Is It Unprofessional To Not Wear Pantyhose?

The answer is yes, it is unprofessional to not wear pantyhose at work if there is a dress code that specifically states that women should wear stockings at work.

Not wearing pantyhose when you are supposed to and if there is a dress code that states it, could be considered negligence at the workspace.

Pantyhose are worn by millions of women around the world as an essential part of their daily outfits. They are practical and stylish, they provide comfort and confidence. But what about a professional dress code? Is it professional to wear pantyhose?

The answer of course varies depending on three factors.

1- What is your job? (If you have an office job and work for example at a bank or accounting firm, then yes it can be considered unprofessional not to wear pantyhose.)

2 – Is there a dress code that specifically tells you that women should wear hose? If so, then you need to follow the rules. Government agencies have a strict work dress code that must be followed.

3- What is your company’s policy? (Some companies might not care if you don’t wear hose and others might have a stricter dress code that doesn’t allow you to go bare-legged.)

It’s always better to play safe than sorry so I suggest checking your employee manual or asking someone in the human resources department what they think you should do.

And if there is a dress code that specifically tells you how women should dress then it’s safer to follow it since following the rules is always best when you are working for other people.

Is It Unprofessional to Not Wear Pantyhose

Smart ways to wear your business attire with pantyhose

When you think of pantyhose, you likely either have a negative feeling about the garment or have no feelings at all. If you fall into that latter category, it is time to reevaluate your relationship with this undergarment. Pantyhose can be an incredibly useful addition to your business attire if worn correctly and are not always an unsightly necessity. Here are just a few reasons why wearing them will help keep you stylish and comfortable throughout your day:

1) Oftentimes we find ourselves rushing in the morning only to realize that our clothes are wrinkled beyond recognition from sitting in a suitcase overnight. In these cases, tucking pantyhose into knee-high boots or pumps can provide a smooth silhouette for the day while also helping to keep your skirt in place. Experiment with different colors and prints to find a look that works best for you!

2) When wearing a pantyhose, make sure it has a cotton panel at the waistband to avoid irritating your skin or causing sweating during the day. This can be incredibly helpful if you are required to wear pantyhose as part of your business attire.

3) Over-the-knee boots have made their way back into style, so experiment with tucking pantyhose into them for an effortlessly polished look that isn’t too severe. If you don’t want the extra bulk around your legs, opt for a slimmer version such as fishnets or sheer leggings underneath.

4) For a more dressy look, opt for stockings with your business attire. These will help add some color and flair to your outfit without being too flashy or distracting.

5) If all else fails, you can throw caution to the wind and forego pantyhose altogether. It is important to find what works best for you! Serving as an opportunity to experiment is one of many reasons wearing pantyhose under your clothes can be a great fashion choice, especially if you are required by your company’s standards to wear them every day. When worn correctly, they can also help keep you cool on warm days while providing extra modesty before you head out the door in the morning.

What type of pantyhose should you wear as a component of your work attire?

  • Navy blue or black (without sheer elements) suits, skirt suits, pantsuits, or dresses in corresponding solid-colored blouses can be worn with opaque navy blue or black pantyhose/stockings.
  • Solid color tailored dresses and skirts, including plaid skirts, can be worn with opaque matching colored pantyhose.
  • Solid color tailored trousers or slacks can be worn with opaque matching colored or black pantyhose.
  • You also can wear sheer hosiery that matches your skin tone.

When should you wear pantyhose?

Many women associate pantyhose with the same things they think of when they hear “professional”: suits, ties, and a buttoned-up attitude. But is it really that important to wear them in the first place?

In some fields, such as finance, law enforcement, or business management, it’s expected that you will wear pantyhose every day. Others are more relaxed and allow employees to make their own decisions on whether to wear them or not.

Still, there are some places you might not want to wear them…

        Here are a few things to consider when wearing pantyhose at work:

a) If your workplace requires both pantyhose and skirts, go for the pantyhose. Skirts paired with bare legs just look unprofessional in general.

b) If you work in an industry like hospitality or retail where personal appearance is a part of your job description, pantyhose should be worn most days. On casual Fridays, feel free to skip them if everyone else does too!

c) If you work in an office setting but don’t have much interaction with customers, then wearing pantyhose doesn’t really matter. If you have to walk around a lot and are in the public eye, go ahead and wear them.

d) If you’re paid hourly or your workplace is casual, it’s okay to skip them when everyone else does. Casual dress codes don’t always mean pantyhose should be skipped.

        But what if you work in an office without a relaxed dress code? There are other options besides pantyhose that can still make your legs look great! Here are some suggestions:

Suspenders – Suspenders keep stockings from falling—and they look awesome! They’re subtle like tights but with more staying power. Pairingenders with skirts has become a popular look and works well with business casual dress codes.

 Fishnet tights – You’ve probably seen fishnets paired with high heels, but they’re also great underpants. Just make sure to get the thick, opaque kind of fishnets: anything too revealing gets more like lingerie than workwear very quickly!

Boot socks – Like suspenders, boot socks keep your legs warmer than bare thighs but still look fabulous when worn with pants or a skirt. They’re perfect for walking briskly from place to place on cold days—and have the added bonus of keeping you warm all day long!

Alternatives to wearing pantyhose at work

Pantyhose is the main item of clothing that many women wear to keep their legs looking glamorous and silky smooth. They are especially useful when it comes to work, where some companies require a strict dress code.

Whether you’re in construction or an office environment, pantyhose may be required at times to make your legs look elegant and presentable.

However, there can be certain factors that make some women not want to wear them or even forsake them during warm weather seasons. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available for just such a time.


One of the most common substitutes that people use when it comes to wearing pantyhose at work is socks. Socks are the most comfortable option, as they give your feet a nice feeling of fresh air and snugness at the same time.

They can be worn with flats or heels, which means that there isn’t any discomfort when it comes to wearing them for more than eight hours at a time. With that in mind, you will have to be careful with how you wear them, as some employers don’t always take kindly to visible socks.

Footless tights

Although the name may sound a bit odd in terms of what it is trying to say, footless tights are another great option for women who want to wear pantyhose without having their legs feel too constricted or too hot.

These tights actually come up to the thighs, usually ending near the upper thighs. They are worn similarly to pantyhose and don’t provide a lot of warmth in winter months, however, they aren’t bulky like socks or knee-length tights and can be worn alone without any discomfort.

Knee-length tights

Some women actually choose to forego wearing pantyhose in favor of knee-length tights, especially when the weather gets too warm. Knee-length tights provide some warmth and look quite comfortable, however, they may not be an appropriate choice for some types of work environments.

For instance, if you are working as an office assistant or a secretary, knee-length tights may not be the best option for you as they do not go down to your ankles.


For those who are looking for a more casual style when it comes to what they wear on their legs, leggings are quite popular to work with. Leggings are often worn with a dress or skirt, as well as tights underneath them for warmth.

They are also worn many times by women who are going to the gym and want to wear something that isn’t too bulky. Leggings come in many different colors and styles, although they may be a bit difficult to find in some types of stores.

Women who want to wear pantyhose at work have several alternatives available to them in order to make their legs look presentable. The most common types of alternative legwear are socks, footless tights, knee-length tights, and leggings.

Each item has its own pros and cons, meaning that there is something out there that every woman can wear for work. If you’re still unsure what you want to wear, consider buying a few different items so that you can experiment with them first and decide later on which one best fits your needs.

Is It Unprofessional to Not Wear Pantyhose? 

The only way to find out is to ask your boss. If you’re a professional who’s worried about what it means not wearing pantyhose, don’t be afraid to just ask him or her outright–there are plenty of reasonable reasons for ditching the tights and we bet they’ll understand.

What if I do wear them though? That can also work, but make sure that you keep up with how often you have to change them so as not to disrupt other people in the office! It might seem like an innocent decision at first, but there could be more happening behind closed doors than meets the eye when someone doesn’t wear hosiery. 

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