What to Wear Over a Sleeveless Dress

All women love wearing dresses, no matter the season. The most popular type of dress is the sleeveless dress because it exposes the arms beautifully. Knowing what to wear over a sleeveless dress can help you very much since you can continue to wear this type of dress even in the colder seasons.

While we’re used to seeing the strapless dress trend more as formal wear, it’s becoming increasingly popular as daytime wear and during different types of events. It is the type of dress that will help you create an elegant outfit when you want to, but it can also be turned into a more casual outfit, considering the layers that you add over.

What to Wear Over a Sleeveless Dress

Here are 10 items of clothing that you should consider wearing over a sleeveless dress:

  1. Denim jacket
  2. Shawl
  3. Overcoat
  4. Oversized blazer
  5. Leather jacket
  6. Trench coat
  7. Bolero
  8. Vest
  9. Cardigan
  10. Flannel shirt

10 Types of Clothing to Wear Over a Sleeveless Dress

Denim Jacket

Is there an outfit that does not look well with a denim jacket? The denim jacket is a universal element that allows you to look elegant and modern and feel comfortable in any denim look.

As I have already pointed out, denim jackets are quite popular clothes, because they do not lose their visual appearance even though they are worn so often, being with owners for several seasons in a row.

You will find many sizes and models, from cropped, fitted denim jackets, to oversized jackets. Choose the one suited for you based on the type of dress that you have.

Add a denim jacket over your sleeveless dress and you will have a simple, casual outfit that is perfect for many occasions and events.


If you want to completely transform an outfit or if you want a splash of color, accessorize with an elegant shawl.

There are many ways in which you can fit a shawl into your outfits, regardless of the clothing style you adopt.

Shawls are very important feminine details and you should not miss them regardless of whether your style is casual or elegant.

Most of the time it happens that a colorful, discreet, and not very ostentatious accessory such as a shawl livens up a classic outfit a bit.

The hottest accessory of spring and autumn remains the shawl that brings any outfit out of anonymity.

The shawl will look great with your sleeveless dress. Place it on your back and side over the side in front or simply hold it on your shoulders.


This is definitely the type of coat that is most seen or worn during the colder season.

The overcoat is the type of garment that is usually made from a thick material, such as wool and is meant to be worn during winter.

Given the warmth that it provides, the overcoat is the perfect layer that you want to add over your sleeveless dress in the winter.

Choose a coat that is long and it suits your style. You will find many designs and models available, so you will have no problem choosing one.

You can choose an overcoat in a similar color to your dress or you can choose something completely different if you want to stand out: for example, a red overcoat over a black sleeveless dress would look amazing.

Oversized Blazer

While the classic, fitted blazer has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for years, the oversized blazer has started to gain popularity only in recent years.

Always present in the gallery of timeless pieces, it is the most durable and inspired investment you can make.

Its relevance in the female wardrobe lies in its undeniable chameleon character and core role. Desk-to-dinner, from the office to dinner, also works perfectly with the oversized jacket.

It finishes your appearance and amplifies your presence with minimal effort.

Add this type of blazer over your sleeveless dress and watch how you turn a simple dress into an elegant outfit perfect for many occasions.

It is a sustainable choice, not affected by trends. We know the cyclical nature of fashion, and this blazer is never left behind.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is part of that category of clothing that should not be missing from your wardrobe.

It is kept among the fashion trends of each year and depending on the color, model, and length it can fit any clothing style.

The leather jacket is ideal during spring and autumn when you need a little more coverage and warmth.

It matches quite simply and can completely transform any type of outfit, from the most romantic and diaphanous to the most daring and casual.

The leather jacket in pastel colors is suitable for women who prefer a romantic and diaphanous style. Such a jacket goes perfectly over a floral, mini, or maxi sleeveless dress, discreet accessories, and knee-high boots in light colors.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is already a classic must-have piece in autumn. Not only is it perfect for the weather outside, whether you’re going to work or school, shopping, or out with friends, but it also helps you look effortlessly stylish.

It’s the perfect combination of practicality and elegance, it’s versatile and has incredible staying power, which is why it should have a special place in your wardrobe.

These days there are many variants of the trench coat, from single-breasted to being made of colored silk.

Not many outerwear items look good with formal wear, but this is not the case with the trench coat. If a fur coat is too much for you, then a trench coat over your sleeveless dress is what you need.


This piece of clothing is a shorter jacket in contemporary fashion. It resembles a fitted blouse and frequently has no closures.

Italian gunners wore such a thing when it first debuted in the 18th century. Women began to focus on it as a result of the development of new styles and intriguing experiments with ornamentation and color, which made it less boring.

The Bolero is a piece of clothing that can be worn over a dress. It is short, close to the waist, and is always open in the front.

When choosing such a piece of clothing, you must pay attention to the texture, cut, and color. The texture and color must be in contrast with those of the dress, in order to create a unified and complex image.


The long vest is perfect for those days when the weather is neither cold nor warm and is a great addition to any outfit.

And although it might seem difficult to integrate into your daily wear, you should know that it is actually very easy.

Regardless of your style, the long vest is the perfect accessory and will bring a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Dresses are ideal pieces of clothing to layer with a long vest. Just pick your favorite dress and match it with a vest for a stylish and modern look.

A sleeveless dress and a long vest form the perfect look that you can wear to school or work.


The cardigan is one of the classic wardrobe pieces that every woman should have. However, its generous proportions can make it intimidating at times.

While wearing a cardigan with jeans is the most obvious choice, you can expand your choices to sleeveless dresses; you will create a feminine, chic outfit that will not disappoint you.

Remember that when a cardigan is worn with a pair of skinny jeans, the oversized qualities of the cardigan are tamed down creating a more proportional look.

Keep in mind this principle when you choose a cardigan for your sleeveless dress: if you have a maxi dress, then it would be best to choose a cropped cardigan instead of a long one.

Flannel Shirt

The flannel shirt is the most used and common garment in every woman’s wardrobe. However, when choosing the shirt that will go well over your sleeveless dress, it is important to pay attention to the hem.

The shirt must have rounded edges, so you should avoid the flannel shirt with a straight cut at the hem.

If you wear a shirt with a straight hem over your sleeveless dress, the hem creates a horizontal line usually in the hip area, visually widening the figure.

On the other hand, the rounded lines of the hem, oriented obliquely, thin the silhouette.

Whether you add a belt over the shirt to highlight the waist or you make a knot above the waist, is up to you.

Final Thoughts

I hope that these clothing items to wear over a sleeveless dress will help you create many outfits using the same sleeveless dress, outfits which will be suited for different occasions: school meetings, office, parties, festivals, and so on.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your options until you find one; you may find another item of clothing that will go great with your sleeveless dress.

This type of dress will never go out of style and it is better to always find new ways to wear it.

Whether you choose a bolero, a denim jacket, a shawl, a vest, or any other item from the list, I am sure that you will create a dazzling outfit.