What to Wear Under Short Dresses

If you own a stunning short dress that you never wear because you don’t know what to wear underneath it, keep reading. Particularly during the summer season, short dresses are in high demand right now.

The short dress is available in a variety of shapes and designs, much like other dresses. Due to its briefness, it could, nevertheless, be scary and make you feel as though nothing fits with it.

What to Wear Under Short Dresses

If you wish to wear such a dress, you must be extremely careful about the undergarments you choose since they might either complement your dress wonderfully or they could completely destroy your ensemble.

Here is a list of undergarments that can be worn under short dresses:

  1. Push-up bra
  2. Leggings
  3. Hipster
  4. Bodysuit
  5. Nipple covers
  6. Control top brief
  7. Bike shorts
  8. High neck bralette
  9. Boyshort
  10. High waist briefs

Push-Up Bra

The most prevalent type of bra found in women’s and young women’s lingerie closets is the push-up bra. They often have a sensual, alluring appearance.

This may also be the result of their primary objective, which is to accentuate the cleavage and enlarge the chest.

These pillows are often positioned beneath or to one side of the breasts to elevate them, add volume, and provide a more voluminous cleavage. A considerably deeper cleavage may result from the bra’s deeper cut.

You may draw attention to your cleavage by wearing a push-up bra with your short dress. This item is perfect for formal events like parties or dates, as you will be able to create a very elegant and feminine outfit.


The pantyhoses offer the foot a very attractive appearance since they are made of thin, translucent threads that are soft to the touch.

There are situations in which women shouldn’t wear tights, as well as occasions where they are required to wear them.

Nevertheless, they rank among the most seductive accessories for women. Pantyhoses are suggested nowadays by designers from all over the world as durable pieces for every season’s outfit.

There are several varieties of pantyhose that vary in terms of their thickness or thinness, color, embroidered designs, and other factors.

I advise you to choose a straightforward, thin pair of black pantyhose for your short dress. They are infallible and will let you put together a classic ensemble.


The name of this undergarment alludes to the fact that these panties fall just below the waist and directly on the hips.

A type of undergarment known as hipster sits two to three inches below the waist, just around the hip bones.

They often feature broader fabric parts and offer greater hip coverage as well. They provide complete coverage in the back and feature cutouts for the legs.

They are available in a variety of textures and patterns, including lace, cotton, and microfiber, so I am sure you will find a pair that is perfect for your dress.

Make sure you select a plain pair of hipsters with no patterns or motifs if your dress is fairly short.


My favorite underwear is of this style, and I use it the majority of the time when I wear a short dress. A bodysuit is an elegant costume that covers your entire body and includes underwear and a top.

A bodysuit is designed to be seamless and to offer support, allowing you to easily and comfortably adapt your clothing around it.

A bodysuit for women may be fitted to your forms properly and can be tight or loose. I advise you to choose a bodysuit that is either nude if the dress is a bright hue, or black if it is a deeper shade.

Also, pay attention to the length of the bodysuit, as you do not want to exceed the length of the dress.

Nipple Covers

Since they are comfortable to wear and provide you the flexibility to be bra-free with the added benefit of a little extra coverage, if you like it, nipple covers are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

They typically consist of silicon and have an adhesive band on the side that will adhere to your skin.

They are the ideal choice for a short dress since they will help you achieve a natural, flowy look. They are smaller than your breast but larger than your nipple.

They come in a variety of hues, but those that go well with our skin tones are the most prevalent. You won’t be able to see them through clothing because of the way they are made; they blend in with your skin.

Control Top Briefs

The most popular name for these briefs is control tops, however, they can also be referred to as shapewear.

They are referred to as control top briefs since they flatten and contour your abdomen. You can keep things organized and flowing smoothly with the help of these briefs.

These pants may extend all the way to your breast. You may choose from a range of styles to give yourself the ideal look.

There are many levels of short tightness available, including loose, moderate, and tight.

Regarding color and style, these briefs offer a wide range of alternatives. You should pick one of them for your short dress, in my opinion.

Shop around and see what options you find and what suits your short dress better.

Bike Shorts

These are definitely the type of undergarments that have gained the most popularity in the last few years.

The bike shorts, as their name implies, have been borrowed from the world of sports, meaning from cycling, and they have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

While this option is more often encountered on its own, with a top cover or a sweater, I can assure you that they are a great choice with short dresses.

Instead of fearing that you will get exposed and not wearing a short dress, I recommend you throw these biker shorts under the dress and you are ready to go.

Just be sure to choose a pair of shorts in a similar shade to the color of your dress.

High Neck Bralette

While many women proudly wear short dresses, many feel that it is too much and too exposing, thus they choose to stay away from these kinds of dresses.

This dress may still be worn, though, if you pair it with a high-neck bralette. The bralette’s style is so delicate and straightforward that it will go perfectly with the short dress since you can put together a well-balanced ensemble with it.

It will cover your entire chest region up to your collarbone. This high-neck bralette with perforations will ensure that you are completely covered without running the risk of being exposed.

If you think the short dress may be too much, consider this undergarment as a way of taming down the outfit.


Traditional panties existed before boyshort lingerie. For the most coverage, they were the greatest option.

Even while they still provide adequate coverage for women, there are other variations available, like high-waisted styles and hip cuts that are more cropped to elongate the legs.

The line of the panties may be seen in this underwear. But because they provide the greatest level of comfort, many women favor them.

Although there are many alternatives available in terms of the material, I advise picking a pair made of microfiber because they can easily blend in.

Because they provide so much coverage, they would look wonderful underneath a short dress. Instead of underpants, it appears like you are wearing shorts.

High Waist Briefs

These are such elegant and feminine choices and have become popular amongst women in the last few years.

With the high-waist briefs, your hip will be somewhat exposed while the back and upper side of your thighs are completely covered.

Additionally, they will give you a covering that covers your whole abdomen and goes up.

High-waisted pants are a great choice if you don’t like the way it feels when your underwear leaves stains on your tummy. Additionally, because they provide the most comfort, many ladies favor them.

When it comes to see-through gowns, this is one of the most popular underwear options. They provide you with a highly modern appearance while flawlessly hugging your form.


I am sure you see how diverse these clothing items to wear under short dresses are and I have no doubt that you will be able to find one that suits your short dress and your occasion.

The fact that the short dress is currently causing a stir throughout the globe is not a coincidence. You may put up a dazzling look for a big occasion with the aid of this traditional style of dress.

You should pay attention to undergarments since it is a crucial item, and matching is a crucial component.

There are several alternatives available, including push-up bras, bike shorts, bodysuits, and high-waist briefs.

Don’t forget, though, that the color and your comfort level are more crucial when selecting your underwear than anything else.

Never select a pair of pants based solely on how well they fit or how attractive they are. In order to appear stunning and feel confident, you must be comfortable.