Top 30 Best Brands Like Free People | Bohemian Clothing

If you’re passionate about bohemian fashion, you may be wondering what are the best brands like Free People. Boho clothing means originality, freedom of choice, going against the latest trends, and doing all your shopping in one place can become tiring. Even if we’re talking about a wonderful brand like Free People, it does feel a bit restrictive. The rebel in you wants alternatives to Free People, and we got them.

Free People - Women's Boho Clothing & Bohemian Fashion

Bohemian fashion draws its inspiration from the Flower Power era of the 1960s and 1970s and it embodies the spirit of freedom. Boho clothing is often long, flowing, and supremely colorful.

The first Free People store opened in the early 1970s in Philadelphia and it was an instant success with young people, mostly hippies.

The brand is the brainchild of Richard Payne, president, and CEO of Urban Outfitters, a guy who knows a thing or two about clothing.

No wonder many other companies turned their attention to Boho clothing, each bringing its original touch.

This works just perfect for bohemian fashion fans looking for alternatives to Free People.

Here are 30 of the best brands like Free People. Let’s see what they have to offer.

We The Free

We The Free - Women's Bohemian Clothing

OK, the name does play on Free People, but the brand doesn’t deal in rip-offs.

We The Free has a style of its own, offering stylish denim, pullovers, and jackets.

In true Boho style, their jeans are mostly retro-inspired flares that can be paired with white embroidered tunics, crochet tops, tie-dye tees, or a bell-sleeve pullover.

Everything that is comfy has a place at We The Free.

For a chilly day, add to that a vintage moto jacket or at least a utility jacket.

We The Free offers no-nonsense clothing, for the free-spirited woman.

Such a woman needs a big bag, so go ahead and check out their suede tote bags.


Anthropologie - Women's Clothing, Accessories & Home

Surprise, surprise! Anthropologie was founded by the same Richard Payne, the guy behind Free People, so it’s not exactly a competitor.

What you’ll love about Anthropologie is that they have a great mix of relaxed, feel-good clothing and some very chic dresses guaranteed to stand out at a semi-formal occasion.

On the one hand, you have colorful layered dresses and tunics with exotic prints, but, on the other hand, you can find a ruffled tulle mini pleated dress or a slim body-hugging black maxi dress.

Also, check out their intimates collection, which features both comfy cotton sets and sensual lace briefs.

Show Me Your Mumu

Bohemian Apparel at Show Me Your Mumu

California is the home of everything Bohemian and Show Me Your Mumu is one of the best-known Boho fashion brands, whose merch is almost exclusively made in and around LA.

Their garments are airy and light. It’s a wonderful mix of single-color slip dresses and colorful baby dolls in floral prints.

Boho style is all about relaxation, but Show Me Your Mumu also offers a special occasion collection, with original outfits for bachelorette parties, bridesmaids, and, yes, even Bohemian wedding gowns.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for matching shoes and bags, you can find everything you need in the accessories collection.

For Love and Lemons

For Love & Lemons - Boho Fashion

Yes, they do have a lot of lemons at this brand and they make for wonderful, tonic prints.

Whether they’re big fat lemons or tiny ones, they give a playful vibe to the brand’s Boho collection.

Now, don’t expect all their dresses to be decorated with lemons.

They have stupendous floral print flowy dresses that easily rival Free People’s traditional merch.

Also, when you browse the For Love and Lemons online shop, make sure to check out the lingerie and swimwear section. You can thank me later!


Reformation - Sustainable Women's Clothing and Boho Accessories

Reformation prides itself on its sustainability drive and most of its clothing is made with natural fibers, especially linen and organic cotton.

All in true Boho style, of course. You’ll see mostly pale colors and floral prints.

Strap dresses with daring slits are among their best-selling items, although they also have the cutest mini dresses, just what you need on a hot summer day.

Don’t miss the Reformation jeans collection.

You can find blue jeans basically anywhere, but it’s only Reformation that has white denim pants decorated with doodles, fruits, or flowers.

And they’re big on high-waist jeans, which are extremely flattering no matter your body shape.

Brands like Reformation | Sustainable Fashion Stores

Bohemian Mama

Bohemian Mama - Bohemian Clothing for Women & Children

Clothes made by independent women for other independent women, that’s what Bohemian Mama is all about.

The brand promotes handmade Boho clothes made by small companies owned by women entrepreneurs.

As the name implies, the brand targets the adult woman, with a family and many responsibilities, who takes pride in her free spirit.

Her Bohemian clothes are a fashion statement.

This is a woman that will not bow to the pressure of fashion trends but will look for a style of her own.

And since it’s about mothers, the brand also has an exquisite collection for the little ones, with breathy clothes that allow them to feel free to play, not to sit still while Mommy takes a photo for her Instagram account, although they’d look great on social media, to be honest.


Tularosa - A refined vintage-inspired collection

Tularosa is an LA-based Boho clothing brand known for its vintage-inspired dresses and tunics.

One thing is clear, Tularosa is not about mass-produced trendy clothes everybody wears.

They’re definitely Bohemian, but verging on classy, if you want.

Many of the dresses at Tularosa are light and embroidered, but some of them might qualify for more formal occasions.

One thing you don’t want to miss is Tularosa’s amazing lingerie collection, with unique ruffled briefs and matching bras.

Ruffled details are one of their trademarks, as you’ll notice if you browse through the knitwear section.


Madewell - Jeans, Boho Style Clothing, Shoes & Bags for Women

Madewell is part of the J Crew group and its most successful part.

Above all, the brand is famous for its jeans.

Its denim collection is indeed huge and includes everything from vintage high-waist jeans to flare jeans, the ever-popular skinny jeans, and various types of shorts.

Their passion for Bohemian fashion is most obvious in the dress collection, which features tiered maxi dresses and button-front midi dresses in silky batik fabric and playful floral prints.

What else do you need when you have a chic Madewell dress? Maybe some very discreet jewelry from the Delicate collection.

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville Bohemian Clothing

Brandy Melville is one of the biggest Bohemian fashion retailers based in Europe.

The brand targets mostly teenagers and young women, which explains both the playful colors and the affordable prices.

Denim features prominently in the brand’s everyday wear collection, and their mostly vintage-inspired jeans rather than the ripped ones you can see everywhere.

As for dresses, well, teenagers prefer mini dresses that go well with sports shoes or boots.

There’s another thing teenagers love, and that’s graphic tees. You can find plenty of them at Brandy Melville.


Women's Bohemian Clothing - Dresses, Tops, Skirts & Shoes - ModCloth

Modcloth is one of the most affordable alternatives to Free People.

Besides the prices, what you’ll love at Modcloth is the feature that allows you to shop by decade.

Bohemian fashion is more about the 1960s and 1970s, but you can find outstanding garments in the 1950s collection.

Another great thing about Modcloth is that the brand caters to women of all sizes, as curvier women love Boho, too and they deserve cool dresses and flattering swimwear.

Also, you’ll certainly like the partnership between Modcloth and Barbie, so you, too, can dress like the doll you used to love when you were little.

Out From Under

Out From Under - Women's Clothing at The Cool Hour

Once again, a brand exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

However, Out From Under differs from the other brands on this list as it’s dedicated exclusively to intimates and activewear.

The lingerie they sell is most comfy and relaxed, nothing overly seductive.

If you want to know what Boho lingerie looks like, just check out the super-cute cotton lace-up bralette or the organic cotton thongs.

One of their bestsellers is the seamless bodysuits, which come in various colors and go well under any tight-fitting dress.

Out From Under also has a great collection of swimwear, which includes both one-piece swimsuits and minimalist bikinis in bright colors.


Francesca's boho boutique clothing, dresses, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, & unique gifts

Francesca’s specializes in Bohemian clothing for the younger crowd, teenagers who care for wearable clothes in playful colors and daring designs.

Most of their garments have a retro vibe, especially the folk blouses with delicate embroidery patterns.

Even the color palette veers towards youthful bright reds and blues, mixed with cool whites.

The brand took a severe hit during the pandemic and Francesca’s was forced to close many of its delightful boutiques, but it will continue to operate online.


ONETEASPOON - Shop bohemian cult denim, clothing & accessories

OneTeaspoon is an Australian fashion brand, which offers a large selection of Bohemian clothing, starting with jeans and ending with long-tiered dresses in dreamy colors.

Just have a look at the muslin short dresses and you’ll see what we mean.

You might also like the tie-dye tops, decorated with birds, snakes, or swirling prints.

In the men’s collection, One Teaspoon has trendy jeans which can be paired with vintage denim jackets.

And you might want to grab something in the accessories department, maybe sunglasses or a new bag.


 boho Ecote collection

If you take a look at Ecote you’ll be surprised how familiar it seems.

It’s not a Free People rip-off though, as Ecote belongs to Urban Outfitters, so its Boho style is approved by the same Richard Payne.

Well, Ecote vows its clientele with decadent fabrics and a vintage feel, that is obvious in everything they sell, from the flowing dresses and tops to the cozy cardigans.

You can choose from cute baby dolls and breezy dresses in floral prints, but you should also have a look at their accessories, especially the leather belts that go incredibly well with many of their outfits.

Cloth & Stone

Bohemian Inspired exclusive line Cloth & Stone

Cloth & Stone is a fashion boutique that is marketed under the Anthropologie umbrella, which is one of the biggest names in Boho clothing.

Cloth & Stone caters to the modern woman, the urban woman always on the go and her needs.

Such a woman needs effortless chic, wearable clothes that don’t hinder her movements.

This is the kind of woman that cannot stand constraints of any kind, and her style clearly shows that.

The brand’s trademark is the washed-out fabric, which does not become rough with time but is soft and breathable.

Cloth & Stone offers a large collection of Bohemian dresses and tops, as well as activewear and pants.


Fillyboo - Artisan, folk & bohemian inspired women's fashion

If you’re into Boho clothing, Fillyboo is the real deal.

It doesn’t get any more original than these fabulous Fillyboo dresses hand-crafted by artisans in Indonesia.

Just have a look at their Rhapsody collection, with layered chiffon dresses hand-painted in the most stunning colors.

Since this company is based in Asia, they also have some stunning kimonos in pale pink or blue, with layers of lace over suave flowery prints.

You could totally wear one of those at a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or a cocktail party.

Also, do yourself a favor and have a look at the wonderful shoe collection, which features spectacular wedges and platform shoes with hand-painted leather upperparts.

Fanm Mon

Fanm Mon is a brand that focuses on the well being of the women beyond fashion

If you’re wondering what does Fanm Mon means, that’s ‘peasant woman’ in Creole, one of the official languages in Haiti.

The brand draws heavily on traditional Haitian clothing design and vibrant colors, but also has an urban accent.

This is obvious in the simple dresses with bold cuts, as well as in the artisanal jewelry, inspired by nautical themes.

For men, Fanm Mon offers a great variety of shirts and tees, most of them in strong colors like deep green, indigo blue, red, or orange.

Fanm Mon is considered a luxury brand in Bohemian fashion, and the prices are a bit higher than what you see at Free People, but if you’re looking for original clothing you’ll be happy to pay the extra buck.

Faithfull The Brand


If royalty like Kate Middleton can dress at Faithfull The Brand, this shows this is a major brand.

True, the royals are not known for their bohemian style, but Kate has a great eye for fashion and knows what to pick when she’s not at a formal function.

Every garment at this brand is handcrafted and hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia.

You can choose between low-key mini dresses in plain white or cream, or you can go for a maxi dress in a delicate and not too loud floral print.

And, no, you don’t have to be married to the future king of England to dress at Faithfull The Brand.

After all, the Duchess of Cambridge is also known as Thrifty Kate!


LOVESTITCH - Effortless Boho Women's Clothing & Dresses

If you’d like to rock the true Boho style with a powerful California vibe, try LoveStitch.

Just have a look at their latest Bohemian Summer Collection, which features flowing tunics and tiered maxi dresses.

Since it’s a summer collection, the dominant color is blue, every shade of blue under the sun.

Some of their outfits veer towards the more elegant, but most of their dresses and tops are laid-back, the kind of thing you’d love to wear for a trip to the beach.

Also, check out the Boho Babe collection which has both delicate flower prints and bewitching black lace gowns, verging on Gothic.

Farm Rio

FARM Rio, Brazil's most beloved clothing and lifestyle boho brand

A luxury bohemian fashion brand, Farm Rio is dedicated to bringing the colors of nature to your wardrobe.

Plus, a lot of raw Brazilian energy.

All the garments sold at Farm Rio are vintage-inspired and dazzle the eye with amazing patterns of vibrant yellows, greens, and red, channeling a true Rio atmosphere.

Your outfit won’t be complete without a Farm Rio original bag, made of colorful rattan.

If you want to feel less guilty about the money spent on clothes, know that each purchase at Farm Rio means one tree planted.


SANIKAI is a Swiss based ethical & vegan fashion bohemian brand

If you’re looking to add a retro look to your wardrobe, you’ll find the most stylish items at SANIKAI, a Swiss fashion label inspired by the beauty of nature.

This luxury brand offers knit dresses and coats in warm earthy colors, and you can accessorize them with the cutest beanie.

Don’t miss the flare jeans that have a hippie vibe or the large, flowing cotton trousers.

All their garments are made with either recycled fibers or organic cotton.

And, yes, being a Swiss company, all their clothing is of exceptional quality.

Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox - Clothing brand by Cydney Morris & Dallas Wand

This LA-based brand has the most amazing handmade bohemian clothing, specially designed to showcase your best features.

If you want to flaunt your toned legs, go for a mini dress or a long one with a dangerous slit.

If you want to emphasize your slim waist, choose a slip dress.

While they do have some dresses in floral prints, most of the gowns are in a single color, most of them in muted olive and beige, as well as pure white.

Speaking of pure white, if you’re planning on getting married soon you’ll find the most impressive authentic Boho style wedding gowns at Stone Cold Fox.


Explore the Everlane collection of Bohemian Clothing

One look at the best-sold items at Everlane and you’ll see a lot of denim, which is, after all, a staple in a truly Boho wardrobe.

You can find nice tight-fitting denim shorts, baggy jeans or lovely bubble denim tops.

And it’s all clean. Clean, as in organic cotton and natural dyes. If you’re looking for formal outfits, forget about Everlane, they’re all about casual, dress for the weekend stuff.

They have comfy flowy jumpsuits or short denim coveralls, most suitable for your day off.

Do you know what else you need for some weekend fun? A pair of flat and comfortable fisherman sandals. Check them out!

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand Jeans makes premium vintage-inspired jeans and boho clothing

Lucky Brand is a great alternative to Free People, and it’s not just about their large denim collection.

One of their hottest items are the bohemian tops, which include relaxed camis, wrap tanks, and short-sleeve embroidered peasant tops.

For guys, they have tie-dye tees and shirts with funny messages.

The dresses at Lucky Brand are to die for, especially the tiered ones and the knotted tank dresses.

And they’re of excellent quality, as they are designed to be worn forever, which is just as well as bohemian fashion will never go out of style.


Cleobella Globally Inspired, Ethically Handmade Bohemian Clothing

Cleobella is an Indonesia-based Boho clothing brand.

Everything they sell is made in Bali, handcrafted by local artisans, but they are globally inspired, according to their own description.

Whether you’re looking for a Bohemian mini, midi, or maxi dress, you’ll certainly find something to like at Cleobella.

One of their hottest items is the India midi dress with a delicate Victorian floral pattern that flows effortlessly and lets your skin breathe since it’s made with organic cotton.

Also, check out their incredible range of accessories, featuring nude handbags and the most gorgeous strappy sandals.

My Sleeping Gypsy

My Sleeping Gypsy - embroidered Bohemian dresses, blouses

This is a rare find in the wonderful world of bohemian clothing.

My Sleeping Gypsy is indeed a brand whose garments are steeped in Gypsy tradition that can be found in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine.

You’ll notice this in both cuts and colors.

What you might not get at first is the deep spiritual meaning embedded in their items.

Most of them have embroidered patterns, which don’t only serve a decorative function.

They’re meant to ward off evil and the symbols used were handed down over many centuries from mother to daughter.

And they’re embroidered by hand. You don’t get more bohemian than that.


women's boho clothing, dresses, jumpsuits, playsuits, tops, sunglasses & more online at MINKPINK

Minkpink brings a touch of Aboriginal style to its clothing, which easily puts it among the best alternatives to Free People.

The Australian brand stands out for its romantic paisley prints and frilly designs, not to mention the warm colors, all drawn from nature.

Also, check out their original jumpers with a dropped shoulder design and oversized floral patterns.

Or you might like the crochet jumpers in rich tones going from peony pink to terracotta.

MISA Los Angeles

MISA Los Angeles - featuring ready to wear and bohemian accessories for every occasion

This California up-and-coming brand was founded in 2016 and in this short time has managed to make a name for itself on the Boho clothing market.

One of their strongest points is the airy fabrics, mostly chiffons with paisley prints.

And if a print catches your eye, don’t worry you can choose between a mini dress or a maxi one.

If you’re an incurable romantic, you’ll adore the MISA Muse collection.

Need a smashing date dress? You’ll find it at MISA Los Angeles!

We Are Kindred

WE ARE KINDRED - Effortless luxury with a touch of bohemia

We Are Kindred is a Bohemian luxury brand, designed to celebrate femininity and grace.

This Australian brand has something for every occasion, from dawn to dusk and from the office to the beach.

Well, some of their dresses might be suitable for the office, if you have an easy-going boss.

Otherwise, those flowing off-the-shoulder maxi dresses are meant for the beach and a light breeze.

Most garments have a subtle retro vibe, conveying effortless elegance.

All you need to complete your Bohemian outfit is a vintage bag, which you’ll find in the accessories collection.

SPELL – Modern Boho Clothing

SPELL - Modern Boho Clothing

Spell is yet another Australian brand that has positioned itself as a great alternative to Free People.

Definitely pricier than Free People, though.

On the other hand, they do offer some supremely elegant folk dresses in pale, but stunning colors.

Or check out their delightful Sundown Boho mini dress in earthen browns and yellows.

Spell also has an amazing collection of tops of clear hippie inspiration.

You’ll have a hard time choosing between the airy lace blouses and the cropped tanks, not to mention the vintage jackets.