What to Wear with Adidas Pants

If you decide to wear Adidas pants, but don’t know how to pair them and what to wear them with? This article will show you numerous clothing items and types of shoes that you can wear with Adidas pants for a stylish look.

If you aren’t aware your wardrobe isn’t complete without at least a pair of Adidas pants.

Just one pair of these pants can be casual, athletic, classy, chic, and easygoing if you know how to wear them.

You can wear Adidas pants with a sweater and shoes, all of the same brand, or you can just throw on crop tops and sneakers, even you can raise the bar with heels and blazers.

What to wear with Adidas Pants

Here is a list of the best Adidas pants outfits that you can wear across all seasons and for all occasions.

All Adidas outfits: Adidas Pants, Adidas Sweater, and Adidas Shoes 

If you love Adidas pants, I’m sure you’ll feel the same about the sweater and even the shoes. S

o, rep the brand stylishly and complete your outfit by throwing on a matching Adidas sweater and a pair of Adidas sneakers. 

You can choose to wear all in the same color, such as all white or all black, or you can also mix and match colors.

Perhaps, a white sweater and sneakers on black pants or a red sweater on white pants and sneakers.

Whatever color works, you can look very athletic in all Adidas. In fact, throw on an Adidas face cap for a magazine front page appearance.

Crop Top, Head Warmer, and Sneakers with Adidas Pants 

A nice crop top on your pair of pants can deliver a casual, yet sexy appearance, especially when you’re stepping into the gym or having an informal hangout. 

Depending on the weather, you can opt for a light, cotton crop top or a cropped sweater to protect you from the chill when it’s cold.

The crop top can be free or fitted, but a free crop top always looks better.

If it’s cool or cold, a head warmer is a perfect addition to the outfit as it fits right into place.

Don’t forget to throw on the right pair of sneakers that matches the color of your pants and top. 

Blue Denim Jacket, Face Cap, and White Sneakers 

Yes! Denim on Adidas pants is an appearance you must try at least once, but I guarantee you that you’ll be attached to this outfit. 

Pair a black pair of Adidas pants with a blue jacket, a white inner shirt or singlet, and white sneakers for an unforgettable appearance.

If you’re up for it, or it’s sunny, throw on a black face cap and a pair of shades.

You can go anywhere with this outfit and you’ll fit right into place. Simply ensure that the size and length of your jacket suit your pants properly. 

The unbuttoned look is always the way to go, so ensure that the inner shirt complements your outfit.

Blazer Jacket, Singlet, and Sandals + Necklace and Shades 

Now, it gets stylish with your Adidas pants when you throw in a blazer, sandals, and shades. 

Now you can wear Adidas pants to the office or any meeting or event you consider to be worthy of a stylish appearance.

Simply pair your pants with a matching singlet and blazer and you’re several steps up.

Complete the outfit with a pair of sandals; whether heeled or flats and you’re going for the win. 

What is stylish without some accessories? Add a necklace to the mix; maybe with matching earrings and bangles. A handbag or fancy purse is a must, and then cap it up with fancy shades.

Jean Jacket, White Shirt, and Heels 

Now that we’ve styled with a blue jacket, you can wear other jackets like a grey or black jacket that match your Adidas pants.

While this outfit can look cool with a pair of sneakers, you should aim for chic by going with a pair of matching heels, and a shoulder bag or purse.

You’ll need a white inner shirt that can be crop or full-length. 

You can step right into the office or a party with this outfit and know; without having to look that all eyes will be on you. 

There is no better way to look stylish and formal at the same time with Adidas pants than with a Denim jacket and stilettos.

Sports Bra, Puffer Jacket, Sneakers/Boots 

Sports bras and Adidas pants are a given when it comes to dressing cool and athletic, especially when heading to the gym.

But, when you throw on puffer jackets, you’re creating an entirely new appearance.

You can call this a winter special outfit because the puffer jacket is perfect for keeping the cold away as you go out.

However, it’s also not bad for the fall when the temperatures are still quite cool.

There are two ways to complete this outfit; you can finish simply with a pair of sneakers or make a statement with a pair of winter boots.

A colorful jacket with black or white shoes always does justice to your outfit.

Colorful Oversized Sweater, Black Boots, and Beanie 

Is there ever a time when the oversized appearance won’t be considered beautiful? I sincerely doubt that. 

So, get an oversized sweater on your fitted Adidas pants, and wear a pair of boots; preferably ankle boots with cute pockets/purses attached.

Tuck in the ends of your pants and zip or lace up your boots.

Topping this outfit with a beanie sounds about right, and if you want to go further, a cross bag fits right into the look you’re creating. 

Feel free to explore a different color of sweater and pants, but you can never go wrong with a multi-colored sweater on black pants and black boots with a beanie that’s of a similar color to your sweater.

Leather Jacket, Sneakers, and Face Cap

We can’t talk about jackets without mentioning leather jackets now, can we? Do you know that your leather jackets can look really good when paired with Adidas pants?

Get your cute biker appearance by wearing a black leather jacket with your Adidas pants.

Since you’re going with a black jacket, you can freely any color of pants; including green, red, white, or same black.

Your face cap should match the color of your pants, even though no rule says it’s a must.

Your sneakers can also match your pants, but preferably your jacket color.

You can go all black from your face cap down to your sneakers, or use a white cap for contrast.

White Shirt, Fishnet Stockings, Sneakers, and Cross Bag

This is where casual meets interesting; with stockings under your Adidas pants and a plain white shirt tucked into the waistband of your pants.

For the fishnet stockings to be visible, you’ll have to buy a pair of pants that don’t cover up to your ankle or draw it up by a few inches if it has an elastic band at the bottom.

Whatever the case, the black fishnet stockings will look good with light-colored sneakers such as beige or a combination of white and grey. 

Hang on a black cross bag or one that’s the same color as your pants to complete the look.

Tank Top/Singlet, Jacket, and Sandals/Sneakers  

This time, the jacket is going to be worn on your waist. That’s right; the purpose of this jacket is to be tied to your waist in what might be our most casual outfit. 

Simply tuck a black or white tank top into your Adidas pants, put on a pair of sneakers or sandals, and tie your jacket to your waist. 

This outfit is perfect for running errands, catching up with friends, or simply looking unbothered.

However, it can look really cool too, especially when you throw on sunshades or hang them on the neck of your singlet.

You can add a handbag to the mix if you need it, or swap the handbag for a beanie, depending on how casual you want to go. 


There are so many ways to wear Adidas pants and we have mentioned just a few of such outfits to pair them with.

Whether you’re aiming for a casual, classy, office, or gym appearance, there’s something for every occasion.

The blazer jacket, Adidas pants, and heels/sandals are perfect for a formal occasion, just like the jean jacket, white shirt, and heels.

Casual outfits that include the crop top, head warmer, and sneakers with Adidas pants.

However, you can look classy and stylish with the denim jacket, sneaker, and face cap combo, just as you would with the leather jacket and sneaker outfit.

Or go all out with an “All Adidas” outfit, or be bold and confident with the oversized sweater combo. 

Feel free to explore different colors outside the regular black and white when matching your Adidas outfits and you’ll be surprised at the beauty you can bring to life.