What Shoes To Wear With a Sweater Dress

Is the season just about right to cozy up in a sweater dress and you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a sweater dress?

Whether it’s winter or fall, sweater dresses are perfect for the cool months, and they look stylish as well.

There’s always the best shoe to wear with a sweater dress, whether ankle boots, heels, sneakers, or even strappy sandals. All you need to do is pair them right for the occasion and you’re good to go.

What Shoes To Wear With a Sweater Dress

Here are the 10 best shoes types to wear with a sweater dress

Are you looking for a casual, formal, or date-appropriate sweater dress? You need to get it right with the shoes.

Here are my tips on the 10 best shoes to wear with a sweater dress. Get ready to look beautiful, chic, classy, and everything else in between.

Knee boots

Knee boots paired with a sweater dress give you one of the best appearances out there; one that is both cozy and chic. Whether you’re going with short, midi, or long sweater dresses, knee boots fit the description.

However, they look better with sweater dresses that are just the right length to show a quarter inch of the leg from the top of the boot and all the way down. 

When pairing a knee boot with a long sweater dress, ensure that the gown has slits in the front or at the sides so that the boots are visible.

As for midi sweater dresses, knee boots can look weird when the shoe starts just where the gown ends, so leave some space between them or get shorter boots.

Ankle boots 

Ankle boots are stylish and classy, and they show up for every single dress, sweater dresses included.

Ankle boots pair beautifully with sweater dresses ranging between mini and midi length. As for maxi dresses, the rule is to ensure that there’s enough space between the helm of your dress and the top of your boots.

When you go with a mini sweater dress in the cold, you can wear matching leggings or a hose. Otherwise, keep it simple with short socks that peek out just a little above the boots, or go without any socks.

Ankle boots are versatile, such that you can dress down or up, depending on the dress and accessories you’re pairing them with.


When a shoe meets boot, what you have is a bootie. Booties are a tad shorter than ankle boots because they show off your ankles.

Most booties that are considered fashionable at this time are flat or low-heeled. They deliver a laid-back, yet sophisticated vibe when paired with a sweater dress.

Mini sweater dresses are perfect with booties, especially the low-heeled ones, because they deliver a casual and conservative look without making the length of the dress obvious.

Midi sweater dresses also go well with booties, with or without stockings or leggings. Even with long dresses, you’ll always have the needed space between the dress and the booties for the correct appearance. 

Combat Boots 

Combat boots look great with just about everything, from trousers to skirts and even sweater dresses. An all-season staple shoe, combat boots deliver a strong, yet feminine look when worn with sweater dresses.

Whether you choose the fashionable lace-up combat shoes with rubber lug soles or the classic low-heeled combat boots, you will still look chic.

You can wear combat boots with loose or tight sweater dresses. The shorter and midi sweater dresses often go better with combat boots.

However, if you want to wear them with maxi sweater dresses, then ensure that there’s sufficient slit to show off the boots.

Throw in a combat purse either across your shoulder or as a waist bag, and you have a bold statement-making attire. 


You can pair all kinds of sneakers with your sweater dress and the result will always be beautiful. From classy sneakers to chunky, or even hi-top sneakers, your sweater dress is ready to come alive.

As far as classy sneakers go, a white or neutral pair of sneakers will always look chic. For casual, a canvas sneaker with your sweater dress fits the billing.

Who says you can’t make a statement with sneakers and sweater dresses? Try out chunky sneakers on a loose-fitted midi or knee-length sweater dress and you’ll love the look. Maxi sweater dresses are also great.

Hi-top sneakers go well with midi and maxi dresses, and they can go with or without leggings, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Clear heels 

While you can pair different types of heels with sweater dresses, clear heels are trending right now, and it is easy to see why. Clear heels go with just about anything, and they’ll match whatever color of sweater dress you wear.

Whether you choose a completely transparent pair of heels or one with some color that matches your dress, you can create the perfect office wear or show up at a party looking like you’re dressed the part.

Clear Heels have a way of elevating your sweater dress, making you dress up for whatever occasion you’re attending.

Add the right purse to the mix, perhaps a cinch belt, especially with a slightly loose-fitting dress, and you will look absolutely stunning.


Clogs are some of the most comfortable footwear out there, and they go with just about anything, from jeans to joggers, and even gowns. A sweater dress and a pair of clogs are the perfect casual attire.

When dressing up to hang out with friends or go shopping and it’s cold outside, throw on a maxi-length sweater dress and a pair of clogs and you are beautiful to go.

Clogs look better with snug, long sweater dresses and loose-fitting knee-length dresses.

There are so many colors of clogs out there, so feel free to explore as many as you wish to. However, you can never go wrong with a nude, black, or white pair of clogs.

Strappy Sandals

My guess is that you didn’t think about strappy sandals when considering the shoes to wear with your sweater dress. But you should have, because strappy sandals, especially the high-heeled types are chic.

Whether high or medium heels, a strappy sandal can glam up your sweater dress in ways that you didn’t think were possible.

Ensure that your toenails are cute to look at, and get a sweater dress that shows off the straps on your sandals when you put them on.

Strappy sandals are great with long, tight-fitted dresses that come with front or side slits, and midi dresses as well.

Show up at a party with a sweater dress, strappy sandals, and the right purse, and you’ll blend right in.


If you don’t own a pair of pumps, you should get one ASAP! Pumps are those staple heels that you can wear with gowns, trousers, and skirts likewise.

They have a way of elevating whatever you wear and dressing you up for the occasion. Pumps are also perfect for sweater dresses, depending on the style and height that works for you.

For instance, pumps with chunky heels are great for knee-length and mini sweater dresses. Stiletto pumps are great for thin midi-length dresses, while leather pumps are perfect for short or long-length sweater dresses.

Flat pumps are great for more casual or comfortable settings when you don’t want to be in heels or you have to move about a lot. 

Classic Loafers & Loafer Mules

Those beautiful classic loafers and loafer mules aren’t only designed for your trousers and jumpsuits. They feel right at home with your sweater dresses too!

There is an endless array of loafers to pair with your sweater dress. You can wear platform loafers, classic loafers, or loafer mules with your mini, midi, or maxi-length dresses. 

For an office look, wear classic loafers on a mid-length sweater, and then add a belt that matches your shoe. For something casual, wear a short, loose-fitted dress or a long fitted dress and a pair of loafer mules.

Explore all colors and styles of loafers and mules, from the simple white or black loafer mules, or the classic loafers with metallic designs.


Now, you have a list of shoes to wear with a sweater dress. Trust me when I say every shoe on this list is well-deserving of being here because they fit sweater dresses ever-so beautifully.

The next time you’re wearing a sweater dress, pair it with some ankle boots, knee boots, or combat boots for a chic effect. For parties, events, and office meetings, clear heels, strappy sandals, and pumps fit in just right.

Keep things casual and easygoing with clogs, sneakers, and loafer mules, alongside your sweater dress.

Remember that the length and style of your dress should flatter your shoe just as much as your shoe delivers the perfect appearance. Avoid covering the design or style of your chosen shoe by wearing it with the wrong dress.

With this guide and a mirror in front of you, I’m sure you’re all set to create beautiful attires out of your shoes and sweater dresses.