What Shoes To Wear With a Silver Sequin Dress?

What are the best shoes for a silver sequin dress? You have styled your hair, applied your make-up, and now you’re standing in front of your closet trying to figure out what shoes to wear for a silver sequin dress. Depending on the style and fit of a dress, different types of shoes will look better. In this article, I’ve included a summary of the type and color of shoes to match your silver sequin dress.

What Shoes to Wear with a Silver Sequin Dress

Types of Shoes To Wear With A Silver Sequin Dress

1. High Heels

If you are going to be walking around in your silver sequin dress, then high heels are the best option for you.

High-heeled shoes will help elongate your legs (which is already something this type of dress does!) and make them look leaner.

You can wear pointed or round-toe heels, depending on your preferred shoe style. If you want to add more height to your outfit, go for platform or stiletto heels!

Remember that they should be able to match the color of the dress (or complement it).

Here are some tips on how to wear high heels with a silver sequin dress:

  • First, choose the right shoe style. If you’re wearing a dressy outfit such as eveningwear or something similar, you’ll want to consider wearing high-heeled shoes that complement your outfit. This includes peep-toe wedges, stiletto pumps, and more!
  • Second, make sure the heel height is appropriate for your dress length. If your dress is long enough that it reaches the floor when you walk normally then it’s okay to wear higher heels like stilettos or peep toes since they won’t create any extra bulk around your feet when walking around. If your dress is shorter than this, try to find a lower heel height that works well with your look!
  • Thirdly ensure that your shoes fit correctly, so they don’t rub at all while walking around in them! You should also consider whether any straps are too tight or loose so they don’t cut into your skin or cause blisters on the back of the heel area.

Types of high heels that you can wear with a silver sequin dress:

Block Heels

Block heels are a classic choice that never goes out of style! Block heels should be your go-to choice if you want a shoe that will go with everything from jeans to dresses. These shoes have a thick sole, which means they’re sturdy enough for everyday use but won’t look too clunky with your outfits.


Pumps are another classic choice for women who want comfortable footwear that goes well with pretty much anything in their closet. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, so finding one that fits your style shouldn’t be too difficult! Plus, they usually have a low heel height, making them perfect for wearing all day long without causing pain or discomfort in your feet or ankles.

Black Studded Heels

This type of heel is great for any formal event, whether it’s an awards show or wedding reception. These heels have a bit of sparkle to them and will look good with any color outfit, from black to white. The best part about these shoes is that they don’t require any breaking in time; they come ready to wear right out of the box!

Ankle-strap pumps

Ankle strap pumps are another great option if you want something that’s both elegant and comfortable enough to wear all day long. The ankle strap will keep your foot secure while letting it breathe while still keeping your look classy and stylish at the same time!


Stilettos elongate the leg and make it seem longer than it really is. They also define the legs by creating curves around the ankles, calves, and thighs. Stilettos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so there is no shortage when choosing which pair works best with your outfit.

Open-toe stilettos

These can also be worn with any dress, but they are especially good for summer events as they allow your feet to breathe a little bit easier than closed-toe heels do during warmer weather. The open-toe design also allows you to show off your pretty pedicure in style!

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are an excellent choice for this dress. You can find them in many colors, including gold, silver, and black. The ankle strap heel has straps around the ankle, giving it a feminine look and feel. This type of shoe is very versatile because it goes well with many different outfits. It also comes in different heel heights, so you can choose how high or low they will be on your legs depending on what kind of look you’re going for. Ankle strap heels are great for any occasion, including work or evening wear, so they’re perfect for pairing with this dress!

2. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are also an excellent choice for this outfit because they complement any color scheme! They can be worn with any occasion and look amazing with any outfit! Try not to wear flat sandals with a thick heel or platform because this would ruin the flow of your outfit and make it look less elegant.

3. Ballet flats

A pair of ballet flats are an excellent option for those who want to keep things simple. They’re easy to slip on, comfortable, and very versatile. They come in every color imaginable and can be worn with almost any outfit. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to slip on. If you’ve got a big night ahead of you, ballet flats will ensure you don’t have any blisters by the night’s end!

4. Wedges

Wedges are another perfect shoe for a party or evening out. Wedges can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit, so they’re great for any occasion. They’re also incredibly comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable during your night out!

5. Oxfords

Oxfords are another type of flat shoe that looks great with your silver sequin dress because they’re simple but elegant at the same time! Oxfords come in many different materials, such as suede leather or patent leather; these materials look gorgeous against the shine of the silver sequins

Best color of shoes to wear with a silver sequin dress

Now that you have found the type of shoe you want to wear, it’s time to choose a color. The best thing about silver sequins is that they can be worn in so many different colors. You can pair them with bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. You can also wear them with dark hues such as black and purple. If you want to keep it simple, choose a neutral color like black or brown. Here are some tips on what color of shoes to wear with a silver sequin dress.

1. Pick out matching silver shoes.

If you have a pair of silver heels, this is the perfect time to wear them. These heels will match perfectly with your outfit and make it look more elegant and stylish. If you don’t own such heels, try to find something else in silver that matches your outfit well. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything in silver because there are many other colors that can also be worn with this dress, such as gold or ivory.

2. Opt for classic black pumps.

Black is always in style and looks great with everything from a formal gown to a cocktail dress. It’s also a great neutral so that it won’t clash with your silver sequin dress.

3. Choose a neutral shade of nude.

Nude is another good choice for shoes. Nude shoes have a more subtle effect than black and can be worn with just about anything. If you have a silver sequin dress or top that’s too flashy for your taste, try wearing nude heels or boots to tone down the look.

4. Go for classic red pumps to add some color to your look.

If you want to take your look up a notch, then why not add some red accessories? Red shoes are an excellent choice for silver sequin dresses because they’ll work well with the color of your dress while still complementing the rest of your outfit. Red pumps can be worn with both dark and light-colored outfits, so they’re perfect for adding some color to any look.

5. A pair of baby pink heels is also a lovely option that you can consider wearing

A pair of baby pink heels is also a lovely option that you can consider wearing on prom night. The color goes well with silver sequins and will make them pop. It’s also an elegant choice and gives off an air of sophistication, making it perfect for prom night. You’ll definitely look like one of the most beautiful girls there!

6. Gray High Heels

Gray high heels are another excellent choice for pairing with a silver sequin dress because they complement each other nicely without being too flashy or distracting one another. Gray is also a neutral color that goes well with many different outfits and accessories, so it’s easy to find ways.

7. White Sandals

White is another good option for silver sequin outfits because it provides contrast without being too bold or distracting. If you’re wearing a pale-colored dress or top with lots of sparkles, white sandals will look great paired with it because they’ll stand out without competing with the main piece of clothing in your outfit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure what shoes to wear with a silver sequin dress, the guide above should help. Just remember that there are no hard and fast rules regarding shoe and dress matching. Though there may be obvious accent colors, your best option is to simply pick a shoe that complements the dress’s color so that it is noticeable without overpowering it.