What Shirts to Wear with Overalls

Overalls are one of the most versatile pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. They are perfect for layering in any season, and you can style them in so many different ways. Depending on the type of overall you buy, they can be edgy or relaxed, casual or formal.

But that doesn’t mean they are an easy piece to style. In fact, some women struggle to find the right shirt to pair with their overalls. The combination of functional pockets, a high waistline, and extended length makes it challenging to find an everyday shirt that works well with an overall.

What Shirts to Wear with Overalls

Once you get past this initial hurdle, however, there are so many different combinations of overalls and shirts that you will find an excuse to wear them together again.

Here are the top 10 picks of shirts for wearing with overalls:

  1. Chore shirt
  2. T-shirt
  3. Polo shirt
  4. Crew neck t-shirt
  5. Button-up shirt
  6. Denim shirt
  7. Butterfly sleeve shirt
  8. One-shoulder top
  9. Tube top
  10. Boat neck shirt

Top 10 Best Types of Shirts to Wear with Overalls

Chore Shirts

Chore shirts are workwear-inspired shirts that are both hard-wearing and functional. They are great to wear with both denim and chino overalls.

The pockets of the chore shirt make it a good functional match, while the colors and textures of the fabric provide a stylish contrast against the denim or chino fabric.

Chore shirts are available in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions. The colors and fabrics vary, but most are made of 100% cotton.

If you like the idea of wearing a chore shirt with your overalls, but you don’t like the colors or patterns, you can always use a patterned overall and a plain, neutral-colored chore shirt.


A short-sleeved T-shirt is the most casual shirt that you can wear with your overalls. A T-shirt is the best shirt to wear when you are in an informal setting.

It is an unstructured, casual piece that you can wear with anything and everything. It is the easiest way to turn your overalls into a casual look.

You can dress the T-shirt up or down depending on the overalls you pair it with. Wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of jeans overalls is a very casual and relaxed look.

You can make it more formal by pairing it with a pair of chino or linen overalls. You can also dress it up with different accessories, such as hats or jewelry.

Polo Shirt

A classic polo shirt is a perfect shirt to wear with a pair of denim overalls. It is a casual and relaxed way to style your overall.

Most people think of golf when they think of polo shirts, but you can wear them in a wide variety of settings and styles.

A polo shirt in a light blue color is the perfect color to pair with blue denim overalls. You can also wear a polo shirt in white, black, or gray with denim overalls.

You can also wear a polo shirt with chino overalls, but you may want to go with a heavier fabric.

Polo shirts work best with overalls when you pair them with casual shoes, such as sneakers, slip-on shoes, or canvas shoes.

Crew Neck T-Shirt

Another simple and easy choice when it comes to what shirts to wear with overalls is the crew neck T-shirt.

You can wear a crew neck t-shirt with overalls in a number of different ways. One of the most common is to pair them together for a casual look.

Keep in mind that crew neck shirts are usually more casual and less formal than button-down shirts, so you’ll want to be careful about how you pair them with other items.

Choosing this type of shirt may be a great option for those hot days when you garden.

This will allow you to stay comfortable and will allow air to circulate and prevent your skin from getting stuck in between your overalls and shirt.

Button-Up Shirts

A button-up shirt is an essential piece of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It is a versatile piece that can be worn with almost anything and in any season.

There are many variations of button-up shirts to choose from, but most are longer than T-shirts and polo shirts.

That means they are the perfect shirt to wear with a pair of denim overalls. You can choose from many different types of button-up shirts.

You can wear a long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless shirt. You have many options when it comes to the fabric of the shirt, although cotton is the most versatile.

Also, there are many choices available for patterns, such as a shirt with contrast sleeves, or even a striped shirt.

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are a popular item in many women’s wardrobes. They are stylish shirts made of denim fabric.

Denim shirts are great to wear with any type of overall, but they are particularly good with denim overalls.

You can pair a denim shirt with both long-sleeved and short-sleeved overalls. Besides the popular color blue, you will also find many other colors for denim shirts, such as black, white, gray, and so on.

Denim shirts can be worn all year round and in a wide range of settings. You can wear a denim shirt to work, to school, on a date, or just casually with friends.

They are versatile and stylish pieces that any woman can benefit from having in her wardrobe.

Butterfly Sleeve Shirts

A butterfly sleeve shirt is a long-sleeved, Asian-inspired shirt that has an exaggerated sleeve. It is a casual shirt that you can wear with a pair of overalls.

Butterfly sleeve shirts usually come in light and neutral colors. That means that they are the perfect shirt to wear with a pair of jeans overalls or a pair of chino overalls in a light color.

You can wear a butterfly sleeve shirt with both long and short overalls, but it looks best with long overalls.

It is a good casual look that is perfect for a day out with friends or to wear while lounging around the house.

You can wear a butterfly sleeve shirt to work, but it is not the most professional or appropriate shirt for the office.

One-Shoulder Top

A one-shoulder top is a trendy, revealing shirt that you can wear with a pair of denim overalls.

One-shoulder tops are usually long-sleeved shirts with one shoulder cut out and a wide open space on the side.

You can wear a one-shoulder top with overalls. One-shoulder tops are casual and revealing shirts that are best suited for informal settings.

They can be worn at night, but they are certainly not appropriate for the office.

It is a great shirt to wear when you want to turn heads and make a bold statement, so be sure to think about it in combination with your overalls.

It gives off a relaxed vibe and can even be used as a way to show off a tattoo on the shoulder.

Tube Top

A tube top is a short, revealing shirt that is similar to a one-shoulder top. It is a great shirt to wear on those hot days of summer because it is small and lets most of your skin breathe.

A tube top goes around your breast area and is fitted. You can wear a tube top with jeans or chino overalls.

Wear this tube top alone and throw the overalls over them or you can also add another shirt on top if you think this is too revealing.

Tube tops are a great way to show off your cleavage and to make sure that your overalls are staying up without falling down.

And it’s a perfect way to change things up from wearing a regular buttoned shirt underneath your overalls.

Boat Neck Shirt

A boat neck shirt is a long-sleeved shirt with a wide collar and a high round neckline. It is a classic shirt that you can wear with almost any type of overall.

Boat neck shirts come in many different colors and fabrics. You can wear a light or dark-colored shirt with a pair of denim or chino overalls.

You can also pair a shirt with a colored or printed overall. Boat neck shirts are casual shirts that can be worn in almost any setting.

They are perfect for everyday wear because they are simple and stylish.

Together with your overalls, this type of shirt will be able to create a casual and comfortable outfit that is perfect for many occasions.


These are the best type of shirts to wear with overalls, which shows you can wear overalls with virtually anything.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right attire for your overalls. The key here is to go for things that are both professional and casual.

You don’t want to go for something that resembles workwear, because that would be a major faux pas. On the other hand, you don’t want to go for something that looks too casual.

The options truly are endless when it comes to wearing overalls. You can wear them with or without a pair of boots, and you can dress them up or down depending on what you pair them with.

The best way to get into the right mood while wearing overalls is to pair them with a shirt that has an interesting pattern or color. That way, you can create a variety of different looks while wearing overalls.

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