Top 30 Best Stores like Hot Topic | Alternative Fashion

If you’re into alternative fashion, you may be wondering whether there are other stores like Hot Topic, and why shouldn’t you? Hot Topic has been around for decades, it has an army of loyal customers, and you’re probably one of them, but there comes a time when you ask yourself if there is more to life or, at least more choice in clothing. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Hot Topic, that sell merch that is similar, but not quite.

Best Stores like Hot Topic

Walking into a Hot Topic store is a wonderful feeling, but it can also be overpowering. It’s inevitable in a store that made a name for itself by selling clothes and accessories themed around everything that matters in pop culture, music of every kind, cartoons, TV series, movies, video games, anime, etc.

It’s great to have all that choice, but sometimes it can be too much. And, let’s face it, some of the merchandise at Hot Topic is overpriced. They have you hooked, so, yeah, they can afford it. Another reason to look for stores like Hot Topic!

Here is a mega list of stores like Hot Topic, that sell awesome band tees, Gothic apparel, or geeky clothes only a gamer would understand and appreciate!

80sTees - Movie Shirts, TV Shirts, WWE Shirts, retro shirts

If you’re looking for stores like Hot Topic, 80sTees is probably one of your best choices.

This store is simply incredible as it has merch that takes you back not only to the 80s, but also to the 90s or the 2000s.

No matter what you like, cartoons, movies, or music, 80sTees has all your favorites.

And these guys seem to know what they’re doing.

They don’t sell generic gamer stuff, they allow you to shop by type of console, something only a true geek will appreciate.

If you’re a movie buff, this 80sTees is way, way better than the fabled candy store.

Whatever movie or TV series you’ve loved in the past four decades, they probably have some tee referencing it.


Asos Retro has set out to add its own unique mix and style of all things vintage

ASOS is much more than Hot Topic ever was.

The great thing about ASOS is that they’ve grown into this huge marketplace, where you can find both basic and alternative clothing.

If your favorite brand appears to be out of business, try ASOS as they’ve been quietly acquiring brands that went into bankruptcy.

At ASOS they live on, so you can find their boutique brands that sell Gothic apparel as well as band merch, just in case your old Metallica tee is a bit faded.

At the same time, at ASOS you can also renew your lingerie collection or get a new edgy dress for a beach party.

Blue Banana

Blue Banana is the home of alternative & Gothic clothing

Blue Banana has established itself as a major hub for emo and alternative fashion.

You can find anything from Gothic dresses to prom dresses.

Not your regular skin-tight low-cut prom dress, obviously, but a rather edgy one to make quite an entrance.

They also sell music T-shirts, and you can pick something more mainstream like a Metallica or Foo Fighters shirt to something more niche, like Ghost or Yungblud.

For a complete goth look, you can also get yourself cool piercings, skull earrings or bracelets, and an outrageously pink hair dye.

Blue Banana is the perfect place for a gift or a housewarming present, if, of course, you have a friend who would appreciate an Ouija-themed goblet.

Chic Me

Chic Me - online shopping website focusing on women's fashion

Chic Me is rather mainstream, but some of the brand’s collections can totally rival Hot Topic.

For instance, check out their Boho style dresses, which are to die for, and the prints go well with rock culture.

Or you might want to take a look at the denim line that features both flare and skinny jeans with very bold cutouts.

To complete a really cool outfit, pair the jeans with one of their amazing graphic tees or off-the-shoulder tops.

Dark Side

Dark Side -Goth - Punk - Alternative Fashion Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

Dark Side is one of the biggest names in alternative clothing and they rival Hot Topic, at least when it comes to goth, punk, or rock style.

You’ll love the tees and dresses, whether you’re into ghouls, witches, and demonic cats or you prefer something a bit lighter like cartoon characters.

Well, not the fairy tale princess you’re used to, but a skeleton Snow Whites or a Cinderella covered in tattoos.

They also have a Zombie shirt collection, for both men and women, and an Occult selection of shirts decorated with Ouija boards, Tarot drawings or the scariest Mickey Mouse ever.

Check out the accessories as well, where you’ll find plenty of jewelry or some crazy gag gifts.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill - Online Boutique for the Misfits & Miss Legits

If you’re looking for edgy clothing, try Dolls Kill, only don’t expect too many cute doll dresses.

They’ve got those, too, in the Sugar Thrillz collection, but they also sell apparel for a totally punk doll.

Check out the Dark Tales Widow collection that features outlandish Sinister Sorceress black dresses that you can accessorize with the most amazing lace-covered peep-toe heels, and they’re very high heels.

As a matter of fact, you should check out all their platform shoe collection.

Since a witch’s got to rest sometime, Dolls Kills has the coziest Care Bear pajamas and soft fuzzy robes to match.


Dresslily - Latest Fashion Clothes, Shoes, Handbags

Want to dress up like a Goth queen?

Try Dresslily, a Chinese retailer offering a large selection of both mainstream and alternative clothing.

You can start with Goth bottoms and make your way to the swimwear, which features very stylish bikinis decorated with astrology symbols.

Next, check out the Sun&Moon dresses, which are absolutely adorable.

You can accessorize the new dress with a pair of fishnet stockings and Goth jewelry in the Accessories collection.

Once you have everything you need for yourself, you can style up your boyfriend with a Superman outfit and it really doesn’t matter if he’s not exactly superhero material.

Forever 21

Forever 21 latest trends, styles & the hottest deals

At Forever 21, you’re young enough to wear whatever you want and this brand certainly knows the things their target group prefers.

It’s a great alternative to Hot Topic as it’s not all about pop culture.

Sure enough, they do have plenty of music tees, but you might want something special, like a Manet Art Graphic tee or a splendid Solar System shirt.

The merch sold at stores like Hot Topic is perfect if you want to make a statement, but when you can shop alternatives to Forever 21 and make a pretty unique statement.

Just have a look at the mini dresses with abstract prints!


Grindstore - Alternative Clothing and Merchandise Store

If you grew up with Pokemon, maybe it’s time to get that Pikachu mug you always wanted.

Or maybe you’re more of a Rick & Morty fan or a die-hard Star Wars fan?

They’ve got them all at Grindstore, and much more.

Gamers can find a new Super Mario or Call of Duty T-shirt, and if you love anime, just take a look at the backpacks.

Grindstore also has an impressive collection of music-related merch, and you can use the A-Z function to go directly to your favorite band, or you can browse through the new band merch.

Who knows, maybe you’d like a Slayer wallet or an AC/DC Hells Bells to keep on your desk?


Killstar - Gothic & Alternative Clothing

While Hot Topic tries to cater to all tastes, Killstar is dedicated to rock and Goth apparel, and they’re probably one of the best-known brands in this niche.

Killstar has mostly women’s clothing, with just a few items for guys.

If you want a completely new head-to-toe Goth outfit, Killstar has everything you need: lace tops, skirts and dresses with Ouija board prints, long layered witch dresses, and capes to go with them.

You can accessorize your outfit with a cauldron-shaped black bag and a coffin-shaped wallet.

To finish it off, have a look at their accessories, especially the sunglasses.


Merchbar - Band Merch - T-Shirts, Vinyl, Posters & Merchandise

How do 1 million items sound?

That’s MerchBar, a store that sells apparel featuring over 35,000 musicians and bands, probably more than Hot Topic ever had.

You can find anything from vintage Jimi Hendrix and The Who T-shirts to modern singers like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande.

And they don’t only sell merch related to American or European artists, which is rare.

As the store is dedicated to music lovers, they also have an extensive collection of vinyls and, of course, posters to decorate your room, or the whole house, basement included!


MerchNow - Your Favorite Band Merch, Music and More

It doesn’t get any clearer, if you’re into deathcore bands merch, you can find everything you’ve ever dreamed of at MerchNOW.

This is what sets MerchNOW apart.

They don’t sell mainstream stuff, they cater to the devotees of alternative bands who have managed to build a cult following, like Whitechapel or Sleeping With Sirens.

Such merch is not easy to come to buy, but at MerchNow you can get shirts, hoodies, bags, and beanies, basically, all you need to show your devotion to the band at the next concert, and we all know how important that is.


PacSun - California Lifestyle Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

PacSun is an American retailer that targets teenagers and young adults. Maybe it’s not quite like Hot Topic, but they still have a lot of hot items in the pop culture category.

They have music tees, but also many shirts with famous brand logos, Guess, Playboy, etc.

If your friend loves his beer, he’ll probably love a Budweiser T-shirt.

On the whole, it’s a cool brand, with many stylish shirts, hoodies, or dresses, most of them in light colors that give off a positive vibe.


RebelsMarket - Best Alternative Clothing Brands & Stores

RebelsMarket invites you to unleash your inner misfit, so if you’re mostly into alternative clothing this is the place for you.

This brand is a must-have for all Goth girls out there, and it’s not just about dresses as they also feature a selection of Gothic swimsuits, and quite sexy, too.

If you’re looking for jackets, they have many vintage items, ranging from feather boleros to steampunk irregular-length party coats.

For men, they carry some really unique kilts and vintage heavy metal skirts, so you can truly stand out at the next concert you’re going to. Have a look at the Gothic patches as well.

They’re enough to make any regular denim jacket stand out.

Red Bubble

Redbubble - Products designed by independent artists

Maybe they don’t have such a varied range of products as Hot Topic, but the feel is the same at Red Bubble.

All their merch is targeted at music, film, or video game fans.

They also sell vintage stuff and it’s quite amazing.

What better tee to wear during the pandemic than a classical Plague Doctor T-shirt?

And they have the funniest face masks, too! Have a look at the hoodies and sweatshirts as well.

Mostly Gothic, but really cute, like the skeleton lovers or the ghost that goes Boo!

Rock Rebel

Rock Rebel - Alternative Fashion Clothing & Accessories

The name, Rock Rebel, could be a little misleading.

If you’re looking for music bands merch, they don’t have it.

What they do have is a nice selection of clothing inspired by rock culture in general, and horror in particular.

If you’re a rebel, you must love The Addams Family, The Bride of Frankenstein, or the ever-popular Count Dracula.

Check out the accessories section, where you’ll find authentic treasures they don’t sell anywhere else.

If your girlfriend is into this sort of stuff, surprise her with a Morticia Heart backpack or an Edward Scissorhands pendant.


Rockabilia - band merch including band t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies

A true rock fan can never have enough merch of their favorite band, there’s always something new, If you’re that sort of person, Rockabilia is everything you’ve ever wanted in a store.

Whether you’re a Rolling Stones or Nirvana fan, at Rockabilia you can find great stuff for you, your partner, and the kids, because you want to bring them the right way.

If you have enough T-shirts, maybe you’d like a belt or socks with your favorite band logo.

On top of band merch, Rockabilia also sells cult classic memorabilia.

How about a Godfather fleece blanket? Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Rogue and Wolf

Rogue and Wolf - Alternative Fashion & Jewelry Designer Brand

Welcome to the dark side! Rogue and Wolf target the horror lovers that used to shop at Hot Topic.

If all the stuff in your closet is mostly black, you’ll feel right at home at this store which sells Gothic apparel.

And it has much more than T-shirts.

They have cardigans, jackets, or oversized jumpers, with occult prints.

One of their hottest items at the moment is the Moon Dust boots.

Wondering about the Wolf part in their name? Well, they have an adorable collection of bandanas for your Goth dog!


Romwe - alternative fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, home essentials

Romwe is a Chinese retailer, and one look at the merch is enough to tell they sell pretty much the same stuff as SheIn (see below).

In fact, the two online shops are owned by the same guy, so it’s not surprising.

Most of their merch is rather mainstream, but if you do a bit of digging you’ll find interesting stuff hidden in the Vintage collection or the Y2K one.

If you’re looking for an original outfit, check out their pleated miniskirts that you can pair with a drawstring tank top with butterfly embroidery or a cartoon figure tee.


Rosegal - Plus Size Clothing, Plus Size Dress Store

Rosegal is quite similar to Romwe, but they cater to the plus-size woman looking for fashionable clothes at a decent price.

The brand has everything you need as in basic activewear and loungewear, but they also sell alternative clothing, like Halloween cutout pleated dresses, decorated with bats, skeletons, and vintage floral patterns.

Looks a lot like the merch sold at many other stores, but few of those have anything to offer for their curvier customers.

Also, if you’re looking for edgy clothing, have a look at the vintage collection.

The cut of the dresses is definitely retro, but the prints are more on the dark side.


Women Clothing at SHEIN

If you’re wondering why everyone seems to be talking about SheIn, it’s the prices.

SheIn is a Chinese-based retailer so their prices are unbeatable at the moment.

It’s not exactly Hot Topic, but they have such a huge clothing collection, not to mention shoes and bags, that it’s practically impossible not to find something to suit your style.

Browse through the Graphic Cartoon tees collection, for instance.

A sun-and-stars T-shirt or one with stylish butterflies works very well to complete an edgy outfit.

Also, check out the extensive jeans and shorts collection, if you’re looking for something trendy and affordable.


Spencer's - Body Jewelry, Graphic Tees, Lingerie

No, not Marks&Spencer (too mainstream!), just Spencer’s!

The brand is dedicated to everything pop culture, from stuff anyone knows about to very niche games or anime.

They sell classic rock bands memorabilia, such as Freddie Mercury shirts or Led Zeppelin ones, but they also have a wide range of merch related to more modern bands.

If you’re looking for hard-to-find stuff, Spencer’s is a good place to try.

Few stores sell Doki Doki tees or Chucky shirts.

They’re very much into gory stuff, but they also have an amazing collection of funny shirts, to brighten up your day.

Superhero Stuff

SuperHeroStuff Alternative fashion clothing store

If what you liked about Hot Topic was the comic books and superhero movies merch, you’ll adore Superhero Stuff.

The name says it all.

This is the place for Marvel and DC fans, not to mention Star Wars, Game of Thrones or Walking Dead aficionados.

You can shop by category, like in any regular store, or you can shop by superhero.

You can choose between a Bazooka Daryl T-shirt and Negan crew socks if you’re a TWD fan.

The store also has a cute selection of gaming-themed tees, where you’ll probably find many of your favorite games, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Zelda, or Sonic. Who doesn’t like Sonic?

Think Geek

ThinkGeek - Shirts, Toys, Collectibles

Being a Geek is fun, especially when it comes to video games.

Think Geek is the clothing division of GameStop, so if you check out their site you can also have a look at the newest games for all the consoles on the market.

You can shop by the franchise – Super Mario, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.

They have plenty of T-shirts, but also party costumes, like Queen Amidala, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, or Dorothy from the old Wizard of Oz movie.

A true geek won’t resist having a look at the toys and collectible figurines on the site!

Too Fast

Too Fast - Punk Clothing Goth Clothing

Too Fast is a niche brand that specializes in all things punk and metal.

If you’re looking for skeletons, devils, Baphomet goats and other mainstays of punk culture, there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like at Too Fast.

Even the housewares are awesome.

Want to have a large part of the beach all to yourself?

Just bring out your coffin-shaped towel and your Witches Brew coffee mug!

Talking about the beach, you should absolutely have a look at the batty swimwear.

Another thing you’ll love about Too Fast is that it’s quite affordable as a brand.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer

Urban Outfitters is an American-based multinational retail company that is a great alternative to Hot Topic, especially if you’ve grown up a bit and don’t want all your clothes to scream pop culture.

And it’s not mainstream either, so you can keep your alternative clothing style but maybe tone it down a bit.

Nobody’s saying you need to ditch music T-shirts, but you might like something new like a psychedelic Pink Floyd or Zeppelin tee.

Since you’re there, you might also want to grab a classical Ralph Lauren polo shirt that your in-laws would find actually decent.

Or you can pick up something light and comfy from the Gone Camping collection, and add a bit of variety to your closet.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines Clothing retail company

This American retailer branded itself as a feel-good brand. Most of their clothing is meant for your free time, so it’s pretty relaxed and light-colored.

You’ll adore their cute pink whale logo, which can be found on many of their items.

Vineyard Vines is a bit pricier than Hot Topic, as they strive for sustainability and ethically sourced materials.

And indeed, the fabrics are all high-quality, with plenty of organic cotton and recycled fibers.


Yandy - Alternative Lingerie Store, Intimate Apparel, Lingerie Shop

Yandy is an excellent alternative to Hot Topic, for those occasions when you want to look stunning, but not necessarily in branded clothing.

You can be a rock chick in a skin-tight off-the-shoulder black dress just as well. It’s not just about rock, and if you’re going to a rave party Yandy offers eye-catching outfits like a Sexy Bitch Reptile skirt and matching bra or a latex bodysuit.

Whatever sexy dress you choose, have a look at their accessories, especially the chokers and the Gothic pendants. Don’t forget about the wigs!


 Latest Fashion From Women's Bikinis, Tops, Dresses, And Men's Clothes At ZAFUL

Zaful offers plenty of basic clothing, more or less mainstream, but you can also find many items to fit an alternative style.

You don’t want to miss the napkin tank top collection, quite revealing, obviously, but just what you need on a hot summer day.

For guys, they have a large collection of graphic tees that stand out from the stuff they sell at regular department stores.

You can choose between tie-dye shirts, cartoon-style bear prints, or some Marvel merchandise.

Also, have a look at their accessories selection, where you can find both heart necklaces and punk leather bracelets.


Zumiez - Clothing Stores for Skate shoes, punk and alternative fashion

This brand is dedicated to the skater’s culture and you’ll probably want to start with the roller skates collection.

Probably the most colorful skates you’ve ever seen.

You can also find equally colorful activewear. If you’re looking for an alternative to Hot Topic, check out the tees, with Thrasher and Santa Cruz shirts for both men and women.

If you have teenage kids, they will be thrilled with the original Primitive Kids collection, which features Naruto and Sailor Moon tees, caps, and stickers.

Since you’re there, also have a look at the accessories at Zumiez, especially the wallets. Better than Hot Topic!