Top 30 Best Edgy Clothing Stores & Brands

Do you want to be just another face in the crowd or are you thinking about raiding some edgy clothing stores to spruce up your wardrobe? The fashion industry relies on trends. Everyone wants to be trendy, everyone wants to know what’s hot this season, but that only helps you blend in.

Best Edgy Clothing Stores & Brands

Yes, you’re hip, you’re keeping up with the latest fashion, you spend a lot on new clothes every season, but hardly anyone will notice you if the ten other girls walk down the street wearing similar shirts and the exact same shoes.

If you want to stand out and make an impression you need to look for edgy clothing brands.

We’ve got you covered with a mega list of edgy clothing stores, both online and offline. Fair warning – there’s a high risk you’ll fall in love with some of these brands!

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill Edgy Clothing Store

If you grew up with Care Bears and Bratz, this is the place for you. Just don’t expect anything in the cute range.

Dolls Kill advertises itself as a store for ‘she demons’ only, and it does have plenty to offer for the goth girl you aspire to be, or for the hippie or punk in you.

If there’s one thing to be said about the merch sold by Dolls Kill is that it is very colorful and they don’t shy away from pink, bright greens, or yellow.

The brand caters to all tastes, whether you’re looking for a gorgeous black ‘she demon’ dress or a naughty Lolita-style bathing suit.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Edgy Store

It all depends on how nasty you want to appear, for this LA store offers a wide range of outfits from mini body-hugging dresses in pale colors to long satin dresses, just perfect for a summer night party.

The same goes for their T-shirts – some of them carry sweet Love Always Wins slogans, while others have the kind of slogans you wouldn’t want your dear old granny to see!

If you browse their online store, make sure to visit the shoe section and have a look at their platform sandals which are simply to die for.

And their strappy sandals! Or their flat-toe sandals! There’s something for everyone at Nasty Gal.

All Saints

All Saints Edgy Clothing Discounts

Well, the name All Saints might be a bit misleading as the clothes they sell are not exactly what you could wear to church.

If you’re looking for edgy clothing, you can choose between their rich lace dresses or their oversized skull-decorated tunics.

You might also want to have a look at their boot-cut jeans or studded denim shirts, which are quite unique.

Since you’re there, check out the impressive accessories section, which offers everything from tote bags to exquisite organic cotton bandanas in some fabulous prints.

Oh, and they have an amazing men’s collection with everything from sweatshirts to very edgy leather jackets.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace Edgy Clothing Filter

ASOS is an exclusively online store offering edgy clothing for both men and women.

This is the place if you’re looking for chill outfits, for everyday wear to party dresses.

ASOS is about fun and feeling good, so you can make your pick among the extremely ripped jeans or the long skirts with daring splits.

Both go splendidly with their flatform ASOS design shoes you won’t find anywhere else.

If it’s sexy underwear you’re interested in, check out their lace lingerie and stockings.

They have something for everyone, from the petite to the plus-size woman that feels confident in her skin.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Clothing for Edgy Fashion

The Urban Outfitters brand has been around for five decades now so you wouldn’t think of them when you’re looking for edgy clothing, but you need to move on with the times if you want to stay in business.

If you want something edgy, check out their embroidered babydoll dresses or the tiered ruffle ones.

Also, you might like their Urban Renewal denim jackets or windbreakers in bright colors.

They also cater to rock fans, but you won’t find the same old T-shirts everybody sells.

At Urban Outfitters you can find oversized and overdyed Nirvana sweatshirts or Van Halen dress shirts, just perfect for a chill-out evening with your friends.

American Apparel

American Apparel Edgy Brand

What sort of edgy clothing can you find at American Apparel?

Very edgy, as in metallic catsuits or bathing suits, that put all your curves on display.

Or, if you really want to stand out, have a look at their nylon tricot leggings in metallic red or blue.

American Apparel caters mostly to sporty people, so they have a nice selection of tennis skirts, sweatpants, and cropped tops.

Men can choose between fleece zip hoodies and jogger pants. If you want to look truly edgy, you might want to buy a matching hoodie for your dog.

Yes, they sell those, too!



Missguided is one of the hottest edgy clothing brands, and one of the most affordable ones, which might explain their huge success among young women looking for a new style.

Among the brand’s best sellers – ripped light blue jeans and denim shorts.

What makes Missguided so attractive is the fact that they often partner with someone big to launch exclusive collections.

Someone big as in Playboy. How does a pink Playboy bunny bikini sound to you?

And you can accessorize that with Playboy earrings and a cap, for a killer look at the beach.

Or check out the summer collection with brunch outfits or day drink outfits.

River Island

River Island Website Brand

Polka dots, animal prints, floral prints, you can find them all at River Island, the brand that promises to help you unleash your vibe.

You can find everything from the classical LBD to oversized sweatshirts or dresses, or wide-leg pants.

The underlying idea is that you want to be comfortable in your skin and your clothes.

The RI line is about relaxation, about the off-duty you, hence the large selection of pink bermudas or joggers.

As for men, River Island caters to all tastes, so you can choose between muscle-fit shirts or a wide range of truly original print shirts.


TopShop website

Everybody’s heard of Topshop, and if you’re looking for edgy clothing, you should check out their amazing collection.

One thing that catches the eye is the half-and-half pants, with the legs in two colors, which are quite a novelty.

Speaking of pants, they do have skinny jeans, but also some over-the-top flare or wide-leg ones, that you can easily pair with rib cardigans, knitted crop tops, or one-shoulder jumpers.

Men also have plenty to choose from, starting with stylish jackets and ending with loud statement-maker shirts with vivid prints. And quite colorful, too!

Gypsy Warrior

Gypsy Warrior Brand

The Gypsy Warrior brand started with a New Jersey store to become one of the biggest names in edgy clothing.

Their clothes were meant for the downtown edgy girl looking for rock chic jeans, scarves, or T-shirts. And a lot of vintage-inspired jewelry.

Unfortunately, their online store is now closed, so you’ll have to go on eBay or other reseller sites to look for authentic Gypsy Warrior merchandise.

You might want to check out their eye-catching asymmetrical dresses or layered skirts.


Yayukata Edgy Collection

If you really really want to stand out, try Yayukata, which, as the name indicates, sells Asian and Japanese edgy streetwear.

You don’t have to be an anime fan to wear their T-shirts and sweaters, but it helps.

The prints on their T-shirts are truly spectacular, with Japanese traditional symbols, like cranes or geishas featuring prominently.

Well, maybe not your traditional geisha, but the so-called urban one.

By the way, check out their line of kimonos, which again are nothing like the elaborate outfits you see in the movies, but rather large tunics with the most precious Japan-themed prints.

Not something a real geisha would wear for a tea ceremony, but just perfect for a casual outing

Never Fully Dressed

Never Fully Dressed brands itself as the home of sophisticated dress and, contrary to what the name implies, if you immerse yourself in the NFD universe you’ll end up fully dressed, with an overflowing closet.

If you’re looking for edgy, check out their activewear section with the most colorful leggings you’ve ever seen.

Also, don’t miss the dress section, which has everything from mini wrap dresses to maxi multilayered multicolored dresses – basically all you need for an amazing summer.

If you have kids, take a look at the Match with mummy section, where you can buy the most adorable coordinated outfits for you and your little girl.


SilkFred Edgy Fashion Store

Plunging necklines, oversized tops, contrasting hems, daring off-the-shoulder cuts, these are just some of SilkFred’s best features.

The store offers a selection of edgy clothing from various independent sellers, so there are many pages to browse.

And they’re quite WOW! If you’re looking for casual wear, check out the cutest mini or maxi denim dresses.

On the other hand, if you want something classy, you have various flowing off-the-shoulder, maxi split dresses, good enough to wear at a wedding or a cocktail party.

The site has a very helpful feature allowing you to search for the right outfit for every occasion, work, date night, or beach holiday.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage Website

When they say vintage, you wouldn’t expect Jurassic Park vintage, yet Unique Vintage does have such a collection, inspired by the movie, not the geological era.

Everything you’ve ever loved as a kid is there – Mickey Mouse, Dorothy, Star Wars heroes, or the 101 Dalmatians and the stylish Cruella.

If that’s too edgy even for you, take a look at the LBD range, although it’s not your classical little black dress you’ll find there, but gorgeous fringe, voodoo, or lace outfits.

Since they’re all about vintage, they have some truly unique 1950s style petticoats, to add volume to any dress or skirt.


Shopstyle Edgy Collection

From casual to uncompromising elegance, Shopstyle offers an impressive collection of clothes from various brands, some of them quite famous, like Missoni, Balmain, or Oscar de la Renta.

Yes, some of the prices can be eye-watering, but women are well used to that.

Men can also spruce up their wardrobe with a Dolce&Gabbana or Ralph Lauren jacket.

When you dress to impress, you need an impressive figure, but Shopstyle has got you covered with over 10,000 activewear pieces, all you need to go to the gym in style.

You’ll also want a handbag to match your new outfit, and you’ll probably need hours to browse the entire collection.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing Edgy Store

All their clothes are pretty and many of them quite little, like their barely-there tops or bodycon dresses with daring cutouts.

At Pretty Little Thing, they’re not afraid of showing some skin, or most of it. It’s a matter of how determined you are to stand out and make heads turn.

One surprising feature is their predilection for warm glowing colors, like bright oranges and tropical prints that go well with tanned skin.

If you don’t want to show too much skin, cover up with one of their oversized blazers in muted cream or sage green, which aren’t just fabulous, but also quite affordable.

We Koko

We Koko Edgy Store

If it makes you happy, wear it. That’s the idea at We Koko.

Forget about the rules. Anything goes. Even if it’s sequin shorts with naughty cutouts or a gold dress fit for Queen Cleopatra.

We Koko is a major edgy clothing store, bringing together like-minded designers, who value bright metallic colors and animal prints, for everything from bikinis to evening dresses.

Check out their disco dresses, a throwback to the 1980s, and very crazy 80s at that.

Speaking of vintage, you might want to look at the coats section, which offers fabulous Ziggy Stardust or Summer of Love pieces.

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion

Ever heard of bandana scarf tops? It’s exactly what it says, a bandana masquerading as a top, and it’s deliciously sexy.

Just as the wrap tops. And they both go great with ripped denim shorts.

The dresses they sell at Rebellious Fashion are equally sexy, mini skintight things with revealing cutouts.

If you want to look hot in a slinky dress this is the place for you. When you want to dress up a bit, try their amazing collection of coats and jackets, in contrasting colors and daring cuts.

Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks Edgy Fashion

The Motel Rocks brand was inspired by the colorful indie stores in sunny California, and it shows.

Their clothes have a distinctly retro vibe, taking you back to the famous Summer of Love of 1967.

How about a maxi dress in vibrant warm colors with a flower print? Or a mini skirt, also in a colorful print?

If you’d like to get some edgy summer clothes, start with the Chic AF collection, which features some irresistible crop tops, with asymmetrical sleeves or no sleeves at all.

Also, if you’re tired of skinny jeans, check out their range of wide-leg or flare jeans.

Sourpuss Clothing


Sourpuss Clothing Edgy Fashion

If you want to give off spooky vibes, Sourpuss Clothing is one of the best edgy clothing stores for punks and other misfits.

They sell everything from vintage 1960s-style dresses in colorful prints to all-black Blair witch outfits.

If a Hell Bunny cardigan sounds too edgy to you, don’t even look at the graphic T-shirts.

Or maybe do it, if you want to dress spooky not only for Halloween.

Even the lingerie and nightwear collection is all about spooky if you don’t mind sleeping in See U In Hell pajama bottoms. Also, don’t miss the creepy beanies and berets.


Boohoo Edgy Outfits

If you’re wondering if animal prints are still trendy, just have a look at the Boohoo skin-tight dresses and tops.

Boohoo has a wonderful mix of styles, with quite tame flowery summer dresses to low-cut evening dresses.

Since many women often wonder whether a certain dress is elegant enough for an evening dress or it’s more of a cocktail dress, Boohoo’s got you covered.

You can shop by occasion, so you’ll never make a fashion faux-pas.

Also, check out the casual wear section, with a wide selection of oversized shirts, which are not only super hot at the moment, but also comfy and definitely affordable.


Disturbia Edgy Fashion Clothing Brand

Disturbia is one of the biggest names in edgy goth clothing, although they also have punk and grunge collections.

Most of their dresses and tops are black, what else, decorated with spiders, bats, hemlock and various celestial symbols.

Just look at the ‘Dearly departed’ dress which gives a whole new meaning to the word edgy.

Men have a lot to choose from, something you don’t often see in goth stores.

You can, for instance, find witches’ long-sleeve shirts, that go well with grave jeans, and accessorize your outfit with goth jewelry whose significance only true goths can understand.


Killstar fashion store

If you’re into goth, you must have heard about Killstar. If you haven’t, it’s best to stay away from their shop.

Browsing their collection of goth lace dresses fit for the modern witch is guaranteed to make you lose sleep.

And wait till you get to the handbags. Maybe you’d like a Book of Spells bag.

Or the Moon and Stars backpack. Once you get these you’ll probably want some sunglasses, too.

And maybe a black coat with an asymmetrical design, just perfect for a broom ride.

No, they don’t sell brooms, but if they did you’d surely want one, too. Basically, you cannot call yourself goth if you don’t have a full Killstar outfit.

The RealReal

TheRealReal Edgy clothing and accessories

The RealReal is a vast consignment site and a paradise for lovers of everything vintage.

Hippie, punk, grunge, you can find whatever you want, but you’ll need the patience to wander from seller to seller and see what treasures they have to offer.

The RealReal, sells everything from vintage jewelry and watches to clothes and handbags.

The company made its name as the most important luxury reseller, so, if you’re lucky, you might get your hands on a pre-owned Gucci or Chanel outfit, or a pair of Prada sandals in mint condition.

The RealReal has several brick-and-mortar stores across the US, but you can also shop online.


RebelsMarket Punk and Gothic Edgy clothing

Release the inner you – if you’re a goth, punk, Lolita, or any other kind of misfit, RebelsMarket is the place to revamp your closet.

You can choose between boohoo backless dresses, bodycon dresses, or goth lace outfits, with or without angel of death wings.

If that’s a bit over the top for you, no worries. You’ll look fabulous in a multilayered lace maxi dress or a vintage butterfly sleeve mini dress.

In the men’s collection, you can find unique vintage denim biker shorts, asymmetrical hoodies, and, of course, vintage leather jackets.


Blackcloth Edgy Store

Welcome to the 3D store. Dark, Daring, Different. Just because it’s called Blackcloth, don’t expect everything to be black.

Obviously, an evil witch spider dress needs to be black. And a bit see-through, because you want to be a sensual witch.

However, you can also find funny colorful T-shirts or crop tops.

Also, check out the jacket section, which features denim oversized jackets with an asymmetrical cut, motor jackets, or fuzzy shag ones.

Speaking of sexy dark misfits, don’t miss the belts and suspenders!

BlackMilk Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing

When you visit BlackMilk, one of the hottest edgy clothing stores, start with the essentials.

The must-haves for the rebel in you. Do you need an afternoon tea party dress?

Don’t be boring, or tame! BlackMilk has just the perfect black, what else, maxi dress for you.

Skulls, skeletons, stars, celestial eyes – you can have your pick at BlackMilk.

For a touch of color, you have delightful pastels and floral prints, as you don’t want to be dark and brooding all the time.


RavenReign - Gothic, Punk, & Lolita Clothing & Accessory Shop

If you grew up wishing to be Wednesday Addams, check out RavenReign!

The store has an impressive range of exquisite clothes for the modern witch, with everything from pleated skirts and cut-out pants to wrap mini dresses.

Most of their clothes have magic-themed prints – ouija boards, spells, crosses, you name it. But stylish and sexy.

You can also find oversized hoodies or vintage dress coats, or some naughty Lolita sweaters.

The men’s collection features gothic shirts and coats, channeling the Brad Pitt – Tom Cruise fashion costume from the famous Interview with a Vampire!

Maniere De Voir

Maniere De Voir fashion alternative store

Bodycon dresses or corset shirts in vegan leather, lace-up shirt dresses, or denim dresses – at Maniere De Voir, everything has a minimalist air.

Most of their outfits are in white and black, with stylish prints.

Loud colors have no place in this store. Instead, most of their clothes are figure-hugging to put an emphasis on you and your natural beauty.

To better showcase your assets, their tops or dresses have strategically-placed cutouts or off-the-shoulder cuts. The same goes for men, with jackets in black, cream or grey.

Cosmique Studio

Cosmique Studio - Womens, Mens & Teen Edgy Clothes

At Cosmique Studio, you’re allowed to be whoever you want. Only be gorgeous!

They offer a wide range of vintage clothes, from the 80s, the 90s, or the Y2K era.

Their clothes are colorful with bold flower prints, in green, yellow, or pink!

And a lot of denim, as denim was and will always be popular.

Men can choose between English plaid, Korean or Japanese vintage coats and jackets, not to mention some very unique T-shirts.


Edgy Clothing FAQ:

How do I look edgy but classy?

If you want to look edgy, but classy there’s one main rule: Don’t overdo it! You don’t have to dress edgy from head to toe. That’s overkill, and you’ll only manage to look odd. It’s enough if you choose an edgy top – a crop top with bold cutouts, an oversized tunic, or a sweater, and pair it with a pair of regular jeans. If you put on a maxi dress in a spectacular print, there’s no need for anything else. You don’t have to accessorize with extreme jewelry or add a fancy hat.

What does it mean to dress edgy?

To dress edgy means to find your own style, ignoring trends that come and go. You set your own rules and dress in whatever appeals to you. If you’re a hippie at heart, go for loose flowery dresses and vintage jeans. If you’re more of a goth, don’t be afraid to wear elaborate black dresses or spooky T-shirts. There’s no one style of edgy. To dress edgy means to strive for a unique look. You want to look like yourself, not like the millions of people that shop at department stores and manage to look pretty much the same.

How can I make my style more edgy?

To make your style more edgy you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Just look for outstanding items that mix well with the clothes you already own. You don’t have to throw away all the T-shirts you love. It’s enough to look for a pair of edgy jeans, preferably wide-leg or flare, as skinny jeans are anything but edgy. Also, get yourself a new jacket you can wear with your old outfits. Don’t forget about jewelry. Some vintage colorful loops or a fancy necklace can effortlessly give you the edge you’re looking for.

Where can I find grunge clothing?

You won’t find grunge clothing easily in a department store. You need to look for specialized shops that deal in punk, rock, and grunge edgy clothing. Have a look at what Killstar, Disturbia or BlackMilk have to offer, and they do have quite a lot to offer. Also, you can try eBay or Amazon, but these clothes are a bit too new. If you’re looking for the real deal and vintage grunge, better try the thrift shops in your area.

Where can I buy edgy clothes?

List of edgy clothing stores, both online and offline:

Dolls Kill
Nasty Gal
All Saints
ASOS Marketplace
Urban Outfitters
American Apparel
River Island
Gypsy Warrior
Never Fully Dressed
Motel Rocks
The RealReal
BlackMilk Clothing