What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black Dress to a Wedding

Do you have a black dress that you are going to wear to an event and you want to know what shoes it can be matched with?

In this article, you will find what color shoes to wear with a black dress to a wedding.

A wedding is a perfect occasion to put on that black dress that you love. Black is a standard color for wearing a dress, being considered a woman’s best friend.

The “little black dress” or LBD is the most popular choice among women who are going to attend a wedding or special occasion.

The only thing you need for a little black dress is the right type of shoe that will make you look spectacular.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black Dress to a Wedding

Here are the top color shoes to pair with a black dress for a wedding:

  1. Black Shoes
  2. White Shoes
  3. Pink Shoes
  4. Nude Shoes
  5. Silver Shoes
  6. Red Shoes
  7. Blue Shoes
  8. Green Shoes
  9. Leopard Print Shoes
  10. Yellow Shoes

Best Shoe Colors to Pair with a Black Dress for a Wedding


It should come as no surprise that this color is the first one on this list. That is because it is the most simple and obvious choice for a black dress.

While some women believe that this combination would be too much, I think that the right dress together with the right pair of shoes will create a gorgeous outfit for you that will be perfect for a wedding.

Depending on the season, you can match the black formal dress with a pair of stiletto shoes or a pair of black sandals with thin straps for the occasions that take place in the summer or you can opt for a pair of black mules if the event takes place in the cold season.


While many would think that this is not an acceptable choice for a wedding, I can assure you that wearing white shoes with a black dress would be a great choice.

It is true that you should avoid wearing a white dress to a wedding, unless you have a specific dress code, but wearing a pair of white shoes or choosing a white purse would do no harm.

The white color will allow the dress to speak the most and will allow you to wear brighter accessories or jewelry.

If you prefer to keep things monochrome, the black dress with a pair of white shoes offers a strong contrast. Nevertheless, the black dress will still be the star of the outfit.


This color is for all those girls that still love a black dress, but also want to add a little bit of color to their outfit.

Whether we are talking about baby pink, neon pink, or fuchsia pink, this color is definitely a great choice for a black dress.

It will help you create a bold outfit that will make you look elegant, chic, and fashionable.

A black dress, no matter how simple it is, will be put in a good light, if you choose to wear a pair of pink shoes.

Pink is a color full of life, which adds brightness and energy to your clothes, contrasting the intense black of the dress. Opt for such a non-trivial outfit!


Without a doubt, one of the best ideas for matching the black dress is with nude shoes. Invest in such a pair of shoes because you won’t regret it.

Whether it is a pair of stilettos or sandals, a pair of nude heels will be perfect for a wedding.

What is great about choosing a pair of nude shoes is that these shoes will let the dress stand out, without drawing attention away from it.

The neutrality of the nude color gives it a good advantage, making it perfect to combine with the black dress.

Many women like them so much because even though they are very simple, they can still tone down the black of the dress and add some color to the whole outfit.

If you want to add some sparkle to your outfit, add some jewelry.


The perfect choice if you think your dress is too simple and you want to add more sparkle to your outfit. If you want to look glamorous and turn heads, metallic shades are for you.

Silver complements very well with black and highlights your appearance. The contrast between silver and black can make you look like a star if you opt for a black dress.

Silver shoes are the most versatile pieces of footwear.

Choose silver shoes if you want to dress up your black dress because this combination will turn heads.

The reason why many women choose this color for their shoes is that as shiny as they are, they are also simple and elegant, creating a beautiful contrastive effect with the black dress.

Once worn, silver shoes tend to transform the entire outfit into a precious, very stylish, and feminine one. A great choice would be a pair of strappy sandals or stilettos for a wedding.


Another combination that will definitely draw attention. What shoes can be more suitable for a black dress? Red shoes of course!

Get that femme fatale look by wearing a pair of very high-heeled shoes and wear a sexy black dress to show off your curves! You will not go unnoticed!

Red shoes can make an outfit very elegant, bold, and confident or can take you to the other extreme if it is accessorized incorrectly, so be careful how you accessorize them.

Give a bold effect with a black cocktail dress and a pair of red stiletto shoes.

Wear satin shoes of dark red to give a bright and glam position because red is a sexy color that tends to steal the spotlight.


Imagine yourself dressed in a gorgeous, yet simple black dress and a pair of bright, royal blue. It is a combination that takes your breath away.

That is why it should not come as a surprise to the popularity of this combination.

A favorite choice of mine would be a pair of royal blue stilettos, with a metallic texture and a simple, long, black, satin dress. This combination is elegant, feminine, and very fashionable.

The blue color presents a wide spectrum of shades and each of them combines very well with a black cocktail dress.

Royal blue shoes and light blue shoes look charismatic when paired with black. Play with textures and colors and see what goes well with the black dress that you have in your wardrobe.


Another bold choice that you may wish to choose is green shoes. Green shoes are also an inspired choice if you want to break out of patterns.

You have many shades to choose from: from dark green shoes to pale green or mint ones.

In the later years, many women have decided to opt for a shoe in stronger and more lively colors, as opposed to plain colors, and what better alternative is out there than the green of nature?

This color will help you create an elegant, feminine, yet fresh combination, together with the black dress.

Whether it’s a pair of stilettos, sandals, flats, or any other type of shoe, take into account choosing green the next time you are buying shoes.

Leopard Print

The black dress goes very well with the animal print shoes.

They take the outfit out of the ordinary, adding a touch of sophistication and you can wear them to a formal event, such as a wedding, where you will definitely stand out.

If you are looking for more than a simple color for your shoes to match a black dress, then these are for you.

If you want to add a little color to your outfit, wear shoes with leopard prints. Why not try a combination of leopard-printed shoes with your black outfit?

There are so many shoes with wonderful leopard prints, and the colorful elements of the print will make a perfect contrast with your black dress.


Yellow is such a happy color and it will create such a contrastive combination together with your black dress.

Yellow shoes make us think of summer days, which is why adding a pair of yellow shoes to your black dress would be a perfect choice for a summer wedding.

And if the party also takes place in a setting close to the sea or a lake, then they can be a suitable option for the event in question.

Yellow shoes come in several beautiful shades, from pale yellow shoes to neon or mustard yellow, so if you think that yellow is too much and you are afraid it will ruin your outfit, rest assured that there are a lot of softer nuances from which you can choose.


I really hope this article helps you decide what color shoes go well with a black dress for a wedding reception and party and that it will help you decide what to wear at your next wedding.

Given the popularity that the little black dress has gained in the past years, it is no surprise that this is the first choice when deciding what to wear to an elegant event, such as a wedding.

Whether you decide to wear a pair of royal blue shoes, fuchsia pink, yellow, white, or even black shoes with your black dress, that should be based on your liking and your style.

So be sure to choose something in which you feel confident because this is what will make you shine!