What Color Shoes to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress

If you are uncertain about what color shoes to wear with your royal blue dress, keep reading to find more. Royal blue is definitely a color that will not go out of style soon.

As its name suggests, this type of color has regal associations, thanks to its historical connection to the British throne.

If pastel blue is calm and serene, royal blue makes us think of romance and luxury. Refined, elegant, and captivating, royal blue can be adopted in everyday outfits for a different and stylish look, being a color that you can rarely go wrong with.

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Royal Blue Dress

It is an elegant color and certainly one that will mesmerize everyone around you. However, many women are afraid to wear this color because they find it too bold and because they do not know what colors it can be combined with.

Here are some of the best color shoes that pair perfectly with a royal blue dress:

  1. Black Shoes
  2. White Shoes
  3. Beige Shoes
  4. Nude Shoes
  5. Gold Shoes
  6. Silver Shoes
  7. Brown Shoes
  8. Red Shoes
  9. Royal blue Shoes
  10. Green Shoes

Best Color Shoes to Pair with a Royal Blue Dress


A classic that will never go out of style. It should not come as a surprise that the black color pairs perfectly with this elegant color. Black shoes should be in every girl’s wardrobe.

They can be useful when there is no time to think about the image because black shoes can combine with almost anything.

No matter the type of shoe that you decide to choose, a pair of black high heels will never disappoint you.

This color will allow you to highlight more the royal blue color of your dress because of the simplicity of the shoes.

Whether you opt for a pair of high heels, boots, or flats, make sure you choose a simple pair of black shoes.


White shoes – a practical option to dilute the blue brightness. White can be very tame but it is also bright and can easily become the central element in an outfit.

However, white shoes are a perfect fit for a royal blue dress because while they will bring a splash of brightness to the outfit, they will also preserve the attention of the royal blue.

When it comes to options available here, you will find endless types of shoes in white. Opt for a pair that is appropriate for your occasion, whether it’s stilettos, pointed flats, high heels with straps, high heel boots, and so on.

Have fun with your choice and make sure you feel confident in your outfit. Nothing is more elegant than wearing that outfit with confidence.


Beige shoes are ideal for those who want to make their legs longer and slimmer. To achieve the effect of “perfectly thin legs”, it is necessary to choose a model with high heels.

Beige is such a common and simple color and I am sure you will not have a problem finding the pair of beige shoes that you like.

Beige shoes are perfect for all shades of blue, especially royal blue. This combination is a win-win.

This color has always been amongst the most popular choices for women when it comes to shoes, together with black.

This happens because it is a natural color that goes great with every type of dress and every type of color.


While most people believe that beige and nude are one and the same color, I am here to tell you that is not true.

Beige is the color that resembles the human’s skin the most, while the nude also has a splash of pink in it. Nevertheless, this color is another great option for you to match with your royal blue dress.

Whether you decide to opt for flat shoes or high heels, depending on your style and the occasion, this color will almost go unnoticed.

Choose the right nuance that matches your skin and you will be able to highlight your royal dress more than ever. Remember to have fun choosing your outfit and to wear it with confidence.


Maybe it’s not one of the most obvious choices for a royal blue dress, but if you manage to find a close shade to create the contrast, you can get an exceptional result.

If you want to exude simplicity, but at the same time look like a star, surely the golden shoes are for you.

Gold is a warm color, which creates a more contrasting effect when paired with a royal blue dress. Golden shoes are the perfect solution and the most romantic touch that can be added to a blue dress.

A great choice, in this case, would be a simple pair of high heels straps or stilettos. These types of shoes are simpler and will help you create a perfectly balanced outfit.


The silver shade in clothes and shoes is a gem in itself and a futuristic color associated with the cosmos, which makes it a perfect fit with the royal blue dress.

What do you think about pairing silver shoes with an elegant royal blue dress? It is a totally recommended and suitable look.

A royal blue dress with silver shoes is such a fabulous combination! Just like gold, this color will turn your outfit into a glamorous one, helping you create an outfit that is perfect for elegant events, whether it’s a wedding, a cocktail party, and so on.

Blue looks great with silver, so you can wear a simple metallic shoe or one with sequins if you want more shine and brightness.


Brown is the color of unconditional stability and solidity. It is necessarily present in any fashion collection.

Due to the abundance of shades, brown shoes can be chosen not only for any outfit but also for any mood. It is also a very safe choice.

If you are not sure what color to combine with your royal blue dress, choose the safe option and go for brown. You will not be sorry.

Calm and unobtrusive, this color can add charm and elegance to your image and, if you want, balance the brightness of your royal blue dress.

It may not be a popular choice like black and silver are, but I am sure you will manage to find a pair of high heels or suede ankle boots in brown that will save the day.


Red is a classic shade and goes great with royal blue outfits. Red is an attractive color that gives a note of confidence. You can wear red shoes with a royal blue dress to show style and passion.

Red is for strong women who know what they want and who are not afraid to grab a little attention. You certainly can’t go wrong in matching your royal blue dress with red shoes, even if it’s a very bold contrast.

Red is a vibrant color, being an excellent option for ladies who don’t like boring outfits. A classic choice would be the unforgettable pair of red stilettos that are the most popular choice for women, together with your royal blue dress.

Royal Blue

Of course, not everyone is bold, and if you want to go for a classic option with which you can be sure that you will not go wrong, choose a pair of royal blue shoes to accompany the blue dress.

The most famous is the combination of a royal blue dress with shoes of the same color.

Choose a pair of shoes in the same shade for your blue dress and you will definitely not go wrong with them.

A lady who chooses such a look will be charming and will look spectacular. However, don’t forget that it is important that the shoes have exactly the same shade of royal blue as the dress.


Now, this is a bold choice! I am sure many of you wouldn’t have thought of such a combination between green and royal blue.

However, the duo of green and royal blue is unmatched. Both colors complement each other perfectly.

Whether you are thinking mint, khaki, emerald, or celadon – green has many faces and I am sure you will be able to find the one that suits your outfit and your occasion.

If you decide to create this combination, try to keep an open mind and maybe ask for an opinion. It may not look like a good choice in the beginning, but I can assure you that you will have a glamorous outfit in the end.


If you are ever not sure in regards to what color shoes to wear with a royal blue dress, be sure to read this article again. I am sure you will find at least one choice that you can make.

Usually, when it’s time to go out or go to a party, we choose dresses in as neutral shades as possible, most of the time we choose the classic black dress because they are easier to match with a pair of shoes than other colors.

I suggest you be bold today and finally opt for that royal blue dress that you have and to wear it with confidence. You will definitely stand out in a world in black and white.

Even if it may seem more difficult to match with a pair of shoes you already have or are planning to buy, I am sure you will create an amazing and chic outfit by choosing one of the 10 colors mentioned above for your shoes.