Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress with a Denim Jacket

If you’re reading this article, then you are probably seeking information on how to wear a maxi dress with a denim jacket. Well, you’re in the right place, and I am going to be showing you 10 ways to wear a maxi dress with a denim jacket.

You can rock a maxi dress and a denim jacket in so many ways; with heels and a chic purse, with an oversized denim jacket and boots alongside your dress, or keep it chic with a belt and matching sandals.

I bet a picture is taking shape in your mind right now, so let’s get right into it and create beautiful combinations of a maxi dress, denim jacket, and just the right accessories to get things going. 

Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress with a Denim Jacket

10 Different Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress with a Denim Jacket

What you are about to experience is a list of maxi dresses with denim jacket outfits and styles that deserve to be on the pages of the biggest fashion magazines and the big screens. 

1. Maxi dress with an oversize denim jacket, boots, and a beret 

Throw an oversize denim jacket over your flowered or plain maxi dress, place a pair of beautiful black or brown boots on your feet, (depending on the color of your dress), and add a beret to the mix. 

What you get is a design that fits into the city category just as well as country, and screams classy from a hundred miles out. 

The oversized jacket and beret speak of an ageless fashion trend that you find everywhere; from the fashion runways in Paris to the streets of New York City. 

You can add a bag or purse, provided it matches with what you already have going on.

2. Maxi dress, decorated denim jacket, sneakers, and a cross bag

Decorated denim jackets are not as common as plain denim, but I cannot help but love them because they are both feminine and elegant. 

A decorated denim jacket best matches a plain maxi dress without patterns and designs to avoid getting all the patterns in a riot.

So, top your plain dress with a decorated jacket, put on a pair of sneakers that match the jacket, and then a cross bag that matches your dress. 

Alternatively, you can have the bag and sneakers matching, whether or not they are the same color as the dress and jacket. Just ensure that you have your colors blending right and you’re stylish to go.

3. Maxi dress with a black denim jacket, heels, and a cowgirl hat 

Picture this: A plain, patterned, or flowery maxi dress with a black denim jacket coupled with a black, white, or nude cowgirl hat. Now, you could add cowgirl boots for a country vibe, but that’s quite expected.

What is unexpected is adding heels to the combination to get a beautiful ensemble that will turn heads and get people taking notes. 

If you saw Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala, then you know that the ‘Wild, Wild West’ inspired fashion comprising of a denim jacket, a dress, cowboy hats, and hells, is worth a million and one compliments. 

Keep the necklace and earrings simple or bold, depending on the occasion.

4. Layered denim jacket, sports sandals, and belt with a maxi dress

Whether you have a plain, flowery, or patterned dress, you can create a simple and beautiful feminine outlook when you pair a layered denim jacket with a belt and a pretty pair of sandals. 

Nude belts and sandals are usually the go-to colors, especially when dealing with a black or white maxi dress.

However, there’s no restriction on the color of the belt and sandals you can use, depending on your dress color.

The belt can either clinch the upper-waist area of your gown or hang loose on your waist in a lazy fashion. Whatever the case, your jacket will have to be unbuttoned to avoid covering the belt.

5. Buttoned-up blue denim jacket with flat shoes and a shoulder bag 

Nine in ten denim jackets and maxi dress combos have the jackets unbuttoned. How about creating a smashing buttoned-up combination that’ll make a beautiful difference?

The best way to match a buttoned-up jacket with a maxi without looking stuffed is to work with a jacket that isn’t as long as the regulars, as well as a maxi dress that isn’t all flair from the chest down. 

Pair a short, buttoned-up jacket with a straight or partial flair dress, add a flat shoe to the mix with a medium-sized shoulder bag and you’re off.

Feel free to change the flats to heels if an occasion requires that you dress up.

6. White denim, white heels, and bold earrings with a maxi dress 

Have you seen how white denim brings an attire to life? Whether you’re wearing a bright-colored dress like pink or blue or on the darker end with a green or even brown maxi dress, white denim fits perfectly.

The regular black and white can seem a little boring, so keep the gown colorful and you’ll have more of an effect. 

The earring should be large and colorful; either as brilliant as the color of your dress, or another bright color that matches your ensemble.

 If you have a matching necklace, feel free to throw it in, provided you leave the jacket unbuttoned to display it.

7. Short denim jacket, platform sandals, and a scarf

If you own a maxi dress that starts out slim and bulks up around the waist, the perfect denim jacket to use is one that stops right before the point where your gown flows out.

Probably the length of a crop top, you can button the jacket without it getting in the way of your dress. 

Create a fancy neck piece with a scarf that matches your dress. You can either lift your collar, tie the scarf underneath and then drop the collar or tie the scarf directly on your neck.

Add your pair of platform sandals in nude or any color you prefer to give the dress a lift.

8. Short sleeve denim jacket, sandals, and bracelets

When you dress up with a short sleeve jacket, it is the perfect opportunity to go all out with accessories on your hands. Multiple or stacked bangles are the way to go, and they can go as high up as you want them to.

A dark or light blue denim is up for the choice, depending on the color of your dress.

Also, the more colorful the bangles/bracelets, the more attention you draw to your hand. Colorful bracelets work as well with flowery dresses as they do with plain ones, so don’t be scared to try that out.

Your sandals can be flat or have a tiny platform depending on your preference.

9. Puff-sleeve denim jacket, leather boots, and leather purse

Way to go unique with the not-so-common, very unique puff sleeve denim jacket on your maxi dress. The puff sleeve can be as large as you want it to be.

It also helps to consider how big your dress is when choosing the puff size on your sleeve.

Take your bold appearance up 5 notches with high leather boots and a leather purse to match.

Nude or black boots are always preferred, as they match whatever color of the dress you’re wearing.

A maxi gown with a slit is the best option for this combo to ensure that your boots create the effect that they aim to. 

10. Distressed denim jacket, white booties, and sunglasses on a floral dress

Deliver a laid-back, yet classy vibe to your floral maxi when you add distressed denim and booties together. Throw on your sunglasses and you are the perfect cool chic with a sense of style that is easy, yet desirable.

You can go with black booties if you opt for black distressed denim; otherwise, white booties are perfect for blue denim, especially in light shades. 

Whether you’re attending a down-the-street event or you’re going to a full-blown party, this ensemble rocks just enough to go both ways.

If you’re ditching the sunglasses because of time and weather, you can do a hat and see how that checks out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; 10 ways to look amazing with a maxi dress and a denim jacket. 

Thanks to the variety of denim jackets out there, you can explore your preferred style; whether you have the layered jacked, the sleeveless, or even the retro puff-sleeve jacket. 

The right boots, sandals, or sneakers are the perfect pairing for a killer maxi and denim outfit, but a well-matched accessory is the icing on the cake.

I absolutely love how you can go from casual; with a short sleeve denim jacket, sandals, and bracelets, to an all-out fashionista with an oversize Denim Jacket, Boots, and a beret, with the same maxi dress.

Never be scared to go bold and dress differently than you usually do.

I hope you loved these maxi dresses with denim jacket outfits and styles, and you’ll be trying some out the next time you have the chance to.