that’s when the earmuffs come into hand.

They look exactly like the headphones, just that they have soft fabric coverings to keep you warm. The options available are infinite.

Blazer, Slouchy Boots, and Beret

Who said you cannot be stylish in winter? With this combination, you will create an outfit perfect for any occasion.

The blazer will add a warm layer and will help you create a formal outfit. There are a lot of options when it comes to design: oversized, fitted, plump, and so on.

Slouchy boots are a type of footwear that rumples, typically with a flexible boot shaft, normally loose around the leg.

The size available for this type of boot ranges from either ankle length or over-the-knee. To complete the look, choose a beret as an accessory.

This will add a little more elegance to your outfit. Choose the color and material of the beret according to your blazer.

Cape, Riding Boots, and Thigh High Socks

The cape is a sleeveless garment that resembles a cloak but is shorter. They come in many designs, colors, and styles.

You can opt for a color that matches the color of your maxi dress or for a simple one, such as black, brown, and so on.

The riding boots were initially invented for horseback riding, but have become very popular in recent years.

They are made of leather and are shaped properly and offer support. For an extra warm layer, add a pair of thigh-high socks.

This type of sock is very long and can go over the knee.

They combine great with riding boots, turning your outfit into a feminine and elegant one. You will create an outfit perfect for many occasions.

Turtleneck, Chunky Sneakers, and Headband

This is a great combination for a warmer day in winter. The turtleneck, compared to a regular blouse, has a high, round, close-fitting neck on a knitted garment it is very stylish, also you can add it on top of the dress or underneath it.

Even if you think that chunky sneakers would not be appropriate in winter, I would disagree.

Some pairs of chunky sneakers have a very thick interior and because of that, they would be ideal for a warmer winter day.

Finish off the look with a headband, which is a band of fabric worn around the head. This will keep your ears warm and you will also add a stylish vibe to the whole outfit.

Puffer Coat, Shearling Boots, and Mittens

The last combination creates a casual outfit. The puffer coat is a warm garment made of portions of thick, soft cloth that are stitched together. This makes it look as if it is puffed up, which is where the name comes from.

Shearling boots from pelts and wool are combined together, creating very stylish and comfortable footwear.

These shearling boots can be made from leather or suede leather, but the most common are the ones made from suede. As an accessory for this combination, you can choose a pair of mittens.

They are a type of glove that has two sections, one for the thumb and the other for all four fingers. I would recommend a pair of mittens made from wool.


Winter, with its cold and desolate landscape, evokes anything but a wardrobe full of fantasy and romance.

How the temperatures drop, how we jump in our favorite jeans, boots, and sweaters, preferring to reserve the dresses for the brightest spring days.

But, with the right methods, you can integrate the dress into specific winter outfits. These combinations are perfect for cold days, allowing you to remain stylish.

The list above presents the best maxi dress outfits to wear in winter. I am sure there you can create a lot more outfits just by combining the items above in different ways.

There are really a lot of options to dress well in winter, even with a maxi dress.

I hope that the above combinations will be useful and will help you create outfits that are suitable for the cold season and that can be adapted even when it is very cold.

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