What Color Shoes to Wear With a Cobalt Blue Dress

So, you have finally gotten that cobalt blue dress you have had your eyes on, and you can’t wait to wear it for the next occasion, but you’re wondering what color shoes to wear with a cobalt blue dress.

Interestingly, unlike what many people think, a good number of colors go with cobalt blue.

You can pair your dress with colors shoes like white, black, brown, silver, and even bright colors like pink and orange.

What Shoes to Wear With a Cobalt Blue Dress

For a bold statement look, you should go for brighter colored shoes like orange, red, and pink.

However, for a more toned-down appearance, especially for professional occasions, the nude shoe, brown, or black are great.

Silver and gold shoes are always perfect for cobalt blue dresses, and they look classy for any occasion.

Let’s now discover the best shoe colors to wear with a cobalt blue dress.

Unveiling the 10 best color shoes to wear with a cobalt blue dress:

  • Black Shoes
  • Brown Shoes
  • Nude Shoes
  • Silver Shoes
  • Gold Shoes
  • White Shoes
  • Navy Blue Shoes
  • Pink Shoes
  • Orange Shoes
  • Red Shoes

Top Best Color Shoes to Wear with a Cobalt Blue Dress

From the expected to the striking, here are the best shoe colors to wear with a cobalt blue dress. Watch out! Every color is so striking that you might be left wondering which one to pick!


The statement “black is beautiful” isn’t a cliché because black shoes can make just about any color of dress beautiful. 

Black shoes go with just about anything; talk about a universal color in every way, even in the world of fashion.

Black shoes blend with cobalt blue and other blue dresses perfectly without making it seem like you’re dressed down.

A pair of black shoes creates a striking contrast with your cobalt dress and leaves you looking polished and classy, especially if you opt for strappy heels or black pumps.

Your pair of black shoes can be as high or as low as you want them, depending on the length and style of your gown, and the occasion. 


Did somebody say brown? Yes. You can dress up in a cobalt blue dress and brown shoes and you will look beautiful!

The brown color is naturally toned-down, so you can wear it with a cobalt blue dress when you’re looking to create a casual and laid-back appearance. 

However, nobody says laid-back have to be boring; even brown shoes can rock, provided you wear them right. 

For instance, brown flats are simpler than brown strappy wedges and are perfect for everyday situations. Brown strappy wedges are a step up from there and are perfect for both work and occasions.

Brown leopard print ankle or knee boots are many steps up from the flats and strappy heels and are perfect for work, events, and occasions. 


The reason we have the saying ‘nude is the new black,’ is that there’s almost no color of cloth that doesn’t agree with the nude color.

Talking about another calm, yet versatile color, nude shoes go perfectly with cobalt blue dresses, and they’re one of the best shoes to wear with your dress.

This subtle, yet beautiful color is perfect for a vibrant cobalt blue because it creates an attractive combination and can suit any occasion. Whether flats or heels, nude shoes will always find their place with your dress.

You can pair your short cobalt blue dress with pointed nude heels or pumps. You can also wear nude strappy heels or small-heeled pumps or nude ankle boots with your dress.


Now, let’s turn up the notch a little and talk about the glamorous silver color that adds glitz to your cobalt blue dress with no effort. 

Silver shoes are the go-to shoes when you’re not particular about adding colors to your already-attractive blue dress, but you want to add shine to your overall appearance.

Silver heels or pumps deliver a great sparkle to your dress and will deliver a classy feel that never goes out of trend. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a party, silver shoes show up well.

For more comfort, you can wear silver flats or even sandals alongside your dress because you’ll still have the sparkle you need even when there’s no height effect.


We can’t talk about colors that look good with cobalt blue without mentioning the royal gold. You could stop at the glittering silver, or you could go bold with gold shoes alongside your dress.

Gold shoes are perfect for party appearances, but they can also look just as good at work. Gold heels look great both on maxi and medium-length dresses, so you can match them with a dress of any length.

Go with gold shoes for a statement appearance alongside your cobalt dress and look classy and stylish without any effort.

A gold shoe and a gold purse are always the perfect pair to go with your cobalt blue dress. You can also throw some accessories into the mix.


Do you want to liven up the energy of your cobalt blue dress on the next occasion? White is arguably the best color of shoe to help you do that. It delivers a clear, cool, yet lively appearance.

White shoes are arguable as universal as black, but not many people like to own white shoes. If you’re one of them, then you can try ivory shoes. Their slightly off-white nature will deliver a good feel with a gray edge to them. 

Turn heads at the next party with white pumps or thigh-high boots and a midi cobalt blue dress.

Go all classy and graceful with white or ivory heels alongside a maxi dress. White shoes always turn up stylish at every event.

Navy Blue

Navy is one chic color that can be tricky to combine with bright colors, but tricky isn’t impossible, and with the right approach, you can make it work. 

Navy shoes will go well with the right kind of cobalt dress. What’s the right kind? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

A knee-length cobalt dress is perfect for two kinds of navy shoes; a pair of navy loafers or navy pumps. You can also rock your midi cobalt blue dress with open-toe navy pumps for a statement-making ensemble.

Don’t turn away from navy heel sandals because they can look great both on short or long cobalt dresses. However, the beauty is often more striking on shorter dresses than on longer ones.


Let’s turn it up and make it pop by bringing pink onto the scene at this point. If you’re not scared to pair two bold colors and watch them play, then you will absolutely love this pink and cobalt blue combination. 

Pink and cobalt blue are not out of the ordinary as you might think; after all, pink and blue have been paired together from time immemorial. So, try it out and you’ll see how great a pair they make! 

Throw in a bright pink shoe, preferably heels, with your cobalt dress, and add one or two other representations of the pink color so it doesn’t stand alone.

However, don’t want to go too heavy on the pink color to avoid a clash.


Since we’re on the topic of lovely bright colors, let’s talk about the oh-so-vibrant orange shoes and how they look amazing with cobalt blue dresses.

Can orange shoes really blend with cobalt blue? Of course, both colors are complementary to each other, according to the color wheel, and you won’t know how well they go together until you see them side by side.

The orange and cobalt pairing is a bright, fun, bubbly one that’s most suitable for summer events, fun parties, and lively occasions.

It might be too vibrant and bright for a work environment, but perfect for festivities.

Orange heels are amazing with cobalt blue dresses, but orange flats are just as impressive.


We are wrapping up with the dynamic and majestic red color as a perfect pairing for your cobalt blue dress. 

Red and blue are no strangers to each other, but they become even better acquainted as they deliver an electrifying appearance when paired up.

A pair of red strappy heels on your maxi or midi dress is always classy, and even majestic, especially if you throw in a purse. 

Red always makes a statement, and you can expect it to be a dashing statement, especially when you match red boots and pumps with cobalt dresses.

Even red flats are not without dynamic charm when paired with your dress. They might be more comfortable but are just as stylish as heels.


There you have a list of the best shoe colors to wear with a cobalt blue dress. So, don’t think you are out of options because there’s a lot to explore and choose from.

You can keep things simple and sweet with shoes within color ranges like nude, black, and brown. You can also turn it a level higher with white, navy, silver, and gold shoes.

Or, you can go bold with pink, orange, or red shoes. I can assure you that you’ll love every one of these options once you give them a try.