What to Wear with Maxi Skirts

Every woman loves a maxi skirt. No matter the occasion you are about to attend, a maxi skirt is the perfect “canvas” that you need in order to start creating your outfit. Given the popularity that this type of skirt had in the last few years, I am sure that you have seen this type of skirt in every shop. It comes in many colors, with many models and patterns, and it can be made from many materials.

What to Wear with Maxi Skirts

This type of skirt is long and reaches your ankles and it usually has an A-line structure. It is perfect for summer and spring, as it is very flowy, but it can also be integrated easily into your autumn outfits if you add the right top.

Continue reading to find 10 tops that will go great with your maxi skirt:

  1. T-shirt
  2. Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. Turtleneck
  4. Sweater
  5. Shirt
  6. Tank top
  7. Blazer
  8. Cardigan
  9. Shoulder top
  10. Sleeveless top


Of course, this combination is the first one. It is simple, with an effect, and with endless possibilities. As you may have already imagined, it is not possible to ruin this combination as it can be so simple and effective.

From the infinite number of models that t-shirts have, to the many ways in which you can wear them. You can choose a simple, plain t-shirt that will go perfectly with a multicolored maxi skirt or one with sequins.

You have many different ways of playing around with the t-shirt. You can simply tuck it in the maxi skirt and leave it puffed around the waist of the skirt or you can make a knot above the maxi skirt.

Play around with your options and see which one works best with your maxi skirt.

Long Sleeve Shirt

A simple, fitted long-sleeve shirt and a maxi skirt are worn together in such a casual way that can only be described as stunningly gorgeous. You’re looking at irrefutable evidence that a maxi skirt and a long sleeve shirt look great together in a casual or even formal combination, depending on what pattern the shirt has. Comfort and practicality are combined in this outfit combination with a shirt and a maxi skirt, which enables you to look stylish but understated.

You can tuck your shirt and add a belt to accentuate your waist; you can also choose a loose long-sleeve shirt and tuck it in the front part of the skirt for a boho look. Play around with the different varieties you have available, from oversized to fitted, and see which one suits your maxi skirt and your personality.


Why not choose to wear a turtleneck with a maxi skirt? These two products look amazing when paired together in addition to being really comfortable.

Among the game-changing products that may transform your closet are a turtleneck and a maxi skirt. Wear a turtleneck with a maxi skirt to put together a stylish and up-to-date casual look.

This outfit, which combines a turtleneck with a maxi skirt, looks put together yet still casual and appropriate for any occasion.

You may effortlessly wear a turtleneck with a maxi skirt for a casual occasion, such as going to work, lunch with friends, or a day shopping. You will manage to pull off a relaxed style that has a trendy twist.


For added warmth, team your maxi skirt or maxi dress with an oversized sweater. Given that both the sweater and the maxi skirt are loose-fitting garments, a slender belt is an ideal way to separate the two.

When you belt the sweater, you may collect the excess material in the back to create a flattering fit in the front.

You may front-tuck the sweater into the skirt if you’d prefer not to wear a belt. I believe that front-tucking lighter sweaters into a skirt give them the nicest appearance.

Play around with the textures and the patterns of your sweater and see what goes best with your maxi skirt.


Just like the t-shirt, the shirt is another simple choice, but I can assure you that it will not create a boring outfit.

You can appear stylish and ready for anything with this off-duty outfit combination of a shirt and a maxi skirt without having to spend a lot of time digging through your closet.

Even on days off from work, wearing a shirt with a maxi skirt can highlight your sense of style. This ensemble, which combines a blouse and a maxi skirt, is stylish yet cozy.

A smart outfit to wear all day and into the evening is a shirt and a maxi skirt. If you want to create a casual outfit, consider tying a knot using the two ends of the shirt; you will have a laid-back look.

Tank Top

Why not choose a maxi skirt and a tank top? These two items may be used together and are both quite practical. Just think of the different choices you have when it comes to tank tops.

Besides the different colors and patterns that you have available, you will find many tank tops available made from many materials, with different embellishments, accessories, and in different styles, such as oversized, fitted, and so on.

When you need to look amazing quickly, a tank top and a maxi skirt are a go-to combination. Pair a tank with a maxi skirt for a carefree look; these two items work great together.

This ensemble serves as indisputable evidence that a tank top and a maxi skirt look great together when worn casually.


Why not go for a jacket instead of a top or a plain t-shirt if you need to instantly glam up your style with only one piece?

Why not think about donning a maxi skirt and blazer? Both items are not only incredibly cozy but also stylish when worn together.

Dress comfortably by wearing a jacket and a maxi skirt. You should have a jacket and maxi skirt in your casual wardrobe. Anyone may wear this outfit on a daily basis because it is simple to accomplish.

This combination can be worn as it is if you button up your blazer and be sure that is not too revealing, or you can add a tube top, t-shirt, or anything else under the blazer.


The cardigan doesn’t have to be an old-fashioned choice or a garment that you can wear only with jeans; trust me when I tell you that this top is still very popular and will not go out of style soon.

A good idea for a casual yet highly elegant ensemble is pairing a cardigan with a maxi skirt. With a cardigan and a maxi skirt, you may be comfortable without sacrificing elegance.

Any contemporary lady should have a cardigan and a maxi skirt in her wardrobe. Consider pairing a cardigan with a maxi skirt for a carefree look; these two items go nicely together.

Have fun and play with the textures and patterns of your cardigan and skirt.

Shoulder Top

Such an elegant, feminine, and chic choice! This has to be one of my favorite combinations. When worn together, an off-the-shoulder shirt and a maxi skirt are pure eye candy for fashionistas who adore stylish, sophisticated looks.

Off-shoulder tops and maxi skirts are so versatile that you can count on seeing them frequently in your closet. If you want to seem effortlessly chic without putting in too much effort, think about pairing an off-the-shoulder blouse with a maxi skirt.

Play around with colors and texture; you can pair a sequin maxi skirt with a silk shoulder top. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find something that suits you.

Sleeveless Top

In search of a casual yet utterly fashionable ensemble? Why not pair a maxi skirt with a sleeveless top? Together, these goods will look stylish and be quite practical.

When you need to appear put together quickly, a sleeveless shirt and a maxi skirt are a good choice.

You can simply put together a casual outfit with a contemporary twist by wearing a sleeveless shirt with a maxi skirt.

A maxi skirt and a sleeveless top are examples of very stylish yet casual clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways. Try pairing a sleeveless shirt with a maxi skirt.


Given the diversity that all the tops presented above bring to the table, I am sure that you will have no problem finding the perfect pair for you.

Maxi skirts have evolved from being a popular fashion trend to a must-have piece for every wardrobe.

However, I continue to get asked a lot of questions about how to wear a maxi skirt. How else can you dress in a maxi skirt than wearing it with a simple tank top?

All you have to remember is that the maxi skirt, no matter the style of material, is the element of foundation for your outfit, but that is also the white blanket that is ready to be accessorized.

Thus, whether you choose a tank top, a shoulder top, or a t-shirt, or you decide to wear the skirt on colder days and you choose a sweater, a pullover, or a turtleneck.

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