Top 30 Best Swedish Clothing Brands

If you’re wondering what’s all the buzz about the best Swedish clothing brands, let us clue you in: they’re stylish, affordable, and not quite mainstream. Need more reason to switch to Swedish designer clothing? Scandinavian brands veer towards minimalism and functionality. They sort of have to since their clothing is inspired by the cold climate of the area. Waste not, want not. This mentality is reflected in their choice of materials.

Best Swedish clothing brands

Swedish clothing brands favor sustainable fibers and they’re big on recycling. If you want to renew your wardrobe without feeling guilty about leaving a huge carbon imprint, Swedish designer clothing is probably your best choice at the moment.

Also, you get to look a bit different, you get to stand out from the crowd as Swedish designer fashion is one step above the mass-produced made-in-China cheap apparel most people wear.

Take a look at this huge list of the best Swedish clothing brands and you’ll discover you can find everything you need from sensible basics to cool evening dresses at stores that pride themselves for their respect for nature and fair trade practices. That’s the fashion for the 21st century!

A Day’s March

A Day's March Swedish clothing brand

The brand started out in 2014 and they only have a handful of physical stores in a few major Swedish cities, but you can get your fill of cool and minimalist essentials on their online store that ships worldwide.

Just like many other Swedish brands, at A Day’s March, they offer sensible garments made with linen and other sustainable fibers.

Most of their clothes come in neutral colors, white, black, brown, with the odd red dress.

This is the type of clothes you can wear on many occasions and you won’t have to bother with following the latest fashion.

You can be cool deciding your own style.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios Store - Swedish Luxury Clothing & Accessories

Founded in 1996, Acne Studios describes itself as a multidisciplinary fashion house and they have a wide range of products, from all types of clothing for both men and women to footwear, and all kinds of accessories.

Acne Studios clothes stand out for their alternative design, in line with modern tendencies.

Their garments are full of color and they have daring cuts.

Women, for instance, can find elegant satin dresses, as well as casual and very comfy shirt dresses in bright colors or soft knit garments.

The same goes for men, who have plenty to choose from.

You can find cool shorts in bold patterns or traditional suit jackets, depending on your needs.

Don’t miss their impressive shoe collection, which includes everything from flip flops and mules to leather boots and sneakers.


ARKET is a modern-day swedish clothing store

Founded in 2017, Arket is owned by the H&M group and they represent a high-end concept of durable clothing, made from premium materials and guaranteed to last for many, many years.

Not like your cheap mainstream garments that start to tear at the seams the first time you wear them.

Most of their clothes are made with organic cotton and linen, to be as eco-friendly as possible.

At Arket, they don’t really care about the latest fashion, they offer essential garments in traditional prints and colors.

A bright orange shirt in a wild pattern, that’s something that you can only wear for one season before it falls out of fashion.

Why waste money on that? This is why at Arket they offer plain polo shirts and classical jeans, not the ripped variety.

Oh, and have a look at their dresses, you’ll love them.


ASKET fashion clothing from Sweden

This Stockholm-based brand started out with men’s clothing, but it has recently added a women’s collection.

They deal mostly in basics and you’ll love their philosophy – ‘zero compromise clothing’.

Asket is dedicated to selling meaningful basics of the best quality, not wasting precious resources on crappy products you only buy because they’re colorful and they seem fashionable.

Fashion changes and you’ll probably never wear them more than once.

This is not the case with Asket’s meaningful essentials.

A pair of classical jeans and a white T-shirt, that’s an outfit that won’t ever go out of fashion.

Their prices are, however, higher than other brands, but then so is the quality of their garments.


CDLP is a Swedish design house of focused, luxury essentials

This is a brand for the modern man who needs stylish and durable underwear and homewear.

CDLP sells luxury essentials made with future-oriented materials, like lyocell, which is obtained from sustainably grown trees.

The design of their underwear is classic and all the garments come in fundamental colors, from white to dark blue and black.

Things you can wear anytime.

Besides underwear, at CDLP you can also find basic T-shirts, swimming trunks, and socks.

Everything is made with silky, breathable, and moisture-absorbing fibers for maximum comfort.

Their prices are above average, true, but at that sort of quality, it’s money well spent.

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday is a Swedish clothing label

Cheap Monday was founded in 2004 and it was owned by the mighty H&M.

The brand quickly became a favorite with young people worldwide as it sold affordable and really cool clothes.

The company was closed by H&M in 2019, but you can still find the clothes that made Cheap Monday famous at Weekday and Afound.

The brand has colorful streetwear, reliable and comfy sportswear, as well as a line of fun accessories.


Cmmn Swdn - Swedish streetwear influence for the youthful

This is one of the most progressive Swedish clothing brands and their collections have little to do with the typical clean-cut Scandinavian style you’d expect.

While most Swedish brands are more into sensible, made-to-last garments, at CMMN SWDN they value original designs and prints.

The brand only sells menswear, and most of its items come in vibrant colors, like red and orange.

Their choice of materials is also quite surprising.

It’s not everywhere that you can find crocheted men’s shirts or knitted tank tops.


COS is a fashion brand from Sweden for women, men and kids

COS stands for contemporary style and their garments are designed to last.

It’s not just about the fabric that will last for many years, it’s also about a style that won’t go away with the season.

COS products have a timeless design.

They sell everything from basics to stylish dresses, coats and jackets, jewelry, and other types of accessories.

All of them are made with environment-friendly materials, as at COS they’re on a sustainability mission.

If you’re looking for a fancy party dress, you won’t find it at COS.

They’re all for casual clothes, relaxed, oversize dresses in organic cotton and muted colors.

Also, check out their knitwear collection, which offers a wide range of stylish V-necks and cardigans, at very decent prices.


Swedish brand CQP

CQP is probably Sweden’s best sports shoe brand.

They have a large collection of sneakers, starting with basic canvas ones and going all the way to top-quality leather ones.

Their products are of exquisite quality, we’re talking Italian leather here.

At the same time, their sneakers are mostly made in Europe, some of them handmade.

This shows quite a bit in the price of CQP sneakers, which are above average.

However, sneakers don’t ever go out of style so keep an eye on their website and make the most of their regular end-of-season sales.


Elvine - Swedish streetwear brand

The brand was founded in 2001 by Swedish street artist Daniel Mänd who took it upon himself to create a collection of functional urban wear that can withstand the taxing weather in his native Gothenburg, where rain and strong winds are the norms most of the year.

Elvine is all about affordable no-nonsense clothing, but with a certain touch of elegance.

Take a look at their cold season jackets collection, which features warm and water-resistant garments suitable for all types of winter, from light to extreme winter.


Eton - Swedish brand for Shirts and accessories

Eton is one of Sweden’s oldest and best-known clothing manufacturers.

The company was established in 1928 and for the past 100 years, they’ve been dealing almost exclusively in men’s shirts.

If you’re aiming for an impeccable look, try their most iconic white shirt, made with high-end cotton.

It’s smooth and silky, as well as wrinkle-free.

Its price is also high-end, but this is the type of shirt you want to wear for a business meeting or a formal occasion.

At Eton, they also have basic T-shirts, polo shirts, or vests, perfect for everyday wear.


Eytys is a footwear and apparel brand based in Stockholm, Sweden

Eytys is not some weird Swedish word, it’s pronounced like the 80s and the many Ys in the brand name indicate the clientele the company is targeting – Generation Y.

The company first made a name for itself with its high-quality sneakers, all about function and maximum comfort.

Since then, Eytys has moved into clothing, offering sportswear and leisurewear for the young generation.

They have a great collection of T-shirts with funky prints, and jeans to wear them with.

Don’t forget to check out their outerwear, as they have some fabulous jackets, mostly casual, but also some of them, more elegant than you’d expect.

Filippa K

Filippa K is a Swedish sustainable fashion brand

Established in 1993, Filippa K is one of Sweden’s leading clothing brands, which offers everything you might need from sensible underwear to stylish outerwear.

Filippa K is an example of typical Scandinavian minimalism and timeless elegance, and all their clothes are made with ethically obtained sustainable materials.

Whether you’re looking for a classical black skirt or a casual T-shirt dress, you’ll find them at Filippa K.

If you’re looking for something more stylish, check out their satin strap dresses.

The shoe collection at Filippa K is also comfort-oriented and you’ll probably fall in love with their flat shoes and low-heel sandals.


Fjällräven Swedish Classic Brand

If you’re an outdoorsy person that loves sports and hiking, Fjallraven is the place for you.

The brand is known worldwide for its high-quality outerwear.

If you need trekking or mountaineering trousers and a thick water-resistant jacket to go with them, try Fjallraven.

The company is invested in creating eco-friendly clothes using recyclable and natural fibers.

For instance, their jackets have a so-called eco-shell made from recycled polyester, while the interior layer is made from wool or down, to keep you warm on your outings.

Don’t forget to check out their backpack collection, full of colorful bags with plenty of pockets and zippers.


Hestra - Swedish Fashion Brand

Northern Europe is known for its cold climate and people living in this area need warm gloves.

Hestra is one of the best-known gloves brands worldwide and they have comfortable gloves and mittens good for every type of weather or activity.

If you’re popping down to the corner store a pair of knitted gloves might just do the trick, but if you’re going to spend a lot of time outside you should have a look at their shell gloves, which are meant to be worn over a regular pair of gloves for extra protection.

Hestra offers special gloves for various sporting activities like golf, running, biking or skiing.


H&M Swedish Fashion Brand Clothes

This is probably the best-known Swedish clothing brand.

Launched in 1947, the brand operates in over 70 countries at the moment, where they have more than 5,000 physical stores, not to mention their online store.

H&M is synonymous with good quality clothing at affordable prices and for millions of people, it’s the go-to store when they need a new shirt or a pair of jeans.

What makes H&M a favorite with so many people is that it’s the type of store where you can take your whole family and you’ll surely find something for everyone.

Teenagers can find trendy alternative clothing and gorgeous swimwear, while adults can get a new office outfit as well as comfy loungewear.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so give it a try.

Ida Sjöstedt

Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt

This is a name to remember, for Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt is quite unique.

If you’re dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding you should absolutely browse the brand’s bridal collection, which offers the most stupendous gowns.

If you’re not a bride-to-be at the moment, check out their dress collection anyway.

The collection bears a trace of typical Scandinavian minimalism, but just a hint.

Ida Sjöstedt’s dresses are out of this world with their elegant silky materials and pale colors.

The brand also offers stylish blazers, jackets, and winter coats.

The brand is among the pricier Swedish clothing stores, but they have frequent sales. You’ve been warned!


Monki is a brand from Sweden offering great fashion

Monki’s is the kind of store where everyone can find something to suit their taste or body shape.

It’s one of the best-known clothing brands in Sweden, offering all the basics you might want, plus stylish dresses, cardigans, and coats.

It’s also one of the most affordable Swedish clothing brands which explain how come it’s so popular.

The brand offers a mixture of styles, from sensible and very casual garments to cheeky swimwear and mini dresses.

Also, Monki offers an incredible collection of party dresses in vibrant colors, from petite to plus size.


NA-KD Women's Clothes & Fashion online

Fashion for the future, that’s how Gothenburg-based NA-KD presents itself and this slogan can be interpreted in more ways than one.

For one thing, this Swedish clothing brand targets the younger generation with sexy outfits and original cuts.

At the same time, the brand is sustainability-oriented, using mostly organic or recycled fibers, as this is the only way our planet can have a future.

At NA-KD you can shop for everything you need from organic cotton lingerie to skinny or classic jeans, and the cutest tops and dresses, at incredibly affordable prices.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans swedish clothing & accessories

Nudie Jeans was launched in 2001 and just as the name says it’s all about jeans.

No matter what type of jeans you prefer, chances are you’re going to find them at Nudie’s.

They have classic cut jeans, skinny jeans, slim jeans, or high-waist ones.

What you won’t find at Nudie’s are those crazy ripped jeans or exotic prints.

They don’t believe in that sort of thing, For Nudie, jeans are an essential garment, something you’ll wear for many years, so they have no interest in fashions that come and go.

As they’re an eco-friendly company, most of their jeans are made with organic cotton.

Also, when your jeans start showing signs of wear and tear, you can have them repaired.

You heard that right, you don’t throw them away and buy new ones.

The company has about a dozen repair shops, including a few in North America.

If you don’t have one nearby, you can order a repair kit and have them fixed by your local tailor.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy menswear, womenswear, shoes & accessories

Our Legacy is a brand that targets the young generation with its alternative clothing.

Their clothes are cool and minimalist.

This is a no-nonsense brand, their garments are meant to be functional above all, but that doesn’t mean they’re not stylish.

On the contrary, Our Legacy tries to lure the young crowd with daring asymmetrical cuts or wrap skirts in faux leather.

Their color palette is mostly muted, nothing too exotic.

Our Legacy sells everything from denim to crochet tops, straight dresses, and warm outerwear.

Also, you might want to have a look at their leather boots and you can choose an exquisite bag to pair them with.

Polar Skate Co.

Polar Skate Co - Swedish apparel brand

Not hard to guess what sort of items they sell at Polar Skate Co. and they’re among the best brands that cater to the huge skateboarding community.

Polar Skate Co. has an amazing collection of loose-fitting pants, just perfect for skating.

The tops that go with the pants are of clear Scandinavian inspiration.

You won’t find basic tees with funny slogans and prints, but sensible polo shirts with striped or checkered patterns.

And don’t forget to get yourself a cool Polar cap to complete your skater look.

Obviously, they also have a large collection of skateboards, in various sizes and are extremely colorful.


Sandqvist - functionality in design and practicing sustainability

You’ve probably heard about the little black dress that’s a must in any fashionable woman’s closet.

Well so is the little green bag from Sandqvist, an ambitious Swedish company that deals exclusively in backpacks and travel bags.

The brand was created in 2004 by three childhood friends, all of them lovers of the great outdoors.

They decided young adventurous people needed well-crafted and highly functional bags, made with sustainable materials.

You cannot call yourself a lover of the great outdoors if your hiking outfit is made with heavy polluting materials.

The little green bag is more suitable for short hikes or a day out in the city.

For serious hiking trips, you’ll want a heavy-duty rucksack large enough to store all your belongings, yet very lightweight.


Stutterheim clothing & accessories from Sweden

When it rains, it pours. And not only in Sweden.

If you live in an area with a wet climate, you should seriously consider a Stutterheim raincoat, touted to be among the best in the world.

They’re guaranteed to keep you dry even in the heaviest downpour and they come in various styles, for both men and women.

They have lightweight raincoats good enough for moderate showers, as well as long and enveloping raincoats to keep you protected from head to toe.

Speaking of toes, have a look at their rain boots collection and you might want to pick up a water-proof bag as well.

You can also get a cute raincoat for your dog to match your own rainy day outfit.

Sun Buddies

Sweden based fashion brand and retailer - SUN BUDDIES

Now that’s an odd name for a brand launched in Sweden where they don’t see a lot of the Sun.

Still, Sun Buddies has rapidly become one of the leading names in eyewear, due to the excellent quality of their sunglasses.

Sun Buddies offers unisex eyewear made with Zeiss lenses and colorful frames, made by hand from high-quality acetate.

You’ll love the design as well as the cool and very bold colors, meant to appeal to generation Y fashionistas.

It’s not everywhere that you’ll find sunglasses with lime green, melted butter, or translucent yellow frames.

If you don’t fancy plastic frames, you can always choose a more traditional pair of glasses with a thin metal rim.

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings sustainable hosiery company

A whole store dedicated to stockings? Why not?

Socks and stockings are an essential part of any outfit even if they don’t get much attention or publicity.

At Swedish Stockings, they understand the need for good-quality stockings, leggings, tights, or socks.

Their products are made with an innovative mix of recycled nylon and elastane, so they not only look great, but they are also zero-waste.

Basically, what you’re buying is comfortable as well as sustainable stockings manufactured at a zero-waste emission-free facility in Italy.

And they’re also very high-quality.

Their stockings won’t sag and they won’t tear easily.

On top of that, all Swedish Stockings products are quite affordable.

Très Bien

Très Bien is a Swedish menswear fashion brand

Très Bien is an up-and-coming Swedish men’s clothing retailer.

They have their own outstanding line of T-shirts with very original prints, but they also sell tees from other major brands.

If you’re striving for an alternative look, check out their denim collection.

They have jeans in all kinds of crazy patterns and colors, most suitable for the Y generation.

Don’t forget to check out their Atelje collection which features jackets and sweaters made from scratch.

Well, not exactly scratch, but carefully sourced materials, all imported from Italy.


Tretorn of Sweden - Sneakers, Boots & Outerwear for Men & Women

Tretorn is one of the oldest Swedish shoe manufacturers, established back in 1891.

At present, the company belongs to the American group ABG, but they maintain the style that made them famous.

Tretorn started out with sturdy rubber boots, an essential item in a country that sees a lot of rain and snow.

They sell all sorts of rubber boots, short ones suitable for the urban dweller, as well as long ones for people who need to work outside in all weather and all terrains.

Many of their rubber boots are extremely colorful and you can also find a raincoat or a waterproof jacket to match them.


Vagabond is a Swedish fashion company

Do you dream of shoes that fit like a glove?

Try Vagabond, one of Sweden’s leading shoe manufacturers.

The name of the company is a nod to the committed traveler who spends his days on the road and needs comfortable shoes.

The brand’s shoes, whether we’re talking about flat sandals or boots, are known all over the world for being both sturdy and comfortable.

They have both leather shoes and fake leather ones, and they have a great recycling program.

If you’re going to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, have a look at their bags as well. You won’t regret it!


WeSC is a Swedish clothing brand

Who would have thought Swedes were so crazy about skateboarding, yet here’s WeSC, another brand targeting the members of this community.

We are the Superlative Conspiracy, or WeSC which specializes in streetwear and sportswear for both men and women.

The brand offers spectacular corduroy pants and tie-dyed joggers in flaming colors, meant to attract attention to the skater’s moves.

You can pair those with edgy tees bearing fun slogans or the company logo.

Also, don’t forget about the caps which complete the traditional skater’s outfit.

And, since you’re there, check out the denim section, which offers cool slim or straight leg jeans.