Top 30 Best Stores Like Forever 21

If you’re looking for trendy and affordable clothing, we have a huge list of the best stores like Forever 21. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the fast-fashion world where trends change with the season, and naturally, you want to keep up, only without breaking the bank.

Best Stores Like Forever 21

For decades now the young generation was hooked on Forever 21 clothing exactly because they were trend-setters and you didn’t have to splurge on a new outfit.

Forever 21 was launched in 1984 in LA, with a store that was then called Fashion 21.

It cast a wide net, attracting not only the 20 something but also the teenagers hoping to pass for 21 and all those who felt still 21 at heart.

Forever 21 was and still is a great place to renew your wardrobe with all the hottest items, from ripped jeans to incredibly cute tank tops, but shopping at the same store gets boring after a while.

Everybody you know is sporting Forever 21 fashion, and maybe this is the reason you’re now looking for something different.

Something new perhaps. Lucky for us, there are many alternatives to Forever 21 today, and thanks to the Internet you can order your back-to-school outfit from anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of 30 best stores like Forever 21, which offer fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.


2020ave - the online women's clothing store for trendsetters

This is an LA-based fashion store that has everything Forever 21 has, and more.

At 2020Ave you can find your basic leggings and joggers with cute tees to match, but you can also shop for clothes suitable for more formal occasions, like a printed bodycon mesh dress that looks simply stunning.

Or maybe you’d like an off-the-shoulder ruffle mini dress to showcase your tanned (and toned) legs.

And if you want to see some adorable jewelry, just have a look at the lock and key anklets or the triple belly chainset.

They’d look great with a mini skirt and a colorful bandeau.


Browse the latest styles of tops, t shirts, hoodies, jeans, sweaters and more Aeropostale

The brand offers guys and girls clothing, which makes it quite obvious they’re targeting teenagers and young adults.

One of their most appealing sections is the jeans selection, which offers everything from super high-waist 90s jeans to modern skinny ripped ones.

And they have a whole ‘tribe of tees’ to pair with your jeans.

You can choose between the cute and pretty revealing tiny tops and the graphic tees, with butterflies, floral prints, or music bands logos, basically what every young person would love to wear.

Love the Rolling Stones? Miss Friends? Aeropostale has a tee for you!

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle men's and women's jeans, tops, bottoms, activewear, loungewear and more

This is an American brand also known as simply American Eagle, and it’s one of the most formidable rivals to Forever 21.

Many say their prices are somewhat about average, but you get high-quality clothing in return, so it’s kinda worth it.

At American Eagle, they know their customers well.

Young people need comfortable clothes for their everyday activities, as well as cute and sexy outfits for a date.

It is, after all, the age when love matters most.

If you’re going to meet your friends at the coffee shop, a nice ruffle dress will do, but when you go out with your boyfriend you’ll probably want something more seductive, like a bodycon dress.


ASOS - Online shopping for the Latest Clothes & Fashion

Founded in 2000 in London, ASOS (which stands for As Seen On Screen) has grown into this huge international marketplace.

Besides their original collection, ASOS Design, the online stores also offers clothes from all your favorite brands, including Forever 21.

If the shop you liked at your local mall is closing (and many did during the pandemic), chances are you’ll be able to find their merch on the ASOS marketplace.

As for the company’s own brand, they have everything from trendy knitted tank tops, wide-sleeved jumpers, or stylish satin white dresses, all of them at prices you wouldn’t believe.


Berrylook - Women's Clothing

This is an online store that has attracted a lot of attention lately, mainly due to its affordable prices.

BerryLook is on par with Forever 21 in this respect.

Plus, they have massive end-of-season sales which are great if you want to restock, at least on basics and activewear.

One of the things customers love about BerryLook is the great variety in the dress department.

You can find casual cotton dresses for the summer, as well as elegant chiffon or embroidered maxi dresses for more formal occasions, at very good prices.

Also, have a look at their outerwear which includes stylish maxi coats or adorable fake-fur ones.


boohoo - Womens and Mens Clothes - Shop Online Fashion

One of the best alternatives to Forever 21, Boohoo is a UK-based retailer and one of the strongest brands for fast fashion.

Their products and they have over 36,000 products, are of very good quality as most of them are made in the UK.

And yet, their prices are quite reasonable, Forever 21 sort of reasonable, if not lower.

Who wouldn’t want a colorful summer dress for just $8 after all?

Their collections are very inclusive, and they sell fashionable clothes for any type of body shape from the petite to the plus-size, and they’re all equally amazing.


Fashion Dresses Online at Chicloth

Chicloth is the place to go if you’re looking for Boho wedding dresses, whether you’re the lucky bride or one of the hopeful bridesmaids.

That’s how the shop started, wedding dresses and accessories, but it grew into something completely different.

At present, Chicloth has a wide selection of everyday wear, including some stunning lace dresses at a more than affordable price.

They also sell activewear and glorious swimsuits you’ll definitely love.

Obviously, they also have shoes to match any of those outfits, from incredibly high heels to comfy running shoes.

Cotton On

Women's Men's & Kids Clothing & Accessories - Cotton On USA

Cotton On is an Australian brand with a global reach, thousands of brick-and-mortar stores all over the world, plus an online shop.

This brand feels quite similar to Forever 21 as it targets young and active women who don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes.

Their strong point is the activewear section, with loads of pants and tops that range from the most basic sleeveless shirt to colorful tees with funny prints.

you’ll also like all the jeans, especially the flares which are staging a powerful comeback.

Oh, and they have a nice collection for men as well, which you don’t see very often.


francesca's curated collection of boutique clothing, dresses, sweaters, jewelry, shoes

Francesca’s is similar to Forever 21 in as much as they target the same crowd, but they’re more into Bohemian fashion.

Their style is relaxed, with plenty of denim pants which you can always pair with a retro white tunic in a light material, tastefully decorated with colorful embroidery.

On the other hand, you can be very chic in a flowing print dress channeling a 1970s vibe.

Francesca’s also has all the accessories you’ll need to complete your retro look.

Just have a look at the bangles or the large earrings with tribal motifs.

H&M - Online Fashion, Homeware & Kids Clothes

Well-established all over the world, H&M is one of the best alternatives to Forever 21.

There’s nothing you won’t find at your local H&M or their online store.

If you’re looking for a cute summer dress, they have a dozen for you to choose from.

When you need new jeans, you can bet you’ll find something at H&M, either low-waist or high-waist, depending on the latest fashion.

What makes this Swedish-based international retailer so appealing is that besides the trendy new arrivals, they carry a wide selection of basics and classical pieces.

You cannot wear a mini dress everywhere, you need to dress up a bit, and a classy midi dress at H&M is way more affordable at other boutiques.


J.Crew - Clothes, Shoes & Accessories For Women, Men & Kids

No need to tell you much about J.Crew.

They’ve been clothing whole generations of Americans seeing that they’ve been around since 1947.

What needs to be said, though, is that there’s a very good reason J.Crew is still in business (and it’s a very good business they’re doing).

They know how to adapt and give the younger generation a reason to shop there.

Actually, thousands of reasons as they have everything you need in terms of activewear, classical dresses and tees, and shoes, lots of shoes.

For guys, J.Crew has a large collection of pants for every occasion, and you’re going to love their shirts, the formal or the more laid-back ones.


Journeys Mens Shoes, Womens Shoes and Clothing

Journeys is an American retailer which sells primarily men’s and women’s shoes.

Clothing is just their side business, but it’s quite amazing what they have to offer both in variety and in quality.

Journeys is about sports shoes, but they also have more formal shoes.

Their clothing is mostly on the casual side, which is alright for the age group they’re aiming for.

Have a look at their colorful tees decorated with all your favorite heroes, from Rick & Morty to Nirvana or Ice Cube.

As for price range, they’re roughly on the same level with Forever 21.


Lulus - Cute Dresses, Tops, Shoes, Jewelry & Clothing for Women

Lulus is one of the classier alternatives to Forever 21.

If you’re looking for denim shorts and sultry tops for a casual outing, they’ve got you covered.

On the other hand, if you want to look spectacular in a cream floral print maxi dress or a black sleeveless gown, just check out their online store.

At Lulus, they understand the needs of the modern woman, so they have a dedicated collection for summer holidays, quick getaways, fancy cocktail parties, workouts at the gym, and, of course, the back-to-work section, and no, they don’t mean drab office two-piece suits.

And the heels to go with the new outfit.


Madewell - Jeans, Clothing, Shoes & Bags for Women and Men

At Madewell, a good day starts with jeans, or at least that’s what they say. Indeed, if you look at the whole denim collection you’ll be pretty impressed.

They have just about every type of jeans ever invented from vintage to demi-boots, flare, skinny, or maternity jeans.

Obviously, that’s because they’re targeting the same young active women as Forever 21.

You can pair those jeans with a cute tank top or a tie-dye tee, and, yes, the prices are comparable to those at Forever 21.

Also, have a look at Madewell‘s accessories. You’ll love the scarves and bandanas with the most incredible prints.


MANGO Shop Online - Get the Latest Fashion Trends

Mango is a Spanish retailer with hundreds of stores worldwide.

They’re not exactly a competitor for Forever 21 as they target the young woman who’s a bit past the shorts and tank top days and is looking to make a future for herself.

Yes, they have a wide selection of youthful clothes, but not for hanging around with your BFF.

At Mango you can find sexy outfits for a hot date or a night out, the more mature side of 21 if you want.

Also, they have some very stylish outfits, just perfect for a job interview or a day at the office.

And, they’re a bit pricier than Forever 21 as they target the young woman already earning her own money.


maurices - women's clothing from sizes 0-24, including jeans, tops, dresses and more

Maurices is an American retailer that caters to all young women, from petite to curvy, and they have everything you might need, just as Forever 21.

Do you need intimates or loungewear?

At Maurices you’ll find comfy intimates in sensible cotton or sexy lace ones for a special night.

The brand also offers cute tops to highlight your assets or to artfully disguise the parts you feel more sensitive about, so you can walk out of your house rocking an outfit that makes you radiate confidence.

If you need a killer dress, just have a look at their V neck shift dress that’s just perfect for a night out.


Missguided - Women's Clothes - Online Fashion Store

If what you liked at Forever 21 was the vast choice you had, try Missguided, which has something to offer no matter what your style is, or your body shape.

For instance, Missguided helps you make the most of summer with its good vibes white collection.

If you want to look your most sensual, they’ve got just what you need in the Playboy & Missguided partnership project.

The brand has some sort of sale every week, and they offer a 10% discount for students, which makes perfect sense since those are their most faithful customers.


Women's Clothing - Dresses, Tops, Skirts & Shoes - ModCloth

ModCloth is a great alternative to Forever 21 as they have all the clothes a young woman might need, from activewear to fancy party dresses, in all sizes, from petite to extra curvy.

However, ModCloth speaks to a different crowd, those looking for alternative retro-inspired clothing.

One of their strong points is the vintage collection, and by vintage, they mean everything from 1940s dresses in extravagant prints to 1990s crop tops.

The online store often has massive sales, like everything under $30, so keep an eye on them if you want to land some great bargains.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal -latest women's clothing and fashion accessories online

Nasty Gal fit perfectly the alternative to Forever 21 description, but it’s a bit more edgy.

You have all the essentials you can possibly want at very good prices, but you can also find vintage clothing and retro music band T-shirts.

Check out their slogan tees, which range from cute to cheeky or downright nasty.

Well, they’re made for the Nasty Gal so what can you do?

If you’re looking for good girl outfits, they have those, too.

You can look sweet and radiant in a floral print mini dress or absolutely ravishing in a body-hugging plunge dress.

When you buy yourself one of those gorgeous pleated dresses, take a look at the shoes as well, especially the vast assortment of mules.


Oasis Clothing - Womens Fashion Clothing Online

Oasis is a British retailer which is one of the best alternatives to Forever 21 out there.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of jeans or a summer dress, Oasis has plenty to offer at very affordable prices.

And since they know the modern woman is busy, their online store makes it easier for you to shop on occasion.

You need a date dress, try an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress. You’re going for a picnic?

They have the perfect outfit for you – wide-leg linen pants and a cropped sleeveless top.

Everything is a bit more stylish than Forever 21, but the prices are pretty much the same.


Discover the latest women's fashion at PrettyLittleThing

If you haven’t heard about PrettyLittleThing yet, you should check them out.

The Kardashians have and the brand has recently announced a partnership with the gorgeous Kourtney.

PrettyLittleThing is a British retailer which targets the same public as Forever 21, the young and active women looking for sexy, yet affordable clothing.

You’ll be impressed by the wide range of jeans, from skinny ripped ones to retro-inspired flare pants, not to mention the gorgeous hot pants. If you need to dress up, just have a look at the dresses.

You can choose a little black dress that never fails you or a daring off-the-shoulder satin dress that makes your body shimmer.

Princess Polly

Princess Polly is Australia's best online fashion boutique

Princess Polly is an Australian brand that has seen a spectacular surge in popularity, at least among teenagers and young adults.

The brand targets those girls not long past their days of playing with the famous Polly dolls.

It’s exactly the crowd that hangs out on TikTok, and this is where the company has found its most loyal fans.

Princess Polly is an excellent alternative to Forever 21 if you’re interested in activewear, and they have an impressive collection of shorts, rompers, and jumpsuits.

Also, if you’d like something with a retro vibe just have a look at the Powerpuff Girls and Looney Tunes collection.


Reformation - Sustainable Women's Clothing and Accessories

If you’re young and looking for fashionable clothes that stand out from the fast-fashion mainstream, check out Reformation.

At Reformation, you can find sporty casual dresses or body-hugging maxi dresses with daring slits.

Their online shop allows you to choose even what type of print you’re looking for – abstract, dot, floral, or animal print.

Also check out their tops, as the tank tops and tees are everything you’re used to at Forever 21, although the price tags clearly show that Reformation is a classier shop.

And they pride themselves on offering sustainable 100% waste-neutral clothing, made with mostly recycled fibers.

Brands like Reformation | Sustainable Fashion Stores


ROMWE - The Latest Girls & Guys Fun & Fashion Trends

Romwe is a Chinese retailer and it’s quite a strong competitor for Forever 21, especially for the under 21 crowds.

They’re mostly into wearable and comfy clothes that appeal to active teenagers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find sweet mini or midi dresses, just perfect for a romantic walk in the park.

If you’re looking for something more seductive, check out their satin bodycon dresses in pale colors, and don’t forget about the blazers.

Also, don’t miss the shoe section where you can get yourself some glamorous strappy sandals or a pair of platform wedges, which might be just what you need for your back-to-school outfit.


rue21 - Girls & Guys Clothing Online

The company is as old as Forever 21 and at some point in their existence they rebranded themselves from Pennsylvania Fashions to Rue21, a move meant to indicate they target the same public.

They have an incredibly colorful collection of clothes for young people who want to be trendy, but not too mainstream.

At Rue21, they have all your basic stuff, but also alternative T-shirts for people who are always in sync with the latest trends in pop culture.

They know what’s cool and they’re not afraid to proclaim themselves fans of a cult TV series or celebrated rock band.


fashionable women's clothing online at SHEIN

When it comes to low prices, nothing beats Chinese products.

SheIn is a huge online store owned by a Chinese businessman and it has taken the world by storm.

They have an incredibly large selection of everything you might be looking for, from breezy summer dresses to graphic tees and tank tops.

As for the denim collection, let’s put it this way – Shein has millions of customers all over the world, and tastes vary, so they have something for everyone.

You can find classical jeans, flare jeans, plus all sorts of ripped jeans and shorts.

Even with shipping costs, they still beat the prices at your mall, and – guess what – most of the stuff they sell in those fancy boutiques is still made in China.


Shop the latest women's fashion online at Showpo

This Australian brand reminds you of Forever 21 both in terms of variety and affordability, at least some of the merchandise they carry anyway.

As for the age group they target, Showpo is not for the carefree teenager, but rather for the 20 something young woman who already has a pretty good idea of her personal style.

They have chic and sexy floral gowns and mini dresses, as well as classy outfits, labeled office wear, specially designed for the young professional determined to make a killing in the workplace.

Also, this is a young woman who knows how to party and how to rock a cute sequin dress or a stunning asymmetrical mesh dress.


Topshop Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Topshop made a name for itself as one of Britain’s largest retailers, carrying everything from basics to gorgeous night-out dresses.

They were forced into bankruptcy by the forced closure during the pandemic, but they’re not gone, fortunately.

Topshop is now an official ASOS brand and they continue doing what they do best – stylish trendy clothes at affordable prices.

As they cater mostly to the young adult public.

Topshop has cute button-down skirts in vivid colors, which you can pair with a print scarf bandeau, but you can also choose among the various mini or maxi dresses.

And, while you browse the merch on Topshop have a look at their amazing swimsuits. You’ll love them.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - Online fashion clothing and accessories shop

Clothing America since 1970. Whole generations grew up shopping at Urban Outfitters, which started in 1970 with a single store in Philadelphia and grew into a multinational retailer with stores in dozens of countries.

Just like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters targets the young generation so they follow fashion.

Back when they started, they made a killing with Bohemian hippie-chic clothes.

Times have changed, and so have the designs at Urban Outfitters.

Now, they’re more into alternative clothing, everything that might appeal to the hipster generation, with a dash of punk, Goth, hip hop, and the modern Lolita.

Their pricing policy is in keeping with the financial possibilities of their young clientele, so you’ll find Urban Outfitters quite affordable.


ZAFUL -Trendy Fashion Style Women's Clothing Online

This is a Hong Kong-based retailer which offers an extensive range of clothes and accessories for women and some for men as well.

You’ll find at Zaful the same type of clothes you loved at Forever 21, youthful, colorful, and trendy, at decent prices.

The brand sells both classical pieces and alternative clothing, of Bohemian inspiration.

See their Nomads collection, for instance.

You should also check out their accessories, especially the lovely scarves, which include silky satin scarves for the summer and soft and warm ones for the winter.