52 Types of Fashion Accessories for Women and Men

Your style is defined by many things, your clothes, obviously, but also the fashion accessories you use. It might sound like quite a lot, but in this article, we’ll be looking at the various types of accessories for both men and women and help you make sense of it all.

Types of fashion accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, which is why you need to learn the basics and the secrets of this art because matching the right type according to color, shape, size, and materials.

Some of these problems concern mostly women, but men also need to pay attention to the accessories they choose.

If you want to be treated like a gentleman, you have to look the part, down to the cuff links.

Fashion Accessories for Women

Types of Accessories for Women


Barely 100 years ago, a woman of a certain class wouldn’t dream of setting foot outside without a proper hat.

Nowadays, there are dozens of types of hats, so you can choose what fits your style, either for summer or for winter.

beautiful woman in a black dress and wide hat

If you’re going to the beach, a straw hat is a must, preferably with a thin long ribbon matching your swimsuit.

For the urban lady, a Fedora hat will always come in handy, while the sporty type might go for a cap.

In winter, though, most women will opt for something warm and comfy, like a pom-pom hat or a trapper hat with matching mittens.

Hair clips and Pins

Young woman with beautiful hair clips and pins

Would you wear bobby pins when you go out on a hot date? Probably not, and that’s very smart of you.

When you want to style your hair in a hurry, you won’t go for bobby pins or duckbill clips.

Those are great when you actually do your hair, but for going out you should reach for a claw clip to pull back your hair.

Or you can wear an elegant French barrette, preferably embellished with tiny pearls or sequins.

For a youthful look, you can choose between colorful snap clips, stylish ribbon clips, or some trendy minimalist hair clips, which, frankly, look like jewelry especially created for your hair.


woman wearing headband

If it’s just plastic headbands that come to your mind, you clearly haven’t paid much attention to the dozens of types of headbands that can complement your style.

Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic headbands, they can be very colorful and help you keep your hair in place, but they’re only for casual occasions.

If you want to look pretty, you can do better than that and choose a glitter headband that can successfully be worn even with an evening dress.

Or you can pick a floral crown, which will look simply gorgeous with a flowing summer pleated dress.

Fortunately, men can also use headbands to tame unruly hair.

Maybe not a sequin or polka dot headband, but a denim one will go just perfectly with jeans, and, of course, you can also wear special running or tennis headbands.


young beautiful fashionable woman wearing stylish yellow beret, trendy sunglasses, red blazer, wrist watch

Berets are equally fashionable for both men and women.

Wearing a beret is a question of style rather than comfort, as this flat type of headwear sits flat on the top of your head and doesn’t provide much protection.

Berets can be made of felt, knitted wool, or even velvet, and may be decorated with pins, chic ribbons, or tassels.

This type of head covering can be worn in many ways, but the most popular style is the beret dipping diagonally to one style, almost covering the ear.

Such an accessory gives you a funky look and adds a finishing touch, and maybe a bit of color, to any cold season outfit.


Beautiful smiling lady standing outside wearing white long sleeve bodysuit, fur earmuffs and knit mittens

Earmuffs are so cute you cannot help trying them on when you see them.

Traditional earmuffs look adorable with their fluffy material and, of course, you can choose an extra cute pair with rabbit or cat ears or animal heads over the ears.

They’re extremely useful as they keep your ears warm on a cold day and you still get to show your hair.

Earmuffs are suitable for both men and women and since they’re sort of meant to be funny you can choose whatever you want, no matter how crazy the print might be.


woman with diamond earrings and ring

As Coco Chanel once famously said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” This applies primarily to jewelry, but not to earrings.

A fashionable woman must wear earrings.

You need to be careful and coordinate your earrings with the rest of your jewelry, first of all as far as the material is concerned.

You simply cannot wear gold earrings with a silver necklace.

Never ever. If you’re going to an elegant soiree you should wear a set of matching earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Make sure the earrings aren’t too big, that’s only allowed if you wear a dress with a simple not-very-colorful print.

Nose Rings

Beautiful young woman with pierced nose ring and bright make-up

Did you know that nose rings were first mentioned in the Bible?

Yet, this type of jewelry only reached the Western world in the 20th century and was mostly frowned upon, as a thing only hippies or punks would wear.

However, today nose rings are quietly becoming mainstream and more and more women are going for nose piercing.

Nose rings still have a long way to go until they become acceptable in the workplace, though.

You can choose between many types of studs or rings, with or without stones, depending on your style.

Some women might choose the smallest possible steel hoop, while others will prefer something flashier, like a silver-plated ring with cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals.


Elegant business lady in glasses. Beauty, fashion. Optics and eyewear style

This refers to both eyeglasses and sunglasses and the number one rule is that the frame should not be wider than your face at its widest point.

When you’re looking for eyeglasses you research what shape goes better with your type of face.

Also, make sure that the frame is in a color that goes well with most of your outfits, as you’ll have to wear them every day.

The good thing about sunglasses is that you’ll probably buy many pairs so you can have them in many colors or shapes, depending on the latest fashion.


lifestyle image of woman,wearing trendy wool bohemian style,bohemian boho style,hippie chic vibe,gypsy fashion indie folk dress,stylish vintage bohemian outfits.Fall fashion,earrings,necklace

One of the oldest types of jewelry for women, necklaces are still immensely popular today.

Whether we’re talking about the classical pearl necklace or a more modern stainless steel chain one, there’s something to suit your every mood or any occasion.

A thin gold or silver necklace is very feminine and it does an excellent job at attracting attention to your neckline and cleavage.

A thin gold necklace with a small tasteful pendant is perfect for any occasion, even the most formal one.

While a large one with colorful rhinestones can only be worn for festive occasions, which sort of explains how women end up having several boxes full of necklaces.


elegant pendant. Beauty and accessories. Silver pendant around the neck of a girl

There’s no point even trying to explain the various types of pendants out there, the choice seems to be endless, and, if for some reason you cannot find exactly what you want, you can always have one made.

Chances are you’ll find something to suit your taste.

You can go for something simple, like a cross, a heart, or a star, but today you can choose between a wide range of tribal pendants, Irish or Celtic symbols, zodiac signs, etc.

Or you can go for something cute like a dolphin or a colorful little butterfly.

As for materials, gold and silver still dominate the market, but plain metal pendants with short messages are also gaining in popularity.


Blonde woman in emerald dress with hummingbird brooch

An elegant brooch is a fashion statement. It has to say something about. A lady will wear a brooch to liven up a somber coat or dress, preferably something in a solid color.

Brooches are supposed to be shiny and colorful to catch the eye, which is why most of them are decorated with tiny crystals or rhinestones.

As for the design, you’ll have to choose something that suits you.

A flower-shaped brooch is very feminine, but you might want to stand out with something a bit more original, like an owl for wisdom or a cat design if you love felines.


fashion young woman hold red purse in hand with black trendy sunglasses

You’ll never know what you’ll find in a woman’s purse and that’s mainly because men wouldn’t understand how many things a woman needs to have with her at all times.

Purses are supposed to be smaller and fancier than an everyday handbag.

Designer purses come in every shape and color, with a leather strap or a chain.

Always pay attention to the metallic elements on your purse and make sure they match your jewelry.

For a very formal occasion, go for the smallest possible purse, maybe just a wallet purse, only big enough to hold your phone and credit card.


Fashion outdoor portrait of gorgeous long hair woman in elegant red dress and black leather jacket

You can spend many hours looking at the various types of jackets on the market trying to decide what to choose.

Having to choose is quite unfair as a woman needs many jackets to fit every occasion.

For a casual outing, a denim jacket might just do, but then a leather jacket might look sexier, and you can wear it with high heels.

Then, there are so many types of winter jackets, like a zippered fitted jacket or a puffer one.

Another thing you need to consider is the length of the jacket.

One that only goes to the waistline is more sporty and youthful, while a long one will keep you much warmer.


Beautiful blonde young woman wearing sunglasses, shorts, green top and handbag

There’s a never-ending debate on whether the handbag should match the shoes.

Traditionalists will insist that they should match, but the modern view is that it’s not a rule that’s set in stone. More important is the shape and material of the handbag.

For everyday use, a wide bag where you can store many things is more useful, but for a formal occasion, an oversized bag will look out of place.

Focus on quality, good materials, and an elegant design.

A canvas bag is nice enough for running errands or carrying picnic stuff, but not for the office.

And let’s not even go into designer bags, something most women want. If you get yourself one, don’t bother much with the shoes, who’s gonna notice them?


Woman with leather belt and gloves fashion look

Belts are a necessity when your jeans are a bit loose, but on a dress, a belt is most definitely a fashion accessory.

There are many types of belts, and you’ll have to choose between various materials.

Another important factor when choosing a belt is the width. A long dress in a solid color might look better with a wide belt to accentuate your waist.

The same effect can be achieved with a thin belt in a contrasting color or decorated with sequins.

On the other hand, if you haven’t managed to lose those love handles, a belt shouldn’t be what you’re looking for precisely because it draws attention to the waistline.


woman with dark hair in elegant luxurious coat, wool hat and leather gloves

There are two types of gloves, the fancy thin ones that go well with an evening dress and the regular kind everybody wears in winter.

Fancy gloves are usually made of lace, but heavy-duty gloves should be warm and sturdy.

The best materials for winter gloves are leather, obviously, and wool.

Leather gloves should be color-coordinated with your shoes and bag, while the knitted ones can be as colorful as you want.

For a more stylish look try getting a set with gloves and scarf in the same color.

However, if you’re planning to spend a day enjoying the first winter snow you should choose gloves in a waterproof material.


Happy attractive young woman in a winter knitted hat in a trendy gray coat with fur in knitted warm mittens with a beautiful smile

Mittens are very similar to gloves, but the fingers get to stay together and keep each other warm.

If you’ll be doing any sort of job requiring dexterity you’re better off with gloves that allow fingers to move separately, but if warmth is your main concern go with a pair of mittens.

Mittens can be made of wool, but most types are made with waterproof materials.

However, mittens should be lined with a moisture-absorbent fabric on the inside, possibly cotton, to prevent your hand from becoming sweaty.


beautiful young brunette woman posing in rings and multiple bracelets

What does a bracelet say about you? A thin gold bracelet on your wrist is a status symbol and looks feminine and unobtrusive.

You can wear it on every occasion.

Bangles decorated with lucky charms are also extremely popular and acceptable even in a work environment.

A leather bracelet with or without stones or metallic elements is more suitable for informal occasions and goes better with a casual outfit.

If you have several thin bracelets that you’re particularly fond of you can wear them together, but try not to stack too many wide bracelets, as that might be a bit much.


Stylish watch on woman hand

With virtually everyone carrying a phone nowadays you don’t need a watch anymore, yet the classical wristwatch is making a powerful comeback.

It’s all about style, women wear watches because they love the design.

If you’re going for a retro look, choose a simple round watch with a leather band, but if you’re looking for something more modern try a watch with a metal bracelet.

Choosing the shape of the watch itself is also a matter of personal style, you can get yourself a futuristic watch in a geometrical shape, or a girly heart-shaped one, even a pink one if you feel like it.


women wearing sashes at nightclub

You don’t have to win a beauty pageant to wear a sash. If you feel like a winner at heart, you can accessorize your dress with a beautiful satin sash.

Sashes are a good idea for a birthday party or for a graduation party.

Tartan sashes are also a great idea for a Scottish party.

If it’s a colorful red or green sash, it’s best worn on a dress in a single color, preferably black which goes with any color.


fashionable young woman with perfect make up posing in colorful shawl on her head

Shawls are useful as they can keep you warm on a chilly day, but you need to choose carefully.

When you look at the different types of shawls, you’ll notice that some are more casual, while others are quite elegant and go well with formal clothes.

A cotton shawl wrapped around your neck and shoulders is great for a casual stroll in the park especially if it has an eye-catching print.

However, for a fancy dinner, you’ll want something more classy, like a soft cashmere shawl with an intricate oriental pattern.

If you’re dining al fresco you can drape it around yourself in your warm shawl, but you can also leave it hanging at elbow level to reveal your shoulders when you’re wearing a strapless dress.

Well, you might be a bit cold, but it’s all about style, isn’t it?


Beautiful happy woman with a vintage scarf

There are so many types of scarves out there it can be pretty confusing to decide what to wear.

A bandana is great to keep your neck cozy, but it’s only for casual outfits, like jeans and a shirt.

On the other hand, a light beach scarf helps you add a bit of mystery by covering your curves just a tiny bit, but you can also hide under it when the evening breeze gives you goosebumps.

Some scarves can be worn in all seasons, while heavy-duty wool ones are your most trusted friend on a freezing winter day.


lady with slim beautiful legs pulls gray socks, sitting on bed at home

How do socks enter in all this? They do. If they show even just a little, you need to make absolutely sure they match the rest of your outfit.

If you’re wearing trousers and a pair of pumps, for instance, you’ll have to choose a pair of sheer socks, while if you wear boots, you can go with a pair of warm wool socks and no one will see them.

If you’re the athletic type, you need to choose among socks of various lengths.

And don’t forget there are many types of socks that can be worn when you have problems with blood flow in your legs or diabetes. So, yes, socks matter, too.


Woman wearing dotted stockings and high heels

Modern stockings have nothing to do with the thick leg-warmers our ancestors came up with centuries ago.

Yes, maybe this type of stockings offers a bit of protection, but they’re worn for style.

Sheer stockings add a touch of mystery and being a bit shiny draws attention to the legs.

For business, occasions stick with flesh-colored stockings, as you don’t want to stand out in any way.

However, for a night out you can go with black or colored stockings, sheer or opaque.

Fishnet stockings also go well with a party dress or a short skirt.

If you’re looking for a retro look, you can choose seamed stockings and look as gorgeous as Marylin Monroe did in Some Like It Hot!

What Size Pantyhose Should I Wear?


woman's hands with fashion jewelry rings

How many rings does a woman need?

OK, trick question, there’s no such thing as too many rings, but you don’t have to wear them all at once.

You can put rings on every finger, but that’s only acceptable when they’re thin and part of a special set.

Mixing various types of rings, some thin, some wide, with or without precious stones is sort of an eyesore.

Plus, they’re crowded and they won’t get to be appreciated as they should.

A ring with a large stone should be worn alone, preferably, and you can choose a stone with a special meaning to your zodiac sign for instance.

Parasol Umbrella

young woman hiding from the sun under white lace parasol umbrella

If you’ve ever watched a period drama you must have noticed ladies armed with a parasol umbrella, to keep the sun away from their porcelain-white skin.

Back then, fair skin was a sign of nobility, but today many women choose to take a parasol umbrella to protect themselves against skin cancer.

Modern parasol umbrellas are made of cotton, often with lace trimmings, but some are also waterproof so you can shelter under them in case of light rain.

When you choose to take a parasol umbrella with you, try to wear a dress in a light color, silk or possibly lace, to look more ladylike.

Hand Fans

Woman Wearing a dress with flowers and handling a hand fan

Why do you need hand fans when you have air conditioning almost everywhere?

Well, for one, there are places where you don’t have air conditioning, like when you go for a picnic on a hot day.

And anyway, hand fans look nice, let’s face it.

If you’re going for a retro look, be sure to also wear a wide-brimmed sun hat.

You can choose a cheap plastic fan, but if you want to be classy, look for something more traditional, like a fan-made of sandalwood and smooth painted silk, with an Asian print.


woman with bottle of perfume

The scent often defines a woman and yes, it counts as an accessory, that’s why we say What sort of perfume are you wearing?

Every woman has her favorite perfume, but that doesn’t mean you should only have one.

Why would you do that when the shops are full of perfumes with enticing scents. Some prefer fresh perfumes, while others go for floral ones.

Keep in mind though that strong scents are not what you should be going for in an office environment.

You can keep your most seductive scent for a hot date! Always look for quality perfumes, whose scent lasts for hours on your skin.

Muffs (handwarmer)

muffs handwarmer

Muffs date back to the 16th century when the fur cylinder became a popular type of handwarmer for noblewomen.

This type of handwarmer is more elegant than gloves or mittens and quite feminine.

When you keep your hands in your muffs, it’s obvious that you’re a woman that expects her man to wait on her, like open the doors for her and carry her bags if you just went on a shopping spree.

Most types of muffs you can find today are made with fake fur, but you can still match them with your fake fur coat.

This way you get to look very classy and have a clear conscience as no animals were hurt for your personal comfort.


girl trying on sandals

Sandals are a must for the warm season and, in many cases, they’re way more comfortable than shoes, not to mention that they allow your feet to breathe.

There are many types of sandals to choose from.

When going for a long walk or a hike, you might prefer something with rubber soles and wide elastic straps.

However, for formal occasions look up sandals with at least a bit of heel.

For those occasions when you want to look smashing go for high heels, which make your legs look thin.

And then, you have flip flops, which could easily be everyone’s favorite type of footwear, but fashion dictates those are to be worn only at the beach or maybe for a casual stroll.


young woman trying on high heel shoes while sitting on sofa

Women are fascinated by shoes and this is a love story no men will ever understand.

The luckiest of women have entire closets dedicated to shoes, from comfy ballerina shoes to pumps or stilettos.

Oh, and let’s not forget the running shoes, as the modern woman understands the benefits of jogging.

Flat shoes are suitable for running errands and those days when you need to spend many hours on your feet.

For any other type of occasion, heels, high or short, are always preferable as they look more elegant.

When you buy shoes, never compromise on quality. Leather shoes might be more expensive, but they will certainly last longer than synthetic materials.

High Heels

Fashionable woman wearing high heel shoes

Every woman is a Carrie Bradshaw at heart and understands why high-heels are so important.

Even if your feet are killing you, a nice pair of high-heels is the definition of feminine grace and elegance.

You can wear high-heels with practically anything, from a business suit to a party dress.

You can never go wrong with black shoes, but you can also match your high-heels with the color of your dress.

High-heels don’t refer to shoes only, as you can also wear high-heel boots.

Those are not recommended for slippery conditions, but they go great with tight jeans and an elegant winter coat.


fashionable women wearing stylish boots

There are many types of boots on the market, some made with comfort in mind and others that are mainly meant to look stylish.

An elegant woman should have both types. There are days when you have a lot to do outside and you’ll want something with a flat non-slip sole.

Make sure the outer material is waterproof and the inner one soft and comfy.

However, when you dress up for a special occasion you can choose fancy leather boots, either short or knee-high ones.

You don’t have to wear high-heels if you don’t want to, but an elegant pair of boots should have at least a 2-inch heel.


woman summer boho fashion style details on barefoot anklets and rings

Your feet deserve some sort of jewelry, too. If bracelets can be wide, anklets are almost exclusively thin.

Some anklets are quite plain, but you can also wear anklets decorated with lucky charms or colorful beads.

Unfortunately, you can only wear them in summer on your bare feet, so make the most of it.

You can wear several thin anklets on each foot, but make sure to stack them in the same order.

Anklets are meant to showcase your feet and draw attention to your perfect ankles.

At the same time, make sure your pedicure looks impeccable when you’re sporting anklets.


woman with luggage near Eiffel Tower

Just as the handbag on your shoulder matters, so does your luggage.

When you’re going on holiday you want to make an impression with the sort of luggage you’re carrying around.

If you’re going to need more than one suitcase, buy a whole set so your luggage is in the same colors.

Obviously, you need to pay attention to the outer shell and the wheels.

Make sure they’re solid as luggage sees lots of rough handling at airports or when you’re dragging your suitcase behind you desperately trying to find your hotel on Google Maps.

If you’re going for a hard shell suitcase make sure it’s shock-resistant and if you choose a light textile material see that it’s waterproof.

Face Mask

Woman wearing stylish outfit with luxury designer protective blue face mask, bucket hat, pearl earrings

Unfortunately, the current situation has forced us to wear a face mask every time we step outside.

Some need to wear special N-95 masks, but most people can choose between a simple surgical face mask or a cloth mask.

If you don’t want to be just another face in the crowd with a standard white and blue mask, you can go for a fashionable face covering.

You can, for instance, wear a print face covering, matching your dress, or you can sport a mask with a cute animal on it or the logo of your favorite rock band.

When people look at you, the mask is what they’re going to see first so you might as well make a fashion statement.


Fashion Accessories for Men

Types of Accessories for Men

Derby Hats

Also known as bowler hats, derby hats are an essential accessory every man should have in his closet.

You might be the sporty type, but there are certain occasions when you simply should wear a real traditional hat.

Derby hats have a hard rounded crown and a narrow brim.

Man wearing black suit and shirt and a black Derby Hat

They also have a decorative ribbon at the base of the crown, which can be in a contrasting color.

The color of your derby hat should not match the rest of your outfit except for special functions, like a funeral where you wouldn’t want to wear a beige hat.

For all other occasions, a derby hat in a light color looks perfect with any suit, and you can also wear it with jeans and a bandana in a matching color.


Man wearing a cap and leather jacket

If you’re not a fan of traditional hats, a cap with a flat unshaped crown and a visor is just as good.

A stylish cap adds some class to any outfit, and it also offers a bit of protection against the elements.

Caps can be made of various types of materials, including cotton, wool, or leather.

Sports caps have a rounded crown and a wide brim and are usually decorated with the logo of a certain brand or your favorite sports team.

Such hats are only suitable for casual occasions, while a flat hat with an elegant design can be worn even for formal events.


guy wearing jeans and is holding a helmet

There are many different types of helmets suitable for various sports activities.

Some are better for snow sports, while others are specially designed to offer the best protection to those who love to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle.

When choosing a helmet your number one consideration should be quality.

You can choose between a retro design or a modern one, but what you should really be looking at is the material it is made of.

A good helmet needs to have a hard durable shell and soft shock-absorbing padding. Also, you can look for a helmet with detachable goggles, which can be used as sunglasses.


man wearing beanie cap and wool sweater

Beanies are among the most popular types of hats for men because they’re extremely versatile.

They come in every color imaginable, with or without a cuff, and in various knitting patterns.

A soft woolly beanie is great to keep you warm in winter, without making you look like you’re afraid of a bit of cold.

You’ll need a bit of time to decide which style of wearing a beanie suit you best.

Some men pull it down to their ears, while others prefer to wear it slightly to the back of their head.

Also, a loose bandana can add a little height to the face and make you appear taller.


cool guy wearing leather jacket and red bandana

The bandana is a great accessory for a laid-back outfit. If you’re wearing a simple shirt and jeans, tying a bandana around your neck will make you look more stylish.

Bandanas come in a square or triangular shape and all you have to do is decide what sort of knot you want to make, a basic one or something more elaborate.

If you’re looking for a serious look choose a nice geometrical print, nothing over the top, but for a relaxed look, you can go with a funny print.

Eyewear / Sunglasses

man in sunglasses and leather jacket over blue sky. Men's beauty, fashion

Choosing the perfect type of eyewear depends largely on the shape of your face.

Don’t go for what’s trendy, look for something that looks good on you.

For instance, men with round faces should wear glasses with a slim angular frame, which offers the advantage that it makes your face appear longer and thinner.

On the contrary, men with rather square faces should look for a frame with softer contours.

Aviator sunglasses with their light metal frame and elegant design are the most popular, but you can also choose among a variety of wayfarer glasses with their traditional plastic frame or, indeed, the minimalist rimless glasses.


man is wearing a long macrame keychain - lanyard around his neck

Maybe you’ve never thought of it, but a lanyard is an important accessory since it’s so visible, especially if you’re going to wear it around your neck and not attached to your pocket.

Lanyards are made of strong fabric and can be used to attach a name tag or magnetic cards for office and laboratory doors, but you can also use them to secure your keys.

A lanyard can be in a single color if office issued, but if it’s something you wear every day you might prefer something more colorful, decorated with smiley faces or motivational words.

Bow ties

young trendy man with black glasses, suspenders and bow-tie

If you’re going to a special event that requires a tuxedo you need to get yourself a bow tie as well.

Normal ties just don’t go with tuxedos, but, on the other hand, you can totally wear a bow tie with a classical suit.

Bow ties are made of thin ribbon bands and the only thing is to get it tied nicely.

Some types of bow ties are already tied so you only have to attach them, which makes things a whole lot easier.

If you don’t want to make a style mistake, go with a regular black bow tie. However, you can also choose something in a lighter color, but not too jarring.


young fashion man wearing glasses, black suit and red tie

Neckties are a must for most office jobs, but that doesn’t mean that ties have to be boring.

On the contrary, ties can bring a bit of color and enliven a suit in a dark color, and also make you stand out a bit.

You’ll have to choose the color carefully as you don’t want it to clash with your coat.

For a dapper look, you can choose a tie a shade lighter than the suit, perhaps with a geometrical pattern or lines.

For informal occasions, you can choose any type of tie you prefer and be a little bolder with the colors.

Tie Pins

Man adjusting tie pin as fashion with luxury expensive suit

Tie pins serve a basic function, that of keeping the two layers of your tie together, but they’re also worn for their decorative role.

For formal occasions, it’s best to go with a classical metallic tie clip.

It can very well be made of stainless steel, although for a special event you could wear a gold tie clip.

Tie pins are smaller than clips but do as good a job at keeping your tie in place.

Also, pins are more original and more versatile, as they can have fancier designs than a classical tie clip.

Pocket Watches

man in a suit holds in his hands a vintage pocket watch

You don’t see many men wearing pocket watches these days, but when you do this is a type of accessory guaranteed to catch the eye.

Pocket watches give an air of sophistication and count as a jewelry item.

Pocket watches tend to have exquisite designs and you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one.

The front cover is typically decorated with stars or zodiac signs, but you can also look for something that has a special meaning to you.

For instance, you might want to choose a design that has to do with your job or your favorite hobby.

Pocket watches with goth engravings on the front cover are also very trendy among young people.

Wrist Watches

man wearing a luxury watch on his wrist

There are many types of wristwatches on the market and each has its merits.

An expensive wristwatch is a status symbol and you’ll want to sport one when going to an important meeting.

Some types of watches are basic, in a classical round shape, just showing the hour.

However, watches that have two or even three mini dials on them to count minutes, seconds or milliseconds, are quite popular and make you look more sophisticated, even if you have no need to count milliseconds.

They’re just nice. When choosing a wristwatch pay special attention to the band, which can be in leather, silicone, or metal.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pin on beige jacket with white shirt

A lapel pin is a traditional accessory for men and their main role is to add a touch of color to any type of suit.

If you’re going to a wedding or some other festive occasion you should choose a pin with a flower design, and it can be as colorful as you want.

For other types of occasions, you might prefer small pins that have a special meaning to you.

If you’re into boating much, you can wear a pin representing an anchor.

Or you might want to wear a pin that’s exclusive to a club or professional organization you’re part of.

Cufflinks and Studs

Man's style. dressing suit, shirt and cuffs

If you’re going to a fancy event, you’ll definitely need cufflinks and studs with your tuxedo, otherwise, your outfit might be ruined.

Cufflinks should be worn with the decorative part facing out when your arm is at your side.

Choose the color of the cufflinks wisely as you don’t want it to stand out or clash with the rest of your jewelry.

Also, a formal shirt comes with special holes near the buttonholes.

When you’re wearing a tuxedo you need to have a minimum of four studs on your shirt and they should obviously match the color and material of your cufflinks for a polished look.


male tattoo artist wearing jewelry and rings

Should a man wear a ring, other than his wedding ring, of course? Of course, he should. The question is what type of ring.

Decades ago men wore wide gold rings as a sign of wealth, but today’s men would rather go for steel rings with meaning.

A ring can be engraved with a message or decorated with gemstones like onyx or aquamarine, which are meant to show your interest in spiritual things.

Also, rings with tribal etchings are also extremely popular.

In the office, one ring besides your wedding band should be enough, but on informal occasions, you can wear as many rings as you like and still come out as strong and very masculine.


young man in white shirt and suspenders looking away and keeping hands in pockets

Most men wonder why would they need suspenders when a belt can do the job just as well.

The appeal of suspenders is that they feel masculine, they’re traditional and they can help define an outfit.

Clip-on suspenders are easier to attach quickly to any type of trousers or jeans, but they might seem a bit too laid-back so not the best choice for an important meeting.

Better invest in high-quality suspenders with button attachments.

If you’re going to wear your suspenders often choose something in a neutral color, to match most of your suits and trousers.


Man in trousers with fashionable brown leather belt

Belts aren’t just for loose trousers.

They are essential for adding a finishing touch to a suit by creating a visual line of separation between the upper part of your attire and the lower one.

For formal occasions, belts need to match the color of your shoes, but if you’re wearing jeans and loafers the belt can be any color you want.

Also, for a business suit choose a belt with a traditional unobtrusive buckle, as you don’t want it to stand out.

However, for casual attire, you can use a belt with a fancy buckle, maybe something with a lion head, or engraved with the logo of your favorite rock band.


man pulling his leather wallet from inside elegant suit jacket

Men have various types of wallets to choose from, and most of them tend to be smaller and slimmer than they were a few decades ago.

The old bifold is still going strong, although it’s faced with stiff competition from modern credit cardholders.

People no longer carry much cash around, so a slim cardholder is all that you really need at most types.

In terms of materials, leather wallets are more elegant and durable.

However, if you want something very resistant you can choose a metallic wallet that also offers RFID protection.

For travel, you should look for a large wallet where you can also store your documents or even your cell phone.

If you’re into sports and running, you should also consider a wrist wallet or a shoe one. They’re small, light and they do the job perfectly.

Pocket Squares

Man in blue suit with pink bow tie, flower brooch, and pink blue stripe pocket square

A pocket square is the sort of accessory that can make a man look dapper, but there’s a whole art behind choosing the right one.

If you want to come across as classy, you should look for a silk pocket square, but other types of fabric are also acceptable if the print is right.

The pocket square should match the tie exactly, but it would be better if they shared at least one color.

At the same time, if you’re wearing a tie with a complex print, you might go with a pocket square in a single color, a shade lighter or darker than the main color of the tie.

You can fold it into a square and have it show just a bit, or you can fold it into a triangle and have the pointy angle stick out of your breast pocket.


bowtie and handkerchief buttoning black

A handkerchief in a cool print can easily double as a pocket square.

If you want to make a good impression you can always fold a handkerchief and tuck it into your breast pocket and no one will know the difference.

On the other hand, if you want to appear like the perfect gentleman you can always carry a handkerchief on you, as it’s way more elegant than using pocket tissues.


Young bearded guy with modern hairstyle with coat, scarf, blue jeans and t-shirt

Men need scarves, too. On a cold winter day, any man will want a soft and thick scarf around his neck.

It’s not just woven scarves that are for men, as they can totally accessorize their winter coat with a long knitted one.

For the perfect look don’t wrap it as many times as possible around your neck.

One should be enough and leave the ends dangling on the front of your coat or over the shoulder.

At the same time, for a formal occasion, you can wear a silk or cashmere scarf, which is always classy and keep you perfectly warm.

Leather Gloves

Fashionable man wearing leather gloves

A perfect gentleman should own at least one elegant pair of leather gloves, preferably something that matches the color of your shoes.

Leather is a very resistant material and since you’re spending some money on those gloves, make sure the leather is soft and allows your fingers to move freely.

If you go hiking or walking the dog, you can wear mittens or woolen gloves, but when you want to strike a good impression always wear your leather gloves.

Just imagine you want to help your date get out of the car and you’ll understand why leather gloves are a must.

Weekender Bag

man walking in city street with weekender bag wearing sweatshot and sunglasses, urban style trend

When you’re preparing for a quick trip you don’t always need a suitcase.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to your favorite city you can pack a fresh shirt or two and basic toiletries in a weekender bag.

This needs to offer enough space for all your belongings and be easy to carry. Look for a textile bag as these are lighter than other materials.

However, if you are the frequent traveler type you might want to choose a leather bag that will last longer.

Rain Umbrella

Fashion man using a smartphone and holding a black rain umbrella

If you live in an area where you get long rainy autumn, an umbrella is a must-have.

When looking at the various types of umbrellas, try to choose something sturdy, with a strong metal handle and stick.

Make sure it has an automatic one-button opening as you don’t want to fumble with your umbrella when it’s pouring outside.

At the same time, pay attention to the canopy.

The material needs to be sturdy and able to resist strong gusts of wind.

Since it also counts as an accessory, picks an umbrella in a neutral color, something that will go well with many different outfits.


man with bracelets on both hands

Bracelets are increasingly popular among men and you can even wear one to the office.

Unfortunately for them, men don’t get to wear all the types of bracelets available to women, but there’s still plenty to choose from.

Stainless steel bracelets look modern and sleek. For instance, a wide chain bracelet looks quite manly. At the same time, you can also wear leather bracelets.

Now, a black leather bracelet decorated with skulls is only good for a rock concert or a casual meetup with friends, but a thin one made with braided leather strips is perfectly acceptable even in a business meeting.

If you’re going for a retro look, you can choose a bracelet decorated with colorful beads and even some lucky charms.

Just make sure you know what those charms mean in case some girl asks.


man wearing sunglasses and black t-shirt with piercing in the ears and lips

Piercings for men have stopped being news long ago.

Yes, 20 years ago, a man with an ear-piercing would expect to see some eyebrows raised, but today no one bats an eye if you have a stud or a ring in your ear.

Well, no one except maybe your boss, so you have to think before going for an ear or nose piercing.

For men, this type of jewelry is usually made of stainless steel and, no you don’t get to wear a nose hoop decorated with crystals. They look amazing, but they’re still too girly for a man.


gentleman in elegant black jacket, holding retro walking stick as cane flask or tippling cane with golden diamond ball handle

Centuries ago, men would carry a cane just because it looked nice, it was the mark of a true gentleman who can afford everything.

Nowadays, canes have morphed into walking sticks, but that doesn’t mean you should have a simple wood one like your grandpa used to.

Modern walking sticks are all about style. The lower part should be made of solid wood, but it’s the handle that makes the difference.

You can choose an elaborate metal handle, in the shape of a wolf’s head or a serpent. Or maybe one shaped like a skull, that’s bound to make an impression.


cologne bottle and perfumery, cosmetics, scent cologne bottle, male holding cologne. Masculine perfume, bearded man in a suit.

The number one reason men wear cologne is that it makes them more attractive to women, obviously, but even if this is not what you’re after nice lingering scent marks you like a sharp guy.

To get the right cologne it’s best to try as many as possible.

You need to spray a bit on your wrist to see how the scent reacts with your skin and not judge it by the way it smells on a tester.

Men’s cologne should have a masculine undertone, maybe musk, moss, leather, or even vanilla.

Make sure not to wear too much cologne in a business meeting, as this might appear distracting and unprofessional.

Using Accessories To Compliment Your Outfit

If you want to be a fashion icon – and who doesn’t? – you’ll have to learn about the different types of clothing, to understand what you should be wearing for a business meeting and what for a night out with some friends.

Then, you have to learn about the various types of footwear. For instance, you might feel more comfortable in a pair of flat shoes, but wearing them with a cute little black dress can be a major fashion faux-pas.

You also have to look through hairstyle ideas and select the right hair accessories, but also ask yourself whether the occasion warrants a hat or not. And then you have to worry about the right nail design.