What to Wear Under a See-Through Dress

If you have a gorgeous see-through dress, but you don’t wear it because you don’t know what to wear under it, then continue reading.

Transparent dresses are in high demand now, especially in the wedding season. The transparent dress comes in many styles and designs, just like the normal dresses.

However, it may be intimidating and you could feel like nothing goes with it because it is too see-through.

If you want to wear such a dress, you must be very careful about the underwear that you select because it could either fit perfectly with your dress or it can ruin your outfit.

What to Wear Under a See-Through Dress

Continue reading to find 10 types of underwear that you can wear underneath a see-through dress:

  1. Thongs
  2. G-string
  3. Bodysuit
  4. High waist bikini
  5. Cheekies
  6. French-cut
  7. Boyshort
  8. High waist briefs
  9. Hipster
  10. Control top brief

What to Wear Under a See-Through Dress


Thongs are a type of underwear for which women have contradictory opinions. Some of them love them and wear them constantly, others hate them and don’t own a pair.

Thongs have a small strap of fabric at the back to make sure the panty line is not visible under the clothes. Sometimes, thongs also have small strips on the hips.

Thong lingerie is a great choice for tight clothes and it would be a great choice for a transparent dress. If the thong linen has no bumps on the edges, it will remain flat and it will go unnoticed.

Make sure you choose the right color for the underwear and that you don’t have many accessories on it.


G-string underwear and thongs are very similar and that is why many people confuse them. However, the one important difference is that g-strings use less material than thongs, providing the smallest coverage you can find with panties.

With an incredibly thin band at the back and a low waist at the front, there are also conflicting options for this type of underwear.

While some women love to wear them, others hate them and find them completely uncomfortable. They come in many colors and can be made of lace, cotton, microfiber, and so on.

G-string is the type of lingerie you will wear if you want to look and feel like you are not wearing underwear at all. As they are very small, they can easily get lost under your see-through dress, if you pay attention to the color.


This type of underwear is my favorite and definitely the one that I use most often when I wear a see-through dress. The bodysuit is a smart outfit that combines underwear and top in one, covering your whole body.

The purpose of a bodysuit is to provide support and to be seamless, so you can style your outfits around it with comfort and ease.

A woman’s bodysuit can be tight or loose and it can hug your shapes perfectly. I recommend you select a bodysuit that is either nude if the color is bright or a black bodysuit for a darker color of the dress.

High Waist Bikini

A high waist bikini can be worn under many types of clothing and is an excellent choice compared to a thong. This panty is one of the most versatile underwear options you can find.

They fit well with a person with square hips, feeling like it’s hugging your waist. The bikinis mimic the look of a tiny backside. They have a lower waist than the traditional brief panties.

This type of underwear would go great under a see-through dress because it covers only what it’s necessary.

When choosing this type of underwear for your transparent dress, make sure that the color either matches the dress or it is a nude color.


Cheeky underwear is similar to the bikini style in the sense that it will highlight your ass. It offers more coverage than thong panties and can be more comfortable.

It has a wide band around the hips to help eliminate the visible line of the panties. These underwear are called cheeky because they will attractively display round and full buttocks.

They are a perfect fit for a see-through dress because it feels like they vanish into your skin, especially if you choose a nude pair of cheekies.

Such underwear is a good addition to your lingerie collection and complements your underwear drawer.


You may also encounter french-cut underwear under the name high-cut underwear.

Just like the brief panties, these underwear reach your waist; the only difference is that they are cut on the hips so that the spaces through which you put your feet are positioned higher on the hip.

Thus, it gives the illusion that your legs are longer because more of your legs are visible. They may look old-fashioned and that is why they are called grandma’s panties.

They cover your abdomen completely, up to the waist, back, and upper hips.

Try to choose seamless french-cut underwear, so that the seams are not visible through your transparent dress.


Before boyshort lingerie, there were traditional panties. These were the best choice for maximum coverage.

They still offer fair coverage for women, but there are many different options, including high-waisted and more cropped at the hips, to make the legs look longer.

In this lingerie, you can see the line of the panties. However, many women prefer them because they offer maximum comfort.

While there are a lot of options in regards to the material, I recommend you choose a pair made from microfiber because they can easily blend in.

The reason why these would go great under a transparent dress is because of the fact they offer so much coverage. It looks like you are wearing shorts and not underwear.

High Waist Briefs

The high waist briefs give you full coverage of the back and upper side of the thighs, and your hip will be partially exposed.

They will also provide a covering that goes up your abdomen so that you keep your entire abdomen covered.

If you don’t like the feeling of underwear leaving marks on your stomach, high-waisted panties are an excellent option. Also, many women prefer them because they offer maximum comfort.

This is one of the most popular choices of underwear when it comes to see-through dresses. They hug your figure perfectly and help you create a very fresh look.


The name of this underwear refers to the fact that these panties sit right on the hips and slightly below the waistline.

Hipsters are a style of lingerie that sits two or three inches below the waist, just around the hip bones. They also have higher coverage for the hips and usually have wider portions of the fabric.

They have cutouts for the legs and give you full coverage in the back. They come in a number of materials and designs, from lace, and cotton, to microfiber.

If your dress is very transparent in the lower area, make sure you choose a simple pair of hipsters, without any patterns or designs.

Control Top Brief

This underwear can also be known as shapewear, but the most common name is control top briefs. The reason they are called control top briefs is that they shape your abdomen, making it look flat.

With these briefs, you will keep everything nice and smooth and in its place. This panty may go as high as to reach your breast.

They are available in a variety of styles that will provide you with the perfect look. As for the tightness of the briefs, there are different levels available, including loose, moderate, and tight.

There are many options available with these briefs in regards to color and design. I recommend you choose one of these options for your transparent dress.

Underwear Color

When it comes to choosing the color of your underwear, the most important thing that you must remember is to always match the color of the dress.

For example, if you have a black transparent dress, choose a pair of simple, black underwear. If the dress is red, choose a pair of red panties, whichever type you prefer.

When you choose nude underwear for your dress, make sure that the nuance of the nude is as close as possible to your skin color. In that way, the underwear will blend with your skin and it will not be noticed.


Whenever you are in doubt and don’t know what is the best underwear to wear with your see-through dress, go back and read this article again.

It is no coincidence that the transparent dress is making waves everywhere at this time. It is a timeless type of dress that will help you create a glamorous outfit for a special occasion.

Underwear is an important item that you must take into account and the important detail is its matching. Thongs, bikinis, boyfriend lingerie, high waist panties… You can find a lot of options here.

However, don’t forget that the most important thing when choosing your underwear is the color of it and that you feel comfortable.

Don’t choose one pair of panties just because they are pretty or they fit. You have to be comfortable to look beautiful and to feel confident.

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