What to Wear with a Tan Blazer?

You just got a beautiful tan blazer, but you don’t know what to wear with it? Keep reading to find out. Jackets are essential clothing items in any woman’s wardrobe.

Thus, the tan blazer is a must-have piece that will help you add sparkle and elegance to simple, boring outfits.

The beauty of this color is its neutrality. It combines perfectly with almost any companion and always softens the palette, giving it refinement and elegance.

What to Wear with a Tan Blazer

Therefore, you can wear it with almost anything. A neutral beige jacket is a great investment in your wardrobe.

It has so many obvious advantages that it’s hard to imagine how you can do without it. Here are 10 items of clothing that would pair perfectly with your tan blazer:

  1. Leather pants
  2. Sequin tops
  3. Skinny jeans
  4. Maxi dresses
  5. Shorts
  6. T-shirts
  7. Skirts
  8. Bike shorts
  9. Wide leg pants
  10. Flared jeans

Leather Pants

Fashion trends come and go, but some of them claim a special and permanent place in everyone’s wardrobes.

Leather pants, which can be made from natural or synthetic leather, are part of the category of trends that have remained over time, these being the most popular clothing items in the spring-summer season.

There are a lot of outfits in which you can add leather pants. For a day in the spring-summer season, it is ideal to choose leather trousers with a wide and long T-shirt or a T-shirt and your tan jacket.

This combination will be perfect for many occasions, such as a party, a walk in the park, or a day in the office. Have fun with your choices!

Sequin Tops

Although sequins seem a fashionable accessory that always tends to look like a novelty, they appeared a long time ago, in Egypt, being worn by the pharaohs as an ornamental part of their costumes.

Nowadays, sequins are worn to give a note of sparkle, literally, to a top that is otherwise simple and to attract attention, to be simply sparkling.

Choose a top with sequins and sparkles and combine it with your tan blazer. The neutrality of the blazer will allow the sequins to sparkle and you will have an outfit that is great for many occasions and that will make you look very stylish.

You can tone down or dress up your outfit with your footwear: for an elegant event choose a pair of high heels, but for a casual look, choose a pair of sneakers.

Skinny jeans

The combination between a tan blazer and a pair of skinny jeans may be the most common choice.

Skinny jeans are at the top of the essential clothing items in any wardrobe. They are, regardless of the season, indispensable in their holiday luggage. They are, without a doubt, the basic piece of clothing of the casual style.

They are versatile and easy to wear with almost anything, so we turn to them with confidence whenever we run out of inspiration or we are in a hurry, but we still need a simple and, at the same time, chic outfit.

The number of styles and designs available with this type of jeans is endless: torn jeans, washed, with a high waist, in black, denim color, and the list goes on.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a perfect choice for summer or spring days and will turn you into a real goddess. Whether you wear them to special events or city walks, they will always make you special, giving you a special charm and mystery.

There are so many designs, colors, and patterns available with this type of dress. Choose a dress that will beautifully accentuate your figure, but will also give you the freedom to move easily.

Thus, I am sure you will find the perfect fit for you. Add to this maxi dress a tan blazer and you will find that this combination can take you anywhere.

You can dress up this outfit by choosing more elegant footwear and by adding stylish accessories.


We are in the middle of the warm season, so shorts have taken their place in your wardrobe. They are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and are perfect for a hot summer day.

There is a wide range of short models available, so you will have no problem finding the pair perfect for you.

They can be made from denim, leather, cotton, in, and so on, and they can have many styles: with sequins, worn, washed, with fringes, and the list goes on.

Together with the tan blazer, you will create a casual outfit that is perfect for a summer day. As tops, you can choose a shirt, a cropped top, or a t-shirt.

Play with your options and you will create an infinite number of outfits with this combination.


In our closets, a lot of seemingly ordinary clothes find their place, but they have extraordinary stylistic potential.

Basic items, which can be an integral part of the capsule wardrobe, are often underestimated. This is the case for T-shirts.

The t-shirt is a real pearl of your clothing dressing, so if you know how to integrate it into various outfits, it can save you from many situations where you do not have the inspiration to create a suitable look.

A favorite combination of mine is a tan blazer. This combination can turn a simple outfit into a more smart casual one.

You can choose any type of t-shirt, such as simple, with designs, embroidery, and so on, because the neutrality of the tan blazer will let you play around with colors and textures.


The skirt is one of the basic items of women’s wardrobe and an indispensable attribute of femininity. She is the one who gives your image more grace, tenderness, and attractiveness.

There are different types of skirts. Each of them offers its owner individuality. A well-chosen skirt will emphasize the waist and give you a gorgeous figure.

You have many options when it comes to skirts: leather skirts, mini skirts, slit skirts, denim skirts, skirts with sequins, and so on.

Choose the skirt that you like the most, pick up a simple shirt, your tan blazer and you are ready for your day. You will have an outfit that will save you a lot of time plus is elegant and feminine.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts, also known as cycling shorts, are undoubtedly one of the successful items of the summer season.

They are skin-tight garments designed to improve comfort and efficiency. They were created for cycling but gained huge success in the last years because they are very comfortable, simple, and go great with everything.

These pants can be worn literally on every occasion – from going out on the beach to evening meetings.

Even if you may think that they are too sporty and would not pair well with a tan blazer, I am here to disapprove.

Because they are so simple and versatile, you can combine them with everything, even such an elegant item like the tan blazer. To add more color, choose a cold top.

Wide Leg Pants

Certainly women passionate about fashion know that wide-leg pants are back on the charts, especially this season.

However, unlike skinny pants, the wide-leg ones are harder to choose and match. You have to find a pair that is perfect for your height because if you choose one that is too long it will make you look short.

Nevertheless, these pants are a perfect choice to be worn in countless outfits. They are as elegant as the tan blazer, so it will not be a problem for you to combine them.

Due to the neutrality of the blazer, you can choose any color for these pants. They are the perfect choice for any woman passionate about fashion, but who wants a different look.

Flared Jeans

The culture of the 70’s is what made the flared jeans famous, becoming a symbol of those times. This model is not the same as wide-leg pants.

They are flared only at the bottom so that their upper part must be as tight as possible on the body. Thus, the taller you are, the wider the pants can be at the bottom. Flared pants are a perfect choice to be worn in countless outfits.

For such an outfit composed of a pair of flared pants and a top garment to be perfect to go to the place of work, I recommend you to opt for a tan blazer. You can choose an oversized blazer for a baggy look or a fitted one for a more formal look.


When it comes to the perfect outfit, you can easily find what goes well with a tan blazer. If you are either creating a whole new wardrobe or you are looking for items that are timeless, simple, and would go great with many items, the tan blazer would be a perfect item to choose first.

As simple and boring this item may seem to you, it is a must-have item in your wardrobe because its neutrality will allow you to combine it with almost any clothing item.

When choosing the clothes to pair with this outfit, try to be as creative as possible. In this way, you will always have a well-developed and very stylish outfit.

Whether you pair this tan blazer with a skirt, a dress, or a T-shirt and some jeans, you will always get a gorgeous and chic outfit that is suitable for many situations.

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