What Color Underwear to Wear with White Pants?

Don’t you have a pair of white pants, but you don’t wear them because you don’t know what color underwear to wear with them?

Mostly, many of us have had this problem and that is why some women don’t even buy white pants.

But I don’t want you to be afraid I can provide 10 different colors for your underwear that would go great with your white pants.

However, I can assure you that white won’t be among them. I know this may surprise you, but white is as bad as black when it comes to white pants.

The white color of the panties will be like a reflector in the sun, and they will become very obvious, so you want to stay as far as possible from this option.

What Color Underwear to Wear with White Pants

Here is a list of 10 different colors of underwear to wear with white pants for a stealthy look:

  • Rose ash light
  • Peony pink
  • Ivory (color)
  • Raspberry cream (color)
  • Salmon (color)
  • Almond (color)
  • Beige
  • Dusty rose (color)
  • Pebble (color)
  • Caramel (color)

Rose Ash Light

This color is so warm and nice. It is a combination of pink with a splash of brown, giving it a vintage feel.

It goes great with almost every skin tone because it is a very neutral, yet feminine color. You could opt for any type of underwear, from thong to Brazilian, to classic.

Just make sure that the seam of the underwear is not visible through the pants. If so, I would recommend you to choose a pair of seamless underwear.

You make sure that it goes with your skin tone and that you feel comfortable in them.

Peony Pink

This color is so sweet. Just like the name says, it comes from peonies, which are a type of flower that has cupped bloom form with delicate pink petals.

Thus, this color is exactly that delicate pink of the peonies. Pink Peony is a mid-tone, bright, dusty rose-purple with a pink undertone.

A pair of control briefs or hipster would go great in this color. Again, pay attention to the white pants as well.

If they are too tight and you think the seam might be visible, then it is better to choose a seamless pair of underwear.

Also, since they are lighter and have a splash of pink, make sure that your skin tone matches this color. It is important that your skin matches the color of the underwear, not the other way around.


Ivory is a well-known color and very popular. It is created by combining white and beige in different proportions.

The name of the color comes from the tusk of the elephants, which are the long pointed teeth of the animal. Even if it has white in it, don’t worry that it will not go with white pants.

The combination of white with beige creates an off-white color, which has a yellowish tint in it, so it would not reflect the light as white does.

Before choosing this color for your underwear, make sure that it matches your skin tone because if your skin tone is darker, the color of the underwear might be visible through the pants.

Raspberry Cream

As the name points out, this color has the color of a raspberry, but it is softer. Usually, the raspberry has a color in which a deep purplish color is combined with red.

For the raspberry cream, this nuance is combined with white, green, and blue, creating a medium-light shade of pink-red.

Such a fresh and jazzy color would go great and would hide perfectly behind the white material of your pants.

The darker tone in it, from the deep purple and red, creates a perfect shade that goes great with every skin tone.

As far as the pattern of the underwear goes, I think that this color can be found easily in the pink/nude section. I would choose a plain model, without lace, because it may become too visible then.


I think that from this list, salmon might be the most popular one. As the name says, it is the color of salmon. This color is combined by mixing pink with a splash of orange.

Compared to the coral color, which has a deep red, combined with a pink-orange combination, the salmon color is more subtle and lighter because the red shade is missing.

This is a very beautiful and elegant color that complements almost every type of skin tone, especially with the fair and medium tones.

Salmon underwear also comes in many shapes and designs since they are a very popular color, so you have countless options here: from string to tanga, to high waist, or retro.


As you may have guessed, the almond color derives its name from the almond, which is a type of nut.

It is created by combining brown with white and a splash of pink, until you reach a light brown nuance, with buttery shades.

Compared to ivory, it is darker because of the brown color, but it is still light and perfect to wear with white pants.

Choosing a silk pair of underwear in this color will bring out the light shades and make them look very elegant and chic.

Almost all the skin tones go well with this color, but the best combination in regard to the skin tone is the medium skin tone. It pairs perfectly with the almond color since they are very similar.


Beige is a French word at origin and it originally meant natural wool, so this is where the color got its name.

Beige is described in many ways: from a pale, sandy color, to a grayish nuance combined with a shade of tan, to a light-grayish shade, mixed with a yellow-brown shade.

No matter which one you perceive as most accurate, beige is the result of a combination of yellow, gray, brown, white, creating a beautiful and warm color.

Only nude nuances are found in this shade, compared with the almond color which had also had a splash of pink.

This color is very popular as well and because of the neutral tones in its composition, I think it would go great with most skin tones. It also comes in many designs and patterns.

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is one of my favorite nude colors! It is so warm, fresh, and colorful that it is perfect for every occasion.

This color is obtained by combining red and gray on the color palette, resulting in a beautiful pink shade, with a note of gray in it.

The name ‘dusty’ comes exactly from the nuance of gray, making it a toned-down but elegant shade. Because of the gray shade in it, it goes very well with a cold undertone and a medium skin tone.

Some options for the underwear’s design are: maxi, control briefs, thongs, bikinis, and so on. Make sure it matches your skin and have fun choosing the design.


Pebbles are small stones that can be found around water or sand. The pebble color derives its name from the color that these small stones usually have and that is a light gray, combined in the end with a tint of brown and a splash of yellow, giving it a warm undertone.

It goes great with medium and fair skin color, with a cold undertone. The yellow color in it creates a nice combination that is not too dark and that would go unnoticed in the light of the sun, so don’t be worried about choosing this color.


The caramel color is so warm and beautiful. It is a combination of a light brown with a pale yellow, creating a softer, warmer brownish. It goes great with medium and dark skin tones.

I wouldn’t recommend this color for someone with a very light skin tone because it might create a strong contrast and the underwear might be visible through the white pants.

You have a lot of options concerning the type of underwear because this color is very popular and I’m sure you can find different shapes: bikini, thong, tanga, Brazilian, and so on. Go out and find the one perfect for you!

Conclusion on what color underwear to wear with white pants

Next time when you want to wear white pants, but are not sure what color underwear goes with them, think again. There are a lot of options out there, as you have read, and I’m sure you will come up with more!

Remember that it is important to not wear dark colors, such as black, purple, green, blue, red, and so on, not to wear underwear with bright colored patterns, such as dots, lines, drawings, and so on, and to never wear white underwear with your white pants.

I know that this may seem like you are left with only the nudes, but there are so many shades in this palette that I don’t think you will be left without options.

Remember, it is important to find the color that matches your skin tone, and not the way around, and to feel comfortable in them.

By doing this, I am sure you will look great in those white pants and you will have no worries about your underwear.