What Shoes to Wear With a Sequin Dress

You’ve just found a sequin dress, but you don’t know what shoes to wear with it. Don’t let that stop you from getting the dress because I can help you.

Whether it is long or short, black or colored, sequin dresses have always been one of the most elegant items of clothing that you can have.

The sequins shine so brightly, whether it’s under the sunshine or in the moonlight.

What Shoes to Wear With a Sequin Dress

With this item, you will create a beautiful and chic outfit that can be worn on elegant occasions or on more casual outings.

However, to make sure that you create the perfect outfit, you must take into account the type of shoes and the color of them that are appropriate for your outing.

Here are 10 shoes to wear with sequin dresses and how to combine colors:

  1. Chunky sneakers
  2. Loafers
  3. Ankle boots
  4. High boots
  5. Stilettos
  6. Block heels
  7. Mule heels
  8. Multi-strap heels
  9. Platforms
  10. Flats

What Shoes to Wear With a Sequin Dress

Chunky Sneakers

If you might think that this combination is weird and you don’t think that it will match, hear me out!

Imagine that you have either a sequin dress in a vibrant color or you have one in black. Now imagine that you are wearing a pair of simple, white chunky sneakers.

They look great! The casual sneakers with the elegant dress create an outfit that is perfect for a party in the garden.

You can also wear this on a normal day when you want to feel more elegant than usual, but you still want to be comfortable.

I recommend you to choose simple, white sneakers, without any patterns. The sequin dress is shining on its own, so try to keep it simple when it comes to sneakers.


If you want to keep an elegant look, but you don’t want to wear heels, the loafers would be the perfect choice.

Loafers are a type of footwear that is made of leather or a substitute for it and have a flat heel. They used to be worn only by men, but soon they became a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe.

They are very elegant, but the soft material from which they are made makes them very comfortable. They would be perfect for a garden party or even a night out in the club.

Since they are usually made of leather, most loafers are either brown or black. I suggest you choose a pair of black loafers, without any embellishments. They should be as simple as possible.

Ankle Boots

A classic type of footwear that goes great on every occasion. They have a simple and elegant form and they are made of soft materials, such as leather or its substitute.

You can choose a pair of heeled ankle boots for a more glamorous look or a pair of flat ankle boots if you want to be comfortable; the choice is yours.

As far as colors go, if you want to highlight the color of the dress, I suggest you choose a pair of black boots.

However, if your dress is black and with sequins, I recommend you choose a pair of red-heeled ankle boots. You would create such a great combination and you will look amazing.

High Boots

A must-have type of footwear in your wardrobe. These boots are the type of boots that go until your knee or above it.

They can be made of materials ranging from various leathers to various synthetic materials, so make sure to choose the ones that are comfortable.

They will make your legs look great and they can be perfect for a colder day. Since they reach your knee, I recommend you wear them only with short sequin dresses.

Just like the ankle boots, you can choose if they have high heels or not. When discussing colors, black is the first choice and a safe one.

But if you want to create a bold outfit, choose a pair of white or ivory boots and combine it with a sequin dress of any color. You will definitely shine.


Stilettos, every woman’s love. They have become a staple in the world of fashion and an item that never goes out of style.

Receiving its name from the Italian stiletto dagger, stilettos can be differentiated by their long, thin, high heels.

They are a classic heel that every woman loves. The colors and patterns are infinite with stilettos, but make sure to choose a simple pair for the sequin dress.

If you want to highlight the shoes, I recommend you choose a simple dress, that it’s either black or white, and combine it with a pair of simple stilettos in a bold color, such as red, green, blue, and so on.

You will create a great combination that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Block Heels

This type of heels had a huge comeback in the last few years. Unlike the stilettos, these heels have a wide, chunky heel, and that’s where they get their name.

They can have a closed-toe, open-toe, closed black, open back, with straps, and so on.

The options are endless. Because the heel is bigger than the stilettos, you have more stability with them so they are much more comfortable than shoes with a thin heel.

As I’ve said, the designs are endless and so are the colors. My favorite would be a pair of black block heels, with a closed back and open toes and with straps around the ankle.

They are very comfortable and would go great with any sequin dress of any color.

Mule Heels

You may not have heard of these heels before, but I’m sure you have seen them. They are a type of shoe that has no constraint around the foot’s heel.

They come in many designs and can be open-toe or closed-toe. They are made from soft materials, which makes them very comfortable.

The heel can have many sizes, so make sure you choose the one that is most comfortable.

The open back makes them look like slip-ones, so they have a very casual look. I would wear them at a party outside or to dinner.

Be sure to pay attention to the colors of your dress. If you have a colored or multicolored dress, I suggest you stick to black. My favorite choices are leather, closed-toe, and mule heels.

Multi Strap Heels

These heels scream summer! With their open toes, so that people see your pretty nails, and the straps that go on your feet, these types of heels are perfect for a summer night.

They come in many designs and colors, but my favorite has to be the white and colored ones.

The white ones go great with your tanned legs and the colored ones add a little bit of flair and stand out.

Make sure that you don’t choose a pair that has too many straps or embellishments on it because you will clash with your sequins and ruin the outfit.

Also, pay attention to the color palette of your outfit: for colored dresses, choose white, black, or nude heels, and vice versa.


Platform shoes are a type of footwear that have a very thick sole. They can be with heels or without. If you have a long sequin dress, you might choose a pair of platform heels.

They will make you taller and you could wear the dress without having to trim it or hold it all night.

The most common color for this type of shoe is black, but the options don’t stop there.

You can find any color that you want, in many styles. The designs are endless because the platform can be combined with many types of shoes: block heels, mules, cone heels, stilettos, and so on.

Don’t forget to choose the color and model that would go great with your sequin dress and that are the most comfortable.


A simple, yet elegant choice. Flats will never disappoint you. They are the type of shoes that go great with every item of clothing, even sequin dresses.

The options for flats are infinite: different colors, designs, styles, and so on. Make sure that you choose a pair of flats that is as simple as possible: without patterns, bows, or any embellishments that might be in conflict with the sequins.

The flats are a great option for when you want to look elegant and feel glamorous, but you don’t want to wear an uncomfortable pair of heels. A safe choice would be a pair of black flats.

My favorites are those that have a pointed toe, open sides, closed-back, and a strap around the ankle; very elegant and casual at the same time.


No matter what shoes you choose or what is the occasion, don’t forget that the star of your outfit is the sequin dress.

When you wear a sequin evening dress, its shininess, and lush allure make it, inevitably, the centerpiece of your image.

The sequins of the dress are elements that will shine on their own, so make sure you don’t eclipse your beautiful sequin dress by combining it with a pair of shoes that ruin your outfit.

Try to find the balance in your outfit. If your dress is black or white, then choose a colored pair of shoes and vice versa.

Try to be open to the idea of inserting bold colors in your outfits because, together with the sequins, they will help you create glamorous looks.

So, don’t be afraid to include your sequin dress in a casual outfit, giving you the opportunity to wear a gorgeous dress with sequins from your wardrobe in several contexts.