Top 30 Best Stores Like H&M

Looking to spice up your shopping experience and trying to find other stores like H&M? We fully understand you and are here to help. Everyone has their favorite place to shop and many people are relying on H&M when they want a new dress, a new pajama, or something in the lingerie department.

H&M Store Alternatives

You know what we’re talking about – the kind of place where you know exactly where everything is, just like in your closet. However, sometimes it may become a bit boring, you want novelty and excitement.

H&M is a huge multinational company with over 5,000 stores in 74 countries. The story of H&M starts with a small shop that opened in Sweden in 1947 by a guy named Erling Persson.

It only sold women’s clothing, so he named it simply Hennes, which means ‘hers’. Some 20 years later, Persson bought the hunting apparel brand Mauritz Widforss and changed the company’s name to Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M.

What made the brand so popular is the quality of its merchandise and the fact that they’re affordable. It caters to all ages and so many tastes.

Just one trip to the nearest H&M and you can get something for everyone in your family.

And a cute top for your best friend’s birthday. Only your best friend might already have that top, as she also shops at H&M.

So, we’re back where we started. Where can you find good quality clothes that are also fashionable and affordable?

Here is a massive list of stores like H&M you should explore and, who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with other brands.


Zara Online Store

Zara is a Spanish retailer with over 2,200 stores worldwide, not to mention the online shop.

If you step into a Zara store, you’ll notice a slight difference in the quality of their clothes.

Zara is a step up above H&M, in terms of sophistication at least.

The brand offers everything you need from basics to trendy dresses and jeans, and very stylish evening wear.

If you need a new outfit for the office, you’ll certainly find it at Zara, but since you’re there check their streetwear section as well.

As for prices, some items are more expensive than at H&M, but not all of them.

Also, a savvy shopper won’t ever miss the seasonal discounts at Zara, and you can find amazing bargains.


Bershka Online Store

Bershka is part of the same giant Spanish retailer group Inditex, like Zara, but it’s definitely more oriented towards the young generation, people looking mostly for casual and sexy stuff.

You can still find basics at Bershka, for both men and women, but what makes the brand so popular are the glamorous body-hugging dresses and edgy T-shirts, plus a wide range of the most trendy jeans and jackets.

If you’re looking for a fancy dress with daring cutouts or a backless summer gown, try Bershka.

You’ll be impressed by the quality of their fabrics and the prices fall in the decent category.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Fashion Store

Urban Outfitters is one of the most famous US-based fashion brands, and, much like H&M, it targets mostly teenagers and young adults.

Urban Outfitters is more into alternative trends, rather than mainstream.

It’s clothes are edgy, more vibrant, and more rebellious.

The brand offers a wide selection of activewear, as well as casual outfits.

If you want a fabulous new oversize T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, Urban Outfitters has some truly irresistible offers.

Also, have a look at their vintage section, the so-called Urban Renewal collection full of gauze miniskirts, animal and floral print tops, or flannel shirts that are a throwback to the 80s and 90s.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Store

Yet another member of the Spanish giant Inditex, Massimo Dutti was launched in 1985 when it sold exclusively menswear.

The women’s collection was only added 10 years later but managed to establish itself as a standard-bearer in feminine elegance.

Massimo Dutti offers both casual dress and evening apparel.

You can choose between a flowing summer dress in classical lines and pastel colors or a classical one-button blazer, perfect for a night out.

For gentlemen, Massimo Dutti has both casual trendy jeans and elegant pants, suitable for formal occasions, corduroy pants you can pair with a slim-fit cotton shirt.

Also, if you need a sharp suit for a special occasion, you can surely find it there.

& Other Stories

& Other Stories

Just one look at the & Other Stories clothes and they will seem a bit familiar.

That’s because the company is in fact owned by H&M so they sell pretty much similar stuff.

The difference is that while at H&M you can find clothes for the whole family, & Other Stories caters mostly to the younger women looking for trendy clothing.

You can find anything from cute mini dresses to sensual long wrap dresses, as well as knit tops with matching cardigans.

Don’t miss the stockings collection, which has everything from comfy and colorful cotton bras to sexy lacy ones.


everlane online shop

The Everlane brand targets active urban dwellers with a vast array of active and casual wear.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast check out their leggings, bike shorts, and sports bras, as well as the sweatshirts and sweatpants collection.

For a casual outing, you can find very cute tank dresses, pinafores, or soft cotton coveralls.

As for men, Everlane offers everything from chinos and shorts to polo shirts or 4-way stretch jeans made with organic cotton for the modern eco-minded generation.

Such items are obviously a bit more expensive than the stuff you find at H&M, but their prices are still reasonable. And it’s worth it if it saves the planet.

Hello Molly

Hello Molly Store

How about a fabulous new dress?

While it shares the same initials with H&M, Hello Molly has a much wider collection of styles.

From a demure baby dress to a breath-taking midi dress with side cutouts that underlines your fabulous waist.

One of the things you’ll love most at Hello Molly is the colors.

Their collections are a riot of colors and very tasteful colors at that.

Pale pink, subdued orange, fuchsia, mint, you name it, at Hello Molly you’ll certainly find something to compliment your skin tone.

The same goes for the activewear collection because you don’t have to dress boring even if you’re just going to the gym.


Forever21 store

The name says it all.

This is the place to shop if you’re young at heart.

Forever21 is the kind of shop where you can find cute comfy clothes that speak about the things you love or you have ever loved.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia and you can totally wear a Tom&Jerry T-shirt.

If you’ve left cartoons behind, check out the extensive Music&Bands shirts, or maybe you’d rather get something a bit more sexy, like a bodycon tube dress, just the thing you need for a hot date.

Also, Forever21 has an amazing collection of shoes, something you don’t see at many stores like H&M.


Reformation Online Store

Reformation is a brand specifically targeting the eco-conscious generation, with a heavy drive for sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

You can save the Earth and look amazing at the same time.

Just have a look at the body-fitted Nikita dress, which comes in several exquisite prints, and is made of viscose, a type of fiber obtained from wood pulp that comes from sustainably managed forests.

You can wear such a dress on a first date and impress your guy with the fact that your splendid outfit is climate positive.

Reformation also offers extremely stylish dresses for special occasions, like weddings or social events, and they also have shoes. Lots of shoes.

Brands like Reformation | Sustainable Fashion Stores

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Online Retail Store

Nasty Gal made a name for itself as one of the leading brands for alternative edgy clothing.

The brand started with a small shop in Los Angeles, but you can enjoy the Nasty Gal experience from anywhere in the world by browsing their online shop.

(Hint: Check back often if you don’t want to miss their amazing discounts!)

Since it’s a US brand, you can find a variety of star-spangled items, but you can also get some unique vintage clothes, channeling the Woodstock era.

The online shop offers you the possibility to shop by occasion, as in something more laid-back for a casual outing or a killer bralette for a night out.


PrettyLittleThing Website

If you’re thinking about revamping your closet but don’t want to break the bank for that, PrettyLittleThing is the place to start.

It’s one of the most affordable stores like H&M, and they offer good quality clothes at a decent price, not to mention the frequent sales.

Whether you’re looking for a sensual white maxi dress or a baby pink bodycon dress, you can find it at PrettyLittleThing.

The brand also has activewear, swimwear, or maternity clothing, for every body type from petite to plus size.

Also, have a look at their types of accessories as you’ll surely find something to go with your brand new outfit.


Topshop Store

Topshop is, or better said was a British fashion retailer with over 500 stores worldwide.

It became immensely popular as it offered quality trendy clothes at an affordable price.

If you need a cute floral print dress or a new pair of fitted jeans, you could find it at Topshop.

Unfortunately, the 2020 pandemic forced Topshop to file for bankruptcy.

That doesn’t mean they’re closing down. You can still find Topshop clothes at ASOS, which acquired the British retailer in late 2020.

So, don’t worry, if you’re looking for a Topshop Aztec print dress or some of their shoes, just look for the brand on the ASOS marketplace.


Asos Marketplace Online Store

If you haven’t checked out ASOS yet, you should because it’s huge.

Besides its own brand, the ASOS marketplace offers clothes from hundreds of retailers, from designer brands to reclaimed vintage.

No matter what your personal style is, you will find what you’re looking for at ASOS.

As for their own brands, have a look at the ASOS Luxe collection, especially the hourglass flare jeans that go splendidly with satin asymmetric tops or the flippy mini dresses in leopard print.

Such outfits are guaranteed to make you stand out, and they are quite affordable.

Who said you need to spend a fortune to dress classy?


Missguided Clothing Store

Missguided is a dream come true for the rebellious young woman who cannot be bothered with mainstream trends.

Not that they do not follow the latest fashion, they do, but with a twist.

For instance, puff sleeves seem to be all the rage this season, but why go with a quiet dress when you can choose a naughty milkmaid mini dress with puff sleeves and a fitted bust?

Or have a look at the casual wear section, which offers a wide range of shorts and straight-leg joggers, with sexy tops to match.

If you need something to go on top of your new outfit, you’ll have a hard time choosing between a boyfriend blazer coat or a stylish faux leather jacket.


Boohoo alternative

One thing you’ll love at Boohoo is the season-end sales, which offer incredible discounts.

Who wouldn’t want the cutest lace trim print dress at less than $15%, and let’s not even talk about bikinis.

A bikini top that costs less than a coffee?

That’s a steal! Some of their clothes are quite racy, but Boohoo also has a wide range of casual clothes, full of T-shirt dresses with funny prints and low-key distressed short jeans.

If you’re looking for something more edgy, take a look at the items in the two-piece collection, and, no, don’t imagine you’ll find something you might wear at the office.

At Boohoo, they’re not much into that, but you will find plenty of drop-dead gorgeous sets for a night out.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Online Store

With over 700 shops worldwide, Banana Republic is one of the leading names among luxury clothing retailers.

However, since the brand is owned by GAP, its prices are not quite over the top.

One of the great things about Banana Republic is that they often come up with limited collections, like the recent Vintage collection which sold out quickly.

If you’re looking for something to wear at the office, something that is not boring, check out the Art of Work collection.

It features everything from classic fit shirts and soft wool blazers for women to the most exquisite leather Oxford shoes for men.


Mango Fashion Store

Yet another Spanish clothing brand. When you visit a Mango store it will feel a bit like you’re in an H&M, although a bit more stylish.

Mango has both men’s and women’s collections, plus a collection dedicated to teenagers looking to create their own clothing style.

Not many brands offer that yet. Mango has everything you need, casual wear sportswear, and an exclusive range of wedding and party outfits.

If you want to dress up, you can choose a fitted suit perfect for formal occasions, or you can drape yourself in a flowy ruffled dress, with or without a matching blazer.

Lucky Brand

 Lucky Brand Web Store

Lucky Brand is a California-based company launched in 1990 when it offered denim clothing exclusively.

Since then, they’ve extended their range to include blouses, T-shirts, and sportswear.

You should absolutely check out their amazing denim collection, after all, that’s how it all started.

At Lucky Brand, you can find every kind of jeans you could possibly imagine, for both men and women, but also shorts and cut-out skirts.

And you’ll probably want a top to go with the new jeans, so check out their Lucky T-shirts or the fancy striped sweaters.

Tip: have a look at their scarves and bandanas, with the most fabulous prints ever. You’ll want one even if you’ve never worn one before.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge Clothing Store

Miss Selfridge started out as a subsidiary dedicated to the young fashion of the famous British department store Selfridges.

Just like many other businesses affected by the 2020 pandemic, Miss Selfridge was forced to close, but luckily the brand was bought by ASOS.

Look for the Miss Selfridge brand on the ASOS marketplace and you’ll be impressed by their collection of edgy dresses in animal or floral prints.

Also, the unique faux leather runner shorts, which are quite as comfortable as cotton ones, but more stylish.

One of their best features is the shoes, with everything from running shoes to spectacular wedge sandals.


Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand

Now, this is something quite unique, pun intended.

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand, dedicated mostly to active and sportswear, for men, women, and children.

And you’ll be amazed at how inexpensive everything is at Uniqlo.

Many of their items are cheaper than similar products you might find at H&M stores.

Some of their T-shirts feature Japanese symbols and characters, so you’ll definitely stand out wearing Uniqlo.

You can also find smart pants, delicate linen blouses, as well as warm down jackets, and wool cardigans.


ModCloth indie and vintage clothing alternative cu H&M

If you’re into indie and vintage clothing, you’ll love ModCloth, an exclusively online store where you can shop by decade.

If you wish you’d have lived in the 1960s, you can at least dress like the flower-power generation.

How does a midsummer daydream embroidered dress sound like to you?

Or maybe you prefer the 1950s? How about a tropical sunrise print dress?

Or vintage-inspired swimwear in one or two pieces.

Obviously, they also have a large collection of active and casual wear for the modern generation.

Free People

Free People Online Fashion Store

Free People is a specialty clothing brand, dedicated to women who go for a bohemian style.

Their clothes are colorful and comfortable, nothing too stuffy at Free People.

If you want a long flowing dress in an eye-catching print, try this brand.

You won’t regret it. If you’re looking for casual wear, they have wide flare jeans, jumpsuits, or coveralls, just what you need for a fun day with some friends.

And you can match those with a tunic or a casual one-shoulder tank top.

Basically, all they sell are clothes meant to make you feel free and forget about the daily grind.

Avec Les Filles

Avec Les Filles is a Store like H&M

Avec Les Filles, or With the Girls, is the new kid on the block in the world of clothing retail.

It launched in 2017 and in just a few years it managed to establish itself as a major brand for trendy and youthful clothes.

The name is pretty clear, this is a girly store, and, by the way, it’s not French as you might suspect, but American.

Avec Les Filles offers mostly vintage-inspired clothing, but with a heavy mix of urban style.

If you’re looking for sweet, try a faux fur bunny coat.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, there’s nothing like the water-resistant bright red anorak.


J.Crew store

J.Crew is an American retailer, quite similar to an H&M store, as it offers a wide range of clothes for men, women, and children.

J.Crew specializes in casual and activewear, and their prices are in the affordable range.

Well, maybe except for their outstanding collection of cashmere sweaters, but what can you do?

Cashmere means luxury and it doesn’t come cheap.

Also, at J.Crew they’re pretty serious about sustainability and have a large selection of clothes in organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak casual wear and outerwear

Since eco-friendly is the latest trend in fashion, here’s another retailer that offers ethically-sourced clothes, made with organic and recycled fibers.

Frank and Oak is a Canadian brand specializing mostly in casual wear and outerwear.

The winter is long and harsh in Canada, which might explain their interest in warm fuzzy sweaters and coats.

They also offer sweatshirts, pants, and chinos, as well as shoes, some of them are more formal, but mostly heavy-duty boots.

American Eagle

American Eagle Store

American Eagle Outfitters is an American brand that’s been in the clothing business for more than 40 years.

During which they have acquired a world reputation for good quality products at an affordable price.

Pretty much like H&M. At American Eagle, they deal mostly in casual and streetwear.

You can find cute ruffle mini dresses, babydoll dresses which are all the rage this season, but also pleated dresses or tiered miniskirts.

The men’s collection has a large selection of jeans, shorts, and colorful shirts.

Charlotte Russe

 Charlotte Russe Retail Store

If you’re a teenager or a young woman, you need to check out Charlotte Russe, an American retailer which offers trendy clothes at a very affordable price.

At Charlotte Russe, you can find something cute or sexy for every occasion, from a sweet and comfy off-the-shoulder dress to an exquisite crochet maxi dress, you can totally wear on a hot date.

Since jeans are a must in every young woman’s closet, at Charlotte Russe they have all the jeans in the world, from the ever-popular skinny ones to the flare ones, who are staging a comeback this year.


Shein Fashion Retail Store

If you’ve never heard of Shein before, you need to check out their impressive website.

Shein is a Chinese retailer that offers a wide array of clothes at really good prices.

They’re targeting the young generation mostly, which is why much of their advertising is done on YouTube.

And they also have their own app so you can shop anytime anywhere.

Their ambition is to become more popular than Amazon, which might be a bit much, no matter how cheap they sell their products.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade Store

Kate Spade is an American retailer specializing in luxury clothing.

They don’t have such a wide selection, like other brands, but each of their items stands out for quality and impeccable design.

They sell everything from stylish summer dresses in floral prints to tweed jackets and dainty cardigans.

Since they’re a luxury brand, you need to expect luxury prices, but, on the other hand, it’s money well spent, as you won’t find clothes like theirs anywhere else.

So they’re much more than your neighborhood H&M.


I.Am.Gia Online Store

If you want to dress like a supermodel, you should check out I.Am.Gia.

This is an Australian fashion brand named after model Gia Garangi, and their exclusive clothes have been endorsed by the likes of Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner.

Their products are all high-end, but fortunately, their prices are somewhat decent.

Not quite as reasonable as at H&M stores, but on the other hand, each of their dresses or pantsuits are catwalk-worthy.