What Color Pantyhose to Wear with Navy Dress?

A very popular question is what color pantyhose/tights/stockings work well with navy dress pants? Experts believe that it’s fashionable to wear sheer to semi-sheer pantyhose for navy dresses or pants. The color of the undergarment can be either natural skin tone (i.e., nude) or the same color as the dress, however, in most cases, it’s better to stick with a neutral color rather than the same color of the dress.

What color pantyhose to wear with royal blue dress?

Best pantyhose colors suited for wearing a navy dress are: black, navy, gray, red, white, or nude.

What Color Pantyhose to Wear with Navy Dress

Black Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

If you’re going to pair a navy dress with black pantyhose, make sure that the hue of your hose is darker than the dress so as not to clash.

Black tights go great with all skin tones and also look good with dark dresses like red or purple chiffon.

Another option for black hosiery with navy dresses is opaque cream-colored pantyhose.
white tights are a classic choice when it comes to pairing it up with any shade of blue – bright, pastel, dark, or medium-toned blue.

When combined together, white shoes will also help them stand out subtly among the other colors in your outfit if your dress is mostly navy blue.

Navy Blue Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

Navy blue pantyhose looks very beautiful with navy dresses. Navy blue dress is a very popular color, and it’s been in the fashion for years. In the winter season, navy blue pantyhose looks so good with dresses that have navy as the primary color.

A perfect navy blue pantyhose would be one that has enough length to cover your legs from knees to ankles, while still enable you to walk comfortably without falling.

The thickness of the hose should also be considered because during the summer period hosiery can make your legs sweaty and uncomfortable. A pair of thigh-high stockings work well with this outfit if you need extra coverage for shapely legs.

Do not forget to choose stilettos for your navy blue dress shoes because they will help you walk better especially when your ankle has been covered by the hosiery.

Another point you have to remember is that if the dress you’re wearing does not match well with navy pantyhose, then it’s better for you to avoid using a hose at all. It can be very frustrating when parts of your outfit do not go together as one perfectly matched pair.

Gray Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

Gray pantyhose goes well with a navy dress because both colors are neutral and will not detract from one another.

This is a stunning combination because it gives you a sense of class without being overbearing. You can dress this up with heels or dress shoes, or you can keep it casual by adding flats.

Also if you are looking for a very professional look and want to rock gray pantyhose with navy dresses, try on some flat pearl earrings that go well with your outfit.

You can also wear a matching scarf to tie the look together. A nice watch will complete this sophisticated look by adding the finishing touches.

Red Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

The most common pantyhose color to wear with the navy dress is red. Red pantyhose will give a more sophisticated and sexy look. In case you want to go for something less noticeable, this combo looks great in combination with gold jewelry or accessories as well!

Another idea is wearing a darker shade of red tights which nicely matches the dark blue tone in your outfit while still giving that pop of color on your legs and feet! If you add some glitter to it… It will definitely make heads turn at any event!

White Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

White pantyhose with a navy dress is a nice combination of colors that can be used all year long. The white color gives the legs a fresh appearance while the navy blue dress makes you look sexy and appealing.

This color combination looks well on any complexion because it will enhance your beauty in some way shape or form making you look even more elegant and exquisite than before this was worn!

It is perfect for women that have a medium to light skin complexion with a little bit of tan. It will also look good on those with dark skin tones too!

Women who are tall in height and weight can wear this color combination as well because it will make them even taller and skinnier, yet at the same time they don’t need to be skinny because some plus size dresses or clothes will make you look larger than what you really so keep this mind.

This outfit is best suited for special events like debutante balls, cocktail parties, art galleries openings, luncheons, dinners, and so on!

It is a classy color combination that you can wear to formal events, but it also looks fabulous for day wear because of the lighter colors being worn. It is one of those outfits that you will get tons of compliments on!

The nice thing about white pantyhose with the navy dress is that it goes well with almost any kind of shoes whether they are high heels, mid heels, or low heels.

Nude Pantyhose With Navy Dresses

The color of your hose should match the skin tone on your legs, not the skin tone of your face. You may also want to consider wearing nude pantyhose or stocking with your navy dress if you are feeling too insecure wearing the above colors on your legs.

The best thing to do for this question is to experiment with different colors of the hose until you find the one that works best for you.

What Color Stockings to Wear with Navy Dress

Types of Pantyhose to Wear with a Nave Dress

There are two popular options when choosing pantyhose: sheer or opaque. Sheer hosiery will help make your legs look more slender and your skin tone more flawless, while an opaque pair will offer a little bit more coverage and stretch. It’s up to you which one looks better on you, but it’s important not to choose a color that contrasts too much with the hue of the dress so as not to take away from its rich color scheme.

If you decide to go with a sheer pair, you can choose any color from dark skin tones to medium or light skin. A solid opaque will look better if you have lighter skin and a patterned opaque will be great if your skin is darker. If you’re not sure which pantyhose color is right to complement your dress.


The best pantyhose colors to wear with a navy dress are black, navy, or nude. Black and navy will complement the color of your dress while nude creates a more natural look. If you want something flashy, try red or white tights which can really make your legs stand out in photos!

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