What Color Shoes to Wear With a Navy Blue Dress

If you are uncertain about what color shoes to wear with your navy blue dress, I have put down for you a list of 10 color shoes that go great with this blue nuance, so keep reading.

While many people still don’t find blue to be an elegant color or a color that they would choose, navy blue is definitely the exception here.

This shade of blue is such a timeless and gorgeous color that is impossible not to love. It is a combination between blue and black.

The name of this color comes from the dark blue that has been worn by officers in the royal navy. Thus, this color imposes elegance and prestige.

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Navy Blue Dress

Here are some of the best color shoes that pair perfectly with a navy blue dress:

  1. Nude Shoes
  2. Yellow Shoes
  3. Black Shoes
  4. White Shoes
  5. Silver Shoes
  6. Purple Shoes
  7. Red Shoes
  8. Pink Shoes
  9. Brown Shoes
  10. Light blue Shoes

Best Color Shoes to Pair with a Navy Blue Dress


A simple, classic choice that will definitely work every time. Nude is a combination of brown and white and the reason why it is considered a must-have color in every woman’s wardrobe is due to its neutrality and balance, making it an easy and simple choice for many items.

Depending on your skin tone, you can find the perfect nude nuance that matches your skin, helping you make your legs look infinite and emphasizing your navy blue.

Whether you decide to opt for a pair of heeled sandals, stilettos, flats, or any other type of shoe, I am sure you will be able to find them in a nude color. Together with your navy blue dress, you will create a timeless outfit.


No one could argue that the combination of yellow and navy blue is not another winning option. The navy blue dress is excellently combined with the yellow shoes because they complement each other.

A bright and cheerful color like yellow pairs perfectly with a darker color, like navy blue, balancing the palette of your outfit.

Thus you will have an outfit that is perfect for a wedding, a dinner party, or any other event when you want to stand out.

This combination will allow you to be the center of attention under admiring glances. This combination is ideal for a special occasion.

However, in this case, it is very easy to overdo it, so it is necessary to observe the principle of moderation.


This should not come as a surprise. Black is one of the most common, simple, and versatile colors, being able to be matched with anything.

The combination between navy blue and black is a classic one and one that will never get out of style.

If your dress is simple and it doesn’t have many patterns and embellishments, such as lace, sequins, and so on, you can add a little more sparkle with the help of the black shoes.

You can choose from a pair of leather, black, stilettos or a pair of high heels with different accessories.

Have fun with and make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your choice. Nothing is more elegant than confidence.


Another timeless, yet elegant choice for your shoes. I find white to be one of the prettiest shoe colors to wear, especially during summer, because it looks great with your tan.

The combination between navy blue and white pair is so great because of the opposite place that they occupy on the color palette and which is why they complement each other so well.

I recommend you opt for a pair of high heels sandals because they will make your legs look long and tan, which is every woman’s dream.

However, if you do not want to wear heels, opt for a pair of flats or even sneakers, in plain white. They will give your outfit that splash of shine and brightness that it needs.


Another simple, yet elegant choice for your navy blue dress. The brightness and shine that silver brings to the outfit pair perfectly with the darker shade of blue, meaning navy blue.

This is a timeless and effortless combination that can get you out on many occasions. You don’t have to necessarily wear this on special occasions.

You can easily choose a simple navy blue dress and a pair of silver flip-flops, espadrilles, or flats and you are ready for a day out shopping or a stroll around town.

Don’t be afraid to play with the patterns and accessorize your outfit as you want. If you have a simple, navy blue dress, you may want to boost up the outfit by choosing a sequined pair of silver shoes or something similar.


Purple shoes look spectacular in combination with a navy blue dress. Although many women consider it too much, the stars show us that this combination is possible and very beautiful.

Just like navy blue, purple contains a splash of black in it, so because of these darker sides, they combine so well together.

If you are afraid of too strong shades of purple, you can go for the option of shoes in light, pale shades to subtly complete your outfit and let the blue dress be the center of attention.

You have multiple shades of purple, such as burgundy or even lavender, and all of them look fabulous with a navy dress. They are gorgeous colors, but quite tame and not bold so that they don’t overshadow the blue dress.


Another strong and bold color is here to make a statement. It comes as no surprise that red is one of the options for the navy blue dress.

While some may think that this combination is too much, I believe that it is perfect for women who want to make a statement with their outfits and who want to stand out.

Because red is such a common color when it comes to shoes, I am sure that you will have no trouble finding a pair of red shoes that is perfect for your dress and for your event, whether it’s casual, elegant, smart casual, and so on.

Just make sure to not over-accessorize your outfit by combining too many patterns and embellishments.


If you thought red was too much, I am curious to see what you think of this combination. Navy blue, a darker, calmer, blue, together with pink, which is an electric, alive, and playful color.

Two opposites, which is why they are perfect together. This is a perfect combination for you if you want your clothes to speak for themselves.

You will find many shades of pink, from bright to tame, almost nude pink. Choose the one in which you feel most comfortable.

Remember that your outfit must be a reflection of your personality and that they must fit your style. Have fun with the colors and choices and make sure you are happy with the final attire.


A somber and simple color. A perfect choice for the navy blue dress. The simplicity, neutrality, and steadiness that the brown color brings with it is the perfect choice for the deep, dark, navy blue.

They are both on the darker side of the palette color, so that is what makes them combine so perfectly.

If you choose this option for your shoes, I am sure you will create an outfit that is perfect for many occasions.

It might be a little harder to find shoes in brown compared to the other colors presented above, but I am sure that you will not regret making this decision because it will give your entire outfit a ‘dark academia’ vibe.

Light Blue

If you are the type of person that likes to play with the same color palette for the entire outfit, then this combination is for you: a navy blue dress with light blue shoes. Yin and yang.

It is obvious why these two colors work together and how beautiful they combine. I find this combination to be perfect for casual occasions because the light blue tames down the power of the navy blue and vice versa.

They complement each other so perfectly that it almost feels like they are merged.

You may not find many options for light blue shoes, but if you do, I am certain that you will be able to create an outfit that is so simple and efficient, but so hard to take your eyes off.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what color shoes you choose to wear with your navy blue dress. Navy blue is a simple, yet elegant color that is perfect for many occasions.

Depending on the form of the dress and its length, I am sure you will be able to find one that is suited for your event.

All you have to remember is that nothing is more attractive than confidence and even the simplest dress can be transformed if it is worn with confidence.

Whether you choose a simple color, such as black, white, or brown, or you are bold and confident and opt for a bright color, such as yellow, red, or pink, I am sure that you will be able to express yourself through your colors, bringing out the color of your soul. Have fun choosing your shoes and be happy with your decision.