What to Wear Under a See-Through Maxi Dress? Sheer Outfits

See-through maxi dresses are perfect for the summer. However, what do you wear under them? There are many options to choose from! From tights and leggings to skirts and shorts, there is something for everyone. No matter what your style is (or how modest), there’s a way to dress appropriately underneath your see-through maxi dress!

what to wear under a see through maxi dress

Here are some suggestions for what to wear under a see-through maxi dress

Wear Lingerie under your see-through maxi dress

In order for you to look classy and fashionable at the same time, you need to wear lingerie underneath your see-through maxi dress. It is a must that you pair it up with the following.

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Wear a matching bra under your see-through maxi dress

When wearing a see-through maxi dress, you can choose to wear either a strapless or halter top with it. However, in both cases, you will still have to wear a bra in order to avoid showing off your chest in public. This is because even when you are wearing a halter top, there is still a chance for your chest to slip out of it when you raise your arm or when you bend down. Thus, in order to avoid any embarrassing moments, go ahead and wear a matching bra with the outfit.

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Wear a pair of high cut panties under your see-through maxi dress

If not a thong then just a pair of high-cut panties are still good enough. However, if the dress is see-through in front then you have to wear a thong underneath it. A pair of cotton underwear can make your outfit look more fashionable and provocative.

Wear stockings under your see-through maxi dress

A pair of stockings is another must for wearing with a see-through maxi dress. In this case, you have to avoid wearing any pantyhose. Since your dress already has a strapless or halter top, then you can go ahead and use it as an excuse to wear stockings. Stockings with different textures are perfect for this outfit such as a pair of fishnet stockings which is easily available in most online stores.

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Wear heels under Your see-through maxi dress

If you happen to be wearing a see-through maxi dress that is short for your legs or if it is only a couple of inches above the ground, then you can add a few inches to your height by simply wearing high heels. Heels with straps are good enough when it comes to wearing see-through dresses since they stay in place better compared to pumps or other kinds of shoes.

What not to Wear Under a See-Through Maxi Dress?

If you want to be more comfortable in wearing a see-through maxi dress then it is important that you avoid wearing the following underneath:

Avoid wearing white underwear

When wearing a white bra or a pair of panties, it will surely show beneath your see-through top. Thus, avoid using any kind of white underwear when wearing this type of outfit.

Avoid wearing cotton underwear

Cotton underwear is considered to be comfortable enough when you are at home or when you are wearing any other type of clothing. However, if you happen to wear it underneath a see-through maxi dress then there’s a big chance that it will show through the top especially since cotton underwear is usually thick.

Additionally, this type of underwear absorbs moisture and perspiration and since you will be exerting yourself when wearing a see-through maxi dress, then it is best to avoid any kind of underwear made from cotton material.

Avoid wearing a garter belt

If you still want to wear stockings with your outfit but you can’t find any kind of stockings with straps, then you can try wearing a garter belt instead. However, there is still the risk that your stocking will slip down or that it will show through your see-through top.

Avoid wearing thongs

Unless you are only wearing your see-through maxi dress for an hour or two, then a thong is a definite no-no. The discomfort that you will feel throughout the day is something that you would want to avoid.

Avoid wearing bracelets

In order for your outfit to look more classy and expensive, it is best to remove all of your accessories from your wrist such as bracelets or watches. Also, avoid wearing any chunky rings on your fingers since it will make your hands look bigger.

Avoid wearing  pencil skirts

When you wear a see-through maxi dress, then avoid wearing anything that is too close to your waist or to the area where your dress ends. Thus, go ahead and wear something more casual like a pair of jeans or shorts when you wear a see-through maxi dress.

Avoid wearing miniskirts

This type of miniskirt is usually attached to the waist area so it can look like you are not wearing any underwear underneath your outfit. Even though there is a possibility that it will not show through your see-through maxi dress, you wear a miniskirt on its own is only appropriate for very casual settings.

Avoid wearing blouses

This is because you can see everything that you are wearing beneath your see-through dress just by looking at any reflection of light such as those from car windows, glass doors or even a simple looking glass.

Avoid wearing corsets

When you wear a corset underneath your outfit, it can help in making your waist look slimmer and better defined especially if the material used for the dress itself is quite thin.

But if you don’t have much experience wearing one, then avoid wearing this with a see-through maxi dress since it is not very appropriate especially if you will be going to special occasions or formal events.

With all of these suggestions on what underwear to wear under a see-through maxi dress, you can now make a better decision as to what clothing items are suitable for your unique situation.

Remember that the whole idea of wearing a see-through maxi dress is to look sexy and classy at the same time. Thus, make sure that your outfit reflects this by wearing something appropriate underneath it.

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How can I make my dress look less see-through?

Here are a few tips for making your dress look less see-through.

Before you select an outfit, consider what color underwear you’ll be wearing. If it’s lighter, choose a different dress to avoid matching problems later on. Some dresses have built-in slips that tend to work well with darker-colored bras or panties.

If the dress is lined, it can also help to wear a slip. For dresses that are not lined, nude underwear will be your best bet.

If you’re unsure about what color or shade of undergarments you’ll be wearing with your choice in dress, it’s always safer to go with darker colors like browns, blacks, and dark blues.

Many see-through dresses come with embellishments like embroidery or lace, but sometimes it’s best to avoid these designs when wearing a sheer dress.

The more detail on the dress the more likely it is that you’ll be able to see through it. If deciding between two styles of dresses and one has embellishments and the other doesn’t, the one without embellishments will be better.

A (semi) see-through dress has its perks for daytime occasions like casual parties and brunches, but if you’re looking to make an evening appearance at dinner or a night on the town, choose something that is more opaque.

For formal events where you will be wearing a dress that is completely sheer, make sure your accessories match and bring an opaque shawl or pashmina to cover up with.

What do you wear under a see-through white maxi dress?

Absolutely nothing. This type of garment is meant to be worn without panties or a bra, as they can show through. The purpose is for it to truly be see-through.

Quick tips on what to wear under a see-through maxi dress

Option 1

1. Wear a long-sleeved shirt under your sheer maxi dress to keep you warm
2. Wear with tights and boots for an edgier look
3. Pair it with some cute flats or heels for a more formal occasion
4. Add the perfect accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings to complete your outfit!
5. Consider wearing leggings underneath if you’re feeling extra chilly

Option 2

1. Wear a camisole or tank top under the see-through maxi dress
2. Make sure your underwear is appropriate for the occasion – no granny panties!
3. Wear leggings with an opaque lace overlay, which are perfect for showing off your favorite summer sandals while still keeping things modest
4. Pair a long cardigan over the sheer maxi dress if you want to keep it on during dinner or drinks at night
5. If you prefer not to wear anything underneath, try wearing Spanx shapewear that will hold everything in place and make you look thinner instantly!
6. Accessorize by adding hair clips, hats, scarves, etc…to match the season or event

Final Thoughts

The best way to wear a see-through maxi dress is with an undergarment that matches the color of your skin. You can also try wearing nude or sheer tights and then covering them up with opaque leggings, but keep in mind these will show if you’re sitting down. You can’t go wrong with nude tights and a matching bra for an evening event, but if you’re heading out in public during daylight hours, try wearing your favorite pair of shorts or jeans underneath see-through your maxi dress. It’s important not only to think about how much skin you’ll be showing when choosing what underwear to put on before slipping into this style of dress but also where you are going!

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