What Shoes to Wear with A Maxi Dress – Types and Colors

Long dresses are the epitome of summer and beyond glamorous style.

Although long dresses are already a stylish statement, you might wonder if it is possible to make them more interesting and stand out even more.

Well, yes, it is, and we will show you exactly how you can do that with one simple thing – shoes! You had no idea that shoes could transform your look this much, right?

What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress

Things to consider when choosing what shoes to wear with a maxi dress:

The color of your maxi dress

When choosing which type and color of shoes to wear with a maxi dress, you need to consider the color of your maxi dress.

The most important thing is not to match the color of your shoes with your dress but rather to choose a color that matches your skin tone.

For example: if you have fair skin and are wearing a black maxi dress, it would be best to wear nude or white shoes just so that there are no clashes in color.

Your personal style

What kind of look do you want to achieve? A pair of sandals might be perfect if you’re aiming for a beachy vibe, while a pair of heels could make any outfit feel more sophisticated and polished.

If you’re looking for something in between, try wedges or platforms, as they’re stylish yet practical for everyday wear.

Your comfort

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right shoes is comfort. You don’t want to choose a pair that doesn’t fit properly or uncomfortably rubs against your feet.

So, when shopping for shoes, try them on first. If you can’t try them on in-store, read reviews online about the shoe’s fit before making a purchase.

The thing is, maxi dresses are quite demanding when it comes to shoes because they are long, and the outfit looks quite minimalistic already.

That is why you have to choose wisely and think outside the box. So, here are the best shoes to wear with a maxi dress.

Types of Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a fantastic choice for a maxi dress, especially in casual looks where comfort is essential.

Actually, ballet flats are an ideal choice for any occasion. They also give your feet a break from high heels, so you can wear them without worrying about your feet hurting at all!

For this combination, you should try to coordinate the color of your ballet flats with some elements from your dress or bag.

Flip Flops

Maxi dresses are perfect for those hot summer days, and when you pair them up with flip-flops, you can run about all day, bask in the sun and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade on the porch after a long day.

If you want to keep it simple and casual, slip on a pair of flip-flops and go about your day.

Make sure the sole of your flip-flop is comfortable as you will have to walk a lot, and the dress is too long to be wearing heels or wedges.

Strappy Sandals

Sandals are the most common thing we choose to wear when we wear maxi dresses.

They are comfortable, easy to slip on, and have practical straps or roman style straps that go well with this dress.

You can opt for sandals in any color since they come in various colors but make sure they match your dress.

Nude sandals go well with any color dress as they blend in well and do not stand out as much as other colored options do.

With sandals, you will always look stylish and elegant because they give an earthy vibe to

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are the perfect choice for a casual maxi dress. The nautical style of these classic kicks will go perfectly with your outfit, adding maritime flair to your look.

If you’re looking for a bit more of a polished look, opt for dark brown or black boat shoes instead of their traditional white color.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are an excellent choice for day or night, given their versatility and ability to be paired with almost any outfit.

These boots feature a tall shaft that goes up to just below the knee, making them perfect for pairing with maxi dresses since they provide extra coverage without adding bulkiness.

In addition, they come in so many different colors that it would be hard not to find some that go well with your outfit!


A heel is the most common type of shoe worn with a maxi dress. Heels can make any outfit look more sophisticated and classy.

They also provide more support than other types of footwear like flats or sandals, making them perfect for parties or nights out on the town!

Heels come in many different styles, colors, and shapes, so it’s easy to find one that will match your outfit perfectly!


Espadrilles are a great choice because they can be worn barefoot or with socks. These shoes have flat soles and come in many different colors and patterns.

They are easy to slip on and off, so they make a perfect shoe for traveling or running errands around town.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels will give you a little bit of height and make your legs look longer. They’re perfect for any event where you want to look elegant but still feel comfortable too!

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are great for any casual occasion. The canvas material is very breathable, which is great for when you’re wearing a maxi dress.

You will also find that these shoes are perfect for all-day wear because of how comfortable they are.

These shoes can be paired with any outfit, no matter the occasion! They are a great choice because they are versatile and come in many different colors and styles.

You can wear these shoes during the summer, but they also look great with any winter outfit!


Wedges are my favorite type of shoes for wearing with a maxi dress because they give me just the right amount of height without making me feel like I’m towering over everyone at the party!

If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe option that will also give you some height, then wedges are definitely the way to go! They come in many different styles and colors!

High Top Sneakers

If you’re going to wear a maxi dress, it’s important that you match it with the right shoes. Not all shoes work well with maxi dresses, but there are certain styles that will definitely complement your outfit.

Color of shoes to wear with your maxi dress

Now that you’ve picked the type of shoe, it’s time to pick a color of shoes to wear with your maxi dress.

If you’re going for a bright and colorful look, try wearing shoes in bright or neon colors. These can be anything from green to orange and yellow to pink!

Consider pastels or neutral tones like black, brown, or white if you want something more subdued.

You can also try adding some pops of color with different accessories like belts or jewelry. Remember that whatever color you choose for your shoes should complement your dress—not clash with it!

Here are some tips on what colors of shoes to wear with a maxi dress:

White Shoes With A Maxi Dress

White Shoes are another classic option when pairing up with your maxi dress as they compliment almost every color in existence!

White shoes can look great against all different shades of grey, blue, and even green, depending on the type of design that the shoe has on it

Blue Shoes With A Maxi Dress

If you want to wear a pair of blue shoes with your maxi dress, go for something light and pastel-colored instead of deep blue or turquoise.

Blue is an easy color to match with other shades, so it’s an excellent choice if you are unsure about what colors to use together on your feet.

Black Shoes With A Maxi Dress

Black is always a safe color to wear with any outfit, but especially so when wearing a maxi dress.

Black shoes will go perfectly with any color of maxi dress and will help compliment the black accents that are usually present on these types of dresses.

Nude Shoes With A Maxi Dress

Nude colors are also perfect for summer as they give off a subtle glow and make your legs look longer and slimmer than they are.

The best type of nude shoe is one that has some shimmer or sparkle in it as this will catch the light when you walk and make sure that everyone notices how good your legs look!

Golden Shoes With A Maxi Dress

Gold shoes are the perfect complement to a maxi dress. They’re shiny, bright, and make your legs look longer than they are (which is always a plus).

Plus, gold shoes are great if you want to match your accessories with the color of your dress: if you’re wearing a gold maxi dress, go ahead and pair it with some gold jewelry or a gold watch!

Brown Shoes With A Maxi Dress

Brown is neutral, so it goes with almost any outfit and can be dressed depending on the occasion and your outfit.

Brown also goes with many skin tones and hair colors, so it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to stay away from black or nude shoes.

If you’re wearing a shiny brown dress, opt for a pair of brown brogues or loafers. If you’re wearing jeans and a jumper, try ballerina flats or ballet pumps in dark tan or camel-colored leather.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all of these questions come back to personal preference. There are no absolute “right” answers.

The best shoes for you will depend on your personal style, comfort level, and type of outfit they’re being worn with. Choose what you love, and never be afraid to experiment!