20 Best Color Clothing Combinations That Go Together

When it comes to the color wheel of your wardrobe, the options are endless. New colors and nuances appear with every trend, so clothing color combinations are always changing.

In this tumultuous industry full of change, it can be daunting to find yourself and your style, which is why it is very important to try as many complementary colors and combine them with different and similar nuances and to see which colors match your personal taste.

Best Color Clothing Combinations That Go Together

Even if color combinations change from year to year, don’t pressure yourself to like all of them because that is impossible. So this is why in this article you to find the 20 best color clothing combinations that are stylish and beautiful to better follow the fashion trends from the color wheel.

Black and White

Black and White Color Clothing Combinations

This is the most common and maybe the most effective color combination from this list. There is no other combination of nuances that is more opposed, and yet so balanced and perfect.

No matter the trend, the time, or your style, a black-and-white outfit is just like a black-and-white movie: classic and timeless.

The possibilities for this combination are infinite, so I am sure you will have no problem finding out an outfit that fits your style and personality. The most simple and basic combination would be a crisp white shirt and a pair of black jeans.

Rust and Tan

Rust and Tan Color Clothing Combinations

Rust and tan are the perfect color combination for creating a warm and earthy look. The rich and deep shade of rust pairs perfectly with the soft and warm tone of tan, creating a unique and stylish color combination that’s perfect for any season.

This combination works well for both casual and formal events, from a day at the office to a night out with friends. Try pairing a rust dress with tan accessories or a tan sweater with rust pants.

Beige and Violet

Beige and Violet Color Clothing Combinations

Beige and violet are the perfect color combination for creating a sophisticated and luxurious look. The warm and neutral colors of beige pair beautifully with the rich and deep hue of violet, making it a great choice for any season.

Try pairing a beige dress with violet accessories or a violet blouse with beige pants.

Rose Red and Emerald Green

Rose Red and Emerald Green Color Clothing Combinations

Can you think of a more Christmassy look than this one? I have actually worn this color combination for last Christmas by choosing an emerald green cropped sweater and a pair of rose-red wide-leg pants.

It is such a bold, contrastive, and beautiful look. It is so natural and elegant that it is impossible not to fall in love with it.

It is not bound by Christmas so I am sure you will be able to wear this even in the summer. This combination is so natural because these two bold complementary colors are found so often in the landscape of nature (for example, a rose and its leaves).

Lavender and Purple

Lavender and Purple Color Clothing Combinations

Lavender and purple are nuances very similar to each other, lavender being derived from purple. In my opinion, this color was made for spring and it is suited for both casual and elegant events.

Think how good a purple sports bra would look together with a lavender pair of sweatpants. This outfit is perfect for the gym or a Pilates class.

However, if you are aiming for a more classy and stylish look, then you can combine a lavender silk shirt with a pair of purple cigarette pants for a day in the office.

Carrot Orange and Baby Blue

Carrot Orange and Baby Blue Color Clothing Combinations

While many women may believe it is bold and maybe too much, has taken the fashion shows and has become a trendy sensation.

The contrastive and complementary colors are strong and vibrant and are able to create a unique, modern, and stylish look that will turn all the heads on your way.

You can bring these analogous color combinations on many occasions, both formal and casual. I have seen them both in the gym and the office; For example, a baby blue sports bra will be the gym buddy for your carrot orange sweatpants or a baby blue jeans with a carrot orange top.

Dusty Pink and Ruby Red

Dusty Pink and Ruby Red Color Clothing Combinations

The cool colors of passion. This combination should not come as a surprise to you, especially given the popularity enjoyed by this fusion.

Dusty pink is a warm color, so it’s got a lot of energy. Ruby red is also a warm color, but its intensity can be overwhelming—that’s why it’s important to balance out ruby red with dusty pink, being the perfect complement to any different shades of red.

Whether you decide to wear these shades of red only on Valentine’s Day or not, I can assure you that it will be bright and will definitely make you shine.

Try wearing a ruby red blouse with a pale pink skirt or a pale pink coat over a red ruby dress.

Teal and Charcoal

Teal and Charcoal Color Clothing Combinations

Charcoal and teal are a daring and fashionable combo on the color wheel. Teal’s blue-green tint and charcoal’s deep, rich color spectrum produce a stunning, contemporary aesthetic. I find these secondary colors perfect for spring. Charcoal acts like a base, like the soil, upon which the teal color comes, just like the plants emerging in the spring.

You may match a charcoal top with teal bottoms to make charcoal and teal shades, or the other way around. To add a splash of color to a charcoal ensemble, you may also add teal elements like a jacket or shoes.

Camel and Forest Green

Camel and Forest Green Color Clothing Combinations

Looking for color combinations that exude sophistication and class? Look no further than camel and forest green.

These earthy, natural tones work together to create a look that is both timeless and stylish. Camel, a warm beige-brown hue, adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any outfit, while forest green, a deep shade of dark green, brings a sense of nature and tranquility.

It’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but can also be worn year-round for a chic and polished look. Try pairing a camel coat with forest-green trousers or a forest-green blouse with camel-colored pants for a sophisticated yet understated look that is sure to impress.

Ivory and Brown

Ivory and Brown Color Clothing Combinations

Ivory is a very pale shade of off-white, and brown is a dark shade of tan. When you wear ivory with brown, the contrast between the two complementary colors makes them look more vibrant and noticeable and can help you create timeless looks. Wear brown pants with an ivory blouse.

This would be perfect for a day in the office or an interview, given the chicness and style that the outfit would bring.

Mustard and Eggplant

Mustard and Eggplant Color Clothing Combinations

Get ready to make a bold fashion statement with a stunning color combination: mustard and eggplant. These two colors may seem unexpected, but they actually complement each other perfectly.

The warm and lively hue of mustard beautifully contrasts with the deep and mysterious shade of eggplant, creating a look that’s sure to turn heads. The combination of these colors can be used to create a visual effect that will make your outfit pop.

Just think about a mustard yellow T-shirt and an eggplant midi skirt or mix and match with a mustard dress and eggplant accessories or an eggplant blouse and mustard pants. The bright and vibrant colors will make you stand out in a crowd of people wearing neutral colors or dull tones.

Scarlet Red and Ecru

Scarlet Red and Ecru Color Clothing Combinations

I love wearing scarlet red with ecru because the contrast makes the whole outfit pop. The bright scarlet red color of my shirt makes my skin look tanner and my eyes stand out more, while the ecru pants help to balance out the whole outfit with neutral colors.

The calamity of ecru is shaken by the tumultuous side of the scarlet red, creating a bold, yet balanced and chic look for this year. Just think how good a pair of ecru cigarette pants would look with a scarlet red sweater.

Off-White and Turquoise

Off-White and Turquoise Color Clothing Combinations

Depending on the nuance of turquoise you choose, you can create many outfits with light colors. From aqua color to teal color, the turquoise pastel colors will go with every one of them and will be perfect for spring.

However, you can choose these colors go even on a gloomy day of autumn when you want to bring a little light to your day, with the help of off-white, and some natural colors, with the turquoise option.

One of my favorite outfits is an off-white sweater and a turquoise pair of wide-leg pants.

Royal Yellow and Royal Blue

Royal Yellow and Royal Blue Color Clothing Combinations

Royal yellow and royal blue are seen more and more often on fashion shows and on the streets this season.

The brightness of royal yellow, which reminds you of the sun, is the perfect partner for the darkness and deepness that royal blue brings from the depth of the ocean.

Just think how beautiful a royal yellow dress would look underneath a royal blue blazer. Wear this either on your day off or to the office; you will definitely draw attention to yourself.

Burgundy and Navy Blue

Burgundy and Navy Blue Color Clothing Combinations

Both dark colors, burgundy and navy blue can combine so well together, helping you create a trendy, fashionable, and chic look.

While these combining colors may be often associated with autumn because of their dark shades, I can imagine it works so well in the spring season. The colors would shine and would look so well against the green of nature, creating a very balanced and natural look.

A navy blue trench coat dress would look so good over a burgundy dress. If you think this is too much, be sure to try it on and see how you feel; maybe you will fall in love with it.

Bright Yellow and Hot Pink

Bright Yellow and Hot Pink Color Clothing Combinations

When it comes to color combinations that are both vibrant and playful, bright yellow and hot pink take the cake. This dynamic duo is perfect for those who love to make a statement with their fashion choices.

The boldness of hot pink perfectly complements the vibrancy of bright yellows, making this combination a great choice for summer events and parties.

Try pairing a hot pink dress with bright yellow sandals or a bright yellow skirt with a hot pink blouse for a look that’s sure to turn heads.

Lilac and Coral

Lilac and Coral Color Clothing Combinations

Lilac and coral are two different shades that create dreamy and ethereal matching colors. These soft colors and muted tones are perfect for creating a delicate and feminine look that’s perfect for any season.

The gentle lilac vibrant color brings a sense of calmness and serenity, while the coral adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. Try pairing a lilac dress with coral accessories or a coral blazer with lilac pants for more contrast.

I love using these tertiary colors whenever I want a boost of energy and something to cheer me up. Also, the two colors derive from the same color that is red, but with varying shades added.

Peach and Gray

Peach and Gray Color Clothing Combinations

The combination of peach and gray is one of the most elegant and versatile color pairings in the fashion world. The soft and delicate tone of peach creates a feminine and romantic vibe, while the cool and neutral shade of gray adds a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding, a business meeting, or a casual brunch with friends, this pairing is sure to make a statement.

Try a peach dress with gray accessories for a classic and timeless look, or mix and match peach and gray separates for a playful yet polished ensemble. With peach and gray, you can never go wrong.

Khaki and Cream

Khaki and Cream Color Clothing Combinations

The warm and earthy tone of khaki pairs beautifully with the soft and elegant hue of cream, making it a great choice for any season.

Try pairing a khaki blazer with cream pants or a cream blouse with khaki shorts. The bright and calm cool colors will make you stand out in a crowd of people wearing neutral colors or dull tones.

Burnt Orange and Mint Green

Burnt Orange and Mint Green Color Clothing Combinations

Looking for a fun and refreshing color combo? Look no further than burnt orange and mint green. Combine them and you get an outfit that’s simple but also unique.

Burnt orange, a warm and cozy shade of orange, pairs perfectly with the cool and crisp mint green, creating unique and eye-catching warm colors that are perfect for any season.

I love pairing a burnt orange sweater with mint green pants or a mint green blouse with burnt orange accessories.


Color combinations have always represented a big problem for many women because they do not know how to combine complementary colors with one another while still looking fashionable and chic. One solution is using the color wheel.

The fact that the rules change every year and that new nuances and neutral shades appear with every fashion season makes it even more difficult.

I hope this article helped you find inspiration in choosing the best color combinations for clothes.

FAQ About Color Clothing Combinations

What Color Clothes Go Together?

Some classic and versatile color combinations include black and white, navy and white, gray and pastel hues, camel and earth tones, and monochromatic outfits.
Be sure to try and test as many combinations, primary colors, designs, and styles until you hone down your look and personal style. Only then will you be able to choose the different shades of colors from the color wheel that you prefer and the ones that go well with your skin tone.

What Are the 3 Best Colors that Go Together?

There are some classic and versatile color combinations that are commonly regarded as timeless and chic. Here are three of them:
1) Black, white, and red – This classic combination is bold, sophisticated, and always in style.
2) Navy, white, and camel – This combination of classic neutrals is chic and timeless, perfect for a polished and professional look.
3) Gray, black, and blush – This combination of neutral tones and a soft, feminine blush pink is elegant and versatile, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
Their simplicity and their ability to match every other color matching in their path make them the best colors that can be combined for monochrome looks. In the end, the emergence of two primary colors, white and black, give birth to the third one, gray.

What Clothing Colors Don’t Go Together?

Brown and black – Pairing brown and black can create a muddy or dull look.
Orange and purple – These colors are both bold and can be overwhelming when used together.
Yellow and green – These two colors are both bright and can create an overly bold effect when worn together.

What Clothing color goes with All Colors?

Black is definitely the most common and easiest color matching that is often chosen by many. Black is simple and neutral, and it acts as a canvas upon which you can throw the boldest, most vibrant, and most captivating colors without being afraid that they will never ruin your same color outfit.

Whether you make it the star of your outfit or you use it as a base, black will always be the one color and the one that goes with everything. For example, you can add a black turtleneck, a gray hoodie on the shoulders, and some brown wide-leg pants and you will have a perfect look for fall.