97 Types of Clothing for Women and Men

Everybody understands clothes, you start learning that when you’re two, but if you want to dress with style, you need to understand all the different types of clothing, for both men and women.

Different types of clothing

When the primitive people felt cold, it didn’t take them long to figure out they needed to cover themselves with animal skins to survive.

It’s not rocket science, but in our modern world we have dozens of types of outerwear, and knowing what they’re all about will help you improve your dress sense.

You shouldn’t judge a person by their clothes, they say, but we all do it. And the clothes you choose to wear speak volumes about you.

The simple act of choosing a sweater instead of a blazer or the type of headwear you prefer, all define you.

Your dress style is part of your personality so if you don’t want to give the wrong impression you need to learn the subtle differences between pants and dress pants or between a Duffle coat and a trenchcoat.

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s delve into the subject and explore the various types of clothing, talk about their origins and their intended uses so you can make the best choices when you shop for clothes.

List of the Different Types of Clothing for Women and Men

1. Headwear

The oldest type of headwear ever discovered belongs to Otzi, the guy found frozen in the Alps.

He’d been dead for more than 5,000 years, but, undoubtedly primitive people used head coverings well before that.

Back then it was simply a necessity, but over time people started using all sorts of hats to show they belonged to a certain class.

And it sort of became the norm for people to wear hats, some of them extremely fancy.

Let’s have a look at the various types of hats still in use today and how to find the perfect head accessory for every occasion.


Fashion Caps

Caps are so versatile they’re suitable for everyone, men, women, and children.

By far the most popular are the sports caps, with their rounded crown and wide brim.

They’re useful to keep the sun away, but many only wear them to show support for their favorite sports team.

Sports caps are made of light, breathable materials and they’re extremely colorful.

On the other hand, formal caps, made of felt or wool, are mostly worn by men.

These caps are flat and have a narrow brim.

They tend to come in more somber colors, which makes them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.


Fashion Hats

A nice hat puts a finishing touch on an outfit.

A gentleman going to a social event can wear a hat with a rounded crown matching the color of his suit, but something in a lighter color is also acceptable.

For ladies, hats are optional, it’s not about conforming to a societal norm. It’s just a question of personal style.

At the same time, it’s quite trendy to wear a hat with a casual outfit.

A man doesn’t have to be in a stuffy suit, as he can very well accessorize laid-back jeans and a shirt with a hat in a light color.

Also, women can totally wear a wide-brimmed straw hat with a cute summer dress.


Sport Headbands

There are two main types of headbands, the fashion accessories women wear when they sport a simple hairdo, and the sports accessories, both men and women use to pull the hair from their faces when they exercise.

Fashion headbands can be made of cloth, plastic, or metal, and they’re usually colorful.

They can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones, ribbons, as well as with plastic or metallic elements.

A simple plastic headband is great to style your hair in a hurry, but if you’re dressing for a fancy occasion you should always wear an eye-catching one.

While they go better with long hair, you can totally wear one even if you have short hair.

Sports headbands are usually made of a moisture-absorbing material, like cotton, and they contain elastic fibers, for a perfect fit.

Head Tie

Head Tie

A head tie is a type of headscarf that can be worn by both men and women.

A narrow piece of fabric tied with a simple knot at the back of the head is suitable for casual occasions, but it can also be worn when you’re engaging in some type of sport, instead of a headband.

Another type of head tie refers to the ornate headgear usually worn by Muslim men and women.

Such a headscarf has multiple layers of cloth wrapped around the head, usually hiding the hair completely.

To compensate for that, headscarves for women are very colorful with elaborate prints and artfully tied knots.


Beanie Hats

When the weather gets cold, beanies become ubiquitous. Men and women, young or old, everybody reaches for a soft and warm beanie to keep away the cold.

Beanies can be made of wool, cotton, or synthetic materials and they’re usually in a single color.  They’re usually ribbed and can have a wide or thin cuff.

You can wear a beanie pulled down to your ears, but a loose one that only covers the top of your forehead allows you to style it in many ways, and it’s a bit chicer.

When you buy a beanie, make sure it will match most of your winter coats.


Beret Hats

The classical French beret is a type of hat that will probably never go out of style, which is extraordinary considering it has such a simple design.

Or maybe that’s what makes a beret one of those timeless accessories.

A flat beret can be made of wool, cashmere, or various blends of fibers.

Berets can be worn on the top of the head, but for a more stylish look, you should wear them a bit hanging over one ear.

This goes for both men and women.

As for colors, a beret doesn’t have to match your coat. Berets are meant to stand out so you can wear one in a bright contrasting color, no matter what coat you have on you.


Boater Hats

A boater is a summer hat, it’s a must-have for a holiday by the beach, but it can also be worn at sporting events to protect against a glaring sun.

The modern boater was inspired by the hats typically worn by the famous gondoliers in Venice.

This type of hat is made of straw and has a rigid flat crown.

A boater is usually adorned with ribbon, in a single color, or with a fancy print.

While Italian gondoliers traditionally left the ends of the ribbon to hang freely over their backs, nowadays it’s only women you’ll see wearing this type of boater.


Satin Bonnet

If you’re thinking about the wide hat tied with ribbons under the chin, that’s a type of bonnet you will probably only see in a period drama.

The modern bonnet is a type of headwear women wear while they sleep to keep their hair in place.

Bonnets have a stretchy brim that fits over the forehead and a very loose crown.

Their function is to keep the hair tangle-free and they’re very popular among women with long hair or those with short curly hair.

Just because they’re meant to be worn when you sleep, that doesn’t mean that bonnets shouldn’t be fashionable.

On the contrary, most bonnets are made of silky satin and come in bright colors.


Brown chupalla straw hat

A chupalla straw hat is very similar to a boater, but tends to have a wider brim.

Chupalla hats originate in Chile, where they were worn by horsemen or for certain traditional folk dances.

If a boater traditionally has a flat crown, a chupalla can have a rounded crown or a pinch down the middle of the crown.

Chupallas can be decorated with ribbons or colorful pieces of string.

If in Chile this type of hat is worn mostly by men, in the Western world, it’s usually women you’ll see wearing a chupalla, either with a dress or even with jeans.


Fedora Hat

Both men and women can wear fedora hats, but you’ll have to be careful how you wear them as not all types of outfits go with this sort of hat.

A fedora is a hat with a soft crown and a narrow brim.

This type of hat is usually made of felt, but you can also find some made of straw or wool.

Fedoras count as dressy hats, so, if you’re a man, you should wear a nice suit.

However, you can style up a pair of jeans by adding a blazer or a jacket, just so you look dressed-up enough to wear a fedora.

As for women, fedoras look better if you have longish hair.

They’re not too flattering if you have a short haircut, as they leave the head looking sort of unfinished.

2. Neckwear

The term neckwear refers to various types of ties or scarves people use to add a bit of color to their outfits.

On certain formal occasions, men must absolutely wear a tie of some sort, whereas for women there are no societal norms dictating the use of neckwear, so it’s simply a question of fashion.

While ties tend to be more conservative as far as the print is concerned, women can wear very colorful scarves as long as they match their dress.


Cravat Neckties

In many parts of the world, the term cravat refers to the type of neckwear Americans call a tie.

However, in the US, a cravat is an accessory that is wider than a tie and is preferably made of silk.

The good part is that you don’t have to make a perfect tie knot on a cravat. It can fit loosely around the neck, tucked under the shirt or not, as you see fit.

Since they’re usually made of expensive materials, cravats are suitable even for more formal occasions, like a fancy dinner.

As for business meetings, you can choose a cravat only if you’re visiting the Southern states, where they’re more liberal about neckwear.


Collar Neckwear

Did you know that in the 19th century, men could buy detachable collars?

They had a whole bunch of them and changed them every day to appear clean, although they used to wear the same shirt for several days.

Nowadays, when men think about collars it’s mostly about the type of collar that would suit them best.

Or the most trendy type.

To the untrained eye, all collars look pretty much the same, but if you talk to a tailor he’ll explain the subtle differences between a classic collar or a British spread.

As you can probably guess, a spread means the two points of the collar are wide apart.

However, when you choose a certain collar you need to consider that spread collars work best if you have a narrow face, while if you have a wider one you should go with a classic collar.


Types of ties

A classy tie is the mark of the perfect gentleman and wearing one is a must in many offices around the US.

The idea is that centuries ago it was only the rich who could afford to wear ties and even today these types of accessories are seen as a sign of success and professionalism, even though today ties aren’t really expensive.

In an office setting, the tie should not stand out much, so you’d better choose one in a solid color or with a low-profile line print.

For more casual occasions you can wear something colorful or with a funky print.


Types of Scarves

There are dozens of types of scarves available on the market which allows you to find something suitable for any occasion.

Some scarves are worn to provide a little warmth.

Take, for instance, fleece scarves or blanket scarves.

Those are ideal when you need something to wrap around yourself on a chilly day.

On the other hand, a silk scarf is more of a fashion statement.

A long silk scarf serves to complement your dress or draw attention to your neckline or your naked shoulders when worn with a strapless dress.

If you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and warm, go for a pashmina scarf.

This type of material is warmer than cashmere and also lighter, so you won’t feel all bundled up when you wrap yourself in your wide scarf.

3. Topwear

Topwear refers to the many types of clothing people wear on the upper part of their body. That depends on the season, but also on your personal style.

There are men who prefer shirts at all times, while others have a closet full of colorful T-shirts.

The same goes for women.

Not every woman can afford to wear a crop top, whereas anyone can put on a blouse.

For the cold season, you have to choose between the various types of sweaters and a classical cardigan.

Topwear for the warm season should be made of light breathable materials, while for winter items always choose something soft, but thick enough to keep you nice and cozy.


Classic Shirt

The term shirt is a very loose one as it can refer to both the classic shirt that goes with a suit, but also to various types of short-sleeved clothing people prefer during the warm season.

A classic shirt is a conservative long-sleeved item, usually made of cotton, and it’s traditionally worn by men.

Short-sleeved shirts are fashionable for both men and women, and they can also be made of linen or silk.

Then there’s the button-less shirt, we all know as a T-shirt, by far everyone’s favorite clothing item during summer.

While classic shirts are usually in a single color, the short-sleeved ones can have various prints and tend to be quite colorful.

Crop Tops

Crop Tops

Crop tops are meant to reveal the midriff so you need to make sure your abs are toned and your waist is as slim as possible.

That’s the main reason it’s mostly teenagers and fit young women that can afford to wear crop tops.

This type of clothing can be very short, barring the part between the breasts and the waistline, or they can be longer only offering a glimpse of your waist.

Also, they can be form-hugging to better showcase your chest or loose-fitting, which are easier to wear.

You can wear a crop top with a pair of jeans, a denim skirt or another type of short skirt. It’s a summery outfit, only acceptable for informal occasions.


Types of Sweaters

Everyone has their favorite type of sweater, although undoubtedly you have various types in your closet.

It all depends on the type of neck you prefer, whether you like tight-fitting sweaters or loose ones, or indeed if you prefer buttoned sweaters.

Women can choose between crew necks or off-the-shoulder sweaters, while many men prefer to stick with a classical V-neck.

Sweaters can be made with a variety of fibers or fiber blends.

Synthetic fibers can keep you just as warm as wool, and such sweaters are more affordable.

A sweater might not be suitable for fancy occasions, but they sure come in handy for everyday use.


young beautiful woman wearing stylish round sunglasses, straw hat, cold shoulder blouse, pleated skirt, with small white bag

Blouses are extremely versatile as they go well with classical skirts, pencil skirts, short or long skirts, as well as trousers.

Even jeans can be styled up with a nice silk blouse.

Young women tend to go with all sorts of fancy prints, while more mature women will prefer something a bit more conservative, like a striped or floral pattern.

Silk blouses are best for more formal events, but for everyday use, you can go with all sorts of fabric, cotton, linen, or chiffon.

A long-sleeved blouse is more formal, you can totally wear one at the office, while short-sleeved ones should only be worn for a casual outing.

Tube Tops

Tube Tops

A tube top is fairly similar to a crop top, only it doesn’t come with straps of any kind. As the name says, it’s just a tube of stretchy fabric.

Since it doesn’t have straps, a tube top needs to cling to the body, so they’re always tight-fitting.

You can wear a tube top with a pair of jeans or with a skirt, although it might be difficult to find one that goes with this type of top.

Wearing a tube top with a short tight skirt might leave you looking a bit naked, but on the other hand it’s a great outfit if you want to go clubbing.

Tube tops are meant to garner attention to your chest, so you’re allowed to choose one in whatever color suits your complexion best.


Fashion Tunic

A tunic is a garment that hangs loosely and falls straight around the body and is longer than normal sweaters or shirts.

Typically, a tunic reaches down to the mid-thigh.

Anything longer than that and it counts as a dress tunic.

There are two types of tunics, depending on the fibers they’re made of.

For summer, women wear tunics made of cotton, linen, and sometimes silk.

They offer the advantage that they allow the air to circulate freely and prevent sweating.

On cool days, women can choose between tunics made of wool or synthetic materials, which provide warmth while feeling soft against the skin.

Tunics go well with pants in a light material or jeans.


Girl standing in a handmade cardigan

Cardigans are extremely easy to wear which explains their popularity with both men and women. It’s not about the buttons that make these sweaters easy to wear, it’s about their versatility.

You can wear any type of cardigan with practically anything.

Cardigans go well on jeans, skirts, or dresses and they’re just thick enough to wear them in spring or autumn.

Cardigans can be made of wool, cashmere or synthetic fibers, and they’ll all keep you warm.

What matters most in a cardigan is not the type of fiber, but rather the knitting pattern.

Men tend to go for basic patterns, while women prefer cardigans in a more elaborate knitting pattern, something guaranteed to catch the eye.



When we’re talking about jerseys it’s not the cut or the length of the sweater that matters.

It’s all about the fabric, which is soft and stretchy.

Centuries ago, when jerseys were invented, they were made of wool, but today most of the garments sold under this name are probably made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or a blend of both.

Jersey fabric distinguishes itself by the fact that it is ribbed on the outside, while on the inside it is full of loops.

This knitting pattern confers elasticity to the fabric and this is its most important quality.

Jerseys cling to the body without being overly tight-fitting, which makes such sweaters most comfortable to wear as they don’t restrict your movements in any way.

Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts

Women can wear polo shirts, too, but it’s more of a masculine type of clothing.

Polo shirts are extremely popular as they are comfortable and laid-back.

Basically, a polo shirt is more of a T-shirt with a few buttons at the neck, which is great for summer days as this opening allows more air in.

A comfy polo shirt is usually made of breathable moisture-absorbing cotton. Polo shirts come in various colors, but preferably a single color.

At most, they can have a brand logo or a sports team logo printed on the front, usually on the chest.

Polo shirts are suitable for everyday use, but not for any type of formal occasion.



Any sort of sweater with a V opening at the neck is generally referred to as a V-neck.

This type of sweater can be worn by both men and women.

Men usually wear V necks with a small opening, but women can choose a sweater with a plunging neckline.

Probably, not what you should be wearing at the office as such a V neck might be considered too distracting.

V-necks go equally well with pants or skirts of any length.

They can be made of various fabrics, but when you buy a fancy V neck made with precious materials like cashmere or pashmina, this is the sort of item you can wear even on formal occasions.

4. Bottomwear

It took mankind a long time to invent garments to protect the lower body against the elements.

Wrapping animal skin around their body still left the legs pretty much exposed, but eventually, they came up with pants and skirts.

Over time, styles have come and gone and will probably continue to do so.

Who knows what types of pants might be trendy 100 years from now?

For the time being, let’s focus on what’s fashionable today in pants and skirts.


cargo pants

Did you know that 100 years ago it was uncommon for a woman to wear pants, which were considered too masculine and not very decent since they drew attention to the legs?

Today, a woman wearing pants in an office environment is considered not only properly dressed but also a good professional.

People invented pants to keep them warm, a quality which we still value today.

However, when you choose a pair of pants style is what matters most.

For formal occasions, both men and women go with straight pants, nothing too tight or indeed baggy.

Loose pants are preferable for casual occasions when you want to feel comfortable.

Summer pants are made of light fabrics, such as linen or cotton, but for winter you might prefer a blend of fibers, that includes some wool, which is a great insulator.


Women Trousers

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding the word trousers.

The British call their pants trousers, but in the US the word trousers refer to a specific type of pants.

Basically, when an American guy buys himself a pair of trousers this is a tailored type of garment, with a proper waistband, belt loops, and a fly, rather than a zipper.

Also, a pair of trousers you order at a tailor might have a few pleats on the waist, for a better fit.

At the same time, the legs of the trousers usually end with a small cuff.

To add a bit of sharpness to a pair of trousers, an elegant man will make sure the crease that runs down the front of the trousers is perfectly ironed.

Trousers tend to be more expensive than regular pants and are made of high-quality fabrics.


Skirts with pleats

To put it simply, a skirt is a type of garment that covers the lower body and is made of a single piece of fabric.

Ask any fashionista and she’ll probably be able to talk for hours about the various types of skirts and their merits.

Skirts can be fitted, like a pencil skirt, to better showcase your assets, or they can be loose, and there are various degrees of looseness.

A skirt can be straight or have many different types of pleats, and there are dozens of those to choose from.

The length of the skirt is also very important. Short skirts or mini skirts are more suitable for younger women as you need to have perfect legs to wear those.

On the other hand, in the office, it’s best to go with a conservative skirt that goes at least down to the knee or a bit lower.

And of course, you can have long skirts, preferably in a light fabric so it doesn’t appear too bulky.


tanned woman wearing linen shorts, white shirt, brown leather bag and clear beige sunglasses, modern classic summer chic outfit,

Who doesn’t like shorts? They’re the perfect garment for warm days, but also for playing various types of sports or for a hike.

Their main advantage is that being, well, short, they don’t restrict your movements in any way.

Shorts can be tight-fitting or a bit loose, depending on what you’re going for.

If you’re aiming for a sexy look, tight shorts are the obvious choice.

On the other hand, loose-fitting shorts are more comfortable to wear and more laid back.

Since they’re meant for summer, shorts are usually made of light fabrics, including cotton, linen, or silk.


Stylish woman in sunglasses sitting on the stone stairs. She dressed in leather jacket, skinny jeans and shoes on heels

If you ever hear someone saying they’ve never owned a pair of jeans, you’d better run as it’s probably an alien you’re talking to.

Everybody wears jeans, men, women, or children, including toddlers.

The main appeal of jeans is the durable dirt-resistant fabric.

Also, they’re suitable for all weathers and for various occasions, well, except for the office, probably.

Jeans are comfortable to wear and look good on both men and women.

Men don’t have much choice when it comes to the type of jeans, but women can choose between tight jeans, regular ones, or loose ones.

Also, women have more colors of jeans to pick from.


corduroy dress and a white and golden analog wrist watch

Some may wonder if corduroys are out of style and the answer is no and they probably won’t ever fall out of fashion, simply because they look and feel great.

Corduroy refers to a special type of ridged fabric, made of cotton or a cotton blend.

What makes such pants so appealing is their distinctive pattern, known as cords or wales, which give this type of fabric it’s soft and fuzzy feel.

Both men and women can wear corduroys which come in various colors and can be loose or figure-hugging.

Corduroys are suitable for all but the most formal occasions, especially if you match them with a nice sweater or a coat.

Dress Pants

dress pants

Their name might be a bit confusing, as you’d expect dress pants to be something you need to wear when you dress up for an occasion, but those would be the pants of a suit that come with a matching jacket.

However, dress pants are good for both formal and informal occasions and you don’t need a jacket.

Dress pants are rather tight-fitting and they need to have a sharp crease.

That’s what makes them dressy.

Also, dress pants have fewer finishes than pants.

For instance, they don’t need cuffs or a button on the back pocket.

Dress pants can have deeper pockets, whereas regular pants need to have flat pockets, or else they’d look weird under the jacket.

For formal occasions, you can wear a matching jacket, but for a smart business casual outfit, you can simply put on a nice shirt and forget about the tie.

5. Innerwear

Just because nobody sees what you’re wearing underneath, this doesn’t mean innerwear doesn’t matter.

Since it’s the layer that goes on your skin, innerwear should be comfortable and preferably made of light breathable fabrics and natural fibers.

There are, obviously, those occasions when a lucky someone does get to see what you’re wearing under your street clothes, and then your undergarments should be sexy, in fancy fabrics like lace or silk.

Let’s have a look at the most common types of innerwear on the market.



You might know the A-shirt under its popular nickname, ‘wifebeater’.

That’s quite unfair as a nickname, as the A-shirt is a very useful item.

Basically, an A-shirt is a sort of sleeveless shirt that can be worn by both men and women.

It’s not fancy, but it’s quite reliable when it’s cold outside and you want to put many layers on yourself.

Also, an A-shirt is useful under a shirt to prevent sweat stains.

A-shirts are usually made of cotton, to allow the skin to breathe.

Traditionally, A-shirts are white, but you might also find black ones, which are less obvious when you’re wearing dark colors.

Tank Top

woman in blank white tank-top

Tank tops are quite similar to A-shirts, but they tend to come in more colors.

Also, the design might vary slightly.

For instance, tank tops might have thinner shoulder straps, which makes them less visible.

Also created as innerwear, it is not uncommon to see people wearing a colored tank top as outerwear.

However, using a tank top as outerwear is only acceptable on very hot days when most people would rather go naked or if you’re going outside to play ball or any other sport.

Most types of tank tops are made of cotton, but those intended as outerwear might use a blend with synthetic fibers, which make the fabric hang better.


lace lingerie, woman accessories

One hundred years ago, the term lingerie was used to refer mostly to women’s underwear and bras, but since then it has come to encompass all sorts of innerwear, from the most basic items to the fancy and decidedly erotic ones.

Lingerie is used to describe clothing items made of cotton, silk, or lace, although polyester is also often used to make sheer camisoles or babydoll nightwear.

Since lingerie is often used to refer to sexy undergarments, in many cases these items are sold in sets.

A woman going for a killer seductive look will always put on a set of matching bras and panties.


woman in a silk slip

A slip is the feminine and definitely sexy version of the much-maligned A-shirt.

The slip doesn’t cling to the body like an A-shirt, but drapes freely, sort of like a thin summer dress.

Slips are usually made of silk, satin, or polyester and they’re meant to be sexy, although in most cases they’re not meant for a hot date.

Slips were created with a very practical purpose in mind, namely to be worn under a dress in a light fabric.

For one thing, if the dress fabric was even slightly transparent, the slip served to protect her modesty.

At the same time, the slip prevents the dress from clinging to the body.

This time it’s not about modesty, it simply doesn’t look good when the skirt of your dress sticks to your legs while you’re walking.

G-strings / Thongs


Some women (and men) consider the G-string one of the best inventions of the modern era.

G-strings or thongs are made of a very thin piece of fabric that struggles to cover your genitals, but it still counts as underwear.

Thongs are way sexier than regular panties since they’re quite revealing.

On the other hand, thongs are also useful, especially when you’re wearing a tight skirt or pants and you don’t want the panty line to show.

Since the straps of a thong are very very thin, they’ll barely show.

Thongs are usually made of silk, frilly lace, or synthetic fibers.


young woman in lingerie, corset, stockings with long curls

What woman wouldn’t want a slim waist?

The corset was invented with this idea in mind.

This undergarment for women dates back centuries ago when women didn’t go to the gym and diets weren’t very popular either.

Enter the corset which was designed to train the body into a perfect shape, constraining the waist and, at the same time, accentuating the chest and the buttocks.

Back then the corset was a rigid affair, the fabric being reinforced with bone or wire to compress the tummy.

Today’s corsets are softer and most of them are extremely elegant and sexy, decorated with lace or even sparkling stones.


black leather corselet

A corselet serves basically the same purpose as a corset.

The term corselet appeared in the late 19th century when it referred to any sort of garment with a waist-accentuating midriff section.

Since the term was derived from a type of military body armor, the corselet would often have two plates, back and front, laced together at the sides of the body.

That’s not very convenient when you don’t have a maid to fasten your corselet, so most items sold today under this name usually tie up at the front.


Woman in girdle corset

A girdle is yet another type of corset but a less fancy one.

A corset is a sensual type of undergarment a woman wouldn’t mind being seen in, while a girdle is plain and meant to be invisible under a fitted dress.

Girdles are made of elastic fabric and are used to conceal a flabby tummy or to boost the body confidence of a new mother.

Some types of girdles focus more on the midriff area, while others are specially designed to shape the buttocks.

Lower body girdles shape the thighs, help reduce the appearance of cellulite and also provide back support.


Different types of bras

The term bra derives from the word brassiere, a type of undergarment meant to cover and support a woman’s breasts.

There are many types of bras on the market, some of them meant for comfort and support, while others focus more on design, the sexier the better.

There are also padded bras, meant to give the appearance of a fuller chest, but push-up bras are becoming increasingly popular as they quite literally push the breasts up, for a more seductive cleavage.

Another type of bra is created for breastfeeding women, who can easily open a flap to nurse a baby without having to remove the whole bra.

A bra can be made of cotton, but most of these undergarments are made of satin, silk, and lace, and, far from covering the breasts, some of them are quite revealing.


black transparent peignoir

A peignoir is a light dressing gown, also known as a negligee, and was originally created with a sexual encounter in mind.

Rather than undress completely, a woman would slip into a peignoir, preferably made of a silky translucent material.

Today, a peignoir is often sold in a set with a matching nightgown and panties.

A peignoir can be neck-to-toe long or indeed short, barely covering the bottom.

This type of undergarments come in light pastel color, but for a very seductive look, one could also wear a bright red negligee.


woman in camisole

Camisoles, also known as camis, are a fancier version of your basic tank top.

They are meant to be worn under a dress or a see-through top.

Camisoles are meant to provide a little support and they often come with a built-in bra.

If the camisole doesn’t offer breast support and is rather figure-hugging it is recommended that you wear one with a bra.

Camisoles have thin shoulder straps, so they won’t show if you wear them with a sleeveless top.

They can be made of cotton, silk, satin, or synthetic fibers, and generally come in basic colors, like white, black, or beige.


Dudou halter top

A dudou is a very special type of camisole, which covers only the breasts and belly, leaving the back exposed.

The dudou was invented in China in the 17th century and consists of a square or rhomboidal piece of cloth tied with straps that are tied around the neck and the waist.

What makes a dudou so special is the fabric is usually embroidered with intricate patterns of Asian origin.

Chinese dudous were decorated with love, fertility, or good luck symbols.

As a means of protection, a dudou doesn’t provide much support or warmth, but it is extremely sensual.

If you’re going for an authentic dudou, look for one in silk satin, with straps made of the same material.


woman in white lace panties

It takes a woman to tell the difference between a bikini and hipster panties.

They look very similar to the untrained eye, but a woman will patiently explain that hipsters are higher than bikinis, not by much, but still.

This is why women have drawers full of panties because they’re all different and are meant to be worn on different occasions.

For everyday use, classical briefs in plain cotton work just fine, but if you’re going to wear a tight skirt you’ll reach for thongs or at least tanga panties.

Control briefs are best if you need extra support for the tummy, but you don’t like girdles.

Panties come in all possible colors, but an elegant lady will always try to match them with the bra, even if no one is going to see her undress.

It’s just a question of style.


Types of Underwear for women and men

Men’s underwear is less fancy than women’s panties and more comfort-oriented, but that doesn’t mean it should be boring.

While a woman will buy various types of panties, men tend to be more conservative and stick with a certain type of underwear.

Men can also wear strings or thongs, but the most popular types of men’s underwear are trunks, boxers, or briefs.

Most of these are made of cotton and in more masculine colors, like black, navy blue, or even white.

Men’s underwear will not be decorated with lace and ribbons, but what makes the difference is the print, which can be more conservative or quite funny and colorful.


men boxers

Boxers are a type of baggy underwear for men and many prefer them because they offer more freedom and they’re not constricting on the genitals.

Boxers that go down the thigh

for an inch or two keep the pants at a distance, so they drape better and hide the genitals.

Finally, being baggy, boxers let the air circulate freely keeping a guy cool.

Boxers are best made of cotton, as it’s never a good idea to wear synthetic fibers in such a delicate area.

For men who don’t like the feel of their genitals hanging loose, there are boxer briefs that offer a bit of support right where it’s needed, but the rest are just as long and comfortable as regular briefs.


briefs for men

Many men won’t wear any other type of underwear, but briefs which they find most comfortable and supportive.

Briefs fit nicely and keep the genitals in place at all times.

Some men prefer them to boxers as there’s no risk of accidental flashing with briefs even if you wear baggy shorts.

Briefs are usually made of soft breathable cotton and can come in various colors, plain or printed.

The problem with briefs is that they leave the inner thigh exposed, which might lead to chafing.

At least, that’s what boxers’ fans say about briefs.

6. Outerwear

When the weather gets cold, people start rummaging in their closets for something to keep them warm and this type of clothing falls under the broad term of outerwear.

Shawl, jacket, coat, or poncho, anything’s good when you need an extra layer.

However, when it comes to fashion there’s a big difference between a cool leather jacket and a windbreaker.

Some people prefer short coats that go down to the waistline, while others look for long coats that reach down to mid-thigh level and offer more protection.

Both types can be either casual or formal, as it’s not about the length of the garment, but mostly about the cut and the quality of the fabric.

Chesterfield Coat

Young man wearing Chesterfield Coat

A Chesterfield coat is a classical overcoat for gentlemen, and its creation is attributed to a British aristocrat, Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who first wore one in the early 19th century.

This type of overcoat is knee-length and usually comes in dark colors, preferably black.

The original Chesterfield coat had a velvet collar, but its modern version might have any type of collar.

This type of overcoat hangs loosely, but not too loose.

It can be made of various fabrics, tweed, wool, or even camel hair, which is obviously more expensive.

Covert Coat

Business man wearing Covert Coat

A very elegant type of overcoat, a covert coat, sometimes referred to as a Crombie coat, is made of heavy tweed and typically only reaches down to the mid-thigh.

Even if you’re not exactly a fashionista, you can easily distinguish a covert coat by its notched lapel and velvet collar.

Covert coats come in various colors from classic black to a more youthful light brown.

The advantage of a covert coat is that it can be worn on very formal occasions, but it’s also suitable for a casual outing, especially if you leave it unbuttoned.

Duffle Coat

Duffle Coat

This type of outerwear takes its name from the coarse thick fabric created in the Belgian city of Duffel in the early 19th century.

Originally, this fabric was used for military coats, which explains why the original Duffle coat was large and mid-thigh long.

Modern Duffle coats are shorter and usually form-fitting.

They are suitable for both men and women, and they’re very warm as they have a fluffy inner layer, made of cotton, wool, or fake fur.

A classical Duffle coat uses toggle fastenings, but you can also find modern versions that use large round buttons instead.

Pea Coat

Woman wearing Pea Coat

The pea coat is also known as a sailor’s coat, mainly because this type of double-breasted jacket was a standard issue for the US Navy for many decades.

The name comes from the Dutch word pij, used to designate the particular coarse fabric these coats were originally made of.

This type of jacket is waterproof, which makes it ideal for boating, but it’s not very warm so for cold days you should wear it with a thick sweater.

Modern pea coats are usually made of wool and don’t have to be in a dark color as they used to be.

A pea coat is suitable for both men and women and goes well with jeans or chinos.


smiling girl dressed in raincoat posing with hood on her head

Any type of coat with a waterproof outer layer qualifies as a raincoat.

A raincoat can be hip-length, knee-length, or ankle-length, and most of them come with a detachable hood.

They’re often inexpensive since they’re made of cheap polyester, but people don’t buy them for their style. If it keeps the rain out, it’s good.

Most raincoats come in dark colors, like black or navy blue, which are also dirt-resistant, an important quality if you’re going to be out much in the rain.

However, you can also find colorful raincoats in bright red or yellow, which women prefer.

A raincoat should be large to fit over your regular outerwear and light enough so you can fold it and keep it in your backpack when you’re going on a hike.

Trench Coat

woman in trench coat with little black cross bag

Just as the name says, the trench coat was invented during the First World War, to keep the soldiers in their trenches protected against the elements.

The outer layer is waterproof and, at least in its original form, the inner lining was detachable.

The classic double-breasted trench coat is fastened with ten pairs of buttons and also comes with a belt in the same color.

Trench coats also have buttoned shoulder straps, typically used in military uniforms.

The original trench coat was khaki, but the modern versions come in many colors, from white to black.

This type of coat is knee-length which makes it suitable for cool windy days, and is popular among both men and women.


Young man in warm overcoat and scarf approaching a station with his suitcase in a concept of travel and vacations

Any sort of heavy coat that is long and thick enough to be worn on cold winter days is basically an overcoat. It can be made of wool, tweed, or any other fabric that keeps you warm.

For the same reasons, the inner lining comes in several layers of insulating fabric.

To be effective, an overcoat needs to be at least knee-length. The fastening system is also important to keep the cold out.

Many types of overcoats are double-breasted for better protection, and may also have belts.

Unfortunately, overcoats tend to come in somber winter colors, but they can be accessorized with a colorful scarf.


fashionable couple in leather jackets

The jacket is a very broad term used to designate any type of outerwear that usually only goes down to the waistline.

Fleece and denim jackets are more informal and are typically used on not very cold days.

Leather jackets look very appealing on both men and women and can look very stylish with a pair of tight jeans and boots.

For winter, insulated jackets are more suitable.

Down jackets are best suited for winter as they’re extremely warm.

Such jackets also have a water-resistant outer layer and come with a hood.

Though extremely useful and easy to wear, jackets are only suitable for casual occasions.


man in pink streetwear hoodie with hood on head

One of the most popular types of sweaters, hoodies are great for cool days.

They’re very sporty, which explains why they’re so trendy among teenagers and young people.

Hoodies are usually large, sort of baggy, and they tend to be very colorful.

They have deep pockets or a front pouch to keep your hands warm as well.

Many types of hoodies are imprinted with logos of sports teams or popular bands.

They go best with jeans and sports shoes.

Hoodies can be made of cotton or cotton blends, and are more affordable than other types of sweaters.


young man hipster in a vintage denim vest in a white T-shirt in jeans in sunglasses

The term vest can be used to designate a variety of sleeveless garments, some of them quite formal, while others definitely casual.

Denim, leather, or fleece vests are for everyday use and casual outings, while plaid or tweed vests are suitable for formal occasions.

Certain types of vests are made for cold days.

For instance, sweater vests can be worn under a winter coat, while puffer or fur vests are often thick enough to be used as outerwear.

Gym vests are usually made of a light moisture-absorbing cotton fabric and can also have a hood to cover your head when you go jogging.


grey suit buttoning waistcoat

A waistcoat is a very formal type of vest, which is usually part of a three-piece suit.

A gentleman simply must have a single or double-breasted waistcoat when going to a formal event.

The fabric of the waistcoat needs to be in a quality wool fabric, although some might have a shiny satin outer layer.

Most waistcoats have a simple V-neck, but some can have small lapels, which makes them look more stylish when you leave the coat unbuttoned.

If you want to look sharp, the waistcoat needs to be the same color as the pants and coat.


man with long hair and beard wearing a cape standing on the mountain

You don’t need to be a superhero or a wizard to wear a cape.

Such items that are only good for Halloween are generally made of cheap cloth or even plastic.

For everyday use, people wear tweed or wool capes to keep them warm on cool days.

Capes can be hip or knee-length and they’re usually large, with the extra fabric draped around the body.

For informal occasions, a short wool cape with a belt goes great with pants or jeans.

On the other hand, for a formal occasion, you can wear a fur cape or at least a cashmere one with fur trimming.


girl wrapping in warm poncho outdoor

A poncho is somewhat similar to a cape, at least in its original form, but it doesn’t have a front opening.

Ponchos are a traditional type of South American clothing and were used well before the Spanish conquest.

The name of this garment comes from punchu, a term that in the Quechua language meant blanket or woolen fabric.

Basically, that’s what a poncho is, a blanket with a hole in the middle to pass it over your head.

Some types of ponchos have an added piece of cloth to be used as a hood.

Modern ponchos can come in a solid color or they might have a colorful geometrical pattern.


woman wearing neutral blazer

A blazer is an informal type of suit jacket, which can be worn by both men and women.

Blazers are made of light fabrics, like cotton or linen.

They are often used as part of a uniform, for pupils, or for members of a club or sports team.

Since it’s not meant to be part of a suit, the blazer can have a different color than the pants or skirt.

Women can wear a blazer with pants or an office skirt, but on a cool day, such an item looks great with a more or less formal dress.


elegant young woman in silk shawl

Shawls are extremely versatile and can be worn on almost every occasion and in any season.

For summer, women can wear a light chiffon or linen shawl over a light dress.

A cashmere or pashmina shawl is suitable for all types of weather since this type of goat wool is the perfect insulator, protecting against the cold, but also keeping you cool on a warm day.

Heavy wool shawls are more suitable for cold days.

A shawl can be worn in various ways.

You can wrap it around your neck, put it lightly over your shoulders or wrap it around your body when you’re feeling chilly.


athlete in windbreaker

A windbreaker is a very light type of jacket whose main purpose is to keep the wind and rain out.

Windbreakers are made of synthetic fabrics and almost always come with a hood.

Just because they’re made of synthetic fabric, don’t expect a windbreaker to be necessarily cheap.

If you want to look trendy, you’ll choose a brand windbreaker with the logo nicely printed on its back.

Windbreakers are very useful for hikes or camping trips, but make sure to have a thick sweater with you as they don’t offer much protection against the cold.


warm winter wool gloves

Gloves are the type of accessory everybody needs in winter to keep their hands warm.

Gloves can be made from a variety of fabrics, wool, synthetic fibers, or leather.

Undoubtedly, leather gloves are the most elegant and they go well with any type of overcoat or winter jacket.

On the other hand, knitted gloves are usually more colorful and more fun.

Even if you do your best and wear a matching scarf, this type of gloves doesn’t go well for formal events.

7. Legwear

Women have earned their right to wear pants or jeans to keep their legs protected, but what can you do when you want to wear a skirt?

You’ll probably reach for a pair of stockings or even leggings if the weather is really cold.

Some types of legwear serve the practical purpose of keeping you warm, but stockings or pantyhose are mostly worn simply because it’s the norm on certain occasions and because they make your legs look nice.

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All types of hosiery tights, socks, golfs and leggins

The word hosiery is just a fancy name for legwear and it refers to all types of garments worn on the feet or legs.

Depending on their intended use, the items sold under the general term of hosiery can be made of polyester and other synthetic fibers, usually found in stockings or leggings, but also cotton or wool, the choice fibers for socks and leg warmers.


black tights and high heels

The term tights refer to a garment very similar to stockings but made of more dense material.

Tights are usually opaque and more resistant than stockings, which makes them more suitable for more intense physical activity.

For instance, tights are what ballet dancers and acrobats wear.

Tights come in various colors and can be worn with a skirt or woolen dress, but you might also use them with a tunic if it’s long enough, like going down to knee level.


fashion sportswear leggings

Leggings are very similar to tights, with the big difference that they don’t cover the foot as well.

They can also be thicker than tights, which makes them more suitable for cool weather.

Leggings can be made of synthetic fibers, elastic cotton blends, or even wool.

You can wear leggings with a short skirt or dress.

Depending on your outfit you can wear leggings with sports shoes, but also with boots or high heels if the fabric is not too dense.

However, as comfortable as they may be, you cannot wear leggings for formal occasions.



Stockings are probably the sexiest type of legwear.

As opposed to pantyhose, stockings only run-up to the thigh, leaving a bit of skin exposed.

They’re typically sheer and shiny to draw attention to the legs.

Some types of stockings are made decorated with lace, ribbons, or even small crystals.

You can choose between stockings that are held in place with an elastic band, but for a more seductive look, you should use some type of garter belt.


types socks set various forms garment

You’d say socks are easy, they just cover the foot, that’s all.

However, there are so many different types of socks and each of them serves a different purpose.

No-show socks are only meant to prevent chafing so they won’t even be seen, while knee-high socks are meant to keep the calf warm and offer some support to the leg.

Then, there are transparent socks or pants socks which you need when you wear pants, obviously. These are mostly flesh-colored and are suitable for all types of shoes, including high-heels.

And let’s not forget about thick woolly socks meant to be worn with boots during winter.


Nylons stockings

The term nylons can be pretty confusing, as in some parts of the US it is used to refer to pantyhose or even stockings.

However, the term nylons date back to the post-war era when this type of hosiery became widely available.

The first nylons were made of exactly that – nylon, a type of synthetic fiber invented by the DuPont company.

Back then, nylons only went to mid-thigh level, and women wore them with a garter belt, sometimes called a suspender belt.


female legs in black nylon pantyhose

Pantyhose are probably one of the best inventions known to women.

Basically, a pantyhose is a type of stockings that terminates with panties, which is great since it eliminates the need to wear a garter belt.

Pantyhose come in various densities of the fabric, with 5-15 den meaning a sheer material, while 80 – 100 den means an opaque material.

As a matter of fact, opaque pantyhose are almost as thick as tights.

Pantyhose come in many colors and they don’t need to match your skirt or dress.

Actually, if you’re wearing a black dress, you’d better choose sheer pantyhose to create a bit of contrast.

8. Footwear

different types of footwear

You can write whole books trying to describe the various types of footwear and still have many things left to say.

Footwear refers to practically anything used to protect the feet. If it has a sole and it’s somehow attached to the foot, that’s footwear.

There are dozens of different types of footwear for men and a whole lot more for women.

And then you have sports shoes, which can be worn by both men and women.

Some types of shoes or sandals are more about comfort, but most of them are all about style, as they’re an important part of your outfit.

9. Activewear / Sportswear

Sportswear couple running across the bridge

Over the past few decades, people have become more interested in sports, as they understand the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

This led to a whole new industry, sportswear dedicated to the masses, not just a handful of athletes.

You have various types of shorts, T-shirts, hoodies, tennis shoes, running shoes and that’s referring to clothing.

But you also have accessories, like headbands or armbands, or even wallets dedicated to the athlete who’d rather keep his keys around in a wrist pouch than carry any sort of backpack.

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10. Swimwear

Different types of swimwear and beachwear

As soon as the weather gets warm, women start thinking about bathing suits, beachwear, and the perfect bikini body, but that’s a completely different story.

There are two types of beach-goers, those who care about comfort and protection against dangerous UV rays, and those who only care about what’s hot.

In terms of swimwear, not in terms of weather, obviously.

Some women prefer one-piece bathing suits, while others won’t wear anything other than a bikini.

Color is important, too, but what matters most is the style and here you can have an extraordinary number of choices.

Let’s have a look at the most common types of swimwear.


Woman bikini types collection

As incredible as it may seem, bikinis are a very modern invention.

The first two-piece bathing suit was created only in 1946 and it created quite a stir, as conservatives thought it was way too revealing.

Luckily, film stars like Brigitte Bardot or Raquel Welch helped the skimpy outfit gain traction and today you can wear it without raising any eyebrows.

Traditionally, the two pieces needed to match, but today it’s allowed to mix items from different bikini sets.

Some women still prefer classical bikinis, but thongs are also quite popular.

One-piece bathing suits

one-piece black bathing suit.jpg

This type of bathing suit remains quite popular as many women feel it suits them better.

A one-piece bathing suit does a better job at covering your tummy, which is a smart choice if you haven’t been to the gym in ages.

And, the modern bathing suit is nothing like your grandma used to wear.

It can be very stylish and have various cutouts, either on the back or on the sides.

The only downside is that such a suit takes ages to dry, so make sure to pick something in a thin fabric.

Tank top bathing suits

Tank top bathing suits

This type of bathing suit is also known as a tankini.

The lower part is just like a regular bikini, but the upper piece looks more like a tank top than a bra.

There are various types of tank top bathing suits.

Some have a rather short top, while others reach practically to the bikini.

The tops can be fitted or loose.

The latter is best for hiding the tummy without looking like you’re trying to do that.

Beach cover-ups

brunette woman in black stylish swimwear wearing sunglasses, trendy accessories, beach cover up

When you walk from your hotel to the beach or the pool, do you go around in your bathing suit?

Not if you want to look stylish!

Beach cover-ups refer to the various light dresses created specifically for this purpose.

These dresses are mostly short and translucent.

They can be made of cotton, linen, silk, lace, or synthetic fibers and they’re definitely the kind of dresses you could wear in town, as they’re very revealing.

Beach cover-ups serve to keep the sun from your skin, while still allowing you to parade your new bikini and your well-toned midriff.


girl in pink swimsuit

Technically, the term swimsuit encompasses all types of bathing suits, but lately, it’s been used to refer mostly to those specifically created to hide a tummy bulge.

Such bathing suits offer various types of body modeling, from fine mashes and underwires to flatten the stomach to pleats and other sartorial tricks to disguise a fuller body.

On the outside, they look exactly like a regular bathing suit and no one will know your secret.

Even bikinis can help you appear slimmer if they have high-waist bottoms and a thick elastic band.


woman in wetsuit and sunglasses with surfboard

Wetsuits are a type of swimwear that offers thermal protection for those who swim in cold water.

Surfers and people who practice other types of water sports can also wear these insulated wetsuits.

Typically, a wet suit covers the whole body from the neck down to the ankles, although there are some that only go to the mid-thigh level.

Wetsuits need to fit snugly because if they allow the water in they’re practically useless.

They are made of neoprene and they are fastened with zippers, either on the front or on the back.


girl wearing a white bathrobe

When you get out of the water, reaching for a soft bathrobe is the most natural thing in the world.

You normally do that at home, but you’ll like it even more at the beach where the slightest breeze can send chills down your spine when you’re all wet.

These bathrobes are made of moisture-absorbing cotton, but they don’t need to be as plain as the one you have at home.

Beach bathrobes can come in any color and, to make you stand out, you should look for something with a funny beach-themed print.


Leotards clothing

Bikinis are nice, but not very useful when you want to do more at the beach than just lounge on your chair sipping cocktails.

Leotards created specifically as beachwear are a one-piece suit, just like those used by ballerinas and gymnasts.

They’re made of light fabrics that dry easily, so you can use them to swim, but also do many other things, like yoga on the sand or for a game of beach volleyball.

While a gymnast’s leotard is usually plain, in a solid color, those meant for the beach are very colorful, with floral or summer-themed prints.


Woman in black bikini and sarong walking on beach

A sarong is a light gauzy shawl meant to be wrapped over your bikini bottoms.

They’re very useful in all situations where you might feel a bit too exposed, like when you’re wearing thongs and you’re dying for a cappuccino at the beach bar.

Typically, sarongs come in bright beautiful prints and they should have at least one color that matches your bikini top.

A sarong, sometimes referred to as a pareo, can be short, just covering your thighs or it can reach down to the ankles.

The best fabric for sarong is chiffon, but you can also have one in lace or silk.

11. Formal Wear

Special occasions require special clothing.

Even if your closet is full of beautiful dresses when you’re invited to a dinner gala or some other fancy event you need to wear a formal dress and match your accessories carefully.

The same goes for men who are usually required to wear a tuxedo or something equally formal.

The fabrics need to be high-quality and the prints need to be very tasteful.

You need to avoid jarring colors or large flower prints.

As for the shoes, men should wear their best leather ones, while for women stilettos are the norm.

Cocktail Dresses

women in short summer dresses are sitting and drinking cocktails in the cafe garden

Cocktail parties count as semi-formal occasions since they’re held in the late afternoon, not in the evening, and there are drinks and appetizers served.

Naturally, a dress suitable for such an occasion is less formal than an evening dress.

Cocktail dresses typically go down to knee-length or just a bit above the knee.

Also, they need to be figure-hugging, at least in the upper part.

The skirt can be large, but not very large.

Just enough to allow you to move freely.

Most cocktail dresses are sleeveless or have short off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Long sleeves are allowed if the dress is made of exquisite fabric with lace trimmings or exquisite embroidery.


woman in red fluttering gown

Evening formal occasions require long gowns, preferably sleek and figure-hugging.

An elegant evening dress should be made of lace, sequins, or satin silk.

A high slit is perfectly all right if the skirt is also tight.

A woman needs to be able to move gracefully after all.

Since it’s a long dress, there need to be some elements to differentiate the top from the skirt otherwise it will look a bit boring.

For instance, you can have it decorated with sequins or the gown ending in a lacy see-through part, which is great to show off your legs.

Smoking jacket

man dressed in a classic smoking jacket and bow tie

You probably won’t be allowed to smoke at a fancy evening party, but a smoking jacket is perfectly acceptable if you don’t want to wear a tuxedo.

Smoking jackets are considered semi-formal, therefore suitable for a cocktail party, but not a high-brow fundraiser.

This type of jacket can be single or double-breasted and the fabric can have colorful floral prints.

Well, not overly colorful, but blue or burgundy are very good colors for such a jacket.

Typically, smoking jackets have a shawl collar, turn-up cuffs and are worn with a bow tie.


man wearing a blue tuxedo

When you’re invited to a black-tie event, that means you’re required to wear a tuxedo, which is a very elegant three-piece suit.

The only acceptable colors are black and blue, preferably dark blue.

The coat of the tuxedo is usually single-breasted with just one button keeping it closed.

If left unbuttoned, the coat will reveal a fitted vest in the same fabric.

For an elegant finish, the lapels, which are never wide, should be made of satin.

A tuxedo is usually worn with a white shirt and a black bow tie.


man in business suit

Suits are a bit more relaxed than tuxedos but still formal.

If it’s an important occasion, a three-piece suit is the norm, but for semi-formal events, a two-piece might work, provided it looks impeccable.

If you’re going to a festive occasion like a wedding or a prom, the suit doesn’t need to be black.

You can choose a light blue, green, light grey, or burgundy one.

The shirt still needs to be white, but the bow tie doesn’t have to match the color of your suit.

Sometimes a bit of contrast is very classy.

12. Workwear & Uniforms

Some workplaces or educational institutions require a certain uniform or specific work apparel, used for protection or hygiene reasons.

While most people don’t really like uniforms, they do wear them with pride if they indicate they belong to a reputable organization.

Also, when you’re required to wear some sort of uniform, at least you don’t have to worry about what to put on.

Let’s have a look at the most common types of workwear and uniforms.


woman wearing stylish outfit with black faux leather pinafore dungaree mini dress

A pinafore is a protective garment used in certain work environments.

A pinafore should cover the front of the body completely, but the back is usually open.

This type of garment is sleeveless and has two holes for the arms.

It is usually tied at the back of the neck and around the waist.

Depending on the job requirements, the pinafore can be made of plain fabric or it can be made of a water-resistant material.

Modern pinafores might have a bib, a full apron, and crisscrossed back straps.


waiters and waitresses standing in apron in cafeteria

An apron is a sort of pinafore without a bib. It’s basically just a piece of cloth tied at the waist, covering the lower part of the body.

This type of garment is useful when you don’t want to stain your clothes.

Cooks usually wear an apron, both for hygiene reasons and to protect their clothing.

In certain jobs, aprons also have a pouch or pockets used to hold additional tools.

School uniforms

Group Of Teenage Students In Uniform Outside School Buildings

Many educational institutions around the world have a dress code.

Sometimes this merely indicates the type of clothing deemed acceptable, but some schools have their own uniform.

In many cases, the uniform is just a coat with the school emblem on it, but students might also be required to purchase special vests, pants, or skirts.

School uniforms are usually in somber colors, which have the advantage of being dirt-resistant.

In very strict schools, the dress code also includes the type of shoes or head-coverings the students are allowed to wear.


Man dressing in White Coverall Suit with Hood

Coveralls are full-body suits worn in certain work environments.

They are made of tough materials and serve to protect the normal clothes underneath from stains or accidents involving acids or toxic chemicals.

Usually, coveralls have various pockets to hold utensils and tools.

In certain cases, people also need to wear hardhats and protective gloves.

Meanwhile, the term overalls refer to a pair of pants with a bib, fastened with over-the-shoulder straps.

Since it’s a very comfy garment, overalls have made their way into fashion and are worn by both men and women on casual outings.

Military clothes

soldier with rifle in full gear military clothing

Military uniforms serve two purposes.

A fancy uniform serves to tighten the bonds between the men that belong in the same army, it’s a means of identifying themselves as brothers in arms.

On the other hand, military clothes have a practical purpose.

They’re made of resistant fabrics and are guaranteed to keep soldiers protected against the elements.

Uniforms with additional belts and pockets allow soldiers to store reserve ammo and other military equipment they might need at hand.


blonde girl in romper

A romper suit is a two-piece set consisting of a shirt and shorts.

This type of adult clothing derives from the onesies worn by toddlers.

This type of garment is very useful for adults who have to engage in lots of physical activity and don’t want their movements to be hindered by long pants or sleeves.

Rompers need to be made of easily washable materials, so synthetic fibers are usually preferred as they’re more resistant and dry easily.

13. Sleepwear

Men and women nightwear and loungewear

The clothes you wear in bed need to be comfortable, that’s the most important thing.

Style is only a secondary concern when it comes to sleepwear.

Pajamas and nightdresses must be large enough so they don’t restrict your movements in any way.

Also, they need to be made of natural fibers, highly breathable, and moisture-absorbing.

Depending on what type of sleeper you are and the room temperature, sleepwear should be warm enough to keep you cozy or, on the contrary, light and airy.


girl in pajamas and socks

The term pajamas describe any type of two-piece item intended for sleep.

In most cases, pajama bottoms are long, but for summer one might use knee-high pants or shorts.

The pajama top can have long sleeves, but also short ones.

Sleeveless tops are only worn during summer. Pajamas can be made of various fabrics.

Cotton is often preferred, but winter sleepwear can also be made of jerseys or fleece.

If the temperatures allow it, one might also choose elegant silk or satin pajamas.


female in nightshirt sitting on bed

Nightshirts are a sort of long and large T-shirt meant for sleeping.

They are usually made of cotton and they can have all sorts of funny prints or quotes.

They are extremely comfortable as they leave the legs free and they allow you to keep cool under the blanket.

However, the number one reason women prefer this type of sleepwear is that they’re cute.

No matter how many nightshirts you might have when you find something that makes you smile you’re going to want to buy it.


Women wearing white nightdress & long sleeve satin robe with floral lace in the bedroom, A girl trying on new white nightwear for sleep.

This is a very loose term that refers to many different types of sleepwear.

A basic cotton nightshirt can qualify as a nightdress, but so will a frilly nightdress made of silk satin.

Some nightdresses have short sleeves, while others have thin shoulder straps.

In any case, a nightdress needs to be large enough to feel comfortable, and the fabric needs to feel soft against the skin.

If you have trouble getting to sleep you don’t want anything chafing or scratchy.


fashionable blue silk nightie

Nighties are sexy.

They’re still intended for sleep, but mostly for sleeping with someone, in which case you need to look hot.

Nighties are typically made of satin or silk, they’re very low cut and short.

One of the most popular types of nighties is the famous babydoll, which accentuates the cleavage.

Since they’re very short, nighties are often sold with matching panties, equally sexy.