What to Wear with Overalls

Overalls are a great type of clothing that can help you create an outfit in a matter of seconds and is also very comfortable. They are the perfect choice for both autumn and summer, being able to create gorgeous outfits.

However, many women tend to run away from overalls because they find them too simple and boring; however, it all stays in knowing what to wear with overalls. Every item can look gorgeous on you if you know how to combine the different clothing items you have in your closet and overalls are no exception.

What to Wear with Overalls

Continue reading to find out 10 clothing items to wear with overalls for a stylish look:

  1. Cardigan
  2. Leather jacket
  3. Trench
  4. Letterman jacket
  5. Coat
  6. Sweater
  7. T-shirt
  8. Flannel shirt
  9. Boots
  10. Sneakers

Best 10 Types of Clothes & Shoes to Wear with Overalls


A perfect choice for colder weather. A cardigan is a type of clothing item that is knitted and made from wool or a substitute for it.

It can have buttons on the front or not and it is usually oversized. It is a perfect layer for those colder days that don’t require a jacket.

Pairing it with some overalls will create a classic, effortless, and chic outfit that is perfect for many occasions.

Depending on the weather, you can put under the overalls a t-shirt or a long-sleeved blouse.

Be sure to consider this combination next time you decide to wear overalls as it will not disappoint you and it will also keep you warm.

Leather Jacket

A classic combination that screams young, wild, and free. This combination has been a favorite for many young women for generations and I am sure it will not go out of style quite soon.

The combination of jeans and leather has always been a classic and, as you have seen, has been found in many forms.

You may wear a motorcycle jacket and overalls for years to come since they are such beyond elegant casual essentials.

For a simple, yet effective outfit, add a black leather jacket with a pair of blue overall made jeans.

Add under the jacket a shirt or a sweater and you will find an outfit that is perfect for many occasions.


Who doesn’t love a trench? It is perfect for a rainy day, making you look elegant and chic while wearing it. A trench is a type of timeless fashion accessory worn all throughout the world.

It is often constructed of drill or poplin, strong cotton, and includes a removable lining for different weather conditions. It usually comes in brown nuances, but the most common color is beige.

When choosing a trench, you can opt for the classic look, with buttons on the front part and a cord around your waist, or you can opt for more minimalistic designs, with fewer accessories.

Combined with your overalls, it will help you create a simple, but stylish outfit that is perfect for many occasions.

Letterman Jacket

This type of jacket made waves in the ’80s and ’90s, being loved and worn by everyone.

A letterman jacket is a type of jacket that was inspired by baseball equipment and has become very popular in high schools and in the academic world.

However, over time it has made its way through fashion trends and into women’s closets, becoming a must-have piece in every wardrobe.

The baggy design that this jacket has fitted perfectly with the design of the overalls, creating a casual and effortless outfit.

Add a sweatshirt or a hoodie under the letterman jacket and be ready to go anywhere you want. You would not have to worry about how you look because you have put together a very trendy attire.


The coat is a representative must-have piece of clothing for the winter that is going to settle in even better with us. They can make you look taller, slimmer, and even more stylish.

There is a type of coat that fits you perfectly, regardless of your height or physiognomy, being an indispensable piece in every woman’s wardrobe.

Be careful about the material of the coat. When it comes to a clothing item like a coat, I think that you should choose one made of natural materials.

Wool is the most suitable material for a winter coat. Not only does it look good, but it is also extremely warm and durable.

Add the coat over your overalls and you will have an outfit that is suited for autumn or even winter and that is also stylish.


Your knitted sweater can look sensational if you choose to wear them in other ways than just with jeans.

Sweaters are the basic pieces in outfits for the cold season, but how you wear them also matters a lot.

You can ditch the classic combination of jeans and sweaters for a while and choose interesting and original ways to wear the sweater, such as overalls.

You will have a cozy, elegant, and stylish outfit, created with these items.

Nothing compares to a super cozy oversized sweater paired with a pair of overalls and some ankle boots.

It’s a very simple look to achieve, and unlike your classic sweater and pants outfits, this outfit brings an extra touch of originality through the way it approaches the proportions.


We couldn’t be talking about clothing items to wear with overalls without including here the classic t-shirt.

This is the most simple and common combination when it comes to overalls.

You simply throw on a t-shirt, put on a pair of overalls and you have such a classic combination that it is impossible not to wear it.

They fit so well together that you sometimes have the illusion that they have fused.

Choosing one with a big drawing in the middle will not look very nice because the drawing might get blocked by the front part of the overalls.

Take this into account and maybe opt for a simple t-shirt or one with stripes on it or a little drawing on the side.

Flannel Shirt

Another great and classic combination that would go great with the overalls. A flannel shirt is a perfect top to wear in autumn.

The coziness of the wool material makes you feel like you are hugged by a blanket. It also comes in very many fall colors, such as orange, brown, dark red, and so on.

Trendy or not, you must have at least one flannel shirt in your wardrobe.

Extremely warm and suitable for cold weather, flannel shirts combine the finesse of a regular shirt with the comfort of wool and cotton.

Wear it under the overalls or add another t-shirt under the flannel shirt for another layer.

If you want to style it differently, you can even create a knot on the side, right above the waist of the overalls.


The perfect choice. Nothing is more feminine and chic than a pair of cigarette overalls with a pair of boots.

Whether they are made from leather, suede, or any other similar material, these types of footwear can definitely spice up your outfit.

Depending on the form of the overalls, meaning if the pants are oversized, fitted, loose, and so on, you can choose different types of boots. You have ankle boots, thigh-high boots, cowboy boots, boots with heels, and so on.

Choose one that suits your overalls and that it is comfortable, and style your outfit.

For example, if you have a pair of ankle boots, you can even roll up the end of the pants to show a little skin and make them look more fashionable.


Comfort. Simplicity. What more would you want from a pair of shoes? If you haven’t noticed, sneakers are definitely the most worn type of footwear, being able to integrate into every woman’s closet.

The reason why they are so loved by women is that they are very comfortable and can be worn all day, but you still look stylish.

They come in an infinite number of models, such as chunky sneakers, canvas sneakers, slip-on sneakers, plimsoll sneakers, and so on. You will also find any color and design you could possibly think of.

These types of shoes are perfect for almost any season, from spring to autumn. Play with the color palette of your outfit and choose a pair of sneakers with your overalls.


If you choose these clothes and shoes to wear with overalls, you will have a chic outfit. Initially, overalls were not a fashion item, but a type of clothing that was worn by workers.

Because they were as sturdy as jeans and had several practical pockets to assist them to store their equipment, overalls have become the ‘uniform’ worn by many farmers and handymen.

Overalls made an appearance in skater culture in the 90’s when both skater men and women wore them.

They were typically torn and distressed, and like everything else, some people decided they loved it, thus it became a fashion trend.

Today, they are a must-have item in every woman’s closet and a great item that will help you create many outfits.

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