What to Wear Under a Sheer Shirt?

Sheer shirts are fashion pieces that can be chic, classy, or formal, depending on how you wear them.

If you’re wondering what to wear under sheer a shirt, you can use a bra, a tank top, a bandeau, and other clothing items.

If you’re thinking of the best clothing items to wear under sheer a shirt, whether for a casual gathering, a party, or a professional event, then walk through this with me as I tell you 10 things you can wear under a sheer shirt.

What to wear under a sheer shirt

Are you ready to discover ten fantastic clothing items that you can wear under your sheer shirt? They are most likely already in your wardrobe, so get ready to start seeing your clothes in a different light.

Here’s a list of 10 clothing items to wear under a sheer shirt:

  1. Bra
  2. Bandeau
  3. Bodysuit
  4. Bralette
  5. Camisole
  6. Crop Top
  7. Full shirt
  8. T-shirt
  9. Tank Top
  10. Small Dress

Different types of clothing to wear under a see-through shirt


The first thing you can wear under your sheer shirt is a bra. Black, white, and nude bras are often the norm, regardless of the color of the sheer shirt, you’re wearing. 

However, no rule says you can’t wear other bra colors. If you are daring enough, you can explore other bra colors that either match or compliments the color of your sheer shirt.

Avoid choosing a bra color that contrasts or overpowers the color of your sheer top in such a way that the beauty of the top becomes understated. The reason black and white are always preferred is to avoid color disruptions.

If you’re wearing a sleeveless top, then consider taking out your bra straps so they don’t show.


If you don’t want to worry about the straps, and you need something that offers a bit more coverage than the regular bra, then a bandeau is the right choice for you.

Bandeau bras also come in plain white and black and a range of other colors and designs that you can freely explore to make your pick. 

A colorful bandeau will draw attention to your skin and give it a risqué look while showing off your stomach inside the shirt.

If your sheer dress permits, explore details and patterns on your bandeaus, such as stripes, polka dots, checkers, and other designs.

Ensure that your bandeau fits snugly to your chest so you don’t need to keep adjusting it occasionally.


A bodysuit is the perfect choice of innerwear for a sheer top that covers your skin completely while still looking stylish. When you wear a bodysuit under your top, it flatters your form while covering your chest and stomach.

Wear a black bodysuit under your black sheer shirt to create a classic and professional look. You can also use a black bodysuit under a white blouse to create a contrast that is smart and classy.

If your sheer top has an off-the-shoulder or t-shirt style, then a bodysuit that has a sweetheart neckline is the best option for you. You can also try a deep V-neck if you want to look edgy and show some cleavage. 


A bralette is one step up from a bra because it offers more coverage than a bra as it looks kind of like a mini crop top.

Although very similar to a regular bra, a bralette is a softer, more breathable, and lightweight version that is often made without the wiring that comes with bras.

Because they are without wiring, bralettes don’t offer as much breast support as a bra. So, some women who need the added support opt to still wear bras underneath. However, you really don’t need to wear a bra.

Bralettes have different necklines, including V-neck, round necks, and sweetheart necks, and you can choose any, depending on the style of your sheer top.


A camisole is a perfect and beautiful way to hide your midsection and flatter your body while wearing a sheer shirt. If you’re not comfortable having your stomach out on display, then a camisole is your best choice.

A black, nude, or white camisole with spaghetti straps is the best option to pair with your shirt. For a black top, use a black or nude camisole, and then use a white or black camisole for a white shirt.

Try V-neck, or deep scoop camisoles as they add style to your sheer shirt. Ensure that your camisole is long enough to be tucked into your skirt or shorts, especially if it’s made of spandex because it could ride up.

Crop Top 

Wear a crop top under a full, long sheer shirt with sleeves, and you’ll be able to create just the right amount of contrast between the amount of skin you’re showing and what you’re covering.

A crop top will leave just a little space between your belly button and the waist of your skirt or trouser, which is just about enough exposure for someone who likes to cover up as many body parts as possible.

Always ensure that the neck or sleeve of your crop doesn’t come out at the top of your sheer top in a way that distorts the style.

Also, a crop top’s length always makes it look casual, but with the sheer fabric on top, you’ll get an elegant look, especially when you pair it with the right skirt or trousers.

Full shirt

No way? Yes, way! A full shirt under a sheer shirt doesn’t look anything close to as crazy as you might be imagining it to look right now. 

Imagine this! A white button-down long sleeve shirt buttoned all the way up to the collars and all the way down to the cuffs. Then, throw on a black sheer crop top with a canoe/boat neckline and half or quarter sleeves.

Can you see how unique and posh that look is? You have most of the shirt exposed, and an eye-catchy black/white contrast that’ll turn heads. Pair this with a beautiful pair of jeans and heels, and you’re redefining classy.

Get ready to ride the clouds with this combo!


A simple T-shirt is perfect to wear under a large-sized, long, sheer shirt. It delivers nearly full coverage, but the added length of the sheer shirt can display the trouser or skirt underneath. The hands will also be bare.

For a casual look, pair an inner t-shirt with an oversized sheer top and a pair of mom’s jeans. A pair of sneakers complete this look, but you can also use sports sandals instead.

For a t-shirt to fit properly with a sheer shirt, the t-shirt should be small or medium-sized, while the sheer shirt should be larger. That way, the inner wear isn’t bunched up inside the sheer shirt.

Tank Top

A tank top that is the same color as your sheer shirt is the perfect match to create an office or professional look. For instance, a white tank top to match a white blouse or a fuchsia tank top under a sheer fuchsia blouse.

You can also wear a nude tank top that resembles your skin color to create a subtle nude look and all but disappears under your sheer shirt.

For other dark colors of sheer shirts, you can use a similar but darker color of tank top to tone down the sheerness of the shirt.

For a professional/office look, color coordination and understatement are important when matching your sheer shirt with innerwear.

Small dress

You might be used to seeing dresses worn over sheer, long-sleeved shirts, but you should totally try wearing a small dress under a sheer shirt.

An oversized sheer shirt is a perfect match for a small dress. You can wear a striped, short dress under a plain oversized shirt, or a plain black gown under a striped sheer shirt.

With a short dress, you won’t need a skirt or trousers to go with the sheer shirt. You simply need to throw on a pair of sneakers to complete the casual look.

You can also try this out with a long, straight, spaghetti sleeve dress, a sheer crop top, and a pair of heels for a classier look.


Now that you have the list of clothing items that can be worn under a sheer shirt at your fingertips, feel free to explore all the styles that you fancy whether you have lace, chiffon, crochet, or other kinds of sheer tops.

You most likely have some of these inner wears in your wardrobe, so get them out and create beautiful pairings that’ll flatter your sheer shirt and your entire outfit.

When dressing up in sheer outfits, especially when trying to create a classy or office look, it is important to follow the unwritten rule that says sheer shirts should always go with the same color of innerwear.

However, it isn’t out of place to attempt some contrast or color blocking, especially if you’re dressed for a casual occasion. This rule also doesn’t apply to white and black, as you can mix them easily and comfortably.

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