What Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

If you have a great pair of ankle pants that are dying to be taken out, but you do not know what shoes would go great with them, then continue reading to find out. Ankle pants are described as pants with an ankle hem.

These pants, which are shorter than regular pants, can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. The traditional ankle pant is one of these essentials that are in style with today’s it-girls as well as those of tomorrow.

Wearing ankle pants is a great way to look chic, stylish, and sophisticated. However, it can be difficult to find the right shoes to wear with them.

What Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Here are some of the best pairs of shoes that will look great with ankle pants:

  1. Ankle boots
  2. Sneakers
  3. Flats
  4. Heeled sandals
  5. Wedges
  6. Slide sandals
  7. Oxfords
  8. Loafers
  9. Ballet flats
  10. Moccasins

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a great option for ankle pants. They’re comfortable, stylish, and they won’t rub your ankles raw as some other shoes can.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find a pair that goes with your pants.

Whether you’re wearing jeans or a dress, ankle boots are a classic shoe that can be paired with almost any outfit.

They look great when they’re worn with pants of all lengths and colors, so don’t hesitate to pull out the brown ones or the black ones when you need something to go with your new favorite pair of ankle pants!

If you want to add another layer to your outfit, try pairing your new ankle boots with some bold accessories like jewelry or scarves.


If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will match your ankle pants, then sneakers are the way to go. Sneakers are casual and comfortable, so they can be worn with almost any outfit imaginable.

For example, you could wear them with a pair of jeans or khakis. You could also wear them with shorts, skirts, and dresses.

They work well in both office settings and casual scenes like the park or the beach! If it’s nice out, then definitely consider wearing some sneakers through town!

Sneakers are a great option for ankle pants. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find a pair that goes with your pants.


Flats are the most versatile shoe to wear with ankle pants, and they’re also the easiest to walk in. These two qualities make them ideal if you find yourself running from meeting to meeting.

If your day includes a lot of walking, flats will ease your feet’s suffering at the end of it. They’re easy to put on and take off (compared with heels).

Again, this is useful for getting out of meetings quickly or when you need to run after an elevator before it closes!

Flat shoes offer both comfort and style: You can wear them with just about anything—they’ll go with everything from jeans to dresses, tights to leggings—and they’ll look great while doing so!

Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals are a great option for ankle pants. They’re comfortable, stylish, and they won’t rub your ankles raw as some other shoes can. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find a pair that goes with your pants.

Heeled sandals are the type of sandals that have the heel covered and have a strap that goes around the ankle for stability.

They are a great choice for summer, especially when you’re trying to keep your feet as cool as possible. You can pair them with ankle pants and look just as good at the office or out on the town.

They will allow your feet to breathe, but they will also look elegant and will make your legs longer.


You don’t have to wear heels to add height to your look; wedges are a good alternative. They come in all different styles, from flat wedge sandals to slightly higher wedges with ankle straps.

For the most versatility, choose a pair that has a small heel and is crafted with an open-toe silhouette.

Wedge sandals are great for any occasion because they can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and style preference.

If you want some height without wearing heels or even flip flops (because let’s face it—flip flops don’t always cut it), then wedges will give you that extra lift while still giving you comfort and flexibility at the same time!

Slide Sandals

The best shoes to wear with ankle pants are slide sandals. Slide sandals are perfect because they can be worn with your ankle pants, and they’re comfortable and stylish.

They have become very popular in the last few years because of how easy it is to take them on and off your feet and because they can be worn for longer periods of time and are still comfortable.

They go well with any outfit, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right one for you.

Even though you may think that they will not match your ankle pants, give them a try next time you decide to take a stroll around town. I am sure you will start to love them.


Oxfords are classic and stylish shoes that can be worn with many different outfits. In addition to being versatile, they’re also not too high, so they’re great for wearing with ankle pants.

They are available in many colors and designs and can be made of either real leather or a substitute for it. Choose the ones that fit your feet that are not too heavy and uncomfortable.

Oxfords are a great option if you’re looking for something a little more dressy. I like oxfords because they fit great and look sharp on my feet, but you might have your own set of preferences when it comes to shoes—you’ll have to try them on and see what works for you!


Loafers are casual shoes that can be worn with a variety of outfits, making them great for work, play, and everything in between.

They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile enough to pull off on almost any occasion. They are made from a light material that allows your feet to breathe and also allows you to wear them for a longer period of time.

Found in many colors, such as beige, black, brown, and so on, I am sure you will have no problem choosing the pair that matches your entire outfit, starting with ankle pants.

You might not expect it but loafers are appropriate for formal occasions such as weddings or job interviews—but you should always keep the rest of your outfit casual!

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are an excellent choice for ankle pants because they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and can be worn in a variety of settings.

They’re casual enough to wear with jeans or leggings and formal enough to wear with a dress or skirt. The lack of a heel means there’s less chance of you tripping over yourself when you’re out running errands in your heels, which is great news for those who suffer from chronic clumsiness like yours truly!

Choose a pair that fits your feet perfectly, is comfortable, and is made from a lighter material. As far as color goes, I am sure you will have no problem finding a pair of ballet flats that match your ankle pants.


Moccasins are a great choice for wearing with ankle pants. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and stylish. Plus, they can be worn with most colors of ankle pants.

There are moccasin styles that come in different heights (low or high) and colors (black or brown). The low-top style is perfect for work outfits because it’s not too casual but still looks good with dress clothes.

It’s also great if you want something more unique than the classic black or brown leather moccasin look—although those are both classics that never go out of style!

Choose this type of footwear if you are trying to create a more casual, laid-back outfit with your ankle pants. They are perfect for brunches, shopping, strolls around the town, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Not knowing what shoes to wear with your ankle pants can sometimes be annoying. However, these shoes to wear with ankle pants will definitely come in handy next time you are in a bundle.

From heeled sandals, ankle boots, and wedges, to sneakers, loafers, moccasins, and ballet flats, there is a choice for everyone here. I hope this post has inspired you to try a new pair of shoes with your ankle pants.

It’s a great way to mix up your look and feel like you have more options than just sneakers or heels.

The key is finding the right shoe and pant combo that works well together so they don’t end up looking too busy or like an accident. Play around with your options and see what comes out of them. You might be surprised by how good it looks.