What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress in Fall?

If you have for once wondered what shoes to wear with a maxi dress in the fall, wonder no more! Ankle booties, heels, ballet flats, floral clogs, and heels are some of the shoes you should wear with your maxi dress in the fall.

There are several types of shoes to wear with a maxi dress in autumn, but if you don’t know the right shoes to wear, you might end up recreating summer or winter.

To find out more about the best shoes to pair with maxi dresses in the fall, read through this post to the very end.

What Shoes to Wear With a Maxi Dress in Fall

A little heads-up! If you’re a fashion lover, then you’re about to discover some new shoes to add to your collection. Then, you’ll find out how to wear them with a maxi dress to create the best combination.

A list of 10 types of shoes that you can wear with a maxi dress in the fall:

The way you style your maxi dresses in the fall needs to be different from the summer and other seasons. One way to make that difference is by choosing those shoes that transform your dresses to make them autumn appropriate.

Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are the perfect addition to turn your maxi dress from a casual outfit a few notches higher to something classier.

Heeled ankle boots can make your maxi dress perfect for the office and even official occasions. 

If you want to keep rocking your floral dresses after the summer, ankle booties not only allow you to do that but also take your dress to a new level of fancy.

You can go with a black or nude ankle boot for a colorful dress, or when you want to create a neutral pairing.

You can then explore different colors of ankle boots when you go with a simple dress, especially white, black, or neutral colors.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are not as simple as many people write them off to be. They are comfortable and professional and allow the beauty of your maxi dress to shine through when you wear it.

Sometimes, simplicity and sweetness shine through, especially when you’re spending the day at work or you need to move around a lot. Their versatility makes them a must-have in the fall and even all year round.

You can match your ballet flats with your maxi dress based on color and style, or you can get a neutral pair that goes with every color and design.

Don’t be scared to explore colors when shopping for ballet flats because colors add warmth to your attire.

Buckle flats

You don’t need to be heading to school to rock buckle flats. You’ll be surprised how well they suit maxi dresses and deliver a vibe that is both laid back and grown-up.

Buckle flats are professional and comfortable, and perfect for a maxi dress that you’re either wearing to the office or for a casual hangout with friends. They are better worn with dresses that are not long enough to cover them.

Buckle up those flats in all kinds of colors you can lay your hands on, and don’t restrict yourself to black or nude flats. Nudes are amazing for the fall, especially in professional settings, but colors pop, and you need that too.

Floral Clogs

Who said florals were only for spring? When you lay your eyes on the perfect pair of floral clogs, you’ll understand why they are also suitable for the fall season.

Floral clogs have remained a beauty to behold, but wear them with your maxi dress, especially one with a slit at the side and you’ll see what you have been missing.

Of course, floral clogs go better with maxi dresses that don’t have all the colors and patterns. You can add a floral bag or accessory to the mix, making it stand out more.

With floral clogs that have a good height and a maxi dress that shows off your legs, you are both autumn-ready and Runway-ready.


When you’re dressing for special occasions, matching your maxi dress with heels should be the first thing that crosses your mind, especially if you’re attending an autumn wedding.

Dressing your maxi dress in heels for special events is a perfect way to improve and elevate the look of your dress and deliver a different look from what you had been wearing.

When buying heels, take a moment to look at some high-heeled pumps, because the classic style that they deliver is unique and unrivaled. 

What best way to upgrade your maxi and heels than to add statement pieces to up the ante and draw more attention to your maxi dress?


Did someone say comfortable, yet chic? Then, that would be the perfect definition of mules. They are designed in a slip-on and off style that makes them easier to wear and take off when need be.

Due to the extra memory foam placed in the insole of mules, you can wear them for hours without feeling any discomfort.

You can even walk about and attend meetings with them without hurting your foot.

While the traditional mules are unique and perfect for different lengths of maxi dresses, unique footwear to try with your dress in the fall is the circular-heeled mule slippers.

It will get you some compliments, whether you’re out in the office or attending a wedding.


Are you ready to pick up your favorite sneakers and turn them into the perfect companion to some smart casual wear in the fall? Then get out your maxi dress and throw on some sneakers and hit the street.

Suede platform sneakers can quite catch the eye because of the beautiful texture and neutral color they deliver.

The perfect nature of this sneaker makes it a great addition to your maxi dresses and any other fall outfit.

If you’re a fan of Reebok, you’ll be surprised at how they turn out when you match them with simple maxi dresses, whether plain or patterned. Add a fancy leather or denim jacket to the mix and you’re all set.

Lace-up shoes/sandals

How about making a statement this fall with some lace-up footwear and a beautiful maxi dress? If you thought lace-up footwear is reserved for a pair of jeans and a sweater, then you should think again.

Chunky lace-up shoes turn up your maxi dress on another level; whether they go as high as your knee or stop above your calf.

These lace-up shoes and sandals are perfect for dresses that stop short without covering the shoes entirely.

I mean, what is the essence of wearing lace-ups if your dress is just going to cover the entire thing right? This is where the high-slit, uneven-length dresses come in, leaving enough room for the shoes to be admired.

Platform shoes

Whether a sundress in the summer or a maxi dress in the fall, platform shoes will always give a lift to your attire.

Somewhere in-between heels and flat shoes, platform shoes bring beauty to the scene.

Platform heels deliver a retro feel to your dress, and when you purchase colorful ones, you’re sure to create an image that is interest-arresting.

They come in a whole array of colors to choose from, provided your dress agrees.

There’s no limit to the places you can go with platform heels, so it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to wear them. Whether for work or play, or a movie date, platform shoes and maxi dresses look great.

Tall Boots

After raving about ankle boots, this conversation would be incomplete if I don’t tell you about tall boots and how they bring the urban feel to the attires they are matched with.

Put that over-the-knee boot on and zip it up all the way high, then see how it frames your legs beautifully.

Not a building to be hidden right? A high-low maxi dress or one with a high slit will do these boots justice.

Pair tall boots with your maxi dresses and you have got yourself a free pass to the fashion runway, or at least the chart of people who know their onions when it comes to fashion.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know the shoe types that can be worn with maxi dresses in autumn, you’re most likely excited about getting your autumn wardrobe ready.

The fall season isn’t quite complete without boots; whether ankle or tall boots. Thankfully, there are a lot of maxi dresses that fit in, so you have an opportunity to make a statement with your legs as well.

The flat shoes and sneakers are perfect for a professional, casual, or laid-back autumn dress fashion, but with the right match of colors and style, your outfit will be singing ‘simple and sweet.’

If you’re all for parties, events, and situations that require more attention to what you’re wearing, then heels, platform shoes, ankle booties, and clogs should be gracing your closet already.

Ensure that your maxi dress length and style do not cover your statement shoes when you go out to get them.

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